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					Mercy Hospital Foundation Report to the Community

      E x c e p t i o n a l Medicine. Extraordinary Care.

Foundation Staff
Julie Johnston
Michelle Marks
Administrative Assistant to the President
Becky Kriz
Development Assistant
                              Making a Difference

Every donor has assisted                                    extraordinary care — especially through its nurses.
Mercy in providing life-                                    The Foundation now supports two nursing recognition
saving care, life-changing                                  awards: the Ruth Becker Award for Outstanding
care, education and                                         Nursing Care and the Legacy Award.
comfort to those we
                                                            In a fitting tribute to Dr. George S. Anderson, a
serve. We are proud to
                                                            new award was founded in 2005 to recognize an
present this Report to
                                                            exceptional staff member who, though not a nurse,
the Community that
                                                            supports nurses in the care of patients. With the
includes our 2005 Honor
                                                            founding of the Dr. George S. Anderson Friend of
Roll of Contributors.
                                                            Nursing Award, we lovingly honor Dr. Anderson for
In this report, you will meet two of our donors who         the 34 years of compassionate care he provided to
are generations apart but united in their desire to         patients at Mercy.
help Mercy. Margaret Fox, a vigorous 93, and Kailin
                                                            Foundation staff members are here to assist you in
Lust, 7, are giving to Mercy in their own way and
                                                            learning more about giving opportunities at Mercy.
according to their own passions.
                                                            You can make a tremendous difference in the lives
Dr. John Van Rybroek, Mercy’s clinical pathologist for      that follow by remembering Mercy in your estate
the past 17 years, will tell you about a truly incredible   plans. Please let us know if you have included Mercy
advancement in blood banking technology. You will           in your will so that we may direct your gift in a way
learn about the life-saving impact of balloon pumps in      that is personally meaningful.
the Intensive Care Unit – where every second counts.
                                                            Thank you for your confidence in Mercy and for your
These are just two examples of the many technological       support of our work.
advances in health care that can only be described as
astounding. It takes real commitment and investment
to continually provide the advantages of state-of-the-
art technology. The Foundation, through our donors,
is helping Mercy make this possible with a gift pledge
                                                            Doug Ruppert
of $575,000 this fiscal year.
                                                            Mercy Hospital Foundation
In addition to investing in technology, the Foundation      Board of Directors
is assisting Mercy in investing in our people. Through
Nursing Education Grants for our staff and Health
Career Scholarships for high school students, we are
investing in the caregivers of tomorrow.                    Julie Johnston
Building on the legacy established by the                   Mercy Hospital Foundation
founding Sisters of Mercy 132 years ago, Mercy
Iowa City continues to provide exceptional medicine and
            Our Mission, Vision & Values
Mission:                                                     Values:
The Mercy Hospital Foundation was incorporated in 1969       • Respect: Treat each donor with dignity, honoring his
as a separate not-for-profit corporation to raise private      or her wishes for acknowledgement.
support for Mercy Iowa City’s facilities and programs. Its
                                                             • Excellence: Vigorously and ethically seek outside
sole mission, in conjunction with Mercy Iowa City and
                                                               resources to support the mission of the hospital.
the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, is to:
                                                             • Compassion: Show empathy and care for the specific
• Generate financial support for Mercy Iowa City’s
                                                               stewardship wishes of our donors.
  primary and specialized health care services
                                                             • Stewardship: Direct donations and investment
• To manage, invest and disburse all funds efficiently
                                                               income responsibly.
  and with regard to donor intentions
                                                             • Collaboration: Work with staff, volunteers, donors,
                                                               and other organizations for the good of those
                                                               we serve and the greater community.
• To maximize private contributions for the ongoing
  and future needs of Mercy Iowa City and the
  communities it serves
                       A Commitment to Serve
                       that Spans Generations
Margaret Fox                                                At the suggestion of the Foundation, the scholarship
                                                            has already been awarded to its first recipient, Sue
Margaret Fox is truly a member of the “greatest
                                                            Szczech, a 13-year Mercy employee who is currently
generation.” Now 93, this Coralville resident’s legacy
                                                            pursuing her BSN degree. Maggie was thrilled to see
of service started with the inauguration of her
                                                            it awarded in her lifetime.
career in 1935. For the next half-century, Maggie,
as she’s fondly known by friends and colleagues,            Kailin Lust
dedicated her life to science and education, receiving
her undergraduate degree from the University of             Though Iowa City resident Kailin Lust is 86 years
Wisconsin at Madison and her Ph.D. in Physical              Maggie’s junior, her sense of giving is just as mature.
Education from the University of Iowa, where she            After watching an episode of Oprah with her mother
taught as a professor for 32 years.                         three years ago, Kailin embarked on a mission to
                                                            raise money for various charitable causes. Since
Over her long career, Maggie has enjoyed many               then, any time she receives money for her birthday
accomplishments, including her involvement with a           or Christmas, she immediately asks her mother if she
landmark study commissioned by the U.S. Army, which         can donate it to charity. She even does extra chores
involved the design of improved footwear for soldiers.      around the house simply so she can earn extra
                                                            money for charity.
Upon her retirement in 1980, Maggie began
volunteering at Mercy Iowa City, because, as she            After a recent brief stay at Mercy Hospital to have
puts it, “It’s a truly caring institution.” Over the next   her tonsils and adenoids removed, Kailin decided
25 years, she volunteered for just about everything         to focus her generosity on the Mercy Foundation.
at the hospital, including running the elevator             She was so impressed with the care she received at
for a time. When asked why she volunteers, she              the hospital, she decided to break open her piggy
answers simply, “I enjoy it very much.” So much so,         bank and donate the contents – almost $100 – to the
it seems, she continues to this day, volunteering at        Mercy’s children’s ward. (She was very specific about
Mercy twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays,              this.) She even insisted that she return to Mercy to
beginning bright and early at 6:20 a.m. To date,            visit the nurses who cared for her during her short stay.
Maggie has amassed a staggering 7,000 hours of
volunteer service at the hospital.                          While her mother, Laurie, says she would love to
                                                            be able to take credit for Kailin’s generosity, she
Though she has been a longtime donor to the Mercy           admits that it “just sort of happened.” And it shows
Foundation through her generous annual gifts, Maggie        no sign of slowing, either. In fact, Kailin is currently
recently decided to will a portion of her estate to the     operating a lemonade stand to raise money for
Foundation in the form of the newly created Margaret        colon and prostate cancer research, having lost both
G. Fox Ph.D. Educational Scholarship.                       grandfathers to these terrible diseases. In addition,
While there are some who feel volunteerism
is a relic of a bygone, better era, Maggie Fox
(right) and Kailin Lust have proven that it is
in fact alive and well.

