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									             Hotel Guest Satisfaction And The Hotel Industry

                                By: Dilip Sanchez

Understanding Hotel Guest Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction

Hotel customer satisfaction is something that all hotels strive to achieve when it
comes to their guests. Each individual guest have their very own preferences and
dislikes and having said that, with the ability to listen and understand your guest
better and on a more personal level, it will give hotels a chance to offer their guests
services that would bring out the maximum satisfaction from them. This particular
strategy ultimately leads to eventual long term customer loyalty that will pay off for
the hotel’s business in the long run. Many studies have also shown that the key to
any hotel’s business are satisfied guests and dissatisfaction from guests towards
hotels are all too common these days. Guest Dissatisfaction basically happens when
guest’s perceptions do not coincide with their expectations. Such instances can
include hotels not listening adequately to their guests and therefore not being able
to deliver as required or hotel staff not willing or capable in fulfilling adequate
services. So why is guest satisfaction so highly encouraged and why is it so

Guest Satisfaction And It’s Impact On The Hotel Industry

Being in the hotel industry myself I have noticed many instances when guest are
unhappy and we never see them again. Not only new first time guests but long
serving hotel guests who have been with us for many years get upset with an
aspect of the hotel’s service and switch to a rival company. In the hotel industry
this results in a major loss to profits for the hotel and furthermore it damages its
reputation as well because future potential customers start avoiding the hotel based
on unhappy guest experience and reviews.

From personal experiences with working in the hotel industry, I have noticed that
guests can get really annoyed when their complaints or queries go unheeded or
unsolved as we are not there when they need us maybe due to lack of manpower or
the inability of staff to solve their problem. Customer satisfaction only improves and
they become happier when we are there to actually listen to them and their needs
immediately. Furthermore, management at times are clueless as to what issues or
problems are developing within the hotel’s premises. Guest feedback never gets to
us due to the fact guest’s problems gets solved by hotel staff or complaints gets
inaccurately transmitted or lost from the front line crew. Similar mistakes will
continuously be occurring and remain unsolved without full knowledge by managers.
Guests have always been voicing their problems to staff but I would say as low as
only 33% of verbal (non-reported) guest feedback comes to the managers ears.
This puts a strain on being able to eliminate similar problems from occurring
repeatedly and furthermore, we don’t have any clue of what our guests are thinking
at times resulting in a huge dent in customer satisfaction. So what can be done
about it and what steps can hotel management take to ensure better customer

Delivering Improved Guest Satisfaction

While going through problems with hotel guest satisfaction in the hotel industry, I
came across a very interesting and unique application called ECO. This application
has helped my hotel overcome obstacles that were having a negative impact on
customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction levels were not at its best and that was
a major blow for the hotel’s business.

For instance just to relay an experience I had encountered whereby one of our
service crew members had forgotten to bring a guest his morning newspaper and
even though the problem was solved upon the guest’s complaint, it never really got
back to the management team and we remained clueless to the situation. Another
example of a guest feedback or complaint that went astray was when a guest had
actually complained to the hotel’s front desk about receiving his dinner extremely
late the night before but which was never brought forward to the management
team and again we remained in the dark of that particular situation. After
experiencing ECO in recent times, I realized it made for much easier direct 1 on 1
interaction with guests while allowing them to conveniently leave a feedback and
cutting out the middleman (Front Desk and Service Crew). Therefore, as a result
managers such as myself can know what is going on and what guests are thinking
or experiencing. I feel it is only when we can really listen to our guest can we truly
understand each guest better according to their preferences

Guest receiving rewards for their feedback does no harm to guest satisfaction at all.
Personally, ever since using the application, I have noticed an increased in the level
of overall guest satisfaction in my hotel and much more positive reviews. Ultimately
isn’t that what we want in the hotel industry? Guest satisfaction’s importance
should not be taken for granted and should always be the main goals for any hotel
as an increase in guest satisfaction levels will also mean increase in guest loyalty
and with more positive reviews coming through as a result, acquiring potential new
customers also increases.
If you are interested to know more about my experiences with ECO, Please email
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