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 Spring 2012 ★ Sausalito Yacht Club ★ Established 1942
      Marotta Yachts of Sausalito
                 Brokers of Fine Sail and Motor Yachts
                  415/331-6200   •   Fax 415/331-6213

           M AROTTA
           Y ACHTS

            Y ACHT CLUB

              Sausalito, Gateway to San Francisco Bay

Why we’re consistently one of the Bay Area’s most successful brokerages:
   • Full page ads every month in Latitude 38, California Yachts and Yachts for Sale
   • Great exposure at show dock on Sausalito Boardwalk
   • Walk-through photo tours at and
   • Long experience with power and sail boats, chartering and cruising
   • Open seven days a week (M–F 9–5, Sat. 10–4, Sun. by appointment)
   • Proactive brokers with contacts up and down the West Coast
   • Licensed Coast Guard Captains
   • Continuous brokerage at this location since 1946
             100 Bay Street     •    Sausalito   •   California 94965
                                                     S queegee ★ S pring 2012

Letter from
the Commodore

               elcome to the Year of the
               Dragon. For a while, it
               looked as if the dragon
would swallow me but, due to your
support, it all worked out.
   2012 promises to be a great year as
we now have new management on board
in the positions of Sail Training, Chef
and General Manager. Many thanks
to Vice Commodore Ross Blanchard
for the hard work he put into finding
such great people. We have already seen
some new menu items and expect more
   I am sure most of you have seen
the work being done on the outside
bar. Thanks to Tom Francis, Malcolm               Treasurer Jim Merrill, with the           Above: SYC’s 2012 triumvirate. From the left:
Cameron, Gene Ghisolfo, Mark                  help of the finance committee, has put        Jerry Tarpin, Commodore; Mike Fiske, Rear
                                                                                            Commodore; Ross Blanchard, Vice Commodore.
Rushford, but especially to Dick Marsh        together an aggressive budget that sets
                                                                                            Photograph by Gary Ferber
who spent many hours on this project. I       some challenges for both management and
                                                                                            On the Cover: Jim Parrett, Rich Vasquez and crew
expect work to start on the inside bar by     the Board. It will take close coordination
                                                                                            powered up on Jazzbeau in the Twin Island Series
mid February.                                 and teamwork to meet all the goals set
                                                                                            in which they finished first in the non-spinnaker
   We will be looking for more                out in this budget, but I feel the current    division. Photograph by Roxanne Fairbairn
volunteers, especially for repairs needed     team is up to it and the club will benefit.   Photograph by Roxanne Fairbairn
to the clubhouse. This work will be lead by       By now, many of you will have met
Rear Commodore Mike Fiske.                    Dave Martel the new General Manager.
   On the afternoon of February 12            It is an understatement to say that I am
we had our first Town Hall Meeting.           very excited about what Dave brings to
I hope to make this a monthly event;          our Club. His strong background in the
check the website for dates. While we         food and beverage industries, as well
are looking to answer your questions,         as his experience in club management,
we are also seeking your input. Feel free     should mean that we have a great future
to contact any Officer or Chair with          ahead of us.
suggestions or comments.                      Stay Calm. Carry On.
                                              Jerry Tarpin Commodore

This &That
                                                       S queegee ★ S pring 2012

Our New GM
After five interviews, the
Board is sure they have
chosen the right man for the
job: Meet Dave Martel, SYC’s
new General Manager.
    When Dave was a teenager,
his family moved to Southern
California, which became                                                                                      Help Wanted
home until he moved north,                                                                                    Since the founding of the
first as Assistant General                                                                                    SYC, volunteers have made
Manager at the St. Francis                                                                                    the difference - working hard
Yacht Club, and then across                                                                                   to make the Club what it is
the bay to our club.                                                                                          today. Now, your 2012 Rear
    While in Orange County,        There will be less of a crowd aboard when Nomad takes off for Hawaii
                                                                                                              Commodore needs help.
Dave held a variety of positions                                                                                  It’s not hard to see that
in restaurants including
Maitre d’, Manager, Sommelier.
                                   …And They’re Off                                                           there is a lot of deferred
                                                                                                              maintenance at the Club and
He also worked for Southern        The Blanchards, the Magruders and the Proutys are taking part in the       Spring is the time to put our
Wine & Spirits, one of the         Pacific Cup this July and are busy getting the boat ready and can use      house in order. The outside
largest wine distributors in the   all the help they can get.                                                 bar has been completed (see
country. Manager of the               “We are planning to have a blog at” says           above) but there is still lots
Balboa Yacht, Bayside Restau-      Ross. “The site is under construction but please check in for updates      to do. Volunteering is a great
rant and Clubhouse Manager         on our progress. One of my kids, Chris Blanchard, works for GoPro          way to meet other members,
of the Balboa Bay Club all         and, if all goes well, we will have GoPro video cameras on board so        get involved and rebuild the
feature on his resume. There       everyone can see the adventure.                                            camaraderie that has been
can be no doubt about his             The Nomad crew plans to spend as much time as possible sailing          missing in our Club.
qualifications and experience      with our newly designed running rigging designed by Scott Easom and            We need help with clean-
in the hospitality industry.       new spinnakers from a Santa Cruz 50. We have completed the Safety          ing, painting, doing electrical
    Dave, his Hawaiian wife,       at Sea seminar and have attended the PacCup seminars. We are               work and basic repairs. Any-
Kim and cat now call San           designing and gathering all the navigation tools and safety equipment      one with ability at any skill
Rafael home and find Marin         necessary for this endeavor. One thing we still need is a spare            level will be welcomed with
County quieter and more            spinnaker pole. If anyone has one that is between 19 and 20 feet,          open arms, buckets and tools.
friendly than Orange County.       please let me know.”                                                       No skills. Don’t worry. I am
“I am thrilled to be here at the                                                                              sure we can find a job for you.
                                   Editor’s note: Nomad will be setting off for Hawaii from the St. Francis
Sausalito Yacht Club,” says                                                                                       E-mail or call me directly
                                   Yacht Club on July 16. Be sure to mark this date on your calendar so
Dave. “I look forward to many                                                                                 at (415) 686-1990.
                                   that you can give our intrepid members a SYC sendoff.
years at the helm.”                                                                                           Mike Fiske, Rear Commodore

