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									                                                             Summer 2005

                              THE SHHH CALIFORNIAN
                                    THE AWAKENING HOH COMMUNITY
                                      ODA spends $5.8 Million a Year
                                    But very few services go to the HOH
By Grace W. Tiessen                                                     populations. Most of these funds are spent for services for
                                                                        the culturally Deaf.
        This report describes the Office of Deaf Access             • There are 8 ODA regions and 20 outreach centers, provid-
  (ODA) and the services and support given to hoh people.               ing services to 152,000 hard of hearing or deaf persons in
       The ODA is a government funded agency of the Cali-               CA.
fornia Department of Social Services, and supports a network        • We have an opportunity to request more equitable distri-
of offices and paid staff covering the entire state of California       bution of our tax money for hard of hearing people.
and gives money and services to deaf people almost exclu-             We have an opportunity to do the following:
sively. The long term trend is toward fewer and fewer deaf          •     Ask the ODA for captioning, especially for large
people, due to testing the hearing of infants at birth, early in-         events of over 200 people. Ask them why there is al-
tervention, advances in technology for hearing aids and the               ways a signer and never a captioner at these events.
growing use of cochlear implants (CIs). At the same time, the             (Remind them of the demographics listed above).
number of hard of hearing people is growing rapidly due to an       •     Use your SHHH organization to represent the needs of
aging population (a shift in the demographics towards more                hard of hearing people, by asking for captioning, help
people over age 50), a noisy environment, young people lis-               with paying for captioning, printing your newsletter,
tening to loud music and the growing implantation of CIs.                 publicity, providing assistive listening devices, like FM
       Does the declining number of deaf people and the                   and Infrared and providing training on how to use them.
growing number of hard of hearing people threaten the               •     Of the 9 ODA websites, only three mention caption-
survival of agencies that fail to provide services for the                ing. Unless we ask for it, they don’t know we need it!
hard of hearing community? Why did schools for the deaf             •     Of the 8 ODA regions, only two have Outreach persons
close in Massachusetts, Nebraska, North Carolina and                      on staff to serve non-signing hard of hearing people.
Wyoming? Does the ODA need to change course and be-                       Try to get your Region to create a paid position of a
gin hiring qualified hard of hearing people to provide ser-               hard of hearing Outreach person to support non-
vices to the hard of hearing community?                                   signing hard of hearing people and cochlear implan-
Some basic statistics:
                                                                    Teach the ODA about the needs of hard of hearing people:
                                                                    • Hoh people consider themselves as living in the hearing
                                                                        world. They socialize with hearing people, and get most
                                                                        services from hearing agencies.
                                                                    • Accessibility for hard of hearing people means technol-
                                                                        ogy: Captioning, Assistive listening devices, FM, Infra-
                                                                        red, Loop, Email
                                                                    • Most hard of hearing people don’t know sign language
                                                                      The ODA in Fresno (DHHSC) is leading the way, and is a
                                                                      model region for ODA. (Congratulations to Rosemary Diaz,
                                                                      Susan Coulter and Lynn Toschi!).
                                                                    • They have the only full time paid staff member in Cali-
•   This pie chart represents 3,500,000 people in California            fornia (Susan Coulter, a hard of hearing SHHH member),
    who are hard of hearing or deaf                                     whose job is to develop programs to support non-signing
•   1.5% of these or 52,500 Californians are culturally Deaf,           hard of hearing people and cochlear implantees.
    and use sign language only                                      • DHHSC received a grant from the city of Fresno for a
•   The ODA spends $5.8 million dollars a year. When justi-             Living with Hearing Loss program. Lynn Toschi, (a hard
    fying the numbers of qualifying residents, the numbers              of hearing SHHH member) was hired part time to assist
    always reflect both the Deaf and the hard of hearing                                                        (Continued on page 2)
     Page 2, Summer 2005                                                                                    The SHHH Californian
(Continued from page 1)                                            tioning
     Susan in meeting the needs of hard of hearing clients.        Two Outreach Centers: Imperial Valley and Vista Outreach
• They supply the meeting room for the Fresno SHHH                        Region II, Riverside,
     chapter, and Susan Coulter is the President.                  Zibby Bayarsky, Director, Center on Deafness Inland Empire
• They present an excellent one-year “Living with Hear-  
     ing Loss” series.                                             Website: Sign language and Captioned notetakers
• They provide publicity for the SHHH meeting in                   One Outreach Center: Victorville Outreach
     Fresno.                                                              Region III, Orange County,
• They provide an FM Loop and Real-Time Captioning                 Edward Kelly, Director, Orange County Deaf Equal Access
     for this meeting.                                             Foundation,
• They recognize hard of hearing people in the name of             Website: Sign language only, with no mentioning of captioning
     their agency, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Cen-                  Region IV, GLAD, Los Angeles,
     ter.                                                          Patricia Hughes, PhD, CEO, Greater Los Angeles Agency on
Several ODA regions have done a few things, but we                 Deafness,
                                                                   Website: Sign language only, with no mention of captioning
need to ask for more:
                                                                   Two Outreach Centers: Antelope Valley and Bakersfield Out-
• DHHSC (Fresno) and NorCal (Sacramento) have Out-                 reach
     reach Counselors (hard of hearing SHHH members) on                   Region V, Tri-County GLAD, Oxnard,
     staff to develop programs for non-signing hard of hear-       Juliana Fjeld, Director, Tri-County GLAD
     ing people and cochlear implantees.                 
• GLAD (Los Angeles) pays for captioning at the San                Website: Sign language only, with no mentioning of captioning
     Fernando Valley Chapter meeting.                              One Outreach Center: Santa Maria Outreach
• DCARA (San Leandro) has generously given money                          Region VI, Fresno,
                                                                   Rosemary W.Diaz, CEO, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Service Center-
     for captioning.
                                                                   Central California,
• DCARA is developing remote on line captioning.                   Website: Sign language only, with no mentioning of captioning
• DHHSC in Fresno, CODIE in Riverside and NorCal in                Support staff for hard of hearing people: Susan Coulter & Lynn
     Sacramento sponsor an SHHH chapter and pay for                Toschi (SHHH members)
     some captioning.                                              Three Outreach Centers: Salinas, Merced and Visalia Outreach
So where do we go to find our local ODA region, and                       Region VII, NorCal, Sacramento,
ask for help?                                                      Sheri A. Farinha, CEO, Northern California Center on Deafness
      ODA is part of the California Department of Social 
                                                                   Website: Real-time captioning services
                                                                   Support staff for hard of hearing people:
      Go to                                    Colette Noble (SHHH member)
      Click on CDSS Web Sites                                      Five Outreach Centers: Chico, Modesto, Redding, Stockton
      Click on Office of Deaf Access                               and Yuba City Outreach
      Click on Deaf Access Assistance Program                             Region VIII, DCARA, San Leandro,
      Click on DAP to see the counties in each region              Robert Roth, CEO, Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency
      Click on DAP Headquarters and Outreach List to get 
      contact information for the 8 regions and 20 outreach        Website: Captions OnLine
      centers                                                      Six Outreach Centers: Eureka, Fremont, San Francisco, San
                                                                   Jose, San Leandro, and Santa Rosa Outreach
Following is the main office of ODA, the 8 regions and
                                                                          Continuing in our theme of a call to action for SHHH CA
the 20 Outreach Centers.                                           members: See if you can use this information to help you with
  Office of Deaf Access, main State website:                       your mission for 2004, when you will choose ONE action to                   help improve accessibility for hard of hearing people. This is
  Ms. Lisa Bandaccari, Chief                                       a resource that we can all use, so let’s let our voices be heard
  Office of Deaf Access                                            for the benefit of all of those who are hard of hearing.
  California Department of Social Services
  744 P Street, M.S. 6-91
  Sacramento, CA 95814
  Website: Sign language only, with no mentioning of captioning            Recognizing Pablo Picasso, a man inquired of the artist
          Region I, San Diego,                    why he did not paint people “the way they really are.” Picasso
  Ray Trybus, PhD, CEO, Deaf Community Services of San Diego      asked what he meant by that expression. The man opened his                                                wallet and took out a snapshot of his wife, saying, “That’s my
  Website: Sign Language only, with no mention of cap-            wife.” Picasso responded, “Isn’t she rather small and flat?”
   The SHHH Californian                                                                                      Page 3, Summer 2005

