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Photography &
Graphic Design Skills

    IntroductIon to

    This hands-on photography
    programme is ideal for budding
    photographers and covers a
    comprehensive range of photography

    You will gain camera skills and experience with:
    •	 Digital	SLR	cameras
    •	 Lenses,	filters,	apertures,	shutter	speeds,	
       focus and exposure
    •	 Composition,	camera	angle	and	
       shooting distance
    •	 Critical	analysis	of	images
    •	 Photographic	genres	eg.	portraiture,	
       landscape,	documentary
    You will also be introduced to areas of
    professional photographer practice and working
    with studio lighting.
    Please	note:	You	may	bring	your	own	digital	SLR	
    camera,	or	we	have	class	sets	available	for	use.		

    The course commences 20 April and ends
    27 July.
    It	is	held	on	Tuesday	evenings,	5.30pm	to	9.00pm,	
    plus	there	are	two	Saturday	classes	from	9.00am	
    to	3.00pm	on	15	May	and	19	June.
    There	are	two	weeks	break	on	6	and	13	July.

1                                                  Bay of Plenty Polytechnic is committed to reducing its environmental footprint.
                        This publication is printed on chlorine free paper sourced from sustainably managed forests (ISO 14001).
    commercIal graPhIc
    desIgn software workshoPs
    Delivered	on	Apple	Mac’s,	our	                    Workshop 1 - Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 3
    commercial graphic design
    workshops offer something for                     For people new to publishing in print.
    all	skill	levels.	Covering	industry	              Learn	to	design	and	lay	out	professional	looking	
    standard	software,	Adobe	Creative	                documents	using	industry	standard	software	-	
                                                      Adobe	‘InDesign	CS3’.
    Suite	3,	the	workshops	will	utilise	
                                                      •	   InDesign	software	–	how	and	when	to	use	it
    Photoshop,	Illustrator	and	InDesign.	
                                                      •	   Document	creation	–	set	up	and	navigation
                                                      •	   The	tools	–	what	to	use	and	when	to	use	them	
                                                      •	   Colour	–	selection	and	control
    Computer Suite                                    •	   Typography	–	text	input,	editing,	formatting,	
    In our computer suite where the workshops              layout and manipulation
    are	delivered,	we	use	Apple	Mac’s.	The	overall	   •	   Basic	styles	–	page	layout	and	design
    layout	of	the	software,	apart	from	minor	key	     •	   Basic	drawing	skills	–	objects,	shapes	and	
    command	differences,	is	the	same	for	both	             line-work
    Apple	Mac	and	PC,	therefore,	cross-over	of	       •	   Graphics	–	illustration	and	creative	
    skills between platforms should be straight            manipulation
    forward.                                          •	   Image	control	–	import,	placement,	photo	
                                                           manipulation,	cropping	and	scaling
    Content & Dates
    Please note: We can deliver additional            First Programme
    workshops either at the Polytechnic or at your    Format:		 Six	night	classes,	Mondays	and	
    premises for six or more people.                             Thursdays,	5.00pm	to	8.00pm
                                                      Dates:		   1	to	18	March	

                                                      Second Programme
                                                      Format:		 Three	days	-		Tuesday	to	Thursday,	
                                                                9.00am	to	4.00pm
                                                      Dates:		  6,	7	and	8	July