  she cut off 11 inches of her hair and donated it to    so that Mercy Hospital can offer its patients the
  Locks of Love, a charity that provides hairpieces      best care. And while there are some who feel such
  to disadvantaged children suffering from the effects   volunteerism is a relic of a bygone, better era, Maggie
  of chemotherapy.                                       Fox and Kailin Lust are two individuals, generations
                                                         apart, whose actions have proven that it is in fact
  Though undoubtedly special, Kailin and Maggie          alive and well – from the greatest generation to the
  are thankfully not unique. The Mercy Foundation        latest generation.
  relies on many individuals who give generously
Mercy Foundation's generous help in bringing automated
blood typing equipment to Dr. Van Rybroek's lab will represent
a much-needed advancement in blood banking technology.
Left to right: Gary Johnson, Rene Lindberg and Dr. John Van Rybroek
     Mercy Foundation to Help Purchase
     Automated Blood Typing Equipment
To John Van Rybroek, MD, Mercy’s clinical pathologist      attention of the technician – meaning he or she
for the past 17 years, the Mercy Foundation’s generous     cannot conduct other tests or do other work while
help in bringing automated blood typing equipment          the typing is underway. This means the lab is often
to his lab will represent a much-needed advancement        working at or beyond its maximum capacity.
in blood banking technology that will be the only one
                                                                       Enter automated blood typing, such as
of its kind in Johnson County.
                                                                       the Ortho Provue system. With this
Blood typing is a critical step in the                                 method, the technician simply deposits
diagnosis and treatment of a patient. It is                            multiple samples into the device (up to
especially important in blood transfusions                             48, in the case of the Provue), and an
and organ transplants, because a patient                               accurate result is achieved in about half
can undergo a severe, sometimes life-                                  the time required for manual typing.
threatening, reaction if he or she receives
                                                                        Automated typing of this nature reduces
incorrectly matched blood or an organ of
                                                                        the number of defect opportunities to a
the wrong blood type.
                                                                        scant four – a 95% decrease over the old
Manual blood typing is a labor-intensive,                               manual method and an 88% decrease
time-consuming process that requires                                    over the gel method currently used by the
a technician to spend up to 45 minutes                                  lab. Additionally, the system’s automated
concentrating on a single blood sample.                                 nature means a technician can conduct
During this painstaking process, there are up to           other work while the typing is underway, greatly
88 chances for a mistake to be made. Labels are            improving the lab’s efficiency. And, of course, the
handwritten and patient information is entered into        ability to type multiple samples at once means the
the computer manually.                                     lab can greatly increase its throughput.

Currently, Mercy Hospital employs a more modern            The final decision as to which automated system
method of blood typing known as “manual gel                Mercy will purchase will be made this summer, with
typing.” This approach reduces the number of defect        installation and training occurring sometime in the fall.
opportunities from 88 to around 36, which, though          Once deployed, Mercy will be one of only a handful of
an improvement over manual typing, still contains          Iowa hospitals using this leading-edge technology.
the possibility of error. (It should be noted that Mercy
                                                           Though Mercy’s patients will probably never notice
Iowa City’s lab has a 100% accuracy rate, despite this
                                                           the change, to Dr. Van Rybroek, the system will mean
– a testament to the skill of its employees.)
                                                           a quantum leap in the operating efficiency of his lab,
Not only does manual typing require a great deal of        and he is grateful to the Mercy Foundation for its
human intervention, it also requires the unbroken          generosity in bringing this project to fruition.
             Heartbeat to Heartbeat:
          New Pump Assists ICU Patients
As Nurse Manager of Mercy’s Critical Care Services,                       According to Kim Meyerhoff, the ICU’s former Nurse
Bunny Morrison, R.N., is responsible for the hospital’s                   Manager responsible for ordering the machines,
Intensive Care Unit, Telemetry and Cardiac Rehab.                         the new balloon pumps allow Mercy ICU nurses to
Recently, her job has been made a little easier                           focus more on their patients. She explains, “The
with the purchase of two                                                                               old machines had to be
brand-new, top-of-the-                                                                                 adjusted manually every
line Intra-Aortic Balloon                                                                              time the patient’s heart
Pumps, which have                                                                                      rate changed. With the
replaced older, outdated                                                                               new machines’ vastly
models.                                                                                                improved software, they
                                                                                                       adjust automatically from
The machines, made                                                                                     heartbeat to heartbeat.”
by     the    Datascope                                                                                She continues, “This
Corporation, assist a                                                                                  means, because the
patient’s heart with its                                                                               patient may be getting
pumping activities when                                                                                a few more CCs of blood
it is too weak to pump                                                                                 to his or her heart, more
efficiently on its own                                                                                 oxygen is reaching the
– typically after a heart
                                Left to right: Anna McComas, Cameron Kiersch, Jeremy Ovington and      organ, reducing the
attack or while recovering
                                Valerie Mattison                                                       chance of permanent
after heart surgery.                                                                                 tissue damage.” Morrison
A tiny cylindrical balloon                                                                           also likes the fact that the
is placed into the patient’s aorta (the largest artery                    new machines can be fully automatic, yet they allow
in the body, which begins just above the heart) via                       the caregiver – whether a nurse or a doctor – to make
the femoral artery near the groin. This can be done                       manual changes as needed. “It’s like having the best
under a local anesthetic or under general anesthesia                      of both worlds,” she enthuses.
during heart surgery. Once in place, the balloon
pump opens and closes in response to the heart’s                          As is the case with all high-tech medical equipment,
contractions. After the heart contracts, the balloon                      the new machines are costly. So Morrison, Meyerhoff
rapidly opens up and propels oxygen-rich blood                            and the ICU nurses are understandably grateful for
back toward the coronary arteries. Just before the                        the generosity of the Mercy Foundation – without
heart’s next contraction, the balloon rapidly deflates,                   which, according to Meyerhoff, “It simply wouldn’t
lowering the pressure in the aorta.                                       have been possible.”
With the new Intra-Aortic Balloon Pumps' vastly improved
software, they adjust automatically from heartbeat to
heartbeat. This allows more oxygen to reach the organ,
and reduces the chance of permanent tissue damage.
                    Health Career Scholarships
Health Career Scholarship Recipients: 2005

Lindsey Allen                        Lone Tree High School            Nursing-University of Iowa

Carly DuCharme                         Regina High School      Physical Therapy-University of Wisconsin

Courtney Flynn                       Mid Prairie High School         Pharmacy-University of Iowa

McKenzie Leichty                    Williamsburg High School             Nursing-Mt. Mercy

Paige Possehl-Kack                     Lisbon High School              Nursing-Clarke College

Laura Smith                             West High School                 Nursing-Marquette

Bryan Zobeck                            West High School                   Pharmacy-Drake

Health Career Scholarship Recipients: 2004

Amanda Abbott                        Lone Tree High School               Nursing-Mt. Mercy

Kelly Blind                            Solon High School            Pharmacy-University of Iowa

Sarah Brogan                            West High School         Physical Therapy-University of Iowa

Jennifer Claeys                         West High School            Med Tech-University of Iowa

Sarah Hansen                                 SHAC                         Nursing-Kirkwood

Moriah Lind                            Regina High School           Pharmacy-University of Iowa

Kristina Marson                         City High School             Nursing-University of Iowa

Anne Rittenmeyer                       Regina High School                 Nursing-Kirkwood

Danyl Spivey                           Clear Creek Amana                 Nursing-Mt. Mercy

Lilly Swenka                           Clear Creek Amana                  Nursing-Kirkwood

Health Career Scholarship Recipients: 2003

Jennifer Ambrisco                      Regina High School           Pharmacy-University of Iowa

Kelsey Deeds                            City High School                 Nursing-Mt. Mercy

Kari Drees                              West High School             Nursing-University of Iowa

Kristy Eckermann                       Clear Creek Amana                  Nursing Kirkwood

Matt Haas                               West High School                  Pharmacy-Drake

Elizabeth Peterson                      West High School             Nursing-University of Iowa

Chelsea Ramey                          Clear Creek Amana                 Nursing-Mt. Mercy

Andrew Varney                        Lone Tree High School                 Nursing-Luther
              Nursing Education Endowment
                 Fund Grant Recipients
Spring 2005                                           Position                         Department

Angie Dean                                           Unit Clerk                     Intensive Care Unit

Christy Mogensen                                Monitor Technician                       Telemetry

Lisa Lorack                                     Nursing Technician                       4 Center

Penny Beuter                                            LPN                              4 Center

Virginia Combs                                 RN/MDS Coordinator                Skilled Nursing Facility

