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Wade Hampton Week - Greenville County School District



Volume 20, Issue 1, August 2012                                         A Publication of EHS PTSA

             Wade Hampton Week
                                September 1—7
   This year we are proud to support the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics
   (FAST) as we try to raise the most money and show our Eagle Spirit!!! FAST is an organiza-
   tion dedicated to finding treatments and a cure for Angelman Syndrome, a severe neuro-
   logical disorder which causes seizures, loss of mobility and speech in 1 in 15,000 live births.
   In addition to our numerous fun-filled school fundraising activities we will have 2 tourna-
   ments to enjoy—an Eagle Softball Tournament (Saturday, September 1) and an Eagle Golf
   Tournament (Tuesday, September 4)!
   To see a list of all the activities, pledge your support or learn more about our sponsored
   charity visit
                       Principal’s Message
                       Dear Eastside Students and Parents,                                             Mary Kay Rose
                       Welcome back for the 2012-2013 school year! I am excited                       Guidance Counselor
                       to get started, and look forward to seeing everyone. Wel-
                       come to the class of 2016 – you are now Eagles! There are
                       so many exciting events and activities for everyone to get      Dates To Remember
                       involved with, no matter what your interests. I hope you        August
                       take advantage of all that Eastside has to offer!               17    Senior Orientation: 10 am
                                                                                       17    Junior Orientation: 1 pm

                       Parents, I hope you get involved too. You can be a part of
                       the school through the PTSA, Athletic Boosters, Band Boost-     20    Sophomore Orientation: 10 am
                       ers, and Choral Boosters to name a few. Our parent volun-       20    Freshman & New Student
                       teers are incredible and help us in so many ways. Please              Orientation:
                       take the time to learn more about the volunteer opportuni-               Last Name A-K: 5 pm
                       ties available – you won’t regret it!                                    Last Name L-Z: 6 pm
                                                                                       22    First Day of School
                       School starts on Wednesday, August 22nd. First period be-
                                                                                       24    EHS vs. Riverside—7:30 pm
                       gins at 8:15 AM. Please, parents, help your children get to
                                                                                       27    EHS Open House– 6:30 pm
                       school on time! Students will receive their student hand-
                       book during orientation. This book is a guide for success for   September
                                                                                       3     NO SCHOOL/Labor Day Holiday
                       every student at Eastside. You will find our dress code, ID
                                                                                       1-7   Wade Hampton Week
                       policy, attendance policy, bell schedule, and lots of other
                       important information inside. Please familiarize yourself       24    Progress Reports
                       with the handbook, and students you should carry your           October
                       handbook in your book bag with you every day.                   18-19 NO SCHOOL/Teacher Workdays
                                                                                       23-25 High School Exit Exam
                       Students, I know it is going to be a great year! Our teach-
                                                                                       26    End of 1st Grading Period
                       ers, administrators, and staff are incredible and they are
                       dedicated to helping you succeed. You do your part, and         November
                       we’ll do ours. I’ll look forward to seeing you in the class-    21-23 Thanksgiving Break
                       room, the halls, and at extra curricular activities. And re-    December
                       member, it’s because of you, that it’s great to be an East-     20-1/1 Winter Break
                       side Eagle!
                       Sincerely,                                                          2012-13 ACT TEST DATES
                       Michael Thorne                                                  Registration Date     Test Date
                       Principal                                                       August 17             September 8
                                                                                       September 21          October 27
                                                                                       November 2            December 8
                              WELCOME NEW FACULTY MEMBERS!                             January 11            February 9
                                   Avleen Arora – Math                                 March 8               April 13
                                   Susan Barber – English                              May 3                 June 8
                                   Hannah Chillag – English
                                   Alice Coleman – Guidance                                 2012-13 SAT TEST DATES
                                   Denny Dennison – Science
                                   Ron Hendrix – Fine Arts                             Registration Date     Test Date
                                   Sarah Jacobs – Math                                 September 7           October 6
                                   Eric Peoples – Social Studies                       October 4             November 3
                                   Ray Steadman – Social Studies                       November 1            December 1
                                   Kim Sinclair – Special Education                    December 28           January 26
                                   Katherine Symmes – Business Education               February 8            March 9
                                   Ashley Youngblood – Fine Arts                       April 5               May 4
                                                                                       May 2                 June 1

