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					                                                                 Social Sciences / General Interest
                                                   Success Strategies               CREDAS101
 Social Sciences                                   Success Strategies is a pre-requisite course         Life and Career Skills
                                                   for graduation in the General Arts & Science
General Education Band                             Program. You will have an opportunity to
                                                   explore career options, and develop skills in
                                                                                                               Setting and Achieving Goals and
                                                                                                            Assertiveness Training for Professionals
Selection Courses                                  the following areas: thinking, essay writing,           - Levels 1, 2 and 3 can be included in the
In some Continuing Education certificate/          research, and effective learning.                      WORKPLACE LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATE
diploma programs, you may be required to           11028 FF     TU    Jan8    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08                     (Business section).
complete General Education Band Selection
courses. An (E) designation for courses in                                                                       Upon successful completion of the
the catalogue and the index indicates that the      General Interest                                         Assertiveness Training for Professionals
course can be used to fulfill General Education                                                                 Levels 1, 2 and 3 you will receive an
requirements.                                      Questions?                                                Acknowledgement of Completion. Gain a
                                                   905-575-1212 ext. 3009 /                               solid foundation of the sills of assertiveness,
The following restrictions apply:                                        including self-management skills and skills
                                                                                                              to deal with challenging individuals and
The course chosen must NOT be related to (or                    structures within employment settings. These
included in) your program of studies.                                                                    skills are foundational to employment retention
For example: students in the Child and Youth
Worker program cannot use Psychology;
                                                   Dancing                                                 and progression in today's challenging and
                                                                                                                      changing world of work.
students in Police Foundations cannot use          Ballroom Dancing-Beginners
Issues in Diversity; Recreation and Leisure        DANCGI901
Services students cannot use Sociology, etc.       Learn the basics of Foxtrot, Swing, Waltz, Cha       Assertiveness For Professionals
You are advised to seek approval for the course    Cha, Tango and Rumba. Singles welcome!
you are considering, before registering.           Location: Germania Banquet Centre of                 PERSGI050
When you have successfully completed the           Hamilton, 863 King St. East.                         Develop enhanced personal management
course you must apply for an exemption             12367 OR     TH    Jan24   7:00-8:30   8   $138.00   skills for career productivity. Focus on stress
from your General Education course. Submit                                                              and anger management, dealing with difficult
applications to the Registration Centre at your                                                         people, and peer relations. Receive an
                                                   Intro to Latin Dance              DANC10005          Acknowledgment of Completion.
campus.                                            Join Sean Quinlan, choreographer and                 12348 FF     WE    Jan16    6:30-9:30   4   $92.88
                                                   competitive Latin Dancer in learning the
Questions?                                         foundations of the four most popular Latin
905-575-1212 ext. 3046 /                           Dances: Merengue, Salsa, Bachata & Cha Cha.          Assertiveness for Professionals 2                    Location: Germania Banquet Centre, 863 King          PERS10008
905-575-2025 /            St. East.                                            A review of skills taught in Level 1 and an
                                                   12368 OR     WE    Jan23   7:00-8:30   8   $138.00   introduction to and practice of problem solving
World of Abnormal Psychology                                                                            skills and dealing with difficult people in work
refer to Distance Education section                NEW!                                                 situations. How to deal with assertiveness in
                                                                                                        group situations, be an effective group leader
                                                   Latin Dance - Intermediate DANC10006                 and team member.
Introductory Psychology PSYCSS156 (E)              Join Sean Quinlan and continue to build on the
Benefit from in-depth study of learning,                                                                12349 FF     WE    Feb13    6:30-9:30   4   $92.88
                                                   steps learned in Level 1. The dances include:
motivation, perception and the dynamics of         Salsa, Bachata & Cha Cha. Location: Germania
personality.                                       Banquet Centre, 863 King St. East.                   Assertiveness for Professionals 3
11023 FF    MO     Jan7    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08    12369 OR     WE    Jan23   8:30-10:00 8    $138.00   PERS10011
11024 FF    WE     Jan9    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08                                                         Building on the skills developed in Level 1
                                                   Home Renovation for Women                            & 2, receive additional training in emotional
Developmental Psychology PSYCSS271                                                                      management, cognitive restructuring, with
(E)                                                     CHCHTV Reno Expert Pamela Stiles                particular emphasis on assertiveness within
Examine the growth and changes of mental,              5 Time "Readers Choice Award" Winner             organizational structures and the changing work
social and emotional characteristics from cradle         Home Reno Expert at Home Depot                 environment.
                                                                                                        12350 FF     WE    Mar13    6:30-9:30   4   $92.88
to grave, with special emphasis on development
                                                     You can now receive an Acknowledgment
of human personality.
11020 FF    WE     Jan2    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08      of Completion for successfully completing          55 Plus
11021 FF    TH     Jan3    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08      5 courses in Home Reno for Women (Men              The following courses and workshops may be
                                                    Welcome). Of interest to Home Renovators,           of interest to you:
                                                    Apartment Superintendents and Townhouse             * Painting/Watercolours
Sociology 1                   SSCISS108 (E)         Maintenance Committees. Emphasis on what            * Paris in Depth
Explore basic concepts for understanding           YOU can do and when to call in the EXPERTS.          * Acting for Beginners
human behaviour, individual biases, various          Material costs included in the course fee.         * Home Reno for Women
roles in society and social groupings.                                                                  * Home Staging
12405 FF    WE     Jan2    6:30-9:30 14 $325.08    HOME RENO FOR WOMEN WILL RETURN IN                   * Food, Food, Food
11025 FF    MO     Jan7    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08         THE SPRING 2013 SEMESTER.                       * Sewing Courses
11026 FF    TU     Jan8    6:30-9:30 14 $325.08                                                         * Flower Arranging Courses
                                                   Weekend Home Section                                 * Home Decorating Courses
Sociology 2                   SSCISS109 (E)                                                             * Perennial Gardening
Further develop your understanding of the                   HOME IMPROVEMENT DIY                        * Digital Photography
interrelationship between the individual and               WOMEN AND MEN WELCOME                        * Selected Themes, Art History & Appreciation
society, and between different social groups.                                                           * Pottery
11027 FF     TH    Jan3    6:30-9:30 14 $325.08                                                         * Jewellery - Construction
                                                   NEW!                                                 Refer to the index for more information.
Human Relations               SSCISS170 (E)        Basic Electrical                  ELEC10123
Develop your self-awareness and self-              Join electrician John DeSantis, and learn how
confidence in personal and professional            to plan a rewiring, upgrading, and add-ons..                Find your room before
human relations, with emphasis on motivation;      according to code. Learn when an electrician
conformity, persuasion; supervision and            and an inspection is a MUST. Material costs of               you come on campus
employee relations and personality formation.      $20 included in fee. Bring your lunch!                      Visit
11022 FF    WE     Jan2    6:00-9:15 13 $325.08    12372 FF     SA    Jan19   9:00-3:00   2   $112.88
                                                   12374 FF     SA    Feb23   9:00-3:00   2   $112.88

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