                    Coping with Carol                                         WRITE A LETTER/EMAIL
                   IT’S IN THE ATTITUDE                                   Ask your U.S. Representative to
by Carol Waechter, M.S., Psychologist                                           cosponsor HR 414
           There’s a story circulating about the golf phenom,
                                                                           47 cosponsors, only one from
Tiger Woods, and the exceptional musician who also happens                          California.
to be blind, Stevie Wonder. It seems that these two happened
to meet at a social gathering. At the time, Stevie compli-                   This is a very important bill. H.R.414 is a good first
mented Tiger on his golf game and shared the fact that he also        step in the process of getting coverage for hearing aids. It
plays golf. Tiger was enthralled with the fact that a blind per-      brings Federal recognition and credibility to hearing aids
son could play golf so Stevie explained how he has a friend           and their benefits. We need to get a foot in the door and this
who stands on the green and calls to him so he knows in which         is a start. We would like to get 100 cosponsors. So far we
direction to hit the ball.                                            have 47. There are 53 California U.S. representatives.
  Stevie then challenged Tiger to a game. Tiger graciously de-        But only one, U.S. Representative Adam Schiff has
clined but Stevie pressed on, offering $100 as a bet on the out-      agreed to be a cosponsor.
come of the game. Tiger, naturally, said he couldn’t do that                 U.S. Representative Jim Ryun (R-KS), hard of hear-
but still, Stevie pressed on. Finally, Tiger agreed to the game       ing and a former Olympic miler, has reintroduced the
and the bet saying, “OK, when shall we play?” Without hesita-         Hearing Aid Tax Credit Act of 2005, HR 414, which will
tion, Stevie answered, “Midnight, tomorrow night!”                    provide a tax credit of up to $500 per device toward the pur-
                                                                      chase of hearing aids ($1000 for two). The tax credit may
          If this story is true, much can be learned from Stevie      be taken by an individual age 55 or older or by their depend-
Wonder’s attitude about his disability. There is a time in a          ent child or parent and may be used once every five years.
disabled person’s life when he or she must accept the dis-                   Please contact your U.S. Representative and urge him/
ability and move on. For those born with a disability, this           her to co-sponsor Bill HR 414. To find his/her name/email
often comes at puberty. In trying to form his identity, the ado-      address, go to and enter your zip code.
lescent has to confront his disability and in doing so realizes he    Following is a sample letter. To phone, call U.S. Capitol
is different from his peers and that he will always be that way.      Switchboard at 202-224-3121.
Psychologists tell us that the key to his forming a stable iden-             To see the wording of this bill or to check to see
tity that encompasses his disability lies with the relationships      whether or not your representative has signed on as a co-
he has been able to form. Stable relationships encourage sta-         sponsor, go to, enter HR 414, click
ble identities. Stevie Wonder encompasses his blindness into          on Bill Summary & Status, click on Cosponsors.
his identity and doesn’t use it as an excuse for not participating           Here is a sample letter/email
in life.
  An individual who acquires a disability later in life may have     The Honorable (full name)
his identity shattered. “Imperfection” may not fit into his iden-    House of Representatives
tity and may require a confrontation with the disability. This
“midlife” identity crisis does not differ greatly from the first     Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms Last Name:
one. The individual must realize he is different than he was,               I support HR 414, the Hearing Aid Tax Credit Act of
that he will always be that way and then decide that he can          2005, and ask that you co-sponsor it.
move on with his life in spite of it. Sometimes priorities and              We need a special tax treatment for hearing aids be-
attitudes have to be re-evaluated and brought into line with         cause they are not covered by Medicare and most insurance.
abilities. But, here again, relationships, if stable before, will    While 95% of individuals with hearing loss could be success-
encourage continuing stable identities. With a stable iden-          fully treated with hearing aids, only 22% currently use them.
tity, hearing loss is not used as an excuse to stop living life      The average out of pocket expense for two hearing aids today
to its fullest.                                                      is over $2,800, and thousands of people are unable to afford
                                                                            (Use this paragraph to describe your own experience
                                                                     with hearing aids, why they are so important to you, and the
                                                                     burden the high costs place on your and your family.)
                                                                            I strongly support this Bill because it would bring the
                                                                     benefit of hearing aids to close to two million people with
                                                                     hearing loss - those over the age of 55 and dependent chil-
                                                                            Please let me hear from you about co-sponsoring HR
                                                                            Your name, title, SHHH chapter
 Page 4, Summer 2005                                                                             The SHHH Californian

