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					                             High Flying Paper Airplanes

                                      By: Robert

       Have you’ve wondered how much fun playing with a paper airplane is? Many

people don’t realize how much time and imagination it takes to make a paper airplane

is, but I’ve come to know that paper airplanes are a very easy and fun thing that

people have invented. Paper airplanes can make people have fun, relax, send

messages, and many more. Even building it can be fun!! There is a lot of imagination

in making it and alot as you adjusting the wings as well!! There can be many ways

you can have fun with paper and one of them is by making paper airplanes. That’s

why I think that paper airplanes are one of the best things in the world.

       Paper airplanes are one of the best things in the world because they can teach

about science and math and other subjects. First of all, Gravity is a way paper

airplanes move and is one of the things in science as well. Gravity teaches about

space, the force of gravity, and how planets move and how they become in orbit.

Next, angles makes the wings glide in the air and teaches about geometry in math.

Angles help you learn about shapes and others, they’re an important part of paper

airplanes as well as math. Also, there’s velocity that the beginning of a flight. You

can learn about MPH (mile per hour) or KPH (kilometer per hour) while using paper

airplanes. Lastly, distance is helpful to learn in math and to know in paper airplanes

throwing paper airplanes. It can help you learn about the metric system and the U.S.

customary. These are great examples of thing paper airplanes can teach kids.
       Paper airplanes are one of the best things in the world because it’s a much

cleaner way to play. To begin with, there’s no electricity involved in making and

playing paper airplanes. With using not electricity the world will be less polluted by

letting kids having fun with a game/toy. Second of all, you can use recycled paper so

people will cut down less trees. If less trees there’ll be less oxygen and more carbon-

dioxide witch is poisonous humans and animals. Next, in making paper airplanes you

only use folds not cut with scissors. If you cut, you’ll use scissors, and scissors these

days use plastic and metal, plastic is hard to decompose, and metal is just stealing

resources from the Earth. Finally, you don’t need a book to make paper airplanes, you

can is you imagination! Once you know the physics you don’t need a book, you can

use your imagination. These are way of how making paper airplanes are very clean.

        Paper airplanes are one of the best things in the world so people will realize

how fun a simple thing is. I asked 17 4th grade kids, “Do you think making and

playing with paper airplanes is simple?” I decided 4th grade kids because they like to

play and experiment with different things. 12 out of 17 answered, “Yes”, this was the

overwhelming majority. This survey demonstrated the paper airplanes are a simple

thing to make and play with.

       Paper airplanes are one of the best things in the world. Because this is true,

isn’t it true that we should have a time to do it in school? Other people should care

about this because it can help people in different ways. Like I said, they can help

people learn new things in a fun way, like in math and science…………. and it may

help people generate new ideas in writing and poetry. That’s why paper airplanes are

one of the best things in the world, and beyond.

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