                                                   S queegee ★ S pring 2012

 GUESS WHO         Hats on all three of these brothers who
           appear destined to captain their own boats. The
   youngest one most definitely achieved his ambition. Can
   you recognize him?
   Hats off to Baba Conroy. She identified all three of the
   previous Guess Who members. “I don’t care how old they
   are,” says Baba. “You can see the soul in their eyes.”
   The photo of Ray Kuhn Grenier that appeared in the last
   issue was taken in 1992 in front of the Santa Cruz Lee 67
   Merlin. Ray skippered her in the Women Skippers’ Race
   that year. Merlin is a famous Downwind Sled that held the
   Transpac record for years.

New Executive Chef                                                     Racing Season Schedule
                                                                       These are club-sponsored races open to all members:
Jayne Reichert was raised on a farm where fresh eggs came from
the neighbor’s chicken coop, meat was butchered at her grand-          Twin Island Series:                Rear Commodore’s Race:
father’s farm and vegetables were picked from the garden. As a         Three races around Alcatraz        A 20-mile race/cruise to Vallejo
                                                                       and Angel Island on April 28,      Yacht Club on June 30. This is
girl, she made mud pies and played with her Easy Bake Oven.
                                                                       July 21 and October 13. (You       usually a great downwind race
    Jayne studied journalism at Arizona State University
                                                                       choose your direction around       with an excellent party and
and, upon graduation, received an offer to build a Catering,           the islands)                       dinner afterward.
Culinary and Event Program for The Sports Club Company in
                                                                       Sunset Series:                     Midwinter Series:
Irvine, CA. Jayne was a natural hostess and, before she knew it,
                                                                       Ten Spring and Summer races        Five races on the first Sunday
had transformed this forte into a career choice.
                                                                       on alternate Tuesday nights to     of the month from November
    Over the next 19 years, Jayne developed and orchestrated           set aside work pressures for       through March.
events and culinary programs for The Sports Club Company,              mid-week competition. The
                                                                                                          Watch for other regattas that the
KBA Marketing, Disney Studios, Chateau St. Jean and The                Spring Series starts May 1
                                                                                                          club will be hosting:
San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. In 1998, she made a                 and the Summer Series starts
bold decision and enrolled in the California Culinary Acade-           July 24. The Champion of           Hobie 16 and 20 National
                                                                       Champions is on October 20.        Championships, June 18 to 22
my in San Francisco. After graduating from CCA, she opened
a cutlery and knife-sharpening store called Razor Sharp Cut-           Women Skippers’ Regatta:           J105 Fleet Race, June 23 and 24
lery in San Francisco. She also launched a personal chef and           Three races on April 14 for
                                                                                                          Lipton Cup, July 14
catering company called BITE, with clientele in                        women as skippers. “No man
                                                                       may touch the wheel!”. New,        NOOD, September 22 and 23
San Francisco, Sausalito and Tiburon. She
                                                                       earlier date for 2012! There are
is currently Cooking School Director at                                                                   J105 Match Race, October 6 and 7
                                                                       also special divisions for all-
Cavallo Point and resides in Sausalito
                                                                       women crew.
with a four-legged friend named Ted.
    We are thrilled to have Jayne as
our Executive Chef. Her duties will in-
clude assisting the Kitchen Manager,
Hector Torres, with menu selections,
recipes and presentation; helping with
inventory and cost controls; designing
the catering menu; and overseeing                                                 Jayne Reichert
execution and room design.                                                         Executive Chef

                                                     S queegee ★ S pring 2012

Se C R e Ta Ry ’ S R e p ORT FROM LA RRy M ORA e s
                                                                        Notice To Members
       s outlined in the Sausalito Yacht Club By-Laws, the
                                                                        The Executive Board authorized an emergency $10,000
       Secretary has very specific responsibilities. These
                                                                        expenditure to refurbish the mooring field. This expenditure is
       include documenting meetings of the FOC and EB,
                                                                        outside of the operating budget and will be drawn from the building
and communicating to the membership as it relates to these
                                                                        fund. You will have an opportunity to vote on this expenditure at
two managing bodies, meetings and elections.
                                                                        the next regular membership meeting.
    As your Secretary this year, I will fulfill these obligations
with great diligence. All of the FOC and EB meeting
minutes will be posted on the website within two weeks of
all meetings occurring as well as being available for you to
                                                                                                 THOMAS McEVOY
read in a binder kept in the Manager’s office. These reports                                     CONSTRUCTION COMPANY
will contain proprietary information and will be issued as                                       Over 30 Years Ser ving Marin County
read-only documents.                                                                             For all your Remodeling & Construction Projects