Alisha Smith                                        Filing Clerk                      Mercy Services

Chad Reschly                                            LPN                      Skilled Nursing Facility

Jonie Novotny                                    Unit Coordinator                         4 North

Jessica Hruby                                       Secretary II                 Cancer Care of Iowa City

Fall 2005                                             Position                         Department

Lisa Lorack                                     Nursing Technician                       4 Center

Virginia Combs                                 RN/MDS Coordinator                Skilled Nursing Facility

Alisha Smith                                        Filing Clerk                      Mercy Services

Cara Davis                                         Phlebotomist                         Laboratory

Susan Szczech                             Diabetes Education Coordinator           Diabetes Education

Lobeye Cress                                        Staff Nurse                          3 Center

Suzanne Parsons                                     Staff Nurse                          4 Center

                        Staff Excellence Awards
Each year, Mercy nurses, nominated         2005 Recipients                 New this year, a support staff member
and selected by hospital staff, are        Ruth Becker Award               is honored with a special tribute and
honored with special tributes and cash     for Outstanding Nursing Care:   cash gift in recognition of valued
gifts in recognition of outstanding and    Kathy Schueler                  service to nursing.
compassionate nursing care.
                                           Nursing Legacy Award:           The Dr. George S. Anderson
                                           Carol Swartzendruber            Friend of Nursing Award:
                                                                           Dora Stoolman
                                               Ways of Giving
Giving is personal, and behind each generous        are among the deferred giving options that the     Nursing Grant Education Fund
contribution is a reason as unique as the           Mercy Hospital Foundation would be happy to        Semi-annual grants are awarded to Mercy
donor. The Mercy Hospital Foundation, Mercy         discuss with you. For more information, please     nursing staff members for their continued
Iowa City’s preferred channel for private           check the appropriate box on the enclosed          education. The Nursing Education Fund is
gifts, offers a variety of ways to contribute       envelope or contact the Foundation office at       a permanently endowed fund. Each year the
to Mercy’s programs and services. One of            any time.                                          investment income, along with supplemental
these programs can fit your personal financial                                                         funds from the Foundation, provides support
plan while benefiting tomorrow’s patients           Honorary or Memorial Gifts                         for nursing staff to enrich or complete their
and their families, medical staff and hospital      An honorary or memorial gift is a thoughtful       nursing education.
employees.                                          and meaningful way to recognize the
                                                    accomplishments of a colleague, friend or          To Make Your Gift
Ways you can support Mercy Iowa City:               relative. The Foundation notifies the honoree      To contribute to Mercy Iowa City, please send
                                                    or next-of-kin that you have made a gift and       your gift, payable to Mercy Hospital Foundation,
Cash Gift                                           the person being honored or memorialized is        with your completed contribution form in the
The simplest method of providing support for        recognized in the Foundation’s annual Honor        enclosed business return envelope.
Mercy through the Mercy Hospital Foundation         Roll of Contributors.
is a cash gift – whether a personal check, credit                                                      Thank you!
card authorization, money order or bank draft       Matching Gifts                                     If you would like more information about
made payable to Mercy Hospital Foundation.          Many contributors multiply their support           including Mercy Iowa City in your giving plans,
Checks are deposited promptly when received.        to Mercy Hospital Foundation each year by          please contact:
                                                    making use of their employer's matching gift
Annual Support                                      programs. Mercy is grateful to these companies     Julie Johnston
We appreciate the individual and corporate          and foundations for their generosity. We urge      President
supporters of Mercy who donate to the Annual        you to ask if your employer offers such a          Mercy Hospital Foundation
Fund Campaign each year. Annual support             program. Please see your employer’s human          500 East Market Street
at every level is crucial to maintaining the        resources director for the necessary form to       Iowa City, Iowa 52245
quality of our programs and services. If you        send with your gift.                               Telephone: 319-339-3657
wish, you may set up a pledge to give monthly,                                                         Fax: 319-358-2624
quarterly or annually. We would be happy to         Endowment Fund                                     E-mail:
send you a reminder in any month you specify.       A permanent endowment fund was created to
Please indicate accordingly on the enclosed         ensure that future generations of patients and     Or please visit the Mercy Hospital Foundation
contribution form.                                  their families would receive personalized, high-   link on the Mercy Iowa City Web site at:
                                                    quality health care. Each year the investment
Planned and Major Gifts                             income generated by the endowment is
Long-range estate and financial planning            earmarked for special capital projects at Mercy.
allow you to make a substantial contribution        The principal of the endowment is permanently
to Mercy Iowa City while benefiting your            invested, and additional gifts may be added at
personal financial plans. Bequests, gifts of life   any time.
insurance, trusts and appreciated securities

