What are the MBA admission interview questions? by gateway2mba2012


									            What are the MBA admission interview questions?

1.    Discuss your career progression.
2.    Tell us about your current job responsibility. (Industry, no of subordinates/team
      members, funds you handle)
3.    Why the MBA? Why now? Why this particular school?
4.    What are your post MBA long and short term career goals? Where do you see
      yourself in five years?
5.    What do you want to do (in regard to business function, industry, location)?
6.    Describe an ethical dilemma faced at work? How you handled that?
7.    Describe your career aspirations?
8.    What is the latest challenge for you in your work? How are you planning to
      overcome that?
9.    What are the main challenges your company is facing?
10.   What makes you unique as compared to other applicants?
11.   What do you do in your spare time?
12.   Why did you choose your undergraduate major?
13.   If you are admitted to our school, what attributes will you bring to the program?
      How will you contribute to the class?
14.   Name three words or phrases to describe you to others.
15.   What is most frustrating at work?
16.   What are your hobbies / extracurricular activities?
17.   How would co-workers describe you?
18.   What do people like about you?
19.   Have you worked in a team environment? What were your contributions to the
20.   Do you have any experience working abroad? Discuss any one.
21.   How did you choose your job after college?
22.   What do you do to relieve stress?
23.   Give examples of how you have demonstrated leadership inside and outside the
      work environment.
24.   Describe a situation where you brought an idea forward, and it failed.
25.   How do you understand the current economic crisis?
26.   How is your country affected by the global economic slowdown? What are the steps
      your govt. has taken to ease this slowdown? What is your remark on them?
27.   How do you define success?
28.   What other schools did you apply to?

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