    Internally, the FOC and EB will be using Cloud-based
software that allows us to facilitate better internal commun-                                                           •
ications and to maintain permanent records of all meetings                                                         Bathrooms
and the reports provided by the Chairs and Directors.
The upside to this will be a smoother transition of                                                                     •
responsibilities from year to year as we will have a history                                                   Elevated Car Ports
for Directors and Chairs to read.                                                                              New Construction
    My mission this year is to ensure the maximum                                                                       •
transparency policy of what is occurring at your Club.                                                               Decks
When minutes are posted, we will send you an e-mail alert.                                                          Drawings
    Meeting schedules of the EB and FOC will also be
posted and members are invited to attend. In order to                                                      No job too small
maintain a schedule at these meetings, I recommend you                                              Special rates to Club Members
notify the Commodore if you want to make a presentation
at either of these meetings.
    2012 will be a seminal year for your Club and I am
honored to be working with new GM Dave Martel, the
FOC and the EB. You have a lot to look forward to with
Club food, beverages and service reaching new levels
of quality. The Race program at SYC is now considered
the best run in the Bay Area and one of the best overall                                              Home #        415-472-7527
programs in our area. The Cruise program aims to appeal                                                      415-609-7527
                                                                                                        Cell #
to more members with more diversity in destinations.                                          
The Sail Training program already sets a benchmark.
Our financial reporting is the best it has ever been and is                                                        Lic# 542680
better controlled. Facilities maintenance is being addressed
prudently and with great efforts from the Port Captain.
(Speaking of which, please thank Dick Marsh for his hard
work on the outside bar.) The Entertainment Chair has a
great year planned as well. Member participation is growing
in all facets of the Club making it a great place to be.
    I look forward to seeing you at the Club and welcome
your suggestions.

                                                      S queegee ★ S pring 2012

R aC I N G R e p O R T F R OM DAv e BORtOn

Midwinter Series
This promises to be an exciting year –
racing and watching the racing

        he first, third and fourth races of
        the Midwinter Series this year
        showed that sometimes there is
no wind on the Bay for hours. The race
committee waited for between one and
almost two hours before postponing
each race. Even the second race was
delayed for 50 minutes before the wind
filled in. But then it remained steady
and offered a great racing afternoon.
What an excellent way to spend a winter
Sunday afternoon: basking in the
sunshine; watching the sea life; getting
in a good race. The second course: the
friendly club scene and Regatta Soup
from Hector’s kitchen. Two races were
scheduled on March 4 for the final,
make-up race. Even then the race was
postponed 45 minutes as the wind
settled down from the North. But both
races were completed. Hurray!!!
Division winners were:
Spinnaker Div a:
Ron Anderson, Streaker
Spinnaker Div C:
Doug Grant, Grey Ghost
Non-spin Div D:
Julle Magnus, Min Flicka
                                              Above: Randy Grenier and crew with the trophy       Lower right: Ron Anderson wins first place in
Non-spin Div e:                               for first place in Non-spinnaker, Div E on La Mer   Spinnaker, Div A on Streaker
Randy Grenier, La Mer
                                              Lower left: Doug Grant takes first in Spinnaker,    All photographs by Roxanne Fairbairn
Sport Boat:                                   Div B on Grey Ghost
Daniel Thielman, Kuai
Full results are on the club website.
For racing schedule see page 3.

                            Be pRe pa Re D By s e RGe Ant WI L L I AM R. F RAAss, sAusAL I t O POL I ce DePt.

               T H e F IRS T S Te p I N DI S a S Te R pRe pa ReDNeSS FOR BOaT eRS IS DeveL OpING aN eMeRGeNCy pL aN

        he City of Sausalito has always                                                      ★  Double all lines. Rig crossing-spring
        been identified as a waterfront                                                      lines fore and aft. Attach lines high on
        community with a strong maritime                   EMERGENCY PLAN
                                                                                             pilings to allow for tidal rise or surge.
        history. With 8 Marinas/Harbors       During disasters, it is recommended            Use nails to insure that lines will not slip
berthing approximately 1,500 vessels,         that you do not stay on your vessel.           off and select the sturdiest and tallest
130 vessels moored in Richardson Bay,         Your vessel is not a steady platform and       pilings.
and 2.2 square miles of waterfront            it is subject to potentially severe weather    ★  Prevent rope chafing by wrapping
property used for commercial, residential     conditions. Also, if you are on your           tape, rags and rubber hoses around lines
and recreational purposes this identi-        vessel during a disaster, it may be            at potential rough points.
fication is as true today as it was in the    impossible for emergency responders            ★ Check for strong backing plates
1840s when settlers looking for gold          to get to you to render assistance.            on all cleats, winches, chocks, bitts
decided to live upon Richardson Bay or            Your emergency plan should detail          and bollards.
in the 1940s when Liberty ships were          the steps you will take during a disaster
being built and launched from the                                                            ★  Ensure automatic bilge pumps are
                                              and should cover topics such as, but not
shores of Sausalito.                                                                         strong and batteries are fully charged.
                                              limited to, the following:
    Due to this strong maritime presence,                                                    ★ Enhance the watertight integrity of
                                              ★ Where and how you will secure
the City of Sausalito feels it is important                                                  the vessel both below and above the
                                              your vessel
that anyone who lives upon a vessel or                                                       water line. Seal windows, doors and
uses a vessel for recreational purposes       ★ Emergency contacts for yourself, your        hatches with duct tape as necessary. Shut
in Sausalito is prepared for emergencies      family, and your vessel                        seacocks, plug sink drains and un-valve
and disasters that might arise. While it      ★ Information regarding your vessel (i.e.      through-hull fittings.
is impossible to give exact instructions      boat records, insurance policies, photos,      ★  Have on hand additional lines, fend-
regarding preparing for the numerous          and equipment inventories)                     ers, fender boards, anchors, ground screw
disasters or emergencies that might
                                              ★   Location of supplies (food, water, etc.)   anchors and chafing gear.
strike, the following recommendations
will greatly enhance your ability to          The proper securing of your vessel             ★ Strip sails, tie off sails and/or de-rig
survive a disaster while on your vessel       during a disaster is of great importance.      and secure all deck gear.
as well as protecting your vessel during      Vessels that break free not only can           ★ Rehearse your planned vessel move-
the disaster.                                 cause great damage and/or death, but           ment to include an actual visit to your
                                              the owner may be held responsible.             mooring/anchoring location. Use a
                                              Consider the following when creating           minimum of two and preferably three
                                              your emergency plan:                           anchors of the Bruce or CQR variety.
                                              ★  If possible, secure the vessel in a ma-     ★  Keep firefighting and lifesaving
                                              rina berth, safe harbor or haul the vessel.    equipment handy and in good order.

