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									      Employment Essentials - Timely Reviews, Evaluation and Motivation!

In any job scenario, employment agencies play a very important role. These act as a platform for both
the employer and the employee. Eventually, when they do suit each other, slow transformation and
transition takes place for mutual growth.

Both of them share a fragile relationship, in which their evolution solely depends upon hard work and
sincerity. The trust that gets generated with conscious efforts from both the ends removes the fragility
from the bond. The same feeling of camaraderie contributes to better efficiency and hence, the
productivity. But, how does one measures the level of transformation and if it is going in right

Timely employee reviews and constructive criticism measure their calibre but if you are wondering
how to get it done, following are some tips:

Measurable Goals

With the targets well defined and numbered, individuals know about the valleys and mountains of their
work. Knowing leads to acknowledging and doing whatever is needed to get the expected. Vague and
subjective mission or target will need loads of explanation and that too, without any positive outcome.

In case of not being clear on the aspects of employee evaluation or review, there remains the scope
of doubts. Using such situations, suspicion and disbelief creep in, ruining the otherwise conducive

Written Constructive Evaluation

Everything in written, adds to the record, accessed as and when needed for the purpose of
comparison. New joiners might need frequent reviews than the experienced employees, but tips to
improve should always be there followed by the words of motivation for both of them.

Also, reviews should not be based on work of few days or a week or two. Monthly, quarterly and half
yearly reviews should be accepted as a standard. Doing this would ensure uniform improvement and
not just “maximum thrust on review days”. File of every employee should have detailed and factual
analysis with positive criticism.

Unbiased Opinion

Favouritism has an undiluted ability to pollute any healthy workplace culture. As an employer, it
should be your responsibility to maintain an open door policy and do not allow this disease to catch
on. Following this, will remove any chance of bias in the reviews and the employees, new or old will
trust you with your decisions.


Other factors of review include attendance, team work / spirit, coordination, abilities to take initiative
and creativity. Depending upon the job profile and company, weightage of one aspect can differ from
the other but the bottom line remains the same - guidance, motivation and improvement.

Where the role of employment service companies ends there starts the tuning and fine-tuning of the
employer and employee. Reviews and evaluation should take the relationship to the next level and
not downwards!

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