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Award-winning novel
                                             the animals...                                                      Charity 10k leaves
                                          St Bart’s Pet Service                                                   its mark in more
                                          packs plenty of bite.                                                    ways than one.
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has double message
I recently read The Island by Victoria Hislop.                           today, demonstrating just how powerful the stigma remains.
Continuing my reputation of always being the last                           It is vitally important to realise that leprosy is curable today.
                                                                         However, in countries such as Nepal, Burma and Nigeria,
one to know, I only discovered the novel this                            sufferers do not have adequate access to the required antibiotics
summer, even though it was published in 2005.                            and are therefore at risk of deformity and blindness.
  I suspect that a greater number of female, rather than male,             Leprosy may be a disease which has little effect on us in the
Sydenham Life recipients will have read the book, as it’s been           United Kingdom, but it is a day-to-day realty for others in our
described as the woman’s perfect holiday read,                                                    world. Charities such as The Leprosy
but I believe there’s a message in this book for                                                  Mission and LEPRA provide medical care
men and women alike.                                                                              and rehabilitation for patients as well as
  The book is set in Crete, between the 1930s                                                     attempting to reduce the social exclusion
and the present day. It recalls a family’s history                                                associated with leprosy.
that was inextricably linked with a small island                                                     Finally, the most striking element of The
off the coast of Crete called Spinalonga.                                                         Island for me was the way in which Hislop
  For much of the 20th century, Spinalonga was                                                    unashamedly refers to God. This took many
Greece’s leper colony. However, during the                                                        forms: through Christian festivals which
1950s a treatment became available which                                                          were the highlight of the village’s celebra-
meant patients were no longer infectious and                                                      tions; through the characters’ faith which
could return home. As a result, the island was                                                    supported them through the hardships of
evacuated almost overnight and, until recently,                                                   their lives; through the content of the Church
remained as it was the day the last patients fled.                                                services; and through the general frequency
Now Spinalonga is one of Crete’s leading tourist                                                  in which God featured in the ebbs and flows
attractions.                                                                                      of the storyline. This seems to me to be
  The Island is an unusual book in many                                                           highly unusual in popular culture today.
senses. Firstly, here was a captivating read that                                                    One might wonder if the popularity of the
didn’t seem to end the moment I’d started –                                                       book suffered because of the numerous
what a refreshing change! Secondly, the book                                                      references to God in what can feel like a
deals with leprosy. Hardly an attractive subject                                                  very secular society at times. But no. Hislop
to base one’s novel on, but by doing so Hislop                                                    won the ‘Newcomer of the Year’ accolade at
manages to re-ignite an awareness of what must be one of the             the Galaxy British Book Awards 2007. The book has also sold
oldest diseases known to humankind.                                      more than a million copies in the UK alone and been translated
  Leprosy is there in the Bible. It is mentioned numerous times in       into more than a dozen languages.
the Old Testament, while, in the New Testament, Jesus is                    So what’s the message I believe this book contains? Well, there
recorded as having cured many people with the disease.                   ares two actually. Firstly, think about leprosy. How would you feel
  Leprosy is not only a painful, disfiguring and infectious disease.     if you were diagnosed with the disease? Think about how you can
In the past, sufferers were also alienated on the grounds that           help others who still suffer today. Secondly, don’t be afraid to
many believed the disease was a curse from God. Despite the              mention God. Be courageous like Victoria Hislop and you just
fact that, in the 19th century, the cause was found to be a              might be surprised by the reactions!
bacterium, the phrase “they treated me like a leper” still exists                                                    Rev’d Heidi Huntley                     
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           Jobs undertaken from Start to Finish
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        DLJ Plumbing Services                                                              HALL BOOKINGS
                     “JUST UP YOUR STREET”                                           The Church Hall (Ian Griffiths Hall). Kitchen and
                                                                                    toilet facilities included. Seats 60-70 comfortably.
                     Specialising in installation of:
                                                                                                    Reasonable rates.
Bathroom Suites, Showers, Washing Machines, WC’s, Sinks,
      Radiators, Tanks, Cylinders, Immersion Heaters.                                 Bookings to Jane Gilchrist on 020 8778 4434
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                                         Animal Magic
                                           Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish, spiders
                                           and snails were just some of the animals
                                           that turned up for the first ever Pet
                                           Service at St Bartholomew’s last month.
                                              It proved to be a popular event, with
                                           around 50 people turning up to pay
                                           tribute to their loved ones.
                                              Pets can play an important role in our
                                           lives. They give us pleasure and joy, often
                                           comforting us in times of stress and
                                           need. But how often do we say thanks?
                                              Making use of the teachings of St
                                           Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of all
                                           animals, and singing songs and hymns
                                           with an animal theme, Father MIchael led
                                           the service, even blessing each and every
                                           pet that attended.
                                              During the service, a collection was
                                           taken on behalf of the Biggin Hill-based
                                           Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre, which
                                           seeks to take in and help as many sick
                                           and unwanted animals as possible.
                                              More information on the centre can be
                                           found at