                                              FIRST aID/MeDICaL                              Clothing
                                              Contact your local American Red Cross          ★   Jacket or coat
                 SUPPLIES                     chapter to obtain a basic first-aid manual     ★   Long pants
The following supplies should be kept         and assemble a kit for your vessel that        ★   Long sleeve shirt
on your vessel:                               includes the following:
                                                                                             ★   Sturdy shoes or work boots
WaTeR                                         ★ Sterile adhesive bandages
                                              in assorted sizes                              ★   Hat, gloves and scarf
The safest, most reliable and recom-
mended emergency water supply is              ★   2-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)            ★   Rain gear
commercially-bottled water. Keep              ★   4-inch sterile gauze pads (4-6)            ★   Thermal underwear
bottled water in its original container, do                                                  ★   Blankets or sleeping bags
                                              ★   Hypoallergenic adhesive tape
not open it until needed and observe the                                                     ★   Sunglasses
                                              ★   Triangular bandages (3)
“use by” date, replacing when necessary.
                                                  2-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)   Sanitation
You should have at least a three-day sup-     ★

ply allowing at least one gallon of water     ★   3-inch sterile roller bandages (3 rolls)   ★   Toilet paper
per person per day. A normally active         ★   Scissors                                   ★   Soap, liquid detergent
person needs at least one-half gallon of      ★   Tweezers                                   ★   Feminine supplies
water daily just for drinking.                                                               ★   Personal hygiene items
                                              ★   Needle
                                              ★   Moistened towelettes                       ★ Plastic garbage bags, ties (for personal
Store at least a three-day supply of non-
                                                                                             sanitation uses)
perishable food. Select foods that require    ★   Antiseptic
                                                                                             ★   Plastic bucket with tight lid
no refrigeration, preparation or cooking      ★   Thermometer
and little or no water to prepare. If you                                                    ★   Disinfectant
                                              ★   Tongue blades (2)
will need to heat food, pack a can of                                                        ★   Household chlorine bleach
                                              ★  Tube of petroleum jelly
Sterno. Select food items that are com-       or other lubricant                             Miscellaneous
pact and lightweight. Avoid foods that                                                       ★ Mess kits, or paper cups, plates and
                                              ★   Assorted sizes of safety pins
will make you thirsty. Choose salt-free                                                      plastic utensils
crackers, whole grain cereals, and canned
                                              ★   Cleansing agent/soap                       ★  Portable, battery-operated radio or
foods with high liquid content. Be sure       ★   Latex gloves (2 pair)                      television and extra batteries
to include a manual can opener.               ★   Sunscreen                                  ★   Cellular phone
★ Ready-to-eat canned meats, fruits and       ★   Prescription drugs/medications             ★   Flashlight and extra batteries
vegetables                                                                                       Cash or traveler’s checks, change
                                              Non-prescription drugs                         ★
★  Canned juices, milk, soup (if powdered,    ★   Aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever       ★   Non-electric can opener, utility knife
store extra water)                            ★   Anti-diarrhea medication                   ★   Pliers
★   Staples--sugar, salt, pepper              ★   Antacid (for stomach upset)                ★   Tape
★  High energy foods--peanut butter,                                                         ★   Compass
jelly, crackers, granola bars, trail mix                                                     ★   Matches in a waterproof container
★   Vitamins                                        CLoThING/SANITATIoN/TooLS                ★   Aluminum foil
★ Foods for infants, elderly persons or       It can be cold along the Sausalito water-      ★   Plastic storage containers
persons with special dietary needs            front. Think about how you will remain
                                                                                             ★   Signal flare
                                              warm while on your vessel. You must
★  Comfort/stress foods--cookies, hard                                                       ★   Paper, pencil
                                              also consider sanitation issues if you are
candy, sweetened cereals, lollipops, in-                                                         Needles, thread
                                              staying on your vessel for a protracted        ★
stant coffee, tea bags, etc.
                                              period of time. With these issues in           ★   Medicine dropper
                                              mind, the following items should be            ★   Whistle
                                              contained on your vessel:                      ★   Plastic sheeting

                                                   1.City of Sausalito Website: This provides             text message, e-mail, or over the Internet
                                                   updated information regarding on-going                 To register for this service, go to: www.
                 CoMMUNICATIoNS                    emergencies and/or disasters that are        
Having timely and accurate information             impacting the community:                               4. Currents: Currents is a free e-mail news
is of extreme importance. The City of                                     brief with information about local events
Sausalito uses the following communi-              2. City of Sausalito Disaster                          and meetings. In order to register for
cation methods during emergencies or               preparedness-emergency Operations Website:             Currents, go to:
disasters:                                          Get information regarding how to                      Index.aspx?page=429
RaDIO - eMeRGeNCy BROaDCaST SySTeM                 prepare for, and what to expect from,         The City of Sausalito uses
The Emergency Broadcast System is                  disasters/emergencies that may occur          to provide citizens with
a joint venture between the City of                in our community. Please visit: www.                   free, up-to-date information regarding
Sausalito and Radio Sausalito (1610                       incidents happening in Sausalito. Nixle
AM) designed to keep citizens informed             to educate yourself regarding disaster                 alerts are also transmitted over Twitter.
about emergency events such as winter              preparedness.                                          com. In order to register for this service,
storms, power outages, large fires or     This is a free service provid-            go to
police emergencies. The City’s Emer-               ing trustworthy, up-to-date information                TeLepHONe HOT LINe
gency Operations Center Managers                   regarding the City of Sausalito. People                The City of Sausalito maintains a
have access to this system 24 hours a day          can choose the information they want                   telephonic disaster hotline in order to
allowing it to be updated as necessary.            ranging from urgent public safety                      provide updated information to the
INTeRNeT - eLeCTRONIC MeSSaGeS                     alerts to less time-sensitive community                public regarding disasters or emergencies
The City of Sausalito uses five different          advisories and choose to receive the                   that are ongoing in the City of Sausalito
methods to impart emergency/disaster               information requested as a cell phone                  or that are affecting the City. Call
information to the public electronically:                                                                 (415) 289-4151.