                                                               PAGE 2
Eagle Notices

                                                DRESS CODE

                                                                                                                  EASTSIDE EAGLE WATCH
                                                                                                                  EASTSIDE EAGLE WATCH
                                                                                                                  EASTSIDE EAGLE WATCH
     All Students must comply with the Dress Code upon entering the building during school hours. If
     students are in violation of the Dress Code, they will need to correct the violation before they can
     enter the classrooms. Disciplinary action may be rendered for Dress Code violations.
     EHS Administration reserves the right to change or amend the following dress code as needed.
        Student dress and grooming must be neat and clean.
        At no time should a student’s midriff be visible while standing, sitting, or participating in nor-
          mal school activities such as raising hand in class.
        No undergarments should be visible at any time including but not limited to bra or camisole
          straps and sides, and boxer shorts. Clothing worn properly will not show undergarments.
        Clothing that inappropriately exposes body parts is not permitted (including but not limited to
          the following): Low cut shirts, tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, halter tops, vests with camisoles
          underneath, camisoles worn as shirts, see-through/mesh garments, and pants that droop be-
          low the waistline.
        Shoulder straps must be a minimum of three inches wide. No cleavage should be visible at any
          time. Males must wear shirts with sleeves.
        Trousers/pants/shorts/skirts must be worn at waist level. Pants may not drag the floor and
          underwear may not be visible.
        Skirts, dresses, and shorts should fit and be in good taste and appropriate for school. Skirts,
          dresses, and shorts may not be shorter than two inches above the top of the knee, even if
          spandex tights/leggings are worn under the skirt. Biker/compression shorts of any kind are not
        Hats, sunglasses, hair curlers, skullies, do-rags, bandanas, and sweat bands may not be worn.
          Hooded sweatshirts/hoodies may not be worn with the hood on your head while in the build-
        Shoes must be worn. Students may not go barefoot. House shoes/bedroom slippers are not
        Clothing or jewelry that displays profanity, suggestive phrases, alcohol, tobacco, drug adver-
          tisements or other inappropriate phrases or symbols is not permitted.
        Extraneous articles hanging from clothing such as chains are not permitted.
        Pants (including jeans) are not allowed to have holes or frayed spots above the knee. Holes in
          pants may not be patched with tape.
        Pajamas and pajama pants are not allowed.
        Facial piercing (other than the ears) must be a small, clear stud only.

                     2012-13 Pictures Dates                                    Senior Yearbook Ads
    Underclass portraits will be August 29.                             Senior ads for the yearbook are due
    Underclass make-ups will be October 10.                             by 9/14. A $25 late fee will be added
    Senior make-ups will be September 24 during lunch & after.          after the 14th. More information at