Workshop 2 – Adobe Illustrator Creative               Workshop 3 – Adobe Illustrator Creative
Suite 3 Introduction                                  Suite 3 Advanced
For people interested in graphic design and           For	people	wanting	to	get	more	out	of	‘Illustrator’	
illustration	and	who	are	new	to	digital	vector-       and build on their existing digital drawing and
based drawing software.                               illustration skills.
Learn	how	to	draw	objects,	logos,	icons,	logo-        Learn	how	to	draw	more	complex	objects,	
types using industry standard software –	Adobe        logos,	icons,	logo-types	using	industry	standard	
Illustrator	CS3.                                      software –	Adobe	Illustrator	CS3.
•	 Illustrator	software	–	what	it	does,	and	how	
                                                      •		 Illustrator	software	–	advanced	tools	and	tips
    and when to use it
                                                      •		 Document	creation	–	more	complex	multi-
•	 Document	creation	–	set-up	and	navigation
                                                          page	set-up	options
•	 The	basic	tools	–	how,	what	and	when	to	use	
                                                      •		 The	tools	–	more	info	and	more	choices
                                                      •		 Transform	–	scaling,	2D	and	3D	rotation,	
•	 Transform	–	scaling,	rotation,	skewing,	reflect	
                                                          skewing,	reflect	and	alignment
    and alignment
                                                      •		 Rulers	and	guides	–	making	measurement	fun	
•	 Rulers	and	guides	–	making	measurement	fun	
                                                          and easy
    and easy
                                                      •		 Layers	–	application	and	allocation	of	objects
•	 Colour	–	selection	and	control
                                                      •		 Special	effects	–	output	problems	and	
•	 Typography	–	text,	editing,	formatting	and	
                                                      •		 Colour	management	–	other	settings	and	why	
•	 Basic	Drawing	skills	–	objects,	shapes,	line	
                                                          eg.	RGB	to	CMYK	for	professional	print
    work	and	colour	fills	
•	 Image	control	–	import,	photo	manipulation,	
                                                      •		 Advanced	typography	–	editing,	paragraph	
    scaling and placement
                                                          control,	kerning,	leading,	layout	and	text	
First Programme                                           manipulation
Format:		 Three	days	-		9.00am	to	4.00pm              •		 Digital	drawing	–	more	tools	and	techniques
Dates:		   6,	7	and	8	July                            •		 Image	control	–	import,	photo	manipulation	
                                                          scaling and placement
                                                      •		 Graphics	–	illustration	and	creative	
                                                      •		 Image	refinement	–	more	choices	and	photo	
                                                          manipulation placement
                                                      •		 File	management	–	exporting,	importing,	
                                                          formatting	files,	PDF	and	links
                                                      •		 Print	management	–	colour,	black	and	white

                                                      First Programme
                                                      Format:		 Three	days	-		9.00am	to	4.00pm
                                                      Dates:		   4,	5	and	6	October	

    Workshop 4 – Photoshop Creative                      Workshop 5 – Photoshop Creative
    Suite 3 Introduction                                 Suite 3 Advanced
    For people entering a creative design industry and   For people wanting to get more out of Photoshop
    needing	a	kick-start	into	Photoshop	CS3.		           CS3	and	build	on	their	existing	photo	manipulation	
    Learn	correct	document	creation	and	set-up.
    •	 Photo	correction	and	enhancement                  Learn	to	create	more	advanced	documents	on	
    •	 Managing	workflow                                 industry standard software –	Adobe Photoshop
    •	 The	commonly	used	tools	in	industry	–	what	to	
       use and when to use them                          •		 Advanced	colour	correction	and	enhancement
    •	 Introduction	to	photo	montage	using	selection	    •		 Advanced	photo	montage	using	masking	and	
       tools                                                 adjustment	layers
    •	 Correct	procedure	for	export	of	
                                                         First Programme
       Photoshop	files
                                                         Format:		 Six	night	classes,	Mondays	and	
    First Programme                                                 Thursdays,	5.00pm	to	8.00pm
    Format:		 Six	night	classes,	Mondays	and	            Dates:		   7	to	24	June
               Thursdays,	5.00pm	to	8.00pm
    Dates:		   1	to	18	March
                                                         Workshop 6 - Web Design Introduction
                                                         Suitable for people wanting to develop skills in
                                                         website design at an introductory level.
                                                         You	will	use	Adobe	software,	design	principles	
                                                         and	learn		design	processes	to	evaluate,	
                                                         conceptualise and construct a simple website.
                                                         Content	includes:
                                                         •	 Design	and	layout	skills	centred	around	the	
                                                            requirements	of	creating	a	website
                                                         •	 Industry	based	layouts	and	techniques	using	
                                                            CSS,	Html	and	Dreamweaver
                                                         •	 Design	principles	and	working	processes

