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					Goan Vindaloo evolved from the Portuguese traders ‘preserved pork’ that they brought
with them when they landed at the Indian coast in the 16th century. The name of the dish
is derived from Portuguese "vinho/vin (wine) de alho/ahlo (garlic)" and along with black
peppercorns and dry red and fresh green chillies, these spices form the basis of flavors.

A traditional Goan Christians’ staple, vindaloo (or Vindalho/Vindallo/vindahlo) is a
spicy, pungent, and tangy pork stew marinated in fresh-ground spice paste made up of
dry red chilies (preferably Kashmiri variety which lends deep colour but is less pungent),
fresh garlic, local vinegar, and whole 'garam masala'; with a bit of local jaggery added to
balance the overall flavour of the dish. Use fresh whole spices rather than pre-ground
spices, or spice blends, for authentic flavors. Take the time to toast the dry spices, before
grinding, to coax out essential oils for maximizing flavours. If you love the heat and
pungency of chillies, soak the dry ‘Kashmiri’ red chillies in vinegar or warm water for 15
minutes to an hour before grinding it to a paste. Play with the various spice proportions to
find your own balance and to suit your palate. I have listed as variations Indian Master
Chef Jiggs Kalra's spice preferences as well.

High-fat boneless leg of pork or pork loin or even shoulder/butt stewing meat is used to
make Vindaloo. If you do not eat pork or beef, try making Vindaloo with lamb, chicken,
duck breasts; even prawns and meaty Portobello mushrooms for vegetarians. Adjust the
cooking time according to the meat or vegetarian ingredients used. Cook on a slow
simmer and do not rush the process to ensure maturing of flavors. Remember, Vindaloo
is a dish of clinging, and not pouring-consistency, sauce.

Here pork vindaloo recipe

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Description: How to cook an authentic Indian vindaloo using Portuguese discovery.