                                           McAuley Society
McAuley Society donors have made known              Haywood Belle and Sarah Wallace
their intention to leave Mercy a gift through       Don and Phyllis Canfield
                                                    Lillia M. Dean
their estate. This allows the Foundation staff      Clifford and Emily Iona Dodds
to direct future gifts to beneficiaries that are    Margaret G. Fox
meaningful to the donor. If you are considering     Marvin D. Hartwig
                                                    Marguerite C. Kuebrich
leaving an estate gift or a planned gift to         Ailene Liechty
the Foundation, please let us know so that          Gertrude L. Meisky
we may also direct your gift. To learn more
about planned giving, visit our Web site at
                                                    Kathryn Moon
                                                    Miriam Ramey                                               I O W A
                                                    Robert C. Randall                                          “Make a difference in the lives that follow” or Leave a Legacy at          Christian E. Schrock, M.D.                            Mary and Roger A. Simpson, M.D.
                                                    Kathryn Wallace and Peter D. Wallace, M.D.
                                                    Sandra Williams
                                           2005 Honor Roll
All gifts made to Mercy Iowa City through the    David and Norma Carlson                         James G. Baumann, M.D.
Foundation are greatly appreciated and help      Robert and Liz Carlson                          Lloyd and Ruth Baumgartner
                                                 John and Tami Ceurvorst                         Gerry and Roseanne Beard
fulfill its mission to heal and comfort the      Virginia and W. Bryan Clemons, D.D.S.           Kevin L. Bebout
sick. We appreciate the commitment of all        Carl and Helen Dallmeyer                        Martha Beckman
who made gifts in support of Mercy programs      Economy Advertising Company                     Robert and Carolyn Beelner
                                                 Marita McGurk Eicher and Charles Eicher, M.D.   Elizabeth A. Beltz
and services during the 2005 calendar year.      Scott Fisher and Patricia Cone-Fisher           Agnes Benda
Contributions are recognized at the level of     Fraternal Order of Eagles Iowa City #695        Anita D. Bender
their cumulative giving for the year.            Beatrice A. Furner                              Mark and Jill Bentley
                                                 M. Joann Grolmus                                Dale and Mary Gail Bentz
                                                 Garry and Susann Hamdorf                        Jim and Bev Berg
$2,500+                                          David and Wyonna Hartwig                        Harlan and Diane Berger
Edward and Mary Louise Buchanan                  Russell and Audrey Haught                       Virginia Berger
John Crawford                                    Robert J. Hegeman, M.D. and                     Betty Bergman and Richard Miller
Don and Rita Erusha                                 Rebecca L. Hegeman, M.D.                     Tim Bernemann
Richard and Ann Feddersen                        Juanita Hering                                  Charles and Heidi Berns
Focus Technologies, Inc.                         Steve and Kathy Hirl                            Glorine F. Berry
Hills Bank & Trust Company                       Rev. Canon Robert Holzhammer                    LaVerne A. Berry
Estate of Godfrey F. Jindrich                    Hospers & Brother Printers                      James and Mary Berry
Mercy Hospital Guild                             Arie and Toni Kroeze                            Terrance Bertelli
Oaknoll Retirement Residence                     Sister Theresa Kruml                            Terry and Chris Best
Scios Inc.                                       Greg and Sue Kuntz                              Angela Bevans
Carol Twedt and Chet Rzonca                      Michael J. Lensing                              Celia Bingham
Kathryn and Peter D. Wallace, M.D.               Kathleen and Philip McLaughlin, M.D.            Samir E. Bishara, D.D.S.
Estate of Sandra Williams                        Mike and Michelle Messier                       Florence A. Black
                                                 Lee and Mary Noel                               Yvonne Lance Black
$1,000 - $2,499                                  Kathy Rawlings                                  Ann Blind
Les and Cathy Abrams                             Bill and Dotty Robinson                         Russell and Sheila Bloomer
Kathryn B. Anderson                              Dottie and Christian Schrock, M.D.              William Blough
Anonymous                                        Patricia Truitt                                 Raymond and Joan Boeding
Sam and Ruth Becker                              Jean and John Van Rybroek, M.D.                 Zilphy H. Bohlin
Merrilee and Robert Beckman, M.D.                James M. Ward                                   Christina Bohnenkamp
William Bernau                                   William and Marjorie Watts                      William and Karen Boileau
Gene and Ann Brawner                             Mike and Kim Westcott                           Patricia Boland
Mary Ann Britt                                   Ann Wieland                                     George and Loretta Bortz
Eileen Dore                                      Earl and Edna Yoder                             David and Jane Bourgeois
Estate of Albert F. and Ruby Droll                                                               Terry and Beverly Bowman
Carla and Michael Durkee, M.D.                   Up to $499                                      Lois M. Bowns
Richard Ferguson                                 Paul and Janet Abbas                            Terry and Linda Bowton
Florence Glasgow                                 Deb Abbott                                      Diane Boyken
Todd and Sue Gordon                              Mark and Mary Jo Abbott                         Roxanne and Thomas Boysen, M.D.
Anne Hargrave                                    Thomas and Norma Abbott                         Kevin and Lisa Braddock
Nancy Heerens-Knudson                            Rick and Angie Adrian                           Bernie Brandenburg
George and Jeanne Hein                           Sarah Adyniec                                   The Family of Tim and Pat Brandt
Mike and Gail Hensch                             Melvin and Rita Ahlberg                         Tim and Pat Brandt
Julie Johnston and Don Walter, D.V.M.            Cherlyn Ahrens                                  A. Kent Braverman
Marcia K. Kirkpatrick                            Todd Ajax, M.D.                                 David Braverman Foundation
Sister Mary Josephus Lamansky, RSM               Al-Anon Sunday Night Book Study                 Betty L. Bream
Estate of Marjorie F. Laubscher                  Ron and Linda Alberhasky                        Joan Rourke Breatz
Mike and Cindy Lebsack                           Kevin and Sandy Alberhasky                      Richard and Estyl Breazeale
Phil and Joyce Leff                              Darold and Marilyn Albright                     Arlene A. Brenneman
Chuck A. McComas and Jean Huss                   Cora C. Alderman                                Dave Brenneman
John and Gayle McGillicuddy                      Dorothy M. Allen                                Russell M. Brooks
Bob and JoAnn Miller                             Alliant Energy Foundation                       Donald Brown
Richard and Joyce Oberman                        Altrusa Club of Iowa City                       Henry and Marion Brown
Ronald R. and Helen Ann Reed                     Dorothy Ambrose                                 Paul and Jane Brown
Rohrbach Associates, P.C.                        American Legion Auxiliary #509                  Katherine K. Brown
Dan and Debbie Sabers                            Ambrosya F. Amlong                              Marian Brown
Dennis Sly                                       Mary Anderlik                                   Mark Brown
Estate of Kay Sly                                Steve and Jennifer Anderson                     Eugene and Dorothy Brugman
Margaret Smollen, M.D.                           Judith Arent                                    Patricia Rossmann and Charles Buck, M.D.
John and Sally Staley                            David and Leslie Arieux                         Charles and Barbara Buckley
Surveillance Data, Inc.                          Connie Armbruster                               James and Evelyn Buol
Hamed H. Tewfik, M.D. and Ferial Tewfik, M.D.    Kim and Terry Armstrong                         Lee and Eloise Burch
The Clinical Microbiology Institute              Allen and Mary Arnold                           William and Celia Burger
