AUGUST 11, 2012 The most popular night clubs in Barcelona-swt by AikaTimwell


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									   One thing you will soon learn about Barcelona is it’s a city that
    doesn’t sleep. The Spanish eat late, drink late and go out very
    late. At the weekend don’t be surprised if night clubs are pretty
    much empty until at least 01:00 – 02:00 in the morning, and they
    go on until about 06:00. Thank goodness for the siesta!
   Barcelona’s nightlife is very much in keeping with the city itself,
    trendy, varied and sometimes spectacular. Even if you aren’t
    really a clubber at heart it is worth going out to at least one
    night club just to see what’s on offer, and remember there are
    more and more “lounge” clubs springing up if you like to take
    your drinks whilst reclining!
   Most of the clubs do not have a set price. It varies according to
    night, and who is playing, many are free before a certain time
    (usually 01:00) plus if you walk around you are likely to be given
    a flyer that gets you in free all night. You can pick up flyers in
    shops, bars and some cafes have a rack of flyers. These usually
    either entitle you to a free drink, 2 for 1 drink, or free entrance.
    In the case of some clubs the flyer people actually stand very
    near the club itself but you can find them all over the city
    including down the Ramblas and in the Barri Goticarea.
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