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                                             US History
                                       Chapter 5 Section 3 Quiz

Select the letter of the term, name, or phrase that best matches each description.
Note: Some letters may not be used at all. Some may be used more than once.

A. Grange                                                G. Populist Movement
B. Silverites                                            H. William McKinley
C. Greenbacks                                            I. Republican Party
D. Populism                                              J. Democratic Party
E. Bimetallism                                           K. "Cross of Gold" speech
F. Oliver Hudson Kelly                                   L. Williams Jennings Bryan

           1. He organized the Grange.

           2. He was the winner of the 1896 presidential election.

           3. This party supported the adoption of the gold standard.

           4. The government began taking these out of circulation after the Civil War.

           5. This political party turned the American two-party system into a three-party

           6. This was a monetary system in which the government would give people silver
              or gold in exchange for paper currency.

           7. He was nominated by two parties as their candidate for the 1896 presidential

           8. This helped convince an undecided Democratic Convention to nominate
              William Jennings Bryan for president.

           9. This political party proposed an increase in the money supply, a graduated
              income tax, and a federal loan program.

           10. Members of this party were mainly business owners and bankers from
               industrialized areas.

           11. This organization started out as a social outlet and educational forum for
               isolated farm families. It soon became a ploitical voice for farmers.
                                  US History
                       Chapter 5 Section 3 Quiz Answers

1. F - Oliver Hudson Kelley
2. H - William McKinley
3. I - Republican Party
4. C - Greenbacks
5. G - Populist Party
6. E - Bimetallism
7. L - Williams Jennings Bryan
8. K - "Cross of Gold" speech
9. G - Populist Party
10. I - Republican Party
11. A - Grange

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