Table Top
Sale is
a big hit
St Bartholomew’s first ever Table
Top Sale raised almost £500.
  The event, organised with
military precision by Gill Daly,
attracted more than 25 stalls,
which displayed their wares both
inside and outside of the church on
a gloriously sunny day.
  Items on sale ranged from
children’s toys to nearly new
clothes, handmade jewellery and
brand new ladies shoes!
  If you were feeling a little peck-
ish, you were able to indulge in a
tasty hot dog or burger from the
Lloyd and Kingston Bar and Grill or
sample one of Nicola Dax’s
delectable homemade cakes.
  Future Table Top Sales could be
in the offing, so stay tuned for
possible dates for your diary.

Food for thought?                       Christian worship leader Tim Hughes: “I think that in terms of seeing
                                       the Church really come alive, worship is going to be an absolute key.”
Messages of love and
loss leave me humbled
For those of you who don’t know, or                   race through Crystal Palace Park.                their tracks.
don’t ever wish to know, 10km is                      We’d trained well and, with the help of                I spent a brief period of time running
                                                      friends, family and the                                                           behind what
roughly six miles.                                    parishioners of St Bart’s, managed to                                            seemed like a
   And it’s rather a long way to run on a             generated more than £100 in                                                      young man who
Sunday morning in an autumnal Crystal                  sponsor money.                                                                  had written the
Palace Park, over a course that undulates up              Somehow, we both managed to                                                  following message
hill and down rather menacingly at                      finish in a decent time, but it was the                                        on the back of his
every turn.                                             emotion of the day and of the event                                           running shirt: “In
   Organised by                                         itself that made a lasting impact on                                          memory of Penny,
Cancer                                                  us both.                                                                      my wife who lost
Research UK                                                 Although Nicola and I have both                                           her race for life
and supported                                            lost members of our family to can-                                           this year.”
by Tesco, Run                                            cer in the past, thankfully we have                                             The young man
10k is now in its                                        not been touched by this unforgiving                                         could have been no
fifth year. More                                          disease in recent years. Therefore,                                         more than 25.
than 1,000                                                to read and listen to heart-wrench-                                        I eventually ran past
people took part                                          ing stories on the day itself took us                                      him because I didn’t
in the Crystal                                            both by surprise.                                                          think I could have
Palace event                                                 Each competitor was given a                                             followed in his
alone!                                                     number to pin to the front of their                                      footsteps for the
   Together with                                           running vest, while on the back we were     whole of the race. And once I’d got past, I
similar races all                                          handed a blank piece of paper in which to   prayed that he would not overtake me again
over the country,                                          write the name of                             for fear of having to read the same
last year Cancer                                           the person we were                            heartfelt words again!
Research UK                                                running for.                                     At the finish line, with exhausted runners
managed to raise                                              If the physical pain                       collapsed in heaps, a small fence became a
more than                                                   of running 10km                              shrine to all those messages of love and
£4.5m from the Run 10k series.                        wasn’t hard enough,                                loss.
   Today, cancer is the biggest cause of death        the emotional aspect -                                Nicola and I left the park hand in hand,
in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is vital         being bombarded with                               thankful for the chance to run with such
that fund-raising successes like this continue if     the names of loved                                 brave competitors, who if they did not run
the £333m spent on research in 2007/8 is              ones and pictures of                               with their hearts on their sleeves, certainly
to be matched each year.                              lost faces - was                                   ran with them on their backs.
   My wife, Nicola, and I took part in this year’s    enough to stop any hard-hearted runner in                                  Richard Dax, co-editor

