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                                              Residential Sectional
                                                 Garage Doors

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                                                                                                                            Wayne-Dalton UK - 1
              The Wayne-Dalton sectional
              garage door:
              An outstanding advantage for your home !
              The Wayne-Dalton sectional garage door opens vertically and comes to rest under the ceiling enabling full
              drive through, an advantage particularly appreciated when parking bulky vehicles such as 4WD or SUV. It
              does not kick out during its movement, which allows a vehicle to be parked right up to the door panels.
              Aesthetic, safe and high-performance, our sectional door improves the security and comfort
              of your home.

 - Wayne-Dalton UK
   For your                                 Exclusive to Wayne-Dalton:
                                                                     1. The TorqueMaster III ® counterbalance system
                                            No more clumsy opening of one-piece doors: our
                                            sectional doors are easy to handle thanks to the exclusive
                                            TorqueMaster III® counterbalance system.
                                            Our patented counterbalance system is mounted
                                            unobtrusively above the door or at the rear of the
                                            horizontal tracks. The springs are shielded within a steel tube
                                            for maximum user safety and simplicity of installation. Thanks
Thanks to the exclusive anti-finger          to the TorqueMaster III®, the headroom required for fitting is
pinch profile, sections push fingers         reduced and the door can be lifted without effort.
away in total safety during door closing.

                                            The shielded springs operate inside a galvanised steel tube
                                            which has a plastic friction-reducing internal coating. They are
                                            lubricated for life and treated against corrosion. The exclusive                         Anti-drop device. In the unlikely
                                            model of cable drum always positions the cables correctly. The                           event of spring breakage, the anti-drop
                                            automatic cable alignment ensures smooth operation without                               device instantaneously blocks the
                                            the door jolting. The lifting cables are in high quality tensile steel.                  rotation of the counterbalance system,
Peripheral seals ensure weather-                                                                                                     preventing the door from falling.
proofing of the opening.

                                            2. The framed and pre-assembled door
                                            This is the concept of a sectional door entirely pre-assembled
                                            within a metal frame. Supplied as one unit, the
                                            pre-assembled door is ready to be fixed in place and
                                            It combines user comfort, space gain, aesthetics and ease
                                            of installation.
The frame and tracks can be fitted behind   The hardware of the pre-assembled door is unique and
or between the brickwork.                   innovative ! The double track is designed in one piece,
                                            without welding, which gives it great strength. The
                                            horizontal track clips on to the vertical track via a PVC curve.
                                            The automatic adjustment thus obtained ensures smooth
                                            door movement and overall longevity. Pre-assembled doors
                                            are equipped with the exclusiveTorqueMaster III® counter-
                                            balance system.

                                                                            Telescopic spacer
                                                                            bar for lateral fixing

Corrosion resistant galvanised steel
hinges link the sections together.
                                                                                   Counterbalancing by
                                                                                     TorqueMaster III ®

                                                                                  Counterbalance cables
                                                                                        enclosed within
                                                                                    frame for total safety

                                                                                           Carrying handle


                                                                                                             Pre-fitted adjustable fixing brackets

Lateral safety plates eliminate all risk
of entrapment between the track and         Rapid, easy fitting
the door.

                                                                                                                                                          Wayne-Dalton UK - 3 - 3
                                                                                                                                                            Wayne-Dalton UK
                                       Framed and pre-assembled doors
                                       Wayne-Dalton Optimal
                                       The Wayne-Dalton Optimal is a pre-assembled steel door.
                                       Attractive price and flexibility are the advantages of this door ready to be equipped with
                                       factory-fitted insulation, an operator kit or a lock … according to your wishes, for maximum

Choose                                 comfort.

your door
                                       • Single steel skin
                                       • Standard dimensions available:
                                         Please refer to Price List
                                       • Supplied pre-assembled

                                       • Door to be equipped with a lock or an
                                             Gear              Panel
                                              2                   10
                                             year                 year
The Wayne-Dalton range offers                       Warranty                   Standard sizes
you a wide choice of steel or
wooden models for your garage.
Designed for all openings,                                                                         door
whether new or replacement,
                                                                    •    Single steel skin
they are available in standard                                      •    Exterior stucco finish
sizes, or cutdown sizes up to                                       •    Available in white
                                                                    •    Hinge stiffeners in
5450 mm wide and 3040 mm                                                 galvanised steel
                                                                                                            White elongated        Factory fitted insulation
high.                                                                                                     raised panel design             as option

With a Wayne-Dalton sectional          For other panel designs,
door, your garage is no longer            please consult us.

exposed to draughts, humidity
or dust. It can be transformed         Kit or pre-assembled doors
into an additional room or a
workshop.                              Wayne-Dalton FoamcoreTM II (9100)
Kit doors are available in 6˝ or 12˝   The Wayne-Dalton Foamcore is a double skin technology door. With a steel woodgrain
front counterbalance configurations    exterior and a vinyl interior finish, it is available in kit or pre-assembled: quality at an
                                       affordable price.
or low headroom rear counter-
balance configuration.

