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									                                                                                BOARD MEETING

                                                                         m i n u t E s
                                  July 19, 2012   7:30 A.M. – 9:00 a.m.
                                             Oasis Center
       Board Members & Alternatives Present: President Karen Tringali, Val Skoro, Bernie Svalstad,
            Dennis Baker, Debbie Stevens, Michael Toerge, Bud Rasner, Bettye Butterworth, Paul Bartlau,
             Bonnie Duckworth, Liz Torelli, Paul Glowienke, Sandie Haskell, Michael Pilsitz, Beverly White,
                              Marjorie Sawyer & Immediate Past President BJ Johnson
 City Advisors, Council Members & Directors at large Present: Mayor Nancy Gardner, City Council
Members Keith Curry & Ed Selich, Bruce Beardsley & Barbara Peters Guests: Amy Senk, Linda Rasner, Laura Curran,
  Bob Shelton, Jim Downey, Bobbie Kuhlmann, Muhammad Mansoor, Frank Peters, Doretta Ensign & Dan Purcell

      CALL TO ORDER: 7:30 AM by President Karen Tringali

      A. Welcome & Introductions.

      B. Minutes of Board of Directors meeting held June 21, 2012 approved with changes

      C. City Council Report
          Mayor Nancy Gardner (District 6) reports:
         • Has received comments about Pinch Lane test striping on Coast Highway
            between Avocado & Carnation; additional comments from guests were "easier to
            squeeze in", "better signage needed since cars are in no-parking zones; "Sunday
            afternoons are the worst, heaviest traffic days"
         • Has asked City Staff to review house maximum sq. footage & view corridors for
            proposed Ocean Ave. lot merger. (Planning Commissioner Toerge recommends
            green fencing be moved back from lot line to be less obtrusive)
          Council Member Ed Selich (District 5) reports:
         • from amendment of 79 + 15 hotel rooms not currently in use the City will receive
            approximately $60 million from the Irvine Company
         • Parking structure & new Library entrance construction are moving along at New
            City Hall site
          Mayor Pro-Tem Keith Curry (District 7) reports:
         • Special City Council meeting solely covering Banning Ranch scheduled for
            Monday evening
         • Charter Reform Committee has been diligent in completing their review and
            recommendations to council in a timely fashion.

      D. As a result of last month's interest & discussion concerning beach safety, municipal
      codes, reporting suspicious or inappropriate behavior observed on the beach, footpaths,
      parking & lavatories, which City department monitors & has responsibility for
      enforcement, today's Guest Speaker Panel members include Deputy Chief David McGill
      (NBPD), Matt Dingwall and Sean Levin (NB Recreation Services), Craig Brown (NB

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                                                                      BOARD MEETING

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Recreation Services Park Patrol) & Assistant Chief Rob Williams (NBFD Marine
   • Police are here 24/7 to serve the community & Deputy Chief McGill is aware of
       the problem with illegal-style tents on Big Corona, enforcement of bus parking on
       residential/business streets to avoid parking fees & requests the public's help by
       being the "eyes & ears" for Police & alerting them of problems
   • Supervisor Matt Dingwall informs us the Park Patrol Officer’s have had a busy
       summer, parks and beaches around the City have been very crowded. Park
       Patrol Officers have been focusing on educating beach visitors at Corona del Mar
       Beach regarding the rules and regulations for tents, barbeques, glass containers,
       alcohol, etc. As expected, July 4th proved to be a very busy day as with people
       lined up at 2AM to secure beach amenities. Park Patrol Officers Mike Ferris and
       John Cataldo worked and spent the day educating and ensuring the safety of the
       beach visitors at CDM Beach with priority given to illegal BBQs, tents, smoking &
       amplified sound. Memorial Day to Labor Day officer's schedules are 10 AM-6PM,
       Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Park Patrol can be reached at 949 795-
       2381. Since Memorial Day weekend, Park Patrol enforcement contacts with the
       public at CDM Beach have been:

          o Barbeques: 195
          o Alcohol: 20
          o Tents: 175
          o Smoking: 78
          o Amplified Sound: 19
          o Charcoal: 145
          o Dogs on Beach: 69
          o Professional Photographers with no permit: 22
          o Tide Pool Violations: 54
          o Holes on Beach: 8 (these are safety advisements when people dig deep
            holes on the beach)
          o Fire Ring Conflicts: 34

   •   Assistant Chief Rob Williams tells us during season the daily beach schedule is
       from 8AM-10PM & our Lifeguard's main focus is the safety of beach visitors. The
       fire-pits fill up quickly, get "staked out", causing conflicts. For resolutions such as
       requesting tents be moved or broken down, they may ask for backup from Police
       if needed. Mayor Gardner provided the following shade covering regulations from
       NB City ordinance: Tent Dimensions "shall not exceed 100 sq ft or 6' in height; 3
       sides completely open to view; not interfere with lifeguard's ability see; maintain a
       5' separation."