     Go on.... treat yourself

                                                                                                                    BUY one get
 INSPIRE beauty                            Dermalogica Facials | Massage | Manicures

 21 Sydenham Road
                                    Pedicures | Lash Extensions | Body Wraps | Spray Tan                           one half price
                                                     Waxing | Threading ...& more
                                                                                                                  on all treatments, with this voucher
                                                                                                                             Subject to T&C

    Uncovering the
                                                         Time to think about Christmas shopping?

    missing link...
                                                         St Bartholomew’s annual Craft Fair takes        the best handmade arts and crafts from
                                                         place on Saturday, 7 November.                  the talented artists of south-east London,
                                                           An ideal way to wile away a weekend           will be under one roof, so mark the date in
                                                         afternoon, it’s also the perfect                your diary.
                                                         opportunity to get your Christmas                 There will also be food available and
    Funny how things fall into place                     shopping out of the way before the rush         something for the children, too. So have
    sometimes, isn’t it? I mean, take                    begins - or at least some of it. You may end    some fun and bag a bargain.
    the old saying “you wait for a
                                                         up treating yourself, too.                        All trade enquires to Richard or Nic Dax
                                                           More than 30 stalls, boasting some of         on 0208 6591190.
    bus and then three come along
    all at once.” With me, it’s more
    like “I wait for a bus and then six
    come along all at once!”
       The moment I have an idea for something, I
    have to write it down because if I don’t, I
    spend the next however long it is getting more
    and more frustrated, itching to work it out.
       Usually, in the case of writing articles for
    Sydenham Life, I have to put pen to paper
    within 24 hours, otherwise an idea begins to
    burn a large hole in my already overworked
    and over-crowded mind!
       Therefore, without further waffling, I will get
    to the point of this month’s subject - World
    War II. We are currently studying the subject
    at school and my class are very enthusiastic, if
    a little confused. You see, we’ve been watching
    old footage of Government information films
    about “Digging for Victory”.
       I knew two weeks ago that I wanted to write       Members of ROHR Zimbabwe were at St             thank you for your recognition and support.”
    about the war and I also knew two months ago         Bartholomew’s Church last month to                ROHR (Restoration of Human Rights)
    that I had to write an assembly for Harvest          generate funds at the Table Top Sale.           Zimbabwe is a non-political organisation.
    Festival at school. The trouble I was having           And they were delighted to go away with       passionate and committed to bringing about
    was that I could not find a connection.              £30 for their organisation.                     change in Zimbabwe.
       Suddenly, while I wasn’t looking, all six           “This is a great sum of money to us and         For more infor about ROHR ZImbabwe,
    buses came along at once as I sat listening to       our movement,” said Priscilla Wellington,       visit
    a reading in church from James 3.                    chair of the South-East London branch; “We      from-ROHR-in-the-UK
       Eureka, I thought.