                                        PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE

        It was really good to see so many of                         Training days in the Fall, right here in California. The
you in February attending our SHHH-CA                                first one will take place in Southern California on
State Conference. In spite of truly wet, rainy                       September 17, and the second in the San Francisco
weather, we had over 200 attendees. It was a                         Bay area on October 29. These trainings are free,
really enjoyable weekend. Jim Montgomery                             and will accommodate up to five people from each
did a great job taking photos throughout the                         chapter. Please see the flyer on page 8 of this newslet-
conference and even showed them on the big                           ter for complete details. You may also download this
screen at the opening session. More were                             flyer from our website, The train-
shown at the Sunday morning breakfast, many                          ings will be captioned and have assistive devices for
of which were contributed by Ann Marie                               discussion groups. Marilyn Finn, Carol Waechter,
Henson of Advanced Bionics. A big “thank                             Sister Ann Rooney and your state chapter coordinators
you” to the conference planning committee                            will all be involved in the excitement of this day.
and everyone who participated, whether as                                      SHHH supports adding coverage of cochlear
volunteer, sponsor, speaker, workshop presenter, or       implants to CalPERS insurance. Most private and public health
exhibitor, to make this conference such a successful      plans in the United States already provide coverage for this vital
event!                                                    and life changing medical procedure. We do not understand why
        The following weekend, on February 26, I had      CalPERS has decided to deny care for people with severe to pro-
the privilege of attending the Oticon Award Luncheon      found hearing loss. You, our active California SHHH members,
in San Diego. Brenda Battat was awarded the Oticon        can help make a difference by writing to your local state repre-
Advocacy Award. Her advocacy efforts have directly        sentatives. Those of you who are already CI wearers know what
and indirectly influenced legislation and regulations     a difference this amazing device has made in your lives. Please
that affect people with hearing loss. In the areas of     write to your state representatives urging them to include cover-
telecommunications accessibility, community accessi-      age for CIs in the CalPERS health insurance. Our legislators
bility, and healthcare coverage for life changing tech-   need to be educated on the importance of this issue to people with
nology such as hearing aids and cochlear implants,        severe to profound hearing loss.
Brenda has made tremendous contributions. It was a                The 25th anniversary of SHHH will be celebrated at the
great honor to be present to see Brenda receive this      convention in Washington DC on June 30 through July 3. We
award. Also present were Joan Ireland and Brenda’s        hope to gather all our Californians present there for a short meet-
husband Joe and son James.                                ing and photo session. Please watch for a notice on the bulletin
        SHHH-CA is proud to announce another excit-       board telling when and where! See you in DC!
ing opportunity for our California chapter members.        Sincerely, Sandi Streeter
We will be conducting two special Chapter Leadership
     The SHHH Californian                                              Page 5, Summer 2005

    6th Leadership Training Program for
              SHHH Chapters
           Deadline July 15, 2005
       Here is a great opportunity to develop your leadership
skills. This program provides intensive training for potential or
current affiliate leaders who wish to improve their skills in work-
ing with SHHH volunteers, communicating the SHHH mission
and message, and reaching out to people with hearing loss.
       A grant from Sprint and the AT&T Foundation has en-
abled us to develop the Leadership Training Program.
       Please encourage people in your chapter to apply to partici-
pate in the training program, which is scheduled for September
23, 24, and 25 in Bethesda, Maryland. Approximately 12 partici-
pants from around the country will be selected. Travel, shared
hotel accommodations and meals will be included.
       The training program will offer the following topics:
          Developing/refining skills in member participation, train-
          ing new leaders, working with hearing health care profes-
          sionals, planning meetings, carrying out publicity, etc.
          Understanding the SHHH structure, philosophy, and pri-
          Understanding the SHHH programs and activities.
          Sharing of successful experiences by participants.
       The program is designed for existing leaders as well as indi-
viduals who would like to serve in a leadership capacity within
SHHH. Eligibility requirements and an application are available at and must be re-
turned to the SHHH office no later than Friday, July 15th. Those
selected will be notified by August 1, 2005.
       Questions: Email Toni Barrient, Director of Member Ser-

