Burial Insurance: What Is It and Who Needs It? by sairanaeem


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									                        Burial Insurance: What Is It and Who Needs It?

You know the basic types of insurance: car, home, health and life, but how much do you know
about burial insurance? This insurance is also called final expense insurance, or funeral
insurance, and offers you a way in which you can help prepare for the expenses that will occur
once you pass away.

It's a basic kind of life insurance, but instead of offering a cash payout, the money in the policy is
earmarked for funeral services and related items.

Unlike traditional life insurance policies that can payout hundreds of thousands of dollars upon
death, these policies are smaller, Whole Life plans, most often ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.
These are designed to not put a financial burden on your loved ones.

One of the major benefits is that there's no physical exam to go through in order to get burial
insurance. To get a Level Premium Plan you should be in good general health. If you are in poor
health carriers will offer a Graded Whole Life Plan. Most policies usually cover people until they
reach 100-121 years of age.

Among the expenses that are typically covered by burial insurance are the funeral service,
flowers, casket, funeral procession, cemetery plot and the headstone.

Burial Insurance companies offer plans for people ages 50-85 and the amount of coverage
always stays the same.

Buying burial insurance is one way that you can ease the burden that will be put on your loved
ones. They won't have to worry about the finances, and they can take their time grieving. Contact
us today to get more information on burial insurance policies or you can run your own Burial
Insurance quote at www.burialexpenseplans.com

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