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 DRE# 00980159

                            Residential Leasing & Management Specialists

MaRITIMe RaDIO                                ★  Limit non-emergency calls to con-         Sausalito’s Emergency Services Manager,
Every operating vessel should be              serve battery power and free-up wireless     Sergeant William R. Fraass, is available
equipped with a VHF Maritime Radio            networks for emergency agencies and          to meet with concerned citizens.
tuned, during disasters/emergencies, to       operations.                                  Please contact Sergeant Fraass at:
Channel 16. The United States Coast           ★ Consider using text messages to   or at
Guard will provide timely information         communicate. Often text messages get         (415) 289-4172.
over this channel. People on vessels can      through when wireless networks are
use this channel to communicate with                                                        eDITOR’S NOTe:
                                              overtaxed during a crisis
the United States Coast Guard to                                                            Inspired by the video:
                                              ★   Keep a phone charger on your vessel       Boatlift, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience
summon assistance.
                                              ★  Understand your cell phone’s capa-         I thought it would be a good idea for
                                              bilities: e-mail, weather updates, news       our members to be reminded about the
To get the best use from a cellular
                                              reports and more. This can all make a         importance of being prepared for
phone, prepare as follows:
★ Maintain a list of emergency phone
                                              difference during a disaster.                 a disaster and to know how they might

                                                 Place your phone (as well as any lap-      be able to assist in any rescue operations.
numbers – police, fire, and rescue agen-      ★
                                              tops, PDAs, batteries, chargers and other     See the video at (
cies; power companies; insurance provid-
                                              equipment) in a resealable, plastic bag       watch?v=MDOrxF7B2Kg)
ers; family, friends and co-workers; etc. –
                                              and store in a dry, accessible location.         The Squeegee would like to thank
and program them into your cell phone
                                                 The subjects discussed in this article     the City of Sausalito’s Emergency
for easy dialing.
                                              are just a few of the many different          Services Manager, Sergeant William R.
★  Distribute wireless phone numbers to
                                              ways in which people can prepare for          Fraass who wrote this informative article
family members and friends.
                                              disasters along the waterfront. If you are    especially for our newsletter.
★  Keep a charged spare battery for your
                                              interested in learning more, the City of
cell phone and other electronic devices.

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                                                       S queegee ★ S pring 2012


We donated around $30,000 last year
for scholarships, boat repairs and parts

      quote Article 1, Section 1 of our
      By-laws: “The purpose of the
      Sausalito Youth Sailing Foundation
is to support all charitable activities,
including education of on-the-water
boating activities, safety, and amateur
competition. The selection of scholarship
recipients and operation of the
Foundation shall be the responsibility of
the entire board.”
    To fulfill our mandate, we donated
around $30,000 last year to SYC Sailing
Program for scholarships, boat repairs
and parts. This amount does not include
a few apprentice program scholarships
awarded to the Spaulding Center.               NEw CoACh                                     Above: Our new Coach, Christine Bletzer (under
                                               Please welcome our new Coach,                 the sail) with some of her pupils
april 29: Opening Day & Silent Auction:        Christine Bletzer. That’s her in the center    doNATIoNS
Start thinking about what you might            of the photo, above, with a few happy          You may make a donation on line at:
donate to our largest event of the year:       sailors on Little Zaca, used for the 
dinners, sunset cruises, Giant’s               advanced sailors and for our adult sailing     sailing/donationssysf/
tickets, sailing books, cruising cook          classes. See page 12 for Chritine’s updates
                                                                                              Or, mail it to: SYS Foundation, 1001
books, anything related to sailing, condo      on Regattas and racing standings.
                                                   Check our website: www.                    Bridgeway, #906, Sausalito, CA.
stays, hotel nights, picnic baskets filled                                                    94965. Or, contact anyone on the
with goodies, spa baskets, golf lessons,
                                               calendar-2/. Under youth sailing               board to make other arrangements.
wine country tour, etc. Get Creative!!
                                               tab, go to adult and women’s sailing           We are a 501 (C) 3 Charitable Foun-
June 29: We will provide food and drinks
                                               classes. Or, contact Christine at: coach@      dation dedicated to Sail Training for
for Jazz in the Park.                                        deserving youth in our community.
September 1-3: We will have a booth at the     NEw BoARd MEMBER                               Verify any donation with your CPA.
Sausalito Art Festival                         The Foundation would like to welcome
September: Home and Garden Tour of             a new Board Member - Alex DiChiara.
the backyards of Strawberry aboard Gas         You may remember his daughter Olivia.
Light with Captain Billy Martinelli.           She was a Summer program instruc-
Most Exceptional!                              tor for many years and raced in the Ida
                                               Lewis Double Handed race.