             JAYNA ALTMAN
    Beauty Contestant and soon-to-be Au.D.
        Jayna Altman, a member of the SHHH-CA Board of
 Trustees, is competing in two more open beauty pageants- Miss
 Hollywood/Southland and Miss Southern California Regional,
 in her quest for the Miss California title. She was crowned Miss
 Orange County 2004, and was honored at the Miss California
 Pageant with the Spirit of Miss California award. Her dream is
 to win the Miss California title and then go on to become the
 next Miss America.
        Steven Noroian, President of Noroian Capital Manage-
 ment and our California Representative on the National SHHH
 Board of Trustees, is sponsoring Jayna in the Miss Hollywood/
 Southland Pageant
        Jayna graduated from the University of California at San
 Diego with a B.A. in Communications with Department Honors
 and Distinction. Currently, she expects to pursue her Au.D.
 (Doctorate in Audiology) at the Washington University at St.
 Louis School of Medicine, to accomplish her dream of becom-
 ing a Pediatric Audiologist.
        After four years of medical school, she hopes to serve on
 the SHHH-CA board again.
Page 6, Summer 2005   The SHHH Californian
  The SHHH Californian                                                                                   Page 7, Summer 2005

                            HOW HAS THE ADA HELPED HOH PEOPLE?
 by Grace W. Tiessen                                                certain percentage of seats need captioning
        A day-long Public Forum for People with Disabili-                  Captioning should be routinely provided, just like a
  ties was held in Los Angeles, March 29, 2005, on the Im-          Public Address system and ramps for wheelchair users.
  pact of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)         Over 10% of the population have a hearing loss. With this
  on their lives.                                                   many people with invisible hearing loss, we can just as-
         It was sponsored by the National Council on Disabil-       sume that captioning is always necessary.
  ity (NCD), Western Law Center for Disability Rights, and                 What is the solution?
  Goodwill Industries of Southern California. NCD, an inde-         We need mandates in the ADA regarding hard of hearing
  pendent federal agency that advises the Congress and the          people and captioning, like wheelchair users have. The
  Administration on disability policy, wants to learn whether       ADA says that a certain percentage of parking spaces must
  and how the ADA has had an impact on the lives of Ameri-          be for the disabled.
  cans with disabilities. Grace Tiessen spoke for hard of hear-          We need a rule that says a certain percentage (10%)
  ing people. Following is some of her testimony.                 of seats in an auditorium must be saved in a block near the
       Due to an aging population and a noisy environment,        stage (so hard of hearing people can speechread) and there
there are more and more people with hearing loss. 25% of          must be captioning for that block of seats. So in a 300-seat
Americans over age 65, 33% over age 70 and 41% over age           auditorium, there would be 30 seats in a block near the
75 are hard of hearing. We are by far the largest disability      stage, with captioning for those seats. Or if the facility
group, but are overlooked and ignored. The ADA is 14 years        does not want to provide a block of seats, then they must
old, but we have little or no access. We are a separate popu-     caption for the entire audience.
lation from the Deaf. Most hard of hearing people do not                   The way it is now, the hard of hearing person has to
know sign language.                                                 request captioning for every program they want to attend.
         Why is it so hard to get communications access?            And it is assumed that the entire audience is hearing except
  1) We are part of the mainstream hearing culture and invisi-      the person requesting access.
  ble. 2) It is assumed that every one is hearing, except the              Suppose every time a wheelchair user wanted to do an
  person requesting access. 3) The medical profession has not       errand, he had to phone ahead to be sure there was a disabil-
  been concerned with hearing health. However this is begin-        ity parking space available. That is what people with hearing
  ning to change. Kaiser Permanente is beginning to listen to       loss have to do every time they want to go out.
  us. 4) There are no standards in the ADA, mandating that a               The ADA needs to include mandates to give hard of
                                                                    hearing people access.
   Page 8, Summer 2005                                                                  The SHHH Californian

                         Chapter Leadership Training 2005
          SHHH-CA is proud to present two, FREE, all-day Saturday Chapter Leadership Trainings:
one for chapter leaders in Southern California on September 17, 2005, and one for chapter leaders in North-
ern California on October 29, 2005.
        Participants will enjoy speakers and discussions on: Planning and Leading a Meeting, Setting
Up and Staffing Committees, Projects, The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Your Meeting Room Hearing Acces-
sible, Encouraging Membership Participation, Gleaning New Members From Communities, and more.
There will be lots of sharing of chapter experiences. Register your chapter to attend this event! Come and
learn. Come and interact with other chapter leaders in your area. Captioning will be provided.
        Five leaders from each chapter may attend. If you are not a chapter officer, but would
like to attend, please contact your chapter officers to see if there is space for you.
Southern California
Saturday, Sept. 17, 2005
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Weingart Senior Center, 5220 Oliva Ave., Lakewood, CA 90712
Deadline for chapter registration: Sept. 1, 2005
Contact: Carol Waechter,
Optional: We will plan to gather for dinner afterward, for those who can stay.
Northern California
Saturday, October 29, 2005
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Deaf Community Center, 1550 San Leandro Blvd., San Leandro, CA 94577
Deadline for chapter registration: Oct. 14, 2005
Contact: Marilyn Finn,
Optional: We will plan to gather for dinner afterward, for those who can stay.


