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                                      It’s that time of year again, with
                                      Christmas songs on the radio, corporate
                                      holiday parties planned, and twinkling
                                      lights decorating every nook and cranny
                                      of the office. It’s also the time of year
                                      when employees are most likely to use
                                      up those saved vacation days, often
                                      taking off several days to spend time
                                      with friends and family during the
                                      holiday season. For many businesses,
                                      this means that operations will nearly
grind to a halt for almost the entire month of December. However, it doesn’t
have to be this way. With the right technology and effort, you can continue
to grow your business and hit the ground running in the New Year while
other companies are still sluggishly recovering from their holiday feasts.

The most efficient way to maintain momentum over the holidays is to know
who is available at all times. To do this, you will need to implement a time
management system that allows you to track employee activities including
vacation time. Once you know the availability of all of your employees in
advance, you can structure projects around those who will be available.
While you may not be able to complete the large projects that you tackle
during your busiest seasons, this is a great time to bundle and complete
those smaller, nagging projects that constantly take a backseat to your
more grandiose initiatives.

But what if you have a large number of employees who all take off at the
same time, creating periods of time where there will be absolutely no one at
the office? If you know well in advance this will happen, or if there is a
proven history of such large-scale absences at your office, consider giving
everyone that time off. You can reconfigure your paid company holidays
away from those less consistent, one-day company holidays that are not
universally recognized, and give a larger chunk of time during the holidays,
when most businesses shut down. Your employees will appreciate the
ability to keep their PTO, and you will be able to decrease the number of
“dead days” you experience over the year.

Happy holidays!

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