Everyday Life’s a Struggle for 25 Years and Younger

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					Everyday Life’s a Struggle for
   25 Years and Younger
People under the age of 25 are ‘struggling to cope’ with
everyday life, says the Prince’s Trust. Their recent survey
claims that one in ten young people are now struggling to
deal with day-today life.

Over 2000 16-25 year olds were surveyed by prince’s trust
across UK. They have discovered that those who are
jobless and out of school are the most discontented. Due
to this they are the most unhappy, these are the
people who are likely to have grown up without anyone to
talk to and converse their issues with.
“I used to apply for jobs but after getting knocked back, it hit my
confidence. I’d wake up and just not know what
to do with the 24 hours in the day”, says Leon White, 24. He is
currently living with his family but his father passed
away ten years ago and he left school without receiving any
qualifications. He dreams of a career in music, but
has only recently been able to secure a full-time job in a hotel, after
taking a hospitality training course.

The survey indicated that almost three out of ten people that were
questioned said they felt their career prospects
had been permanently damaged by the recession.
Government said they are not satisfied with the rate of
employment while the level of unemployment is at its
since 2009.
A spokesman from the Department for Work and
Pensions said: “Youth unemployment has fallen recently,
excluding full-time students, there are now 626,000
unemployed 16-24 year olds – the lowest figure since
early 2009.
But we are not complacent about the scale of the
challenge we still face.
“Through our Youth Contract we’re offering nearly
500,000 work experience placements, wage incentives
apprenticeships over the next three years to help young
people gain the skills and experience needed to get a

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