 Chapter Name: ______________________ Email contact for chapter*:________________
 Southern CA on Sept. 17, 2005 ___   or         Northern CA on Oct. 29, 2005 ___
 1) _______________________________, office ___________________________

 2) _______________________________, office ___________________________

 3) _______________________________, office ___________________________

 4) _______________________________, office ___________________________

 5) _______________________________, office ___________________________
 Send completed registration to:
 South: Carol Waechter, 3621 Toland Ave., Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2255
 North: Marilyn Finn, 101 Lafayette Circle, Apt. 1, Lafayette, CA 94549
 *Registration confirmation, directions, etc. will be sent to your chapter email contact listed above.
 The SHHH Californian                                                                                     Page 9, Summer 2005

            IS SHHH PRO OR ANTI                                              WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE
             SIGN LANGUAGE ??                                                 Hard of Hearing OR Deaf
                                                                    By Grace W. Tiessen
By Dr. Terry Portis, Executive Director, SHHH
                                                                    Language/words describe our world. It is important to de-
         Once again, I have found myself in a conference
                                                                    scribe our world accurately.
  where a speaker suggested that more people learn American
  Sign Language (ASL) so we can support "deaf and hard of
                                                                             The International Federation of Hard of Hearing Peo-
  hearing people."
                                                                      ple, with members in 29 countries, and the World Federation
         Before I respond to this, let me say that the SHHH
                                                                      of the Deaf have agreed on the following terminology. They
  philosophy has always been "what works for you." If you
                                                                      will recognize the terms “hard of hearing” or “deaf”, but
  want to learn ASL to supplement your communication
                                                                      not “hearing impaired”.
  skills, go ahead. If it would do you no good, because you
                                                                           "Hard of hearing" means: all people who have a hear-
  don't even know anyone that uses sign, then that is OK too.
                                                                    ing loss and whose usual means of communication is by
         Most of our members rely on hearing technology and
                                                                    speech. It includes those who have become totally deaf after
  visual clues such as speech reading (or lip reading) to help
                                                                    acquisition of speech.
  them communicate. The last membership survey for SHHH
                                                                           "Hearing impaired" is a term which covers hard of
  showed fewer than 3% of our members know ASL.
                                                                    hearing and deaf individuals under a single category. However,
         That said, we need to be very clear that most of the
                                                                    hard of hearing and deaf persons in most countries reject this
  "deaf and hard of hearing" people in this country are             definition because it fails to differentiate between these two
  not users of sign language. The most generous study I can         social categories.
  find projects that 500,000 people are ASL users. That is out
                                                                           The joint declaration recognizes and respects the right of
  of 28 million people who are "deaf and hard of hearing."
                                                                    individuals with hearing losses ranging from mild to severe to
  Some studies suggest a more accurate figure would be
                                                                    regard themselves as either "hard of hearing" or "deaf" and
  100,000 people.
                                                                    both organizations agreed to use the terms "hard of hearing" or
         In spite of this, how much of the state and federal dol-
                                                                    "deaf" only in their official terminologies. See www.ifhoh.
  lar is used to support the communication choice of the vast
  majority of people whose lives are impacted by hearing
  loss? While it is difficult to come up with exact numbers, I
                                                                           This newsletter now uses the terminology, “hard of hear-
  would suggest that state and federal funding for support-         ing or deaf”. We are putting ourselves first, representing the
  ing hearing loss is exactly opposite of where it should be.
                                                                    same level of occurrence as in the population at large.
  The statistics of the hard of hearing are used to justify                Hard of hearing and deaf people represent different
  funding that then usually never gets to them.                     populations. Hard of hearing people are not “deaf lite” or “less
         Sometimes we avoid saying what I have just said, be-
                                                                    deaf”. The solutions for Deaf people are not the same ones that
  cause we don't want to cause a rift in "the deaf and hard of
                                                                    work for hard of hearing people. The Deaf have a culture of
  hearing community." We do not want to get into the Deaf,
                                                                    their own, and are referred to as the “deaf or Deaf community”.
  deaf, hard of hearing, person with hearing loss, etc. debate.
                                                                    They possess the characteristics of a true community, with a
  However, it is time that advocates for people who are hard
                                                                    shared language (sign) and a social identity. Hard of hearing
  of hearing start to make some noise about serious funding
                                                                    people are those who choose to live in the mainstream hearing
  inequities that are found throughout the country.                 world, and don’t have a community or culture of their own.
  Some questions you might want to ask in your state:
                                                                    They are more dispersed, and aren’t as unified in their social
     • How much does your state deaf and hard of hearing            connections.
          service provider spend for ASL services versus
          CART services for example?
     • How much is spent providing technologies for hard                                   NEW BABY - SHHH-LA
          of hearing people by your vocational services
          agency?                                                                              CHAPTER
     • Will your local court system provide an ASL inter-                                     Valerie Stern, president of the
          preter for a deaf person? Then, will they provide                             SHHH-LA chapter, and husband Willy,
          CART for a hard of hearing person?                                            proudly present their newest addition to
     • Does your state fund video relay (so people can see                              the SHHH family, Aidan Nicole Stern.
          an interpreter)? Then, do they also provide an equal                          The production was nine months in the
          level of funding for CAPTEL phones?                                           making, and opening night has come with
I think these questions will help us begin to bring to light                            great reviews!! We're all thrilled at the
some of the inequities that exist.                                  news and couldn't be happier for Val, Willy and little Aidan.
                                                                    She attended her first SHHH meeting March 27, 2005, when
                                                                    she was exactly one month old.
Page 10, Summer 2005   The SHHH Californian
 The SHHH Californian                                                  Page 11,Summer 2005

      Deadline September 15, 2005
       The SHHH-CA Nominations Committee announces appli-
cations will be accepted to fill three Board of Trustees positions.
An applicant must be a member of SHHH and a resident of Cali-
fornia. The term of office is three years with two Board meetings
a year in February and August. Reasonable travel expenses will
be reimbursed.
       Applications may be obtained online at,
click on Board of Trustees. Or from Carol Waechter, SHHH-CA
Secretary, 3621 Toland Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA 90720-2255,
phone 562-598-3850, Completed ap-
plications must be postmarked no later than September 15, 2005.