                                                         Law firm seeks your help
       Here is a brief snippet of James 3:13-16
    (New International Version):                                                            Advertisement
         13 Who is wise and understanding among
    you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds
    done in the humility that comes from wisdom.
    14 But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish
    ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it
    or deny the truth. 15 Such "wisdom" does not         Rose Samuel Odele and Partners have             criteria but were deselected in favour of
    come down from heaven but is earthly,                been in Sydenham for almost five                larger organisations.
    unspiritual, of the devil. 16 For where you          years and is the only law firm in the              This hurts us because it means that we
    have envy and selfish ambition, there you find       area that offers a complete service.            have to turn away people almost on a
    disorder and every evil practice.                       We have applied for Legal Aid on             daily basis as they are unable to afford to
       Are you still with me? There are three links      several occasions but are told that there is    seek legal advice privately.
    here: Digging for Victory; Envy and Selfish          not a need for this service in this area.          We do not know who these larger
    Ambition; Harvest Festival.                             Our offices are situated directly opposite   organisations are and whether they are
       Seventy years ago, Britain was asked to           the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) on             assisting those in need as the queues still
    work together and turn to self sufficiency to        Kirkdale Corner and several times a week        form outside the CAB.
    support our dwindling food supplies. At harvest      we can see long queues forming outside             But we are repeatedly told by individuals
    time, we collect the fruits of our labours and       of people seeking legal assistance.             in need of legal advice that they cannot
    celebrate our hard work. Together, these                We constantly receive requests for help      find a law firm that is able to take on
    activities combined to defeat Adolf Hitler!          from these people and others as the CAB         their case either because they do not
       Not only has my Harvest Assembly written          does not have the capacity or the legal         practice a particular area of law or
    itself, but the children have made the               expertise to assist all who need it.            because the waiting list is too long and
    connection between healthy eating and                   Unfortunately, we have to turn these         their matter is urgent.
    working together for the good of the                 people away as we do not have Legal Aid            If you wish to help and support the only
    community.                                           despite several applications.                   law firm in Sydenham for our bid to obtain
       However, and possibly more importantly, my           In July 2008, we joined forces with the      Legal Aid, send us confirmation of your
    patience, faith and questions for God have
                                                         CAB and made an application to provide          backing by dropping an email to
    once again been answered.
                                                         Family, Debt, Housing and Welfare      with your full name
       If God was a bus driver, he’d be a busy man!
                                                         benefits services within Lewisham.              and address or write into us at 252
                             Richard Dax, co-editor
                                                            We met all the essential and selection       Kirkdale London SE26 4NL.
DATES FOR YOUR DIARY                          Service times for St Bartholomew’s
Harvest Festival
Sunday, 4 October                             Sundays:                                Weekdays:
                                              8am: Eucharist 10am: The Parish         Morning Prayer: Monday – Friday
Sunday@Six                                    Eucharist                               9am, Saturday 9.30am
Sunday, 18 October                            6pm: Evening Service or                 Evening Prayer: Monday –
                                              Sunday@Six                              Saturday 5.30pm
Craft Fair                                    (Note: 6pm service is monthly,          The Eucharist: Wednesday 9.30am,
Saturday, 7 November
                                              check for details)                      Thursday 12.45pm
Remembrance Sunday

                                               From the Parish Registers
Sunday, 8 November

                                                           BAPTISMS                                FUNERALS

                                                          6 September                              11 September
                     2 October                       Sianna and Carter Davis                  Willie James (age 86)
             Ron, forever in our hearts.
        Lillie, Roz, Sue and grandchildren                27 September                            23 September
                                                          Olivia Smikle                          Kenneth Baugh
                   4 October
       In loving memory of a loving mother            We welcome them into                        24 September
      and father and two wonderful brothers           the fellowship of Christ              Elsa Snowsill (Castlebar)

                  7 October                                                              Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord
             Happy birthday, Granny.
               Love from Claire x

                  11 October                                 Vicar:                          If you have a comment or
               Sydenham Society                   The Rev. Michael Kingston                     contribution to make,
                                                         The Vicarage,                    please send it to the co-editor:
                  18 October
                                                       4 Westwood Hill,
           For Joan. With love, Arthur
                                                     London, SE26 6QR.                            Phil Gordos at
                  25 October                          Tel: 020 8778 5290                         2 Cobden Mews,
             For Philip. Best wishes                         E-mail:                                Sydenham,
                                                            SE26 6UX
                  27 October
          For our wedding anniversary                       Curate:                                   E-mail:
                                                         Heidi Huntley         
                  30 October
                                                     Tel: 020 8778 7196
               Barbara and Terry
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                St B a r t’ s S ch o ol N e w s
                            Magnificent Martha
The school is taking part
in the Box Tops for
Books scheme.
  It’s an initiative from
                            Year 5 pupil Martha Crow continues to make a big splash
Nestle that offers a
                            in the diving world.
wide range of new books
                              The 10-year-old has just won a place on the National
in exchange for tokens
                            Development Squad thanks to her fantastic progress.
from the tops of Nestle       Martha has recently taken up ballet to help her fufil her
cereal boxes.               enormous potential as she attempts to follow in the
  If your family eats       footsteps of hero Tom Daley.
Nestle cereals, please        “The ballet lessons are helping, especially when it comes
remember to tear off        to pointing my toes,” she says,
the token on the top of       Martha (pictured right with her latest medals) trains five
the box and bring it into   times a week under the guidance of Gill Snode and Gie Fan.
school or the church.