                                                           PAGE 3
  Co-Presidents       Letter from the President                      clusive benefits in other categories. Please
      Jane Lollis     Jane Lollis, PTSA Co-President                 use the enclosed PTSA Membership Form
   Michelle Matters   Michelle Matters, PTSA Co-President            to become a PTSA member.
  Vice President      Dear Eastside Family,                          Lastly, you can help Eastside every time
     Joy Joyner                                                      you visit Bi-Lo or Publix by using your part-
                      We hope you are enjoying the final weeks       ners’ card at checkout; a percentage of
    Secretary         of a wonderful summer break! There are         your purchase will be donated to Eastside.
    Hannah Brown      some days when our families wish it would
                                                                        The Bi-Lo Boosterplus program runs
  Co-Treasurers       last a little longer, and other days when we
                      are ready to get back to school and our             from August until May each year, so
    Bev Bresette
                      friends!                                            you must re-enroll your BONUSCARD
   Ann Robinson
                                                                          every year. Pre-printed link cards for
  Beautification      The PTSA is gearing up for a great year!            Eastside are available in the Front Of-
     Chris Kelly      There is much to be accomplished, and we            fice. The next time you shop at Bi-Lo
    Kathy Lenser      are looking for volunteers in all areas.            and use your BONSUSCARD, give the
                      Please take time to complete the PTSA Vol-          pre-printed link card, along with your
      Grants          unteer Opportunities Form found in this
    Bev Bresette                                                          Bonus Card to the cashier; the cashier
                      newsletter. If you are interested in serving        will link your Bonus Card to Eastside.
    Sandy Wilson      as a Committee Chairperson, some of the
Hospitality/Teacher   open committee positions include: Legisla-        Publix Partner cards are available in
   Appreciation       tive and Volunteer Coordinator. A list of           the Front Office. The Publix Partner
      Amy Duer        PTSA Committees can be found on the EHS             card is pre-linked to Eastside. If you
      Janice Fry      website/PTSA. Keep in mind that a “filled”          already have a Publix Partner card for
    Helen Kakouras    committee position does not mean that we            Eastside, you may still use it; there is
                      do not need your help or expertise. Paren-          no re-enrollment.
  HSAP Tutoring       tal involvement creates a successful East-
     Program          side! So if you see a committee that inter-    Enjoy the remaining days of summer! We
   Shawn Cipriano     ests you, please contact us.                   look forward to meeting, serving, and
    Legislative                                                      working with each of you this year! If you
                      We encourage you to become a PTSA              have any questions or concerns, please
       TBA            member. This year the National PTA is          contact us: Jane Lollis at 419-5291/
   Membership         able to partner with businesses and negoti- or Michelle Matters
    Amy Newman        ate special discounts, fundraising opportu-    at 630-3194/
    Laurie Thomas     nities, and other valuable benefits exclu-
                      sively for PTA members. The National PTA       See you soon!
                      is working diligently to establish relation-   Jane Lollis and Michelle Matters
    Kim Buchanan
                      ships with additional Member Benefits Pro-
    Reflections       viders to provide you with even more ex-
     Mark Allen
   School Store                                               The 2012-13 Reflections Theme is:
                                                                   The Magic of a Moment
     Cindy Stewart
                                                      Create an original piece of artwork in one of six
 Ways and Means                                       categories:
  Debbie Kiriakides
                                                                * Musical Composition      * Literature
                                                            * Dance Choreography * Visual Arts
       TBA                                             * Film Production         * Photography
     Principal          To view a gallery of last year’s national award winning entries, visit PTA’s website at:
     Mike Thorne /2032.asp. For more information about the Reflections contest, visit the
                        EHS website or contact Mark Allen at

                                               PAGE 4
               2012-2013 PTSA Volunteer Opportunities
The Eastside High PTSA is looking for volunteers for the 2012 – 2013 school year. The PTSA provides a valuable
opportunity for you to become involved in activities that directly impact your student. We have a place for eve-
ryone, whether your time commitment can be large or small, during the day or the evening. Thank you in ad-
vance for doing your part to make Eastside a wonderful school for our students, faculty, and administrators!
                      VOLUNTEER INFORMATION – PLEASE PRINT (one form per family)
Completed forms may be: 1) returned to EHS with First Day Packet information, 2) dropped off at the Front Office, or 3)
mailed to EHS PTSA, 1300 Brushy Creek Road, Taylors SC 29687.

