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									Memorial Service Finally Held for Actor Sherman Hemsley

When estate challenges are presented some very difficult circumstances can result. For this reason it is
important to be totally forthcoming with your estate planning lawyer when you are making preparations
for the future.

If you are aware of the possibility of someone stepping forward to contest your will you should
certainly let your lawyer know about it. There are steps that can be taken to make successful challenges
very difficult, but your attorney can't make recommendations if you do not explain all the facts in

The above having been stated there was a challenge to the estate of the actor Sherman Hemsley, who
died in July 2012. This delayed his burial for months as the matter played itself out in court.

A man who claimed to be Hemsley's brother issued the challenge. DNA testing did in fact prove that
this individual, Richard Thornton, was the half-brother of the deceased actor.

However, the last will (which did not mention Thornton) was upheld by the probate court in El Paso,
Texas. The individual who was named as the sole heir to the estate as well as the executrix, Flora
Enchinton Bernal, was subsequently empowered to make the final arrangements.

The body of the actor, who brought laughter into millions of households over the course of his
successful television career, was laid to rest on the day before Thanksgiving 2012. Memorial services
were held, and as a veteran of the military, Hemsley received full honors during the service.

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