                                       • Double skin technology
                                       • Standard dimensions available:
                                         Please refer to Price List
                                       • Door to be equipped with a lock or an

                                             Gear              Panel
                                              2                   10
                                             year              year

                                                    Warranty                  Standard sizes

               Guarantee                                                                  Supplied
  The door panels have a                                                                   as a kit
  10 year anti-corrosion guarantee
  and the hardware is guaranteed
                                                                    • Exterior steel skin with woodgrain finish
  for  years (limited to the repair                                  and vinyl interior
  or replacement of faulty parts).                       14 mm
                                                                    • Insulation in injected polyurethane foam,
                                                                                                                    White or brown           White or brown
                                                         20 mm
                                                                      thickness 0/14 mm                            pinstripe design       raised panel design
                                                                    • Integral struts

 4 - Wayne-Dalton UK
Framed and pre-assembled doors                                                                                             NEW ! WOODEN DOORS
  Wayne-Dalton Classic                                                                         Wayne-Dalton Authentic
 This pre-assembled door in grooved plywood is ready to be                                    The Wayne-Dalton Authentic is a wooden door certified PEFC
 personalised to your taste. The Wayne-Dalton Classic, in                                     (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). This
 all-Okoumé plywood, offers an alternative to solid wood                                      door, composed of panels in 3-layer Spruce plywood, thickness
 doors.                                                                                       27 mm, is supplied pre-assembled.

  • Grooved water-repellent                                                                    • Panel in 3-layer Spruce
    plywood                                                                                      plywood
  • Panel thickness 25 mm                                                                      • Panel thickness 27 mm
  • To be varnished or stained                                                                 • To be varnished or stained
    on site                                                                                      on site
  • Standard dimensions available:                                                             • Standard dimensions available:
    Please refer to Price List                                                                   Please refer to Price List
  • Supplied pre-assembled                                                                     • Supplied pre-assembled
  • Ready to be motorised,                                                                     • Ready to be motorised,
    manual lock not available                                                                    manual lock not available

     Gear              Panel                                                                     Gear              Panel
        2               10                                                                        2                 10
     year               year                                                                     year               year
            Warranty              Standard sizes                           door                         Warranty           Standard sizes                                 door
                                                             Pre-assembled                                                                                  Pre-assembled

                                                                                                                           • Spruce plywood
                               • Okoumé plywood, quality CTBX
                                                                                                                           • Panel thickness 7 mm
                               • Panel thickness  mm
                                                                                                                           • Vertical grooved pinstripe design
        25 mm
                               • Horizontal groove design                                                   27 mm

  Untreated panel

                                                                                                                                                                       For Foamcore and
 Kit or pre-assembled doors                                                                                                     Options                                Thermowayne Plus

                                                                                                                                 Windows (choice of 7 models)
 Wayne-Dalton ThermowayneTM Plus (9500)
Double insulating skin technology: the Wayne-Dalton Thermowayne Plus is an insulated
door with a double steel skin, which combines performance and aesthetics.
                                                                                                                                      Clear or opaque                       Cathedral

 • Double steel skin
 • Dimensions available:                                                                                                                      Ruston                 Diamond-Leaded
   Standard and cutdown:
   Please refer to Price List
 • Door to be equipped with a lock or an
                                                                                                                                             Stockton                 Square-Leaded
   Gear           Panel
    2                10
   year              year

          Warranty                  Standard &                                                                                                              Williamsburg
                                   Cutdown sizes

                                                        as a kit                                                                     Operator accessories                Ventilation gril

                               • Exterior and interior in woodgrain finish
                     40 mm                                                                                                                   Additional            European cylinder lock
                               • Insulation in injected polyurethane foam,
                                                                           Pinstripe design       Raised panel design                       security lock             for manual door
                                 thickness 40 mm                           in white, brown          in white, brown
                                                                              or RAL colour           or RAL colour

                                                                                                                                                                      Paint your garage door yourself
                                                                                                                                                                      to RAL colour of your choice !
                                                                                                                                        RAL colour of                     Paint-easy kit
                                                                                                                                         your choice
                                                                                                                                                              Wayne-Dalton UK -  - 
                                                                                                                                                                 Wayne-Dalton UK
                       N                                                                                                                N
                       E              PRODUCT LINE                                                                                      E
          The brand fo W                                                                                                                W
Premium GamProais the new product line of Wayne-Dalton UK. Destined for the professionals,
       profession ls
it offers maximum quality for reliability and customer satisfaction.

