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					     Mindy Pordes Is Immensely Dedicated to the Real Estate Sector

Mindy Pordes is a real estate professional who has been working in the field for many years. She
believes that the growth and professional satisfaction offered by the field of real estate is much more
rewarding than any other field of business. She has worked in different areas related to the real estate
sector and managed teams in highly competitive areas. Her in-depth understanding of the real estate field
has allowed her to handle operations, sales management, project sell-out and much more.

As a real estate professional, Mindy Pordes understands the needs and demands of clients who are
looking for high-profit deals. She offers creative solutions to clients in order to build long-term business
relationships. She is known in the business for her excellent negotiation skills as well as her conviction to
continue even in face of difficult business situations. One of her rules for success in the real estate
business is to communicate openly with every team member as well as the client. A transparent
communication atmosphere in business can help in removing any obstacles in the business process as all
team members know their responsibilities and they feel the confidence to handle their tasks with zeal and
enthusiasm. Appropriate delegation of tasks to team members can go a long way in completing tasks
before the deadline and lead to higher productivity. She has applied her project management skills to
various real estate projects and successfully executed program to deliver millions of dollars of profitable

To ensure that she is up-to-date with the developments in the field of real estate, she has designed her
work-flow in a way that allows her to catch up with the latest news while on-the-go. She keeps track of
latest trends in the stock market through her phone and also manages her teams in the field through
mobile software. Through the years, she has learned to judge the condition of the market based on the
trends and predictions of analysts. By keeping an eye on the trends, she is able to take wise decisions
and deliver profitable outcomes to the clients. Some of the areas where she specializes in are sales
planning, competitive market positioning, sales team recruiting, management, development, retention and
many more.

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