Date: It gives me great pleasure to speak about the potential of Miss. for the MS program at your university. In my capacity, as Managing Director for , my observations of Miss. come through my close interaction with her. She is currently a trainee in our company. An enthusiast, always eager to learn new things and to meet the challenges of the ever-changing technology, she displays a spirit vital for a student pursuing a future in research. Our training module includes classes on Principles of CMOS and VLSI Design, Digital Logic Design, Computer Architecture, Programming in Verilog HDL and System C. In class, I have observed that Miss grasps new concepts quickly and constantly takes an active part in discussions, demonstrating maturity, and strong ability to defend her ideas, while paying careful attention to others remarks. She also accepts beneficial criticisms and instructions concerning her work. During Programming sessions in Verilog HDL and System C, Miss works independently and efficiently, requiring little supervision. Her sensitivity and concern for others is evident in the way she helps her classmates with their assignments. Our tests and assignments are completely application-based and problem-oriented. Her performance in both has been superior. The test results indicate that she is one of the few students who show potential. Despite the fact that Miss has consistently done well in all areas of her coursework, the best example of her research capabilities shone through her presentations on Low Power Design Techniques, Pipelining in MIPS Architecture, PCI Bus, Types of Design Flows, and ARM Processors. The work clearly demonstrated her ability to deliver a clear, concise and well-knit presentation with a new perspective. Miss is still young to the industry and can tend to make mistakes at times. However, she somehow manages to turn negative events into positive learning experiences and never makes the same mistake twice. She also never gives up and appreciates positive criticism that can only make her grow in the long run. It is my confidence that a strong education will help Miss to truly succeed in the VLSI industry by diminishing her shortcomings and improving her talents. Since the curriculum offered by your university is designed to build on each student’s capabilities, I am confident that Miss a will both grow from and give back to your program.


Description: This is a letter of recommendation letter format given by a authorised person to an engineering student to pursue her ms degree