          Medicare Expands Coverage
       As of April 7, 2005, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
Services (CMS) will expand coverage of cochlear implant de-
vices (CIs).
       Previously, Medicare covered CIs for beneficiaries with
open-set sentence recognition test scores of 30 percent correct or
       Under today's decision, Medicare will cover CIs in benefi-
ciaries who have test scores of 40 percent or less correct, and test
scores over 40 percent up to 60 percent if they are participating
in a clinical trial of cochlear implantation that meets certain re-

             More Captioning
      SHHH-CA has become one of a coalition of supporters for
AB 181, introduced by California State Assembly Member Bob
Huff (R-Diamond Bar). This bill would enact the Legislative
Captioning Act of 2005, which would provide that the rules
committee of the respective house shall provide closed-
captioned and live-captioned broadcasts of the floor sessions and
committee hearings of the Senate and Assembly.

      Because deaf and hard of hearing people use the Internet
and email extensively, they need to put a clause into their Will
and Living Trust documents, giving the Executor and Trustee
full Power of Attorney over their email accounts and Internet
websites, blogs, etc.

           Melike—Your Webmaster
      Meet Melike Bitlis Bush, the cheerful webmaster of our
State website She was chosen "Person of the
Week" by a local Santa Barbara website.
      Melike helps make my life easy by updating our website
with a 24-hour turnaround. She's fast, accurate and fun to work
with. See a photo of Melike at
Page 12, Summer 2005   The SHHH Californian
The SHHH Californian                                                                                Page 13, Summer 2005

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA                       Sacramento Chapter                          Orange County Chapter –Orange
Northern CA Chapter Coordinator           Jim Ray,                   Mary Clark,
Cindy Jagger,          8665 Florin Rd #89, Sacramento, 95828       1713 Harvest Lane, Brea, CA 92821
1213 Pheasant Dr, Suisun City, CA         *82-916-383-3777                            714-529-0218
707-422-3753 V/CRS
                                          Tri-Valley Chapter –Pleasanton              Redlands Area Chapter-Redlands
                                          Hiram Van Blarigan, 925-455-6591            Jim Koski,
Diablo Valley Chapter-Walnut Creek        716 Katrina, Livermore, CA 94550            18711 Tereticornis Ave,
Jim Montgomery                                                                        Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
                                                                                                951-674-5901 V
925-684-2731 V/TTY/Fax
                                          SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                         Riverside Chapter
                                          Southern CA Chapter Coordinator             Rick Terrazano
East Bay Chapter -Oakland                 Barbara Tucker,          951-684-4139
Peter Townsend,        P.O. Box 761,Beaumont, CA 92223
549 Bonnie Dr, El Cerrito, CA 94530       951-849-9315 V
                                                                                      San Fernando Valley Chapter –Encino
510-524-7964 V
                                                                                      Phil Kaplan,
Dorothy Brookover,                        Burbank Chapter                             19262 Pebble Beach Pl,                         Leo Maggio,               Northridge, CA 91326
                                          23410 Kittridge, West Hills, CA 91307       818-368-1303
                                          818-340-1503 V/TTY/Fax
Fresno Chapter
Susan Coulter                                                        Santa Barbara Chapter
5340 No. Fresno St., Fresno, CA 93710     Escondido Chapter                           Dorothy Holland-Kaupp,
599-225-3323 V 559-225-0116 Fax           Dorothy Wormser,
                                          851 Concerto Glen, Escondido, CA 92025      5140 San Lorenzo Dr, Santa Barbara, CA
                                          760-747-3813 V 760-737-9149 Fax             805-967-5241
North Bay Chapter -Napa
Bern Klein,             Hi-Desert Chapter –Victorville              Santa Monica Chapter
3200 MacLeod St. Napa, CA 94558           Kathy Bates-Polster,                        Nanci Linke-Ellis
707-226-9832 V                                 
                                          760-243-1209 V/TTY                          310-452-8700

