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More Info Launches New Social Network for Film and Media Content Makers
with Eye Toward Providing Web and Mobile Distribution

filMixer announces the launch of a new social network for film and media
makers with an eye toward providing a web and mobile distribution
platform for independent filmmakers within the context of an integrated
social network.

Beverly Hills, CA, January 17, 2013 -- Launched this week as a free
service for members of the film and media content creating community,
filMixer offers its members a platform for engagement around visual and
creative content as well as a place for distribution of their work.
'Although there are many services and aggregators that offer distribution
for long and short form content on the web as well as mobile devices, our
service will provide our members a social context for exhibition of their
work within an industry peer network.', says Marco Santiago, founder of

Consumption of mobile content continues to accelerate with the continued
penetration of mobile devices, which is estimated to be around 1 billion
as of the 3rd quarter of 2012.1 At the same time, form factors continue
to push the screen size of these devices up, with smart phones now
pushing past 5 inches. 'These are encouraging trends from an independent
filmmaker's perspective because it does two things - it supports a
broader audience that is not encumbered by traditional distribution
barriers, while at the same time improves the viewing experience on a
platform that is increasingly the defecto means by which to view media.
You go to an airport and it's become increasingly obvious that many
people with their heads down are looking right into their smart phones
watching some sort of video while they wait around. It's become
ubiquitous', Marco continues.

filMixer provides a service that helps aggregate people around a common
interest that encourage professional and social interaction with tools
and features that are practical and engaging. These include upload and
viewing of picture and video, forums, featured and user generated groups
around specific areas of interest, blogging, event creation and
invitation with integration to outlook, chat, search, alerts, and
activity feeds. These and many more features help support and enrich the
user experience as a means of aggregating membership around independent

The forthcoming filMixer mobile app also features:
location check-in
ability to update status
push notifications
upload, share and view photos and videos
view blog postings from other members
post blogs
view and edit filMixer member profile
view latest activities from other filMixer members
send and receive messages to other filMixer members
view and create events
search for places nearby (maps and list view mode) - nightlife spots,
arts entertainment, food, schools, outdoors recreation, professional,
Shops and Services, lots of others, travel & transportation, listen to

About filMixer
The mission of filMixer is to bring together diverse film and media
content makers and creators in a fun and professional social environment
and to provide an advanced online and mobile media distribution platform
in which to engage the audience anytime - anyplace. Visit for
more information.

Contact Information:
Marco Santiago Jr., filMixer,,,

Marco Santiago
401 South Camdon Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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