University of Iowa Accounts Payable and Travel   Augustine Fellowship                            Marilyn Burich
US Bank                                          Elsa Bain                                       Anne Burke
Michael and Susan Weisert                        Bill and Bonnie Ball                            Jan and C. Patrick Burns, M.D.
West Bank                                        Steven and Jennifer Ballard                     Thomas W. Burns
                                                 John and Penny Balmer                           Rich and Sheila Burr
$500 - $999                                      Wayne and Noralee Balmer                        Rosetta N. Burr
Ann Barber Doyle                                 Bernard and Lois Barber                         Freda Bush
Stanley and Corinne Barber                       Shirley Barkalow                                Patricia G. Buswell
Bruce and Katie Beasley                          Edwin and Ethel Barker                          Gordon and Kathleen Butler
Steve and Jean Berge                             Helen Barry                                     Joan Buxton
Bob and Judy Boyd                                Jacqueline Barta                                Anna Margaret Byers
Richard and Phyllis Braverman                    Mary Bartels                                    Willis and Linda Bywater
William and Helen Byington                       Martha and John Bauer, D.D.S.                   Evelyn D. Calef
                                     2005 Honor Roll
Joni Callen                       Danna L. Donohoe                 Jeanette A. Fulton                     Tom and Lori Harden
Teresa R. Cambridge               Patrick and Jackie Donovan       Dennis Fulwider                        Dave and Pat Harris
Gretchen Campbell                 Mary Jean Donovan                Dan and Kathy Gable                    Arla M. Haught
Dan Campion                       Roland and Darlene Donovan       Philip J. Gaeta, Sr.                   Bruce and Dianne Haught
Michael and Barbara Canary        Sharon Dooley                    Gerald and Marilyn Gaffey              Glenn and Doris Havel
Don and Phyllis Canfield          Geraldine Downes                 Tom and Patty Gahan                    Clarence and Dorothy Haverkamp
Mary Carey                        John and Frances Doyle           Sister Laurus Gannon, RSM              Hawkeye Food Systems
Burl and Eleanor Carlton          Bessie Z. Drahos                 Dwight Gardner                         Merry Jayne Haworth, M.D.
Pete and Stephany Carrillo        Charleen B. Draker               Carolyn and James Gardner, M.D.        Jim Hayslett
Charles Carroll, M.D.             James and Mary Ann Dreibelbeis   Michael and Kayleen Gardner            Sandra Heaton
Don and Peg Carstensen            Margaret Ann Driscoll            Ann and Kirk Garmager, M.D.            Marlys A. Hebl
Colleen Casper                    Nancy S. Droll                   Gregg and Kelly Garvin                 Maynard G. Hebl
Cosmo and Jo Catalano             Robert W. Droll                  Pat Gauron                             Dale and Diana Helling
Jonathan and LeeAnn Chalupa       Phil and Mary Duane              Paul A. Gause                          Morris H. Helm
Dawn Chapman                      Genevieve Dudley                 Charles and Dorothy Gay                Arlis Helmuth
Dan and Jan Chelf                 Bonnie B. Dull                   Anne Wallace and William Gay, D.V.M.   Jane E. Henderson
Julie R. Chown                    Dan and Lynn M. Dull             Del and Judy Gehrke                    Kathleen Henderson
Betty L. Christensen              Mark R. Dull                     Dick and Jane Gent                     Howard and Jo Hensch
Mike and Judy Cilek               Jeanne E. Dunagan                Dave and Leann Gerard                  Mary Ann Herdliska
Stephen and Sandra Cilek          Virginia Dunbar                  Jean Gerlits                           Leah Herring
Thomas and Mary Cilek             Thomas and Deborah Dunn          Kenneth and Virginia Gibson            Ron and Diane Hertel
Pat Claeys                        Fred and Sue Durian              Betty Gifford                          Jacquelyn M. Hess
Thomas and Renee Clancy           Bob and Mary Duwa                Deb and Tom Gill, D.D.S.               Anne and Charles Hesse, M.D.
Charlie and Jane Clarahan         Jamie A. Duwa                    Bill and Judy Gilliam                  Deb Hibbs
Chris and Kristine Clark          Tim and Nancy Dwight             Bill and Joan Gilpin                   Vivian Hickman
Kathleen L. Clark                 B.J. Dykstra                     Cindy Gingerich                        Jerry and Jo Ann Hilgenberg
Jon William Coffey                Jeff and Carol Ebinger           Sharon Ginty                           John and Dawn Hills
Ray and Barbara Coffman           Rick and Celia Eckermann         Lois Gochenour                         William and Jean Hines
Coldwell Banker Real Estate       John and Dawn Eckrich            Cherrie J. Goetsch                     Linda Hingst
   Professionals                  Bob and Janet Edmonds            Harold and Barbara Goff                David and Sharon Hintze
Linda Cole                        Bob and Mary Ellen Edwards       Patricia Goldman                       Nancy K. Hipple
Bill and Judy Condon              Charles L. Eggert                Jan Goldsmith                          Virginia H. Hirst
Betty Conklin                     Leanne Eggert                    Wayne and Margaret Goode               Linda K. Hobart
Steve and Mary Conklin            William and Kay Eginton          Doug and Marge Goodfellow              Dick and Twila Hobbs
Sally Conley                      Clifford and Irene Eimen         Annette Goodheart                      Gary and Pauline Hobby
Michael and Denice Connell        Jo Eland                         Patrick and Kimberly Gordon            Hodge Construction Company
Shelby S. Connor                  Emil and Juanita Elick           Sue Gough                              Philip and Marilyn Holland
Dixie Conrad                      Alyce K. Elliott                 Polly Gould                            Doris A. Holmes
Steve and Connie Cook             Chalmers and Barbara Elliott     Kimberly Grady                         Ann Holton
Nathan R. Coppock                 Maggie Elliott                   John and Virginia Grady                Jay and Nancy Honohan
Dennis and Jeanette Corpman       Estate of Edith Ennis            Mark and Brenda Green                  Tom and Lou Rae Hoogerwerf
Corporate Express                 Herbert and Madeline Espensen    Rebecca A. Green                       William and Karen Horner
Donna K. Crawford                 Bernadine A. Fairchild           Jean A. Greenwood                      Douglas and Julie Horras
Alverda K. Creamer                William C. Farmer                Reese and Joanne Greer                 Darlene Hoskinson
Marian C. Cretzmeyer              Farmers Savings Bank             Angela Greiner                         Marvin and Carolyn Hotz
Michael and Shirley Crew          Charles and Margaret Felling     Catherine Greiner                      Shirley A. Hotz
Ada M. Crow                       Donald and Frances Fett          Joan Grenko                            Joan Houghton
John and Carol Crowley            Linda Fink                       Mark and Lisa Grenko                   Thomas and Mary Hoyer
Joe and Janet Curry               Verla Finke                      Philip and Susan Gresh                 Jan and Kenn Hubel, M.D.
Thomas and Margaret Curry         Alice M. Finnegan                Gretchen Gresslin                      Dan and Nancy Hudson
Chirstine A. Curtis               Laurine M. Fischer               Barb and Don Griswold                  Madlyn Hudson
Dwayne Dahnke                     Bradley and Sally Fisher         Caroline Gross                         Dale Hughes
George and Marjorie Dane          Imogene Fisher                   Keith and Judy Grothe                  Marlene J. Humble
Robert and Sue Dane               Wayne and Jerilyn Fisher         Gary and Marlene Grout                 Lisa and Timothy Hunter, M.D.
Else D'Angelo                     Vern Fisher                      Cordy A. Guenther                      Dick and Judy Hupfeld
Oluf and Penny Davidsen           Donna V. Fitzgerald              Jody Gunn                              Pam and Charles Huss, M.D.
Jim and Barb Davis                Kevin M. Fitzgerald              David Gustafson and Laura Hanson       Mark and Chris Huston
Marc and Rita Davis               Dr. Luke J. Flaherty             Mindy M. Gustoff                       Hy-Vee Food Store
Terry and Donna Davis             Sally Flanagan                   Kenneth and Cynthia Hahn               Dorothy I. Ingalls
Dorothy A. Dayton                 Perry Fletcher                   Ron Hall                               Iowa City Area Association of
Diane De Geeter                   Kathy Fobian                     Ted and Barb Halm                         Realtors
Debtors' Anonymous                Elsie Foerstner                  Nicole M. Haman                        Iowa State Bank & Trust Company