                                                    S queegee ★ S pring 2012

“So...we’re thinking about
                                               THE NEW
                                                                                               After the first day, though, I was
                                                                                           hooked. We started out by just learning
moving to California...”                                                                   parts of the boat and the points of
                                             KID IN TOWN
          efore my mother said this, I                                                     sail. It seemed impossible to actually
          never thought we’d leave Park                                                    remember it all, but now it just comes
                                                         By Devon Stoeber
          City, Utah. As far back as I                                                     out like everyday vocabulary. When we
could remember, my life consisted of                                                       actually got in the boat I felt like a bull
familiar places, people and activities.                                                    in a china shop. The boat keep tilting,
I spent the winters skiing, and the                                                        and the lines were all over the place.
summer hanging out with kids I’d                                                           I watched the other kids sailing so
known since kindergarten. But, as                                                          smoothly across the water hoping that,
much as I loved my friends, I was                                                          one day, I would be able to do as well!
tired of living someplace where it was                                                     I learned so much and felt comfortable
cold and snowy from October until                                                          with the group right away.
June, and part of me was excited about                                                         Some of the counselors were on the
starting over at a new school.                                                             Tam High sailing team and the more
    I’ll never forget the first time I saw                                                 I learned about them, the more
Tam High School. It was so different                                                       interested I was. I noticed how much
and confusing, and much bigger than                                                        fun they had together and how well
my old school. I tried not to think                                                        they worked together as a team - really
about how scared I’d be, starting there                                                    supportive and encouraging. Plus, since
without knowing anyone. We were                                                            many of the kids went to Tam, I now
going to move here, I was just going to                                                    had people to ask about school. I
have to be brave.                                                                          already had friends, even before school
    When we got to Sausalito, we spent                                                     actually started and I wasn’t worried
the first few weeks being “tourists.”                                                      about the first day of classes anymore.
My sisters were both home and it felt                                                          Now, sailing is a huge part of my
just like a family vacation. But eventu-                                                   life. I’m on the Tam High School
ally reality hit me. My sisters returned                                                   varsity sailing team - we meet at the
to school and work. Now what was I                                                         Sausalito Yacht Club three times a
going to do?                                                                               week. I’m learning more about sailing
    My dad had a great idea: if                                                            and teamwork all the time. Hopefully
being in Park City meant skiing, then                                                      I will continue to improve and be on a
what did being in Sausalito mean?                                                          team during college - maybe even get a
Sailing! In his daily strolls he walked                                                    sailing scholarship!
by the Sausalito Yacht Club, noticed                                                           We moved to Utah just before the
the sign for the Summer Youth Sailing        The author, 14-year-old Devon Stoeber,        2002 Olympics. I was too little to
camp and realized it would be the            progressed from being a novice to a member    understand the importance of what was
                                             of the Tam High School varsity sailing team
perfect thing for me. I could meet other                                                   happening, but I remember the crowds
                                             in just one season
kids, not be bored, and learn a new                                                        and excitement. In 2013 the America’s
sport. I thought he was crazy! I didn’t                                                    Cup will be here in the Bay area with its
know anything about boats and I                                                            own crowds and excitement. This time
wasn’t interested in being with a bunch                                                    though, it will be about something I
of strangers.                                                                              love and understand. I can’t wait!

                                                         S queegee ★ S pring 2012

yO U T H S a IL IN G R e p O RT FROM chRIs tIne BLe tz e R

Spring Sailing is Just
around the Corner

            n January 7-8, Youth Sailing            The next big upcoming event is the                opportunity to either learn or brush up
            here in Sausalito kicked off         Cardinal Regatta to be held February                 old skills or simply enjoy being on the bay!
            the New Year with one of the         25-26 at Treasure Island Sailing Center              Summer youth Sailing Classes -
most important regattas of the season.           here in San Francisco. Wish them luck                Basic, Intermediate, Advanced: Ages 8 –
The Tamalpais High School team                   or come cheer them on!                               17. June to mid August. Sign up on-line
traveled all the way to Long Beach, CA           SPRING PRoGRAM                                       and early since classes fill up very fast.
for the Rose Bowl Regatta! The team              youth Optimist Class: April 8 to May 13,             The waiting list is prioritized by date of
performed respectably against more than          a six-week class that meets on Sundays               the application.
29 college teams and 28 high school              from 12.30pm to 4pm.
                                                                                                         To stay in the loop with Youth
teams from all across the country, allow-        adult Keelboat Class: April 11 to                    Sailing at Sausalito Yacht Club check
ing them to carry on with accomplishing          May 16, a six-week class that meets on               out the Youth Sailing portion of the
their goal of competing in California’s          Wednesdays from 11am-1.30pm on                       website.
Gold Fleet. In addition to Rose Bowl,            Little Zaca, our Cal20. This is a great              youth-sailing.
the Tam team continues to prove them-
selves among the very top of the fleet in
local northern California events. Sam
Gates and Quinn Vangelos’ second place
finish at The Little Daddy Regatta at
Richmond Yacht Club, Mark Etem
and Colvin Kuhn’s second place finish,
and Sam Gates and Jazzy Gerraty’s tie
for third place at Oyster Point are all a
testament to the team’s hard work and
success in 2012.
   Along with the team’s impressive
success at the top, the junior varsity team
members from last Fall have all recently
made the jump to varsity! The skill and
patience of our older members combined
with the heart and tremendously hard
work of our newer, younger members are
what put the Tam team at the Sausalito           Team getting ready to go sailing at Encinal Yacht Club
Yacht Club among the best in the country.
The camaraderie among the team -
evident both on and off the water - is truly
unique at the high school level.