Pre-school                  Fashionable Friends                                              The new Friends committee:

                                                                                                Chair - Lucy Radcliffe;
                                                                                                Vice Chair - Sally Daly;
                            The Friends will hold their first                                 Treasurer - Karen Saxton;
                            major fund-raising event of the                                  Secretary - Jean Thompson;
Children who attend St
Bartholomew’s Pre-
                            new academic year in November                                      Teaching Staff Member -
                                                                                             Shaun Burns; Support Staff
school will soon have       when they host a fashion show                                        Member - Ros Bentz.
the opportunity to play     at the school.
outside in the fresh air.     So if you think it’s time to give
                                                                                                    Fancy a
  Thanks to a grant from
Lewisham Council’s          your wardrobe a bit of an
                            overhaul, now’s you chance.
                                                                                                   cycle ride?
Access and Quality
Funding, money has            The show will take place in the
been made available to
help set up an outside
                            school hall on 23 November.                                             Bromley cyclists are
                                                                                                 running a weekly cycling
area at the church.         Further details in due course.                                           group for women.
  The children will be        Sorry, dads, it’s women only.                                         We meet at 9am on
able to plant flowers,                                                                             Mondays at Alexander
collect bugs and even                                                                              School in Cator Road.
build a snowman if the      The school has a new        St Bart’s Church needs money           It’s a fun way to boost your
weather allows.             foundation governor.        donations to buy new bibles for        fitness. You need your own
  “The area is small but      Hilary Buckhurst                 bible study groups,                    bike and helmet.
with imagination it will       takes over from             confirmation classes etc.
                             Richard Elliot, who                                                        Visit
be a bright, stimulating                                Donors may sponsor individual
                             has stepped down                                        
learning environment,”                                   copies, which will cost aound
                               after eight years                                                      for more
says Maureen Edwards,                                  £7.50 if we have enough funds to
                             of fantastic service.                                                     details
who runs the pre-school.                                           buy in bulk.

   Sydenham Life welcomes                                                       England must sh
                                                                                                   ed its
          submissions.                                        The Church of                 image and beco
                                                                        ar  ks & Spencer”                         .
                                                       middle-class “M                            hop of Reading
    Please contact co-editor                                          ldi, acco rding to the Bis
                                                      more akin to A                     en Cottrell is
         Phil Gordos on                                          The  Right Rev Steph                     as the option fo
                                                                                   Chu rch is regarded
        020 8659 3815                                          the established                  d booted” only.
                                               frustrated that                ed or “suited an
                                                         the high ly educat                ably have shop
               or                                                       said, would prob
                                                            Jesus, he                        a.                                                at Aldi and Asd

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         Ian R. Middleton
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        Tel: 07957 367 221                                The
         or 020 8778 2128                                 Special Airport Rates
                                                          020 8778 3000

    Established in Sydenham in 1974


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Products and colours available to view at this store:             We are a family-run business, selling
Classic 110 Deluxe : Cream                                           kitchen appliances, televisions,
Kitchener 90 : Matt Black                                             DVD/Blu-ray players, vacuum
Professional 110 : Stainless Steel                                cleaners and other small appliances
Rangemaster 110 Splashback : Black
Rangemaster 120 Flat Hood Stainless Steel                          Free delivery to Sydenham
SXS Refrigerater : Cream                                             and surrounding areas
Toledo 90 : Gloss Black : Induction

                         155-157 Westmoreland Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 0TZ
                      T: 020 8466 7776 E:

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