Eunice DeFrance                   Megan Foley Nicpon               Mark and Marsha Hamer                  Edward J. Ipsen
John J. DeFrance                  Dorothy Forbes                   Richard and Lori Hanna                 John F. Isaacs
Ralph and Jeanette Delozier       Juanita Forbes                   Daniel and Lin Hannes                  Paul and Shirley Jacobs
Ellen Demeulenaere                Danny Ford                       Bryce and Lynn Hansen                  Paula B. Jacoby
Jim and Marilyn Dennis            Paul and Donna Ford              Clyde and Rhonda Hansen                James and Jane Jakobsen
Maxine M. Denson                  David and Dorina Forkenbrock     Karen E. Hansen                        Jane Jansen
Bill and Terri Dervrich           Ellyn and Ernest Found, M.D.     Arnold B. Hanson, Jr.                  Richard B. Javes and Ruth Baldwin
Dwain and Ruth Detweiler          Margaret G. Fox, Ph.D.           Betty Hanson                           Kimberly J. Jeffers
Robert and Diane DeWitt           Roger A. Fox                     Dan and Kathy Hanson                   Marion Jeffries
Terry and Jo Dickens              Don and Jane Frantz              Don and Pat Hanson                     Lois M. Jenn
Rosa W. Dicker                    Wayne and Patty Frantz           Jill Hanson                            James and Mary Ellen Jensen
Shirley Dickinson                 Robert and Shirley Frauenholtz   Kevin Hanson and Marianne Whittle      Mary L. Jensen
Joan Dinnel                       James and Sandy Freeman          Eldon and Marilyn Hanson               Patricia I. Jensen
Charles and Frances Disselhorst   Gen E. Freeseman                 Marilyn A. Hanson                      John's Grocery, Inc.
Phyllis J. Doggett                Charles and Barbara Freyermuth   Nathan A. Hanson                       Brandon and Shalla Johnson
Kevin G. Doherty                  Michael and Denise Fritz         Scott Hanson and Lisa Smith            Johnson County Pharmacy
Eleanor M. Doling                 Susan M. Fry                     Mary Pat Hanson-Karstens                  Association
                                    2005 Honor Roll
Johnson County Pork Council      Doug and Denise Lange                 William and Wanda Martinez        Al and Audrey Murphy
Gary and Vanita Johnson          Elaine Langenberg                     Betty J. Marx                     John Murphy
Royce and Peg Johnson            Kay Langenberg                        Mark and Marti Marz               Laura E. Murphy
Barbara Jones                    Bruce and Jan Lanik                   Bill and Rosemary Maske           Judy Murray
Phyllis B. Jones                 Lois and Chris Lantz, M.D.            Frances M. Masterson              Frances D. Musser
Daushen Ju                       Hester A. Larew                       George and Mary Lou Matheson      Gladys Musser
Susan and Frank Judisch, M.D.    Richard and Louise Larew              Carroll Y. Matthews               Kenneth and Tammy Musser
Jeris and Jane Kaalberg          Loyce Larsen                          Ron and Pat Matthews              Ray and Linda Muston
Kenneth D. Kabela                Marilyn Laschke                       Kathy and John Maxwell, D.D.S.    Michael and Joyce Myer
Kevin Kacena                     Judith P. Lauer                       Peggy McAtee                      Alman and Ann Myers
Richard and Kimberly Kacena      Ethel Law                             Mary C. McCarthy                  Janet A. Myers
Velma M. Kadera                  Barbara Lechner                       Maryjane McCleary                 Shirley J. Myers
Becky Kaefring                   Lori Leggins                          Barbara D. McCormick              Joe Naughton
Ray and Joy Kaefring             Jan Grenko Lehman                     William and Diann McCoy           John and Nola Naughton
Jessi Karr                       Barbara A. Lehmann                    Petronilla F. McDermott           Jenny Navarre
Glenn and Pat Kasper             Lenoch & Cilek                        John and Linda McDonald           NCS Pearson
Sharon K. Keeler                 Patricia J. Lenoch                    Michael and Molly McDowell        Marilyn J. Neely
Anita Keifer                     John and Sophia Lenoch                Linda McGarity                    Carl A. Nelson & Co.
Stan and Linda Keiser            Phyllis V. Lenschow                   Jerry and Pamela McGaw            Thomas and Kathryn Nereim
Rachel J. Kelley                 Bette Lensing                         Terry and Darlene McGregor        Neumann Monson, PC
Kellock Investment Inc.          Lensing Funeral &                     MCI                               Minnie Neuzil
Lois Kelly                          Cremation Services                 Marian McLaughlin                 New Pioneer Cooperative Society
Martin and Maryann Kelly         Vicki Lensing and Rich Templeton      Michael and Kelley McLaughlin     F. Jack and Miriam Newman
Betty L. Kemp                    Bill Lentner and Fran Carlson         Thomas and Mary McMurray          Nina Nicola
Gertrude R. Kemp                 Bob and Phyliss Lentfer               Bruce and Patty McNichol          Ruth Nielsen
Steven and Mary Beth Kemp        Mike and Rita Lentz                   Mary McNutt                       Joe and Paula Niemann
Linda M. Kempf                   John and Janice Lenz                  Jim and Sarah Meehan              Mary C. Noel
Dave and Bernie Kennedy          Mary Lenz                             Bill Meissner                     Duane and Mildred Nollsch
Michael and Michelle Kennedy     Pamela Lenz                           Sylvia Mejia and Joseph Fowler    Roger Norfolk
Mrs. Richard Kern                John and Nancy LePeau                 Julie E. Mellecker                Joyce Nost
Eleanor S. Kerr                  Joseph W. Less                        Mercy Human Resources Staff       Martin and Jonie Novotny
John and Patricia Kerr           Betty J. Letts                        Mercy PACU Nurses                 Ginger and Arthur Nowak, D.D.S.
Ken and Karen Kesselring         Harry and Carol Lewis                 Merit Electric Ltd.               Mike and Deb Nunemaker
Bob and Sherry Kesselring        Howard and Dorothy Lewis              Michael D. Metzler, M.D. and      Judy and David Nyren, D.V.M.
Laurence J. Kessler              Rose Mary Lewis                          Jacqueline Kraus, M.D.         David Oakland
Mike and Gwen Kessler            Liberty Livewires 4-H Club            Sharon L. Metzler                 Betty O'Brien
Kathy Kick                       Ernest and Jean Lieurance             Kim Meyerhoff                     Ed and Jane O'Brien
Inez Kimm                        Jerry and Joyce Lillard               Vincent and Helen Meyers          John and Stephanie O'Conner
Rosemary Kinney                  Leon Lintz                            Robert and Barbara Mickelson      Leroy O'Conner
Betty C. Kirchner                Patricia J. Lipski                    Cheryl Milder                     James and Mary Joan O'Connor
Robert D. Kirkpatrick            Robert Payne and Marta Little, M.D.   Dessel P. Miller                  Virginia C. O'Donnell
Faye S. Kiser                    Carol Litton                          Dean and Dorothy Miller           Lawrence and Joan Oehler
Charles and Mildred Klasson      Garth and Mary Livingston             Hazel Miller                      Theresa M. Oehmke
Cletus and Marcella Klein        Neal N. Llewellyn, M.D.               Henrietta B. Miller               Robert and Rosemary Oldis
Edmund F. Klein                  Richard and Pam Loan                  Kristine Miller                   Betty J. O'Leary
Hank Klein                       Charles and Rose LoBianco             Maria Miller                      Chuck and Jean Ollendick
Mary Klein                       Dennis and Leysa Logan                Marjorie Miller                   Larry M. Olson
Tim and Anne Klein               Betty Logel                           Rebecca Miller                    Marilyn L. Olson
Warren Knarr                     Margaret Loghry                       Roeene H. Miller                  William O'Malley
Lucille Knebel                   Shirley N. Loupee                     Steven and Brenda Miller          Jean O'Neill
Connie Knepp                     Gwen and James Lowe, D.V.M.           Andrew Mills                      Jean Orr
Dan and Julie Knight             Michael and Peg Lown                  Jared Mills                       Gary and Sandra Ortale
Jim and Jane Knopick             Don and Kay Lund                      Katy Mills                        Joyce E. Osborn
Mary D. Knowling                 Frank and Irma Lupini                 Kelly Mills and Ed Lane           Bill and Barbara Ostola
Jeffrey and Audrey Knox          Ralph and Dorothy Lydman              Michael Mills                     Emmet and Karleen O'Toole
Judy E. Koch                     Georgene Lynch                        Sid and Pam Mills                 Billy and Arlene Otto
Marvin Kolosiek                  Karen Lynch                           Terry L. Mills-Johnson            Mary Oxford