Peninsula Chapter -Redwood City                                                       SHHH-LA Chapter –Pasadena
Raegene Castle,    Inland Empire Chapter –Beaumont
                                                                                      Valerie Stern,
827 Mohican Way, Redwood City, CA 94062   Sandi Streeter
650-369-4717                              P O. Box 483, Beaumont, CA 92223
Marjorie Heymans, 650-593-6760 V          951- 845-5174 TTY or Relay
                                                     SHHH-4-Lunch Chapter –Encino
1505 Ralston Ave. Belmont, CA 94002                                                   Diane Gross,
                                                                                      15455 Glenoaks Blvd. #355, Sylmar CA
                                          Irvine Groves Chapter –Irvine               818-367-8360 V, 818-367-2062 TTY
San Francisco Chapter                     Lorraine Fanizza,
Ronda Bonati,               5200 Irvine Blvd., #308, Irvine, CA 92620
935 Diamond Street,                                                                   CIAI CHAPTERS
                                          714-669-0401 V/TTY/FAX
San Francisco, CA 94114                                                               Los Angeles CIAI chapter
415-705-0550 V                                                                        Diane Rott,
                                          Leisure World /Laguna Woods Chapter         451 E. Rowland #29, Covina, CA 91744
Marilyn Finn,            Woodley Butler,         626-331-7547
                                          2248-A Via Mariposa East,
                                          Laguna Woods, CA 92653-2179                 Orange County CIAI Chapter –Orange
San Jose Chapter
                                          949-859-4088 V 949-699-2931 Fax             Jack A Belt,
Bruce McClelland                                                                      1225 N. Harvest Walk Dr. Valinda, CA
                                          Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter                 626-934--0127
                                          Louise Allen,
                                          3033 Chatwin Ave.Long Beach, CA 90808       San Diego CIAI Chapter
SHHHasta Chapter -Redding                 562-429-7099 V                              Jacqueline Harding,
Sharon Hunter                                      
530-242-1574                              Mission Viejo Chapter                       4283 Rueda Drive, San Diego, CA 92124
Marion Peterson,           Pril Worcester Kirkeby                      858-569-6301
P.O.Box 864, Anderson, CA 96007 
530-365-0790 V                            28091 Via Pedrell, Mission Viejo, CA
                                          949-855-6786 V                              Where/when do these chapters meet?
  Page 14, Summer 2005                                                                                       The SHHH Californian


Desks are volunteers with expertise in sub-
jects that interest hard of hearing people.   Education: Hard of Hearing Children              Telecommunications Access for Deaf
They will answer your questions, give ad-       Grace Tiessen                                  and Disabled Administrative Committee
vice or just lend an ear, depending on your     and                    (TADDAC)
specific needs.                                 Helen Walter                                     Philip Kaplan Chair
                                                909-849-6713 V                         
Advocacy/Access and Accommodation for                              19262 Pebble Beach Place
Hard of Hearing People                          4325 Mockingbird Lane, Banning 92220             Northridge, Ca 90326
  Phil Kaplan                                                                                    818-368-1303                          Health Care Access and Advocacy
                                                Margaret Azcona                                California Relay Service (CRSAC)
Assistive Listening Devices                     510-531-SHHH V FAX                               Cecilia Hartley 925-672-3421 V
  Eric Wormser                                             
  760-747-3813,                                                                PO Box 600, Clayton CA 94517
                                                                                                 Valerie Stern (Late Deafened)
  PO Box 301307, Escondido 92030              Hearing Aids, Assistive Listening Devices
Audiology Issues/ Ethics/Training                 Ellen Baker,                   310-479-9144
 Kenneth I. Billheimer, AuD                       805-522-2159 V
  925-484-3507 V;              2719 Bitternut Circle,                       Equipment Program (EPAC)
  4460 Black Ave. #C, Pleasanton 94566            Simi Valley, CA 93065                          Karen Street 510-526-1950 V
Cochlear Implants                                                                                1721 Rose Street, Berkeley CA 94703
  Cindy Jagger (Northern CA)
                                              Lip Reading
  707-422-3753                                    Barbara Bishop                                                                           Work Related Issues: Getting and Keep-
                                                  510-601-9828 V, TTY                          ing a Job When Hard of Hearing
  1213 Pheasant Drive, Suisun City 94585
          and                                                                                    Robyn Tenensap
                                                  33 Linda Ave. #2502,
                                                                                                 310-641-3214 TTY; 310-417-8326 FAX
  Darlene Fragale (Southern CA)                   Piedmont, CA 94611                   
  909-882-4680 V                                  And                                            California Dept of Rehabilitation                         Felice Kolda, CCC-AU                           8929 S. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. 300
  2063 Mimosa Ct.                                 626-585-8766, Pasadena & LA                    Los Angeles 90045
  San Bernardino, CA 92404                        310-828-4389, Santa Monica
                                                  949-499-2740, Mission Viejo                  Youths with Hearing Loss
 Combined Hearing and Vision Loss
  Cathy Kirscher                                                                                 T. Jordan Goulder, Ph.D.
  c/o Helen Keller National Center            Infant Hearing Screening                           858-623-2777 x408 V; 858-552-1998
  6160 Cornerstone Ct. E, San Diego 92121         Grace Tiessen                                  TTY
  858-623-2777 x 389 V
                                                                                                 6160 Cornerstone Ct. E, San Diego 92121
  858-646-0784 TTY; 858-642-0266 Fax
                                              LILS-Locations with Installed Listening               and
                                                 Systems (customized lists available for $3)     Nick Nichols
 Coping and Adjustments to Hearing               Richard Panzer                                  760-745-4577 V
                                                 707-257-1718 TTY, V, Fax
 Carren J. Stika, Ph.D.                                                                          819 E. 5th Ave., Escondido 92025
 858-623-2777 x386 V;                            1315 Loma Vista Dr., Napa 94558-
 858-554-1540 TTY                                9443                                           To find an SHHH group near you or                                                                           To start a new SHHH group
 6160 Cornerstone Ct. E, San Diego 92121
                                              Dogs for the Deaf                                  Cindy Jagger
 and                                            Anne Hills
 Laine Waggoner, M.A., M.S.                                                                      Barbara Tucker
                                                440 Meadowview Dr.
 173 Club Circle Drive, Palm Springs CA         La Canada, CA 91011                              See page 13 for address/phone
 760-324-4150 V                                 818-790-5056TTY                        818-790-5416Fax
Real Time Captioning at College               SHHH California                                  We welcome your suggestions or comments
   Colette Noble,       Sandi Streeter, President                      about the Desks Program. Please contact:
   2151Oakland Road, Spc 254                    951-845-5174TTY                                   Barbara Bishop
   San Jose, CA 95131                                               510-601-9828 V, TTY
                                                PO Box 483,Beaumont, CA 92223                     33 Linda Ave. #2502,
                                                                                                  Piedmont, CA 94611
 The SHHH Californian                                                                                         Page 15, Summer 2005