                                                       S queegee ★ S pring 2012

 C R U IS e R e p O R T F R OM RA nDI hA RRy

 Our cruises will offer a balance between high-end
 events and more reasonably-priced ones so that cruisers
 have a variety from which to choose.                                                           august (Date to be determined): Drake’s Bay
                                                                                                Cruise. Captain Thomas Perry
                                               2012 CRUISE CALENdAR                             august 18-19: Day Sails to view America’s

                                               april (Date to be determined): River Cruise to   Cup races
                                               Petaluma. Captain John Farnsworth                august 31- September 3: Cruise to Half

                                               april 21: Angel Island BBQ. Captain              Moon Bay. Captain Randi Harry
                                               Roger Milligan                                   September 15-16: Cruise to Encinal Yacht

                                               april 29: Opening Day Parade & Blessing          Club. Captain Jeff Polick
                                               of the Fleet. Captain Jim Gabbert                October 6-7: Day Sails to view Fleet Week
                                                                                                celebrations. Captain Ron Helenbeck

W    e have planned a variety of cruise        May 18-20: Grindstone Joe’s in the Delta.
                                               Captain Roger Milligan                           (tentative)
     experiences for 2012, each one
managed by a volunteer Cruise Captain.         May 26-27: Cruise to St. Francis Yacht           October 18: Seminar – Electronic Chart

We plan to offer at least one cruise event     Club. Captain Don Holden                         Navigation. Captain Marilee Shaffer
per month (preferably two) consisting of:                                                       (invited)
                                               June 8-9: Cruise to South Beach Yacht
                                               Club & Giants game. Captain Bob                  October (Date to be determined): Inter-Club
★  Our traditional visits to and dinners
                                               Wilson                                           Cruise to Tinsley Island. Captains Larry
at local yacht clubs. Some are relatively
                                                                                                Moraes & Don Holden
close, some a little further away.             June 30-July 1: Rear Commodore’s Race/
                                               Cruise to Vallejo. Captain Temple Stuart         November 17-18: Cruise to Berkeley Yacht
★ Offshore trips to Half Moon Bay, the
                                                                                                Club & Lobster Feed. Captain Bryan
Farallon Islands and Drakes Bay.               July 7-8: Cruise to Benicia Yacht Club.
★ Single-day cruises, coordinated with         Captain Bryan Lawton
                                                                                                November (Date to be determined): Cruise to
other events such as Opening Day on            July 19: Seminar – Emergencies at Sea.
                                                                                                Jack London Square; Dinner & Jazz at
the Bay, Fleet Week and, if possible,          Captain John Connolly (invited)
                                                                                                Yoshi’s. Captain Andy Mendel (tentative)
the America’s Cup. Ideally these would
                                                                                                December 1-2: Cruise to Jack London
conclude with dinner at SYC
                                                                                                Square for Lighted Boat Parade.
★ Delta and river cruises to Grindstone
                                                                                                   We’re using a new event registration
Joe’s, Tinsley Island and Petaluma.
                                                                                                system, which should make registering
    We also plan to offer three to four                                                         for cruises much easier. Visit the Club
Cruise Seminars coordinating these                                                              website to see which cruises are currently
events with other Chairs so that we                                                             open for registration.
fill the entire Third Thursday calendar.                                                           We hope to see you all at one or more
Invited speakers will cover Coastal                                                             of our cruise events!
Cruising, Emergencies at Sea and               Top Left: Photograph of the Farallon Islands
                                               by Robert Schwemmer
Electronic Chart Navigation.
                                               Above Center: Berkeley Yacht Club

                                               Top Right: Photograph of Angel Island BBQ
                                               by Rod Bauer

                                         S queegee ★ S pring 2012

party Time
SYC never misses an opportunity to have a party.
Look for yourself among these photographs taken
by Gary Ferber at the New Year, St. Valentine’s
Day and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

                                                          S queegee ★ S pring 2012

aU X I L Ia Ry R e p O R T F ROM M A Ry s he RM A n

We want to extend a great big thank you to
all the businesses and people who donated items
to the SYC Auxiliary silent auction held at
the Valentine’s Day event.

         s the new President of the Auxiliary, I am very                      the wonderful things given to us to help raise funds at this
         excited about the upcoming year at the Club. Our                     event. Unfortunately, there are too many to be able to thank
         first big and important event was on February 11 -                   each and every one of you by name. Please accept our deepest
the Valentine’s Day Dinner/Dance with silent auction. The                     gratitude for your generosity.
Club was transformed into a magical, romantic environment                        The February event will be followed by the Easter Children’s
where everyone ate, drank, cuddled and danced the night away.                 party on April 8 and the 32nd annual Women Skippers’ Regatta
   The proceeds from the Valentine’s Day event go to support                  on April 14. This is the perfect venue for the ladies of the
our Children’s parties, Junior Sailing, the Women Skippers’                   sailing world to show off their talents. Why should the men
Regatta and to fund various requests from the Club. Cruises                   have all the fun?
on private boats, wine and wine tastings, gift certificates for                  The Auxiliary Board meets at 11am every third Sunday
dining and car detailing, food baskets, and jewelry were among                of the month. Please join us and help to support our Club.