Name:                                                                      Email:
Home Phone:                                                                Cell Phone:
Students at EHS:                                                                            Grade:
                                               VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
Beautification                                                      School Store (August – May)
    Assist with planting, pruning, landscaping of campus              Work in the PTSA School Store during lunch (12:00 – 2:00)
    Donate flowers, plants, shrubs, trees                               Day available: _____________________________________
 Guidance                                                               Once or Multiple times a month: _______________________
    Provide general assistance to the Guidance Office                  Assist School Store Volunteer Coordinator in scheduling volun-
    Serve as a monitor during testing                                  teers; will assume School Store Volunteer Coordinator role for
                                                                       2013-2014 school year
                                                                       Assist with the pickup of School Store inventory from Sam’s (on
    Donate / bake food items                                           Mondays once a month)
    Donate paper products                                           Weeklong Events
    Setup for and / or serve at events                                 Spirit Week (late August – first week of September)
 HSAP Tutoring Program (October – April)                               Teacher Appreciation Week (April)
    Provide a meal (home cooked or purchased) for approxi-
    mately 40 students; volunteer for one meal or multiple
                                                                    Is there another way you would like to volunteer / help?
Newsletter (August – May)
    Collect information for the PTSA newsletter
    Collect and submit EHS news to area newspapers
 Volunteer Coordinator/ Chairperson (August – May)
    Consolidate PTSA Volunteer Forms into spreadsheet
    Distribute Volunteer List to appropriate committees
    Insure volunteer hours are reported to the District/State PTA
    Coordinate volunteers on an as needed basis

                                                           PAGE 5
                       Eagle Football
                       Varsity - All Games are at 7:30 p.m.                 JV and C-Team
                       Date    Opponent               Location              Date    Time        Opponent                 Location
                       8/12    Greenville Jamboree    Sirrine Stadium       8/23    5:30        Riverside                Away
                       8/19    Mauldin Jamboree       Mauldin               8/30    5:30        Christ Church (C-Only)   Away
                       8/24    Riverside              Eastside              9/6     5:30        Wade Hampton             Eastside
                       8/31    Christ Church          Eastside              9/13    5:30        Blue Ridge                Away
                       9/7     Wade Hampton           Away                  9/20    5:30        Pickens                   Eastside
                       9/14    Blue Ridge             Eastside              9/27    5:30        Greer                     Away
                       9/21    Pickens                Away                  10/4    5:30        Southside                Eastside
                       9/28    Greer                  Eastside              10/11   6:00        Berea (JV Team Only)      Away
                       10/5    Southside              Away                  10/18   5:30        Travelers Rest            Eastside
                       10/12   Berea (Senior Night)   Eastside              10/25   5:30        Greenville                Eastside
                       10/19   Travelers Rest         Away                  10/27   5:30/6:30   Wade Hampton              Away
                       10/26   Greenville             Away

                       Eagle Cross Country
                       Date  Meet                                       Place & Time
                       8/29  Chase Race vs Riverside                    Eastside - 5:00
                       9/1   SCSDB Eye Opener                           Roger Milliken Research Center, Spartanburg - 8:30
                       9/5   EHS vs Southside, Pickens,                 Pickens - 5:00
                             Blue Ridge
                       9/8   SCTCCCA Coaches Classic                    Sandhills Research Park, Columbia - 9:00
                       9/12 EHS vs TR, Greenville, Pickens,             Eastside - 5:00
                             Hillcrest, Carolina, Wade Hampton
                       9/15 Heritage Classic Heritage Park              Simpsonville - 5:00
                       9/19 EHS vs TR, Southside, Greer                 Eastside - 5:00
                       9/22 Lake Murray Invitational                    Crooked Creek Park, Chapin - 9:00
                       9/26 All-Comers - Canned Food Drive              Heritage Park, Simpsonville - 5:00
                       9/29 Cavalier Classic                            Dorman High, Roebuck - 9:00
                       10/3 EHS vs Berea, TR, Blue Ridge                Blue Ridge - 5:00
                       10/6 Wendy's Invitational                        McAlpine Park, Charlotte - 9:00
                       10/10 EHS vs                                     Eastside - 5:00
                       10/13 Furman Invitational                        Furman Golf Course, Greenville - 8:30
                       CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS
                       10/17 Region 2-3A Championships                  TBA - 5:00
                       10/20 Greenville Cty Championships               Heritage Park, Simpsonville - 10:00
                       10/27 3A Upper State Meet                        Heritage Park, Simpsonville - TBA
                       11/3 3A State Championships                      Sandhills Research Park, Columbia - 11:00