                                                      250 NEW SHHH MEMBERS IN 2005
                                                          Our new statewide project
                                        Remember how happy and amazed you were when you first found SHHH. Give the gift
                                  of a FREE six month’s membership in SHHH to others. Our primary target is new hearing
                                  aid purchasers who have never before heard of SHHH. You are encouraged to enlist the
                                  help of your local audiologists to find new members. Audiologists come in contact with peo-
Board of Trustees                 ple who need our organization and its benefits every day
Sandi Streeter, President
Inland Empire Chapter
951-845-5174 TTY or Relay
                                     JOIN SHHH: Only $25 for an individual/couple/family                    How do I know if I am a member of SHHH? You are a member if you receive the
                                  bi-monthly Hearing Loss Journal.      You can sign up online at our secure site, www.
Jim Montgomery,          Or make a check payable to SHHH and mail to SHHH, 7910 Woodmont
Vice President (CI)
Diablo Valley Chapter             Ave., Suite 1200, Bethesda, MD 20814.
925-684-2731 V/TTY/Fax
                                         RENEW/SUBSCRIBE to your Newsletter, only $7
Carol Waechter, Secretary
Long Beach/Lakewood Chapter             Please make your check payable to SHHH-CA and mail to Grace Tiessen, 714 Prospect
562-598-3850                      Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103.

Gene Cox, Treasurer (CI)                                  SUCCESS - EASY OUTREACH
CIAI-LA Chapter
                                                             Audiologists/Teachers                                           reach out to your HOH clients
Marilyn Finn                            This is an easy way to spread the word about SHHH, to reach out to hard of hearing
San Francisco Chapter             people looking for support and information.
925-284-2847                            The following have ordered bulk copies of The SHHH Californian.
                                    • Colette Noble, Client Advocate at NorCal, Sacramento (15copies)
                                    • Laine Waggoner, Hearing loss Education and Relationships, Palm Springs (30copies)
Grace Tiessen, Past President
San Fernando Valley Chapter         • Bruce McClelland, San Jose SHHH Chapter (20 copies)
626-796-0034 Voice/Fax
                                     Bulk copies of The SHHH Californian for distribution.
Jayna Altman                             If you would like to receive bulk copies of the State newsletter to distribute in hospitals,
San Diego Youth Chapter           audiologists’ offices, senior centers etc., please email by July 20, 2005
858-503-0201                to let her know how many copies of the Fall 2005 issue you could profitably use.

Delia Itanen
Orange County Chapter                 SHHH-California publishes The SHHH Californian quarterly in mid February, May,
714-964-6212                      August and November
                                  Demographics. Our database consists of 3400 records--1250 California SHHH members;
Ann Rooney                        1330 California audiologists; 100 CA Department of Rehabilitation Hard of Hearing or Deaf
Peninsula Chapter
650-343-0114                      Counselors; 120 Itinerant Teachers of the hoh or Deaf; 30 Office of Deaf Access regional/                outreach centers, 50 members of CIAI (Cochlear Implant Assn International), 20 members of
                                  ALDA (Association of Late Deafened Adults), 45 Costco Hearing Aid Centers, 20 HEARx
Cindy Jagger, ex officio (CI)
No. CA Chapter Coordinator
                                  Hearing Aid Centers, 30 Kaiser Permanente audiologists and others interested in hearing loss
707-422-3753 Voice                issues.
                                  Editor: Grace W. Tiessen,
Barbara Tucker, ex officio (CI)   Layout: Raymond Blue,
So. CA Chapter Coordinator
PO Box 761, Beaumont, CA                Contributions are eligible for income tax deductions as provided in Section 501 (c) (3) of
951-849-9315 Voice                the Internal Revenue Service Code.
                                       Mention of goods or services in articles or advertisements does not imply endorsement,
Steve Noroian, ex officio         nor does exclusion suggest disapproval.
National Board of Trustees
925-938-7235 Fax                        Any portion this newsletter may be reprinted or disseminated, as long as credit is given                 to the individual author or to this publication.
                                       Submissions for the Summer 2005 issue are due no later than July 15, 2005 and should be sent to
                          Inclusion and/or editing will be at the full discretion of the Editor.
    Grace W. Tiessen
    714 Prospect Blvd,
    Pasadena, CA 91103

Address Service Requested

                    Supporting SHHH Chapters throughout California.
        Who We Are
Self Help for Hard of Hearing People,
Inc. is an international, non-sectarian,
educational, consumer organization of
hard of hearing people, their relatives
and friends. It is devoted to the wel-                Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc.
fare and interests of those who cannot     is the largest consumer organization of hard of hearing people in the United States.
hear well but are committed to partici-
pating in the hearing world.
                                                                 Our Mission Statement:
SHHH NATIONAL                                       To open the world of communication to people with hearing loss
7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 1200                      by providing information, education, support and advocacy.
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
301-657-2248 V 301-657-2249 TTY
301-913-9413 FAX                                   Watch your websites for the latest news.                                       SHHH-National:                                        SHHH-California:
                                              Webmasters: Grace W.Tiessen & MBBDesign,
SHHH-CA, California State Associa-
tion of Self Help for Hard of Hearing
People, is affiliated with the national
organization headquartered in Be-
thesda, MD. Both are non-profit and
tax-exempt. Anyone residing in Cali-
fornia who has joined our national
organization is a member of SHHH-

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