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									Bird Watching in India – Tips to Make
Experience Memorable
The richness and diversity of India are reflected not only through its culture, but the multifariousness of
avifauna ranks the country’s various spots, as excellent places to watch 1301 species of the birds. Out of
the total 75 families in the world, 48 families of the birds are dwelling in the sanctuaries and reserves,
which can be credited as an amazing platform to view explicit life of the birds. Geographical barrier is
limited to the lowest degree, which makes this Asian country a place of dispersal of species, and also
received species from various sub-regions that includes Ethiopia, Indo-Chinese, Indo-Malayan and
Palaearctic. This nature generosity has made bird watching tours in India, a major highlight amongst the
enthusiasts who find their elation hidden in the activities of vibrant and chirpy creatures.

If you are planning to visit India for bird watching for the first time, then below mentioned are some tips to
grasp for wonderful bird watching experience.

• It is always suggested to carry a decent pair of binoculars, and also gets adjusted in advance by
practicing using them.

• You should first find out about the bird with the naked eye, because the binoculars have a narrow field of
view that can make the search difficult.

• Pay heed to the shape or profile of the birds. For instance, a long-bill and long legs are a great
distinguishing factor.

• Considering a habitat will be useful consideration. Coniferous forest, for example, is a place where one
can expect to have a glimpse of a different set of birds, but in a city park this would not be the case.

• Get attentive to note the behavior, as they may be short-lived. You will get delighted to watch the birds
wading in the water, crawling tree trunk, diving through the air, coming out from the mud nest, or resting
on a fence post.

• One of the best identifying ways is songs and calls. There are some bird species that can be easily
distinguished by the cells.

• One can bring in use a good field guide to know the field marks that aids in the identification.

There are times when you will get frustrated or will find the bird watching monotonous, because of no or
less activities by the, but the key to happiness is investment of patience. Expending some time in the
nature will surely lay the fruits, and you will definitely get to watch interesting and wonderful birds
engaged in their own small, yet beautiful world.

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