                       Eagle Dance Team
                       The Eastside Dance Team will be adding a few members to the dance team for the 2012-13 school year.
                       Tryouts will be held September 5th, 2012 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Dance United, 30 Orchard Pard
                       Drive, Suite 6, Greenville, SC 29615 (Located in the Haywood Plaza Shopping Center near TJ Maxx and
                       Plato's Closet)

                       Please contact Sonja Cantrell, Team Advisor, if you have any questions (297-7028 or 567-7431)

                                                               PAGE 6
EHS Booster Club Membership Form
The EHS All-Sports Booster Club is committed to supporting all our outstanding athletes and teams. We support 22
sports and over 600 student athletes. Please show your support by joining the Booster Club – there are a variety of
membership levels and benefits, including the Student Membership which includes one pass to all regular season Var-
sity/JV athletic events held at EHS. This membership provides tremendous savings!
For more information about other ways to support the EHS Booster Club visit

     General Membership ($35)                                    Gold Eagle Membership ($250)
      One car decal                                             Two passes to all regular season Varsity/JV athletic
                                                                    events held at Eastside
     Student Membership ($50)                                     Reserved seating and parking for home football
      One pass to all regular season Varsity/JV ath-              games
         letic events held at Eastside                            Two car decals
      One car decal
                                                                 Ultimate Eagle Membership ($500)
     Blue Eagle Membership ($125)                                  Four passes to all regular season Varsity/JV athletic
      One pass to all regular season Varsity/JV ath-               events held at Eastside
         letic events held at Eastside                            Reserved seating and parking for home football
      Reserved seating for home football games                     games
      Two car decals                                            Two car decals
                                                                  Additional passes $100

     Total Membership Amount Due: $ _________________ Additional Donation: $ ____________________
                                  Make checks payable to: EHS All-Sports Booster Club
                         Mail to: EHS All-Sports Booster Club, 1300 Brushy Creek Road, Taylors SC 29687
       For questions, contact Jane Lollis at 864-419-5291/ or Joyce Galloway at 864-616-3326/
     Name: _________________________________ Email Address: _____________________________________
     Address: _________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: _____________________
     Home Phone: ______________________________ Cell Phone: _____________________________________
     Membership Package 1: _____________________________________________________________________
      Indicate Package and name of person(s) for membership card. Example: Gold Eagle, John Doe and Jane Doe
     Membership Package 2: ______________________________________________________________________
      Indicate Package and name of person(s) for membership card. Example: 2 Students, Johnny Doe and Jackie Doe
     Date Received:               Check #:            Amount Received:             Membership Card #:

EHS Band Booster News
The EHS Marching Band has been working hard since the last week in July preparing for half-time shows and compe-
titions. Some upcoming fund-raisers to help raise band funds are:

    Moe's on Pelham Restaurant Night: August 22 from 5:00-8:00 pm Come out and support EHS Eagles Marching
    Rock-a-thon: Help the band kids rock all night, by giving pledges/donations. The Rock-a-Thon will be held at the
      Foxcroft Clubhouse on September 21. Kids will be out collecting pledges/donations in mid-September.
    Spirit Cups: Support your NFL, MLB, Military or Collegiate teams by buying spirit cups from Band kids. 4 cups for
      $15, some of the proceeds go to help our band. Spirit cups will go on sale in mid-August.

                                                         PAGE 7
                                                                            Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                US POSTAGE
                                                                                 Permit #94
                                                                                Greenville, SC
1300 Brushy Creek Road
  Taylors, SC 29687
    (864) 355-2800
      Mike Thorne
   PTSA Co-Presidents:
       Jane Lollis,
    Michelle Matters
 EHS PTSA Newsletter is
published 2 times per year
  Next Issue: May 2013
     Quick Links:

                                       Student IDs
          For safety & security purposes, all students will receive a new ID that must
          be worn around the neck with the picture facing out. Forgotten, lost, dam-
          aged, or defaced IDs must be replaced before entering class. Students will
          receive 1 free replacement ID. A fee will be charged for additional replace-
          ment IDs. If a student can’t pay at that time, the fee will be added to the
          student account. All accounts must be settled promptly

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