                                                                                                     Adult Sail Instruction
                                                                                         First Timer to Off Shore, US Sailing Certification
                                                                                         Skipper boats to 34 Feet after 8 Days of Training

                                                                                                    Charter from Our Fleet
                                                                                          40 Boats From 26 to 49 Feet, Sail and Power
                                                                                         Locations in Clipper Marina Sausalito & Alameda

                                                                                              Private Charters & Special Events
                                                                                          Birthday, Anniversary, Bay Tour, America’s Cup
                                                                                            Corporate Team Building and Sail Retreats

                                                                                                  USCG Licensed Instructors
                                                                                           Classes, Private Lessons on Your Boat or Ours
Zara was a contestant in the 2011 31st annual Women Skippers’ Regatta.
                                                                                          School boats from 26 Foot Keelboat to Offshore
Photograph by Jenny Sherman Photography, SF.
                                                                                                        To Book a Class or Charter a Boat Call:
                                                                                                        SYC Member Charlie Bogue,Captain USCG

                                                                                                        Member Services Director,
                                                                                                        Club Nautique Sausalito
                                                                                                        400 D Harbor Drive, Clipper Marina

                                                           S queegee ★ S pring 2012

eX eC UT Iv e B O a R D R e pORT FROM M Ik e M A GRuDe R                     Committee Chairs: Facilities, Mike Fiske; Human
                                                                          Resources, Ross Blanchard; By-laws, Tim Prouty; Lease
The club is now fully staffed                                             Negotiations, Jim Merrill.
                                                                             Thanks to tremendous efforts by Jim Merrill and Dave
and ready to provide members with                                         Spaulding, we have adopted a budget for 2012. This budget
                                                                          plans to fund operations as well as make us become current on
the experience they deserve.                                              our lease obligation and Building Fund contributions.
                                                                             The Executive Board meets on the third Thursday of every
                                                                          month at 6:30 pm, 1 Harbor Drive conference room. I invite all
                                                                          interested members to attend. If you have an issue you would
                                                                          like to see included on our agenda, please notify the Secretary.

       reetings fellow members from your Executive                           We are very pleased to announce that we have hired
       Board.                                                             Dave Martel as Club Manager and Jayne Reichert as Executive
          To welcome the 2012 Board, we had our first                     Chef. (See pages 2 and 3.) We are fortunate to have these
meeting January 26. The Board members for 2012 are: Mike                  two professionals in charge of operations. Please come in and
Magruder, John O’Connell, Bryan Lawton, Jerry Tarpin, Ross                introduce yourselves.
Blanchard, Jim Merrill and Larry Moraes.                                     I look forward to a great year. To make sure that the
   We elected officers for the Executive Board: Chairman,                 happiness and fun are back, Ross Blanchard has been
Mike Magruder; Finance Chair, John O’Connell; Audit Chair,                appointed Chief Happy Officer and Mike Fiske has been
Bryan Lawton.                                                             named Chief Fun Officer. If you have any issues related to
   Officers of the Corporation: President, Mike Magruder;                 happy or fun, these are the men to approach to make sure you
Vice President, John O’Connell; Treasurer, Jim Merrill;                   receive your fair share.
Assistant Treasurer, Dave Spaulding; Secretary, Larry Moraes.             Best wishes to you all for a great 2012.

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                                                  Make the Right Real Estate Decision.

                                                   Providing happy endings for over 20 years.

                                                       Bill Hogan and Michele McLellan


                                                                Coldwell Banker Real Estate Brokerage, 350 Bon Air Center, Greenbrae CA 94904

                                                S queegee ★ S pring 2012

                                          EXECUTIvE BoARd                        SQUEEGEE
                                          Mike Magruder                          Karin Shakery, Editor
                                          John O’Connell               
                                                                                 Jim Blakeley, Advertising Manager

                                          Bryan Lawton
                                          Jerry Tarpin
                                                                                 Karen Berndt, Designer

yacht Club
                                          Ross Blanchard
                                          Jim Merrill
                                                                                 Dave Martel, General Manager
PO Box 267, Sausalito, CA 94966.          Larry Moraes                 
Telephone: (415) 332.7400
                                          NoMINATING CoMMITTEE                   Jackie Lewis, Office Manager
                                          Tony Cameron                 
Jerry Tarpin, Commodore                   Andy Eggler                            Ernest Morgan, Bar Manager                                       
                                          Jim Gabbert,
Ross Blanchard, Vice Commodore                                                   Christine Bletzer, Coach
                                          Mary Richardson                                   
                                          John Williams
Mike Fiske, Rear Commodore
                                                                                  oFFICE hoURS      SYS FoUNdATIoN CoMMITTEE
                                                                                  Monday to Thursday: 9am – 5pm
                                          Peter Schoen, President
Jim Gabbert, Jr. Staff Commodore
                                                                                  Friday: Noon – 8pm   Todd Gates, Vice President
                                          Bob Rogers, Treasurer                   BAR hoURS
Jim Merrill, Treasurer
                                                                                  Monday: Closed          Jock Rystrom, Secretary
                                                                                  Tuesday: Closed
Larry Moraes, Secretary
                                          AUXILIARY                               Wednesday: 5pm - 9 pm
                                          Mary Sherman, President
                                                                                  Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Bill Aubrey, Port Captain                 Jim Douglas, Vice President             Friday: Noon – Midnight
                                          Gail Ward, Treasurer                    Saturday: Noon – 11pm
John Lerner, Membership Chair
                                          Marilyn Tousey, Secretary               Sunday: 10am – 9pm
                                          Mary Richardson, Director & Past
Cheryl Popp, Entertainment Chair                                                  GALLEY hoURS
                                          President                                              Monday: Closed
                                          Elaine Thorne, Membership Director
                                                                                  Tuesday: Closed
Dave Borton, Race Chair
                                          Kay Dunnigan, Entertainment Director    Wednesday: Closed
                                          Peter Thorne, Director at Large         Thursday: 6pm – 8pm
Robert Stoeber,
Communications Chair                      CJ Avis, Director at Large              Friday: Noon – 3pm; 6pm – 10pm     Anne Ledoux, Director at Large          Saturday: Noon – 6pm; 6pm – pm
Randi Harry, Cruise Chair                                                         Sunday: 10am – 5pm; 5pm- 8pm                                                     For reservations, phone
Jock Rystrom, Sail Instruction Chair                                              (415) 332.7400 extension 115                                               or send us an e-mail at:
Mary Sherman, Auxiliary President                                                 with the subject line “Reservations”

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