George and Carol Kondora         Shirley A. Lyvers                     Brian and Jennifer Mitchell       Ralph and Florence Paarmann
Regina Kopsieker                 Marsha Maatta                         Karen Mitchell                    Gary and Nancy Pacha
Thelma Kornegor                  Cindy MacGowan                        Mark and Sue Mitchell             Armond and Polly Pagliai
Alberta Kos                      Jean Machado                          Monica Maloney-Mitros and Frank   Pagliai's Pizza Palace Ltd.
Loretta Kral                     Neil and Lisa MacNaughton                Mitros, M.D.                   Bernice E. Parrott
Rita Krall                       Dolores Madden                        Gene Mohling                      Michael and Phyllis Patterson
Darla and Shane Kraske, M.D.     Donald and Barbara Mahanna            Jennifer Montgomery               Ed and Marilyn Pechous
Brad and Diana Kreiss            Austin Maier                          Doris M. Moore                    Pediatric Associates of Iowa City
Patty Krenz                      Bill and Denise Maier                 Kenneth and Judith Moore              & Coralville
Jean Kretzschmar                 John and Janice Maier                 Patricia Moore                    Marie E. Peeters
Becky Kriz                       Tommy Maier                           Javier R. Morales                 Marlin and Lisette Peiffer
Nolda M. Kroeze                  James M. Majusiak, M.D.               Ronald and Sandra Moreland        Beth Pelton
Glenn and Nancy Kuehl            Marie Malichky                        Marguerite Morey                  Vieva Pence
Kathy Lahmon                     Norb and Margaret Malik               Michael and Bunny Morrison        Richard A. Perkins, D.D.S.
Mary Margaret Lainson            Larry and Jean Manasmith              Heidi Morrison                    Pete and Jan Peterseim
Daniel and Kathryn Lammers       Mildred Manning                       Dennis and Denise Mougin          Richard and Gail Petersen
Edward and Patricia Lammers      David and Susan Manuel                Frank and Vivian Mougin           Joanne Peterson
George and Phyllis Lance         Michael and Joanne Margolin           Ed and Jean Mougin                William and Helen Phelan
Sister Mary Venarda Lance, RSM   John and Michelle Marks               Mary Ruth Mougin                  Earl and Jeanne Phillips
Bill and Lynette Lancial         Belinda Marner                        Leroy and Delores Mullinnix       Robert and Jean Phipps
Constance C. Lane                Marsh Advantage America               Gary J. Mullinnix                 Margaret A. Piere
Carolyn Lang                     Lottie Marshall                       Mary Ann Mullinnix                Frank Piersol
                                    2005 Honor Roll
Alice L. Pigeon                  Berneda G. Schnoebelen             Florence Stockman                   Jack and Nancy Walker
Sandra K. Pilkington             Kevin and Kathleen Schnoebelen     Jim and Sue Stockman                Marceil Walker
Andy Piro                        David and Jill Scholz, D.P.M.      Lisa Stone                          Ruth Walker
Henry and Grace Piro             Kiley E. Schultz                   Lori Stopko                         Wayne and Dixie Walker
Pleasant Valley Flower Shoppe    Paul and Julie Schultz             Gary and Judy Stover                Emily W. Walsh
Ann-Maureen Pliska               Donald and Sara Schumacher         Henry and Patricia Strathman        Brian D. Ward
Stan and Patricia Podhajsky      Dick Schwab and                    Jerry and Diane Strawn              Steven R. Warner
Beverly Poduska                     Katherine L. Burford            John G. Streif                      Nancee Waterbury
Ruth Potter                      Bill Scott                         Edna Strnad                         Larry and Jeanette Waters
Glenn W. Poulter                 Doris A. Scott                     Ray and Jan Strobbe                 Evan and Norma Watkinson
E. Rachel Powell                 Sally Anne Seabury                 Keith and Carol Stroyan             Joan E. Watson
Veronica G. Power                Alan and Kay Seagren               Carl and Janey Strub                Janice S. Wear
Clair A. Powers                  Ralph and Jane Seagren             Bill and Deanna Stuart              Lowell and Margaret Weaver
Nancy and William Powers, M.D.   Mary and James Searls, D.D.S.      Waunetta M. Stubbs                  Steve and Nancy Weber
Prairie Lights Books             Second Ward Relief Society         James and Jill Stutsman             Harold Weeber
Jim and Mary Pratt               Gordon and Vada Secrest            Paul C. Sueppel                     Shirley Wehner
Dean and Donna Price             Betty Sedlacek                     Rob and Stacy Sueppel               Skip and Pat Wells
Doug and Karen Price             Leslie J. Sedlacek                 Dolores A. Sullivan                 Ray and Marge Welsh
Mardine Price                    Dwight and Melinda Seegmiller      Michael and Tina Sullivan           Sister Nora Welter
Michelle Price                   Nancy L. Semotan                   Joan W. Summerwill                  Chuck and Chris Wendler
Janice and Ken Printen, M.D.     Jean A. Semsch                     Richard and Joyce Summerwill        Gary and Joni Werle
Joseph and Sherry Pugh           Rod and Stefanie Sersland          Sunday Night Mixed Bowling          Dan and Cheryl Werner
Helen Quigley                    John and Dorothy Sexton            Bob Svatos                          Steve and Jacque Wertz
Gayle Radel                      Julianne J. Sexton                 Terry L. Swafford                   Lillian Wessling
Bruce Rademacher                 Rosemary E. Sexton                 Margaret Swailes                    West Music Company, Inc.
Delores Randall                  Cassie Seydel                      Gerald G. Swails and Christine M.   Judy Westcott
Randy's Carpets & Interiors      Dale and Margaret Seydel              Taylor                           Mike and Kim Westcott
Shirley Ranshaw                  Pamela J. Seydel                   James R. Swaner                     Barry and Laura Westemeyer
Dottie Ray                       Karl and Sarah Shaeffer            Ruth A. Swaner                      Robert and Evelyn Whetstine
Dennis and Margaret Reese        Sandy Shaffer                      Sue Szczech                         J. Patrick and Betty White
Iona F. Reid                     Brian and Mary Beth Shapcott       Don and Colette Szeszycki           Judy White
Roger and Barbara Reilly         Kenneth and Ica Shaull             Barb Tandy                          James and Susan Whitsitt
Patricia Renschen                Colleen Shay and Jen Secrist       Chris Tanner                        James and Margaret Wick
Hazel Ressler                    Elizabeth A. Shay                  Richard and Eleanor Taylor          Pam Wick
Elaine E. Reynolds               Woodrow Shearer                    Peter Tearse                        Dan and Heidi Wide
John Reynolds                    Venita Shellady                    Amy Tedrow                          Joyce M. Wieder
Barbara D. Rhode                 Gary and Kathleen Shemanski        Edna M. Teets                       Julie Wiedner
Steven Rhodes                    Sara Sherlock                      Telephone Pioneers of America,      Mary J. Wiemann
John and Carol Ries              Cyrus and Bette Shockey               Three Rivers Council             Richard Wieneke
Barb Rife                        Lee and Linda Shope                Jan Temple                          Janet B. Wilcox, M.D.
Michael and Diane Riggan         Susie Siddell                      Sheila D. Temple                    Nancy Wilcox
Kathy J. Rinehart                Robert and Bonnie Sierk            Geraldine Tenold                    Vaughn Will
Clayton and Helen Ringgenberg    Donna M. Simpson                   Richard and Dorothy Theobald        Sandy Willey
Adrian and Ruth Rittenmeyer      Marge J. Simpson                   Victoria L. Thiede Knipper          Gordon and Patricia Williams
Rose Leta M. Rittenmeyer         Sally Simpson                      Genevieve J. Thompson               Joan Williams
Angela R. Robertson              Sisters of Mercy of the Americas   Laverne Thompson                    Jim and Pat Williams
Kent and Penny Robertson         Slaby Trust                        Barbara Timmerman                   Ed and Doris Wilson
John and Eileen Robinson         Helen Slaughter                    Jack and Dixie Todd                 Joyce Wilson
Irving and Rose Rockafellow      Roger and Suzann Slaughter         Helen Tompkins                      Gertrude Winebrenner
Cheryle Rodgers                  Scott and Dawn Slezak              Touched by the Light                Glen and Tonja Winekauf
Eileen Rogers                    Larry and Sheila Sly               Kathy Townsend                      Lois E. Wingate
Esther Rogers                    Connie R. Smith                    Linda K. Troyer                     Laurie J. Wirth
