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					Mary           John Stuart   Harriet      Susan B
Wollstonecraft Mill          Taylor       Anthony

Elizabeth Cady Lucy Stone    Lydia Taft   Julia Ward

Dorothy Dix     Francis      Carrie       Lyman
                Willard      Nation       Beech

Charles         Alexander    Richard      Joseph
Finney          Campell      Allen        Smith

William Llyod
   US History Block 2 : Reform Movement Biography Sign up
Christine Albin
Amber Alonzo
Alexie Bryan
Shirley Cheug
Debonnie Crawford
Sabrina D’Ancona
Rose Huitzil
Jaideen Luciano
Jessica Malave
Nana Minkah
Ashley Page
Kristen Panissidi
Pamela Pompi
Stefani Reyes
Brianna Rivera
Ariana Santos
Cassidy Stranzl
Tiffany Tate
    US History Block 2 : Reform Movement Biography Sign up
Jazmyn Brown
Angelina Claudio
Kayla Concepcion
Tessa Condeza
Brianna Coyle
Amanda Cristo
Claudia Gecaj
Maya Gutierrez
Rafaela Haxhari
Jessica Hughes
Katie Kaegi
Jayline Rivera
Lillian Rivera
Alex Roberts
Danielle Tornatore
Cassie Torres
Angelique Trujillo
Gabby Verderame
Monique Roman
            Reform Movements Project: Quarter 2
                   Miss Holz US History
                               Due: ____________
Part I: Biography of your chosen Reformer [75pts]
Cover Page: your reformers name, an image
Your name, class block, teacher’s name, date

2-3 pages TYPED, double spaced: Generic font (times, arial…) 12pt.

Paper Outline:
  I.    Introduction
  II.   Early Years
  III.  Adult Life
  IV. *Contribution and Results on the US (this is the main part of your paper)
  V.    Conclusion

Citations: BOTH in text and a reference page at the end of your paper. (we will go over
specifics in class and in the computer lab)

Part 2: Reform Poster [25pts]
Go back in time... you are the reformer you just did your biography on. Make a poster for the
specific movement in which you represent for the public.
Remember, you are knowledgeable and passionate for a reform movement.

Size of a sheet of construction paper, or computer paper (8 ½ by 11)
Include: Images, phrases and facts! You want other to join your movement! Can either be
done by hand, or computer generated…use whatever supplies you want! Remember make it

Rubrics will be posted on my website: this will help show you what EXACTLY you will be graded
on. Late projects each day, no matter the letter day will be -10 points.
Name:_______________________________________________                          “Reform Movements”
US History
Miss Holz


Part I: Biography 75 points
                        5                        4                        3                        2                         1
Understanding           Shows a thorough         Shows a good             Presents a               Attempts to address       Shows limited
                        understanding of the     understanding of the     satisfactory             the theme, but is         understanding of the
                        theme                    theme                    understanding of the     vague or inaccurate       theme
Address Aspects of      Address all aspects of   Address as aspects of    Addresses most           Address little aspect     Does not do what the
the Task                the task                 the task but             aspects of the task,     of the task and goes      task asks
                                                 somewhat unevenly        but in a limited way     very little in depth
Analysis vs             Richly supports essay    Uses facts, examples     Is vague, may be         Uses little facts and     Uses little or no
Descriptive             with relevant facts.     and details.             missing intro and        does not put citations    accurate facts or
                        Shows the ability to     Is more descriptive      conclusion.              into own words.           relevant information.
                        analyze, evaluate,       than analytical.         Shows the ability to     Develops a faulty         Lacks an analysis and
                        compare and contrast                              be analytical but in     analysis.                 events are vague.
                        ideas.                                            little depth. More
Mechanics               The spelling,            The spelling,            The spelling,            The spelling,             The spelling,
                        punctuation, and         punctuation and          punctuation, and         punctuation and           punctuation, and
                        grammar are              grammar are MOSTLY       grammar are              grammar are               grammar are weak.
                        accurate                 accurate.                SOMEWHAT                 moderately weak
Organization            Proper headings,         Uses proper heading      Little organizational    Needs more                Is not in a clear
                        fonts, and is clearly    and fonts, somewhat                               organization so it will   coherent organized
                        organized.               unorganized                                       flow better.              fashion.

Total: ________ /75

Part II: Poster (30pts)
                             6                             4                             2                              1
Content, Persuasive          A clear argument. is.         Somewhat clear argument       Little bit confusing. The      The poster is unclear and
elements and Organization    Dominant slogan and the       of what movement to join.     poster is workable but         not persuasive. The poster
                             right amount of               Appropriate amount of         some information does          is disorganized.
                             information. Extremely        information and easy to       not flow.
                             easy to follow.               follow.
Word Choice                  The words are unique,         The words are appropriate     The word choice does not       The words are incorrectly
                             clever and exciting to read   and clear                     enhance persuasion.            used or inappropriate for
                                                                                                                        the assignment.
Punctuation and Grammar      Not only are there no         The campaign poster has       Mistakes in spelling usage,    Mistakes in spelling, usage,
                             mistakes, the poster has      no mistakes.                  and punctuation.               and punctuation which
                             been edited carefully and                                                                  may be distracting.
                             easy to read.
Ideas and Creativity         Ideas are fully developed,    Ideas are developed,          Ideas are not fully            Ideas are not developed,
                             extremely focused,            somewhat focused, and         developed, somewhat            not original or creative.
                             detailed, original, and       creative. Appear similar to   focused, and vague at
                             creative.                     other candidates as well.     times.
Appearance                   Appearance reflects time      Appearance is neat and        Appearance lacks               Appearance is very messy
                             and effort. The poster is     colorful. Some writing may    neatness. More time and        or unfinished. Poster
                             neat, colorful and            be handwritten. Overall       effort on assembling the       reflects little time or effort
                             appealing to the eye.         looks nice.                   poster.                        put in.

TOTAL: __________/25

Your final grade is….

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