             The produc
              line for the

        The brand fo
 Premium ilding
           bu 40
• Doublepsteel skin
• Insulation in injected polyurethane foam, 40 mm thick
• Interior finish: white stucco pinstripe                                                                              40 mm

• Counterbalancing by torsion springs, equipped with an anti-drop system
• Anti-pinch profile
• Peripheral seals for weatherproofing
• Ready to be equipped with manual lock or Twist operator
• Available in cutdown sizes (please refer to Price List)
3 designs:

• White raised panel door (RAL 9010)             • Timber effect golden oak                      • White flush door without design (RAL 9010)
• Exterior woodgrain finish                      • Horizontal groove design                      • Exterior woodgrain finish
                                                 • Smooth exterior finish
Windows                                                                                          RAL painting
Four types of windows (double-glazed plexi polycarbonate -0-, exterior transparent, frosted   Choose a RAL colour to personalise your white
interior) are proposed for your door.                                                            door.

                      Atlantic                                       Sunrise

                      Crystal                                        Sunray

                                    Guarantee (Product line Premium GamPro)
        The door panels are guaranteed  years anti-corrosion and the hardware is guaranteed  years (limited
        to the repair or replacement of faulty parts).
 - Wayne-Dalton UK
Our operators                                                                                                      Two types of
                                                                                                          Our doors can be supplied:
                       The                        S operator
                                                                                                          • Pre-assembled: The door is supplied
                                                                                                          as one unit, under individual cover. It is
• No central track: reduces garage depth requirement
• Automatic locking of the door thanks to the movement of
                                                                                                          ready to be fixed to your garage and
 the operator head.
• Vibrations reduced owing to the direct transmission of
  the motor on the TorqueMaster III®.
• Safety: stops upon encountering an obstacle.
• Garage lighting possible independent of door
  opening (infra-red light socket).                                        Exclusive
• Interior manual override in case of power failure.
• Possibility of programming partial opening of door
                                                                The          operator is supplied with:
  (pets, ventilation, etc…).
• Rapid opening (1 cm/s) and closing (17 cm/s).
                                                                              1 3-channel remote
                                                                              control unit
Optional extras:
                                                                                                          • As a kit: The door sections and
• Exterior manual override                                                    1 separate infrared light   hardware are supplied in two easily
• Keyless entry                                                               (7 W bulb not
                                                                              supplied)                   transportable boxes.

                                                                               1 multifunctional
                                                                               wireless wall station

                               The Twist operator                                                                               Package supplied with
                                                                                                                                  fitting instructions

• Fixed motor: C-shaped track with steel chain.
• Silent movements.
• Automatic door locking (moto-reductor cannot be
• Piloted by microprocessor / electronic learning of
  end of cycle.
• Incorporated garage lighting : the light goes on with
  every door movement and goes out after 3 minutes.
• Safety: stops upon encountering an obstacle.
• Interior emergency override in case of power                                                               Our technical advice
• Opening and closing speed: 14 cm/s.                                                                     The garage opening measurements
                                                                 The Twist operator is supplied with:
• Anti-burglary device.                                                                                   should always be taken from a finished
                                                                                                          opening. In order to avoid any incon-
                                                                              3 -channel hand
                                                                                                          venience during fitting, remember to
Optional extras:
                                                                              transmitters                check the dimensions mentioned in
• Exterior manual override                                                                                this diagram before starting:
• Keyless entry
• Key operated switch

All of our doors to be equipped with an operator are supplied with an operator bracket.
If no other form of access available, an optional exterior manual override is strongly recommended.                                Wayne-Dalton UK
                                                                                                                                Wayne-Dalton UK - 7 - 7
                                    The Wayne-Dalton Company
International leader of residential sectional garage doors, Wayne-Dalton Corporation was created in 194 by Mr. Emmanuel Mullet
within the Amish community (Ohio, U.S.A.) With innovative ideas, advanced technology and ten production sites, the company is
now a major supplier of the North-American market and is present in more than 70 countries, with a sales turnover exceeding
$ 40 million.

                                                                                                                                           Wayne-Dalton Europe - Cancels and replaces any previous issue - non contractual document and photographs; Wayne-Dalton reserves the right to modify its range without prior notification.- RC Reims 3488400
Wayne-Dalton Europe, the European headquarters and 100 % subsidiary of Wayne-Dalton Corporation, is based in France.

The industrial site, which ensures the manufacture, storage and commercialisation of the whole range, was equipped in 003 with an
innovative production centre enabling the manufacture of single skin metallic panels.
Furthermore in 00, a new production line became operational, on which standard door hardware is made for kit or pre-assembled

Tne company employs more than 80 employees and has a subsidiary in Manchester.

Certified ISO 9001 (version 000) with an accreditation for France (COFRAC), United Kingdom (UKAS) and Germany (DAR),
Wayne-Dalton Europe has officialised its professionalism and shown its commitment to provide a quality service to its customers.

Wayne-Dalton is committed to working according to world standards and to making safe, efficient and very high quality
products, to bring you entire satisfaction.

                                         All products sold in Europe are CE labelled.

                                                       Distributor stamp

                                                    Wayne-Dalton UK
                                      Unit 17, Redbank Court, Redbank, Manchester M4 4HF
                                                        Tel: 0870 74 10
                                                       Fax: 0870 74 11                                      1



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