Mary E. Rogers                   David L. Smith                     Kimbra D. Truby                     Harry and Kathy Wolf
Dorothy Gla Rolig                M. Joan Smith                      Richard and Buffie Tucker           William and Jane Wolfe
John and Mary Kathryn Roth       Nick and Joyce Smith               John and Mary Turgasen              Carl and Betty Wolken
Lynn and Jane Rowat              Shirley Smith                      Mark and Jody Turkal                Richard and Linda Wolz
James and Ann Ruby               Kandy K. Snider                    University of Iowa Community        Don and Tootie Wood
Irene Ruhland                    Gary and Joan Snyder                  Credit Union                     Cheryl L. Woods
Paul M. Rummelhart and           Barbara Sondag                     US Foods                            Catherine Work
   Patricia A. Murray            Marcella Sovers                    Patricia Vagle                      Rich and Deb Wretman
Kim K. Ruth                      Virginia B. Spalding               William and Callie Valet            Trudy T. Wright
Bart and Alicia Ryan             Nancy Spalj                        Janet H. Van Allen                  Daniel and Debra Wyjack
Janice M. Salemink               Esther Spevacek                    Glenn D. Van Horn                   Ruth I. Yakle
The Salvation Army               Gary Spies                         David and Ruth Varney               Kathleen L. Yanausch
James and Jacqueline Sangster    D. C. Spriestersbach               Donald and Norma Vaughn             Cheryl Yeggy
Robert and Hutha Sayre           June Springer                      Sharon K. Vedder                    Hazel Yoder-Wenman
Dyna Lynn Scanlan                Jody Stacey                        Mary Beth Versgrove                 Steve and Mary Jo Yotty
Mary Eileen Scheetz              Harold A. Stagg                    Glen and Sally Vidnovic             Your Heart's Desire
Virginia M. Scheetz              Doug Stahl                         Esther B. Viksten                   Lois Zeman
Lois Schermerhorn                Paul and Mary Stahle               Dorothy Villhauer                   Shirley Zumwalt
Lance and Jeni Schiele           Marie Stahle Sears                 David and Celeste Vincent
Betty A. Schindler               Barb Stanerson                     Leo Vitosh
Russ and Cyndie Schmeiser        Alan and Sharon Stang              Rick and Nancy Voss
Ed and Sue Schmucker             Mary Steinocher                    Himie Voxman
Cleola Schneider                 Wanda Stevens                      Mary Jo Wade
Helen A. Schneider               Eloise L. Stewart                  Ron and Pat Wade
John C. Schneider                Donald and Sharon Stiff            Kathy Wagenknecht
Mary A. Schneider                Steve and Judy Stimmel             Diane M. Wahe
Robert and Irene Schneider       Michael and Debra Stockman         Ron and Mary Ann Waldschmidt
                                                    2005 Honor Roll
In June 2005 Mercy employee, Denise            Ellyn and Ernest Found, M.D.            John and Sophia Lenoch            Dennis and Margaret Reese
Maier, raised funds to honor her               Alice M. Finnegan                       Bill Lentner and Fran Carlson     John and Carol Ries
                                               Fraternal Order of Eagles               Bob and Phyliss Lentfer           Paul M. Rummelhart and
mother, Betty Hanson, a nurse at                   Iowa City #695                      Pamela Lenz                          Patricia A. Murray
Mercy for 36 years and to memorialize          Gerald and Marilyn Gaffey               Liberty Livewires 4-H Club        Bill Scott
her father, Bill Hanson, by running a          Dick and Jane Gent                      Carol Litton                      Colleen Shay and Jen Secrist
                                               Polly Gould                             Richard and Pam Loan              Dale and Margaret Seydel
marathon in San Diego, California.             Mark and Brenda Green                   Peggy McAtee                      Cyrus and Bette Shockey
The following donors contributed to            Mark and Lisa Grenko                    Linda McGarity                    Nick and Joyce Smith
this special effort:                           Keith and Judy Grothe                   Donald and Barbara Mahanna        Kandy K. Snider
                                               Daniel and Lin Hannes                   Austin Maier                      Gary Spies
                                               Karen E. Hansen                         Bill and Denise Maier             Jody Stacey
Thomas and Norma Abbott                        Arnold B. Hanson, Jr.                   John and Janice Maier             Steve and Judy Stimmel
Melvin and Rita Ahlberg                        Dan and Kathy Hanson                    Tommy Maier                       Michael and Debra Stockman
Alliant Energy Foundation                      Don and Pat Hanson                      James M. Majusiak, M.D.           Rob and Stacy Sueppel
Ambrosya F. Amlong                             Eldon and Marilyn Hanson                John and Michelle Marks           Jan Temple
Shirley Barkalow                               Jill Hanson                             Mark and Marti Marz               Kathy Townsend
James G. Baumann, M.D.                         Kevin Hanson and Marianne Whittle       Mercy Post Anesthesia Care Unit   John and Mary Turgasen
Mark and Jill Bentley                          Marilyn A. Hanson                          Nurses                         Rick and Nancy Voss
Jim and Bev Berg                               Mary Pat Hanson-Karstens                Andrew Mills                      Ron and Pat Wade
Betty Bergman and Richard Miller               Nathan A. Hanson                        Jared Mills                       Kathy and Peter Wallace, M.D.
Terrance Bertelli                              Scott Hanson and Lisa Smith             Katy Mills                        Ray and Marge Welsh
Russell and Sheila Bloomer                     Dave and Pat Harris                     Michael Mills                     Chuck and Chris Wendler
William Blough                                 Bruce and Dianne Haught                 Sid and Pam Mills                 Gary and Joni Werle
Lee and Eloise Burch                           Maynard G. Hebl                         Mark and Sue Mitchell             Steve and Jacque Wertz
Marilyn Burich                                 Mike and Gail Hensch                    Gene Mohling                      Barry and Laura Westemeyer
Dan and Jan Chelf                              Ron and Diane Hertel                    Javier R. Morales                 Judy White
Betty Conklin                                  Dale Hughes                             Dennis and Denise Mougin          Dan and Heidi Wide
Michael and Denice Connell                     Pam and Charles Huss, M.D.              John Murphy                       Julie Wiedner
Dwayne Dahnke                                  Johnson County Pork Council             Kenneth and Tammy Musser          Mary J. Wiemann
John J. DeFrance                               Julie Johnston and Don Walter, D.V.M.   Joe Naughton                      Ed and Doris Wilson
Jim and Marilyn Dennis                         Ray and Joy Kaefring                    John and Nola Naughton            Steve and Mary Jo Yotty
Mary Jean Donovan                              Cletus and Marcella Klein               Megan Foley Nicpon                Lois Zeman
Roland and Darlene Donovan                     Hank Klein                              Joe and Paula Niemann
Phil and Mary Duane                            Tim and Anne Klein                      Mike and Deb Nunemaker
Bonnie B. Dull                                 Loretta Kral                            James and Mary Joan O’Connor
Dan and Lynn M. Dull                           Brad and Diana Kreiss                   Joyce E. Osborn
Mark R. Dull                                   Becky Kriz                              Alice L. Pigeon
William C. Farmer                              Ed Lane and Kelly Mills                 Nancy and William Powers, M.D.

                                                      2005 Memorials
Eleanor Arent                       William H. Doyle               Cecil Shellady
Gysbert “Guy” Blommers              Edna Englert                   Mary Shupe
Mary Ann Bock                       Grace Fern                     Kay Sly
Marvin Brummel                      Betty Fisher                   Larry Smith
Louis F. Bulechek                   Dorothy G. Greazel             Edith Stagg
Ansel J. Chapman                    Elsie Jane Hawley              Edmund Truitt
Cathryn E. Christensen              Pat Isaacs                     Jolene Vance
Carrie Cilek                        Louane Newsome                 Jean Walter
Alma Cleven                         Kathleen Pugh                  Irene Wicks
Bernice “Bonnie” Coble              Lee J. Quigley                 Jeffrey Young
Betty Coolon                        Gerald “Jerry” Seiffert

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