                                                         First Programme
                                                         Format:		 Six	night	classes,	Tuesdays,	5.00pm	
                                                                    to	8.00pm
                                                         Dates:		   4	May	to	8	June

for All Programmes

Entry Criteria                                         Venue
                                                       N7	or	N8,	Windermere	Campus,	Windermere	
Introduction to Photography                            Drive,	Tauranga.
Open entry
                                                       Class Sizes
Commercial Graphic Design Workshops
                                                       With	our	small	classes	and	personalised	tuition,	
Familiarity	with	using	a	computer	and	confidence	
                                                       you will get more time with friendly tutors who
in data entry/keyboard skills will be assumed.
                                                       work to attend to your individual needs.
You	may	require	access	to	your	own	software	to	
continue learning and advance your skills in your
own time.                                              Fees
                                                       Introduction to Photography
English Language Requirements                          $562.00
If you are an overseas student or a new resident
and	English	is	not	your	first	language,	please	note	   Commercial Graphic Design Workshops
that	study	at	tertiary	level	requires	both	written	    $330.00		per	workshop
and	oral	participation.	You	may	be	required	to	have	   You	are	required	to	provide	your	own	materials.	
an	IELTS	score	of	5.5	or	a	TOEFL	score	of	500.	        Once	your	enrolment	is	confirmed	you	will	be	sent	
                                                       a	letter	advising	what	you	are	required	to	bring	
Assessment                                             on	the	first	night,	and	each	week	you’ll	be	advised	
                                                       what	is	required	for	the	next	class.
Introduction to Photography
You	will	complete	hands-on	assessment	activities	
which	will	result	in	a	final	product	you	can	be	       All Programmes
proud of.
                                                       Fees must be paid in full upon enrolment.
Commercial Graphic Design Workshops                    The standard published fee is applicable for New
No	formal	assessment,	however	formative	               Zealand citizens and permanent residents only. An
feedback will be provided to students on an            international fee is payable for non New Zealand
ongoing basis during the teaching/learning             citizens/permanent residents.
                                                       Financial Assistance
Qualifications Gained                                  These	part-time	part-year	courses	are	not	
On successful completion you will receive a            approved	for	the	payment	of	Student	Loans	or	
Student	Profile	outlining	the	programme	content.       Student Allowances.

Enrolment Procedure                                    Auahi Kore – Smokefree
Please	complete	a	Student	Detail	and	Enrolment	        We are proud to show leadership and commitment
Form	available	from	the	Information	Centre.            to	a	Smokefree	New	Zealand.	As	a	result,	smoking	
                                                       is not permitted on campus.
As places are limited we suggest that you enrol
early to avoid disappointment.

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
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Phone	07	544	0920	ext.	6891	Fax	07	544	2386
freephone 0800 267 7659

Every	effort	was	made	to	ensure	the	information	contained	in	this	brochure	was	correct	at	the	time	of	printing.	However	development	of	our	programmes	is	
ongoing	and	changes	may	occur	subject	to	Academic	Board	approval.	Published	days	and	times	are	indicative	only	and	may	be	changed	due	to	timetabling	
requirements.	Bay	of	Plenty	Polytechnic	reserves	the	right	to	cancel	or	postpone	any	course	due	to	insufficient	numbers	or	circumstances	beyond	its	control.	
In	this	instance	fees	will	be	refunded	in	full.	Bay	of	Plenty	Polytechnic	agrees	to	observe	and	is	bound	by	the	Code	of	Practice	for	the	Pastoral	Care	of	
International	Students	published	by	the	Minister	of	Education.	Copies	of	the	Code	are	available	on	request	from	us	or	from	the	New	Zealand	Ministry	of	
Education website at

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