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                                                                   BOARD MEETING

                                                             m i n u t E s

•   Questions & Answers(from attendees & from emails):
    Q: It seems Park Patrol to be a good investment & working well, will it be
    A: This is the third summer for the program resulting in 40% reduction of some
    problems; handouts given to each vehicle parking in beach lot, reducing repeat
    offenses to zero. With the reduction of problems, don't see expansion soon. Goal
    is to educate & seek compliance.
    Q: Park Patrol is specifically where?
    A: At Big Corona Friday thru Monday, currently 1 full time & 3 part time staff.
    Guard Gate staff has high turn-over rate but are being educated on who guests
    should call for assistance.
    Q: Resident observed inappropriate fire-pit fuel (wooden pallets) ready to be
    burned in fire-pits, phoned police & was told to "wait until they are burned".
    A: Deputy Chief McGill will take care of that misinformation with staff. During
    Persian New Year celebration, 90 wooden pallets were stopped from burning.
    Beach goers may approach Lifeguards for assistance, too.
    Q: What can be done about overabundance of trash on the beach by Monday
    mornings, a feast for rats, raccoons & skunks?
    A: Trash isn't currently collected until 11 AM Monday at Big Corona.
    Q: How is beach closure managed? Police take care of Balboa Peninsula
    A: Life Guards close & leave at 10PM; calling Police after closure usually works
    well, but Police "call volume" does differ. Police will cite & enforce because after-
    hours beach goers are usually "up to no good". To report crimes in progress or
    other law-enforcement related issues, such as after-hours Code Enforcement,
    call NBPD at 949-644-3717.
    Q: Who patrols Pirates Cove & China Cove?
    A: Park Patrol from Memorial Day to Labor Day 10-6 Friday-Monday.
    Q: ATV's are used for patrol on other beaches, why not CdM?
    A: Bigger beaches need them, CdM is so compacted that patrolling by foot is
    more effective.
    Q: If we observe sea life being removed, who should we call?
    A: Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) is enforced so call city’s Marine Protection
    department (644-3036) or Park Patrol.
    Q: What if we observe scavengers (trash pickers), trinket-selling vendors or
    graffiti (all against Municipal Code)?
    A: Park Patrol will ask them to leave but please take pics of graffiti & send to NB
    Police. Gang Enforcement personnel are in contact with other PD's.
    Q: How is the restaurant doing at Big Corona?
    A: Business is brisk and helps to keep visitors from illegal barbequing.

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                                                                      BOARD MEETING

                                                                m i n u t E s

E. Planning Commissioner Chairman Mike Toerge Reports:
   • So far, there have been 5 sessions on the Banning Ranch Project, the last
      meeting lasted 5 hours with 45 speakers participating.
   • A "7-11" off MacArthur was approved; a 73' tower approved
   • 1-year review of Rose Bakery expansion coming up, a common practice for PC
   • Balboa Village on the agenda tonight

F. Nothing to report from Parks/Beaches/Recreation Commissioner Kathy Hamilton

G. City Committee Reports:
   • Debbie Stevens expects EQAC update in August for commercial development
       close to JWA
   • Paul Glowienke reports Charter Commission recommendations will be on the
       November ballot. Committee assignment was to refresh, update & eliminate
       archaic language from the City Charter. To view line item changes on the City's
       website go to http://www.newportbeachca.gov/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=13586
   • Sharrows Bicycle Committee reports other cities use moveable banners assisting
       people's awareness of Sharrows & bike regulations then rotated to different sites
   • At our next meeting Dennis Baker will share the status of our CdMRA Non-profit
       filing, application & costs, a process which may take 6 months to 1 year. No
       postage impact for 2012.

H. President’s Report by Karen Tringali
   • Continued Business: Our Political Forum to be reviewed at next meeting
   • Outreach & Publications: We will publish a recap of all the above, including
      municipal code & regulations regarding Beach activities in our Fall Newsletter

I. Treasurer’s Report by Marge Sawyer & Bud Rasner:
    • Deposits of $260, zero expenses, balance of $10,828.30
    • Membership update, 58% of our member dues are current, 42% are not. Many
       comments from people unaware of their membership status which is indicated on
       the front of our newsletters above recipient's name & address.

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                                                                      BOARD MEETING

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J. New Business:
    • Will get current escrow referrals & research if our newsletter can be shared with
      new residents through realtors
    • Votes taken & welcome extended to our two new CdMRA Board Alternates Laura
      Curran, CdM Village West for Dennis Baker & HVHS Alternate Bob Shelton for
      Jerry King. We have 11 voting members. An alternate may vote in the primary
      primary board member’s absence. At-Large board members are not authorized
      to vote.

K. Public Comment & Non-Agenda Items:
   • A letter has been sent to the City from Shorecliffs HOA about the work completed
     on lower Buck Gully which borders their Association concerning the City's
     blatant disregard for their HOA regulations, including the planting of cottonwood
     & other trees which shed, spread invasively, are highly allergenic, will top 100' &
     block home owner's views.
   • Request to move "Public Comments" further up on our agenda
   • Might be useful for the "Beach Regulations" cards distributed to visitors be
     bilingual. (Cards DO have icons which graphically depict NO BBQ's, alcohol,
     smoking, glass containers, tents or pallet burning.)
   • Guest presented photos of abandoned newspaper racks in CdM with trash inside
     & stickers applied, a City sub-contractor smoking while illegally parked & buses
     illegally parked on city streets, blocking ocean views ($100 cost to park large
     buses in beach parking lot while the fine for illegal parking is only $40). Mayor
     has requested more reasonable parking fees for non-profit organizations and
     urges better enforcement for illegal parking
   • Port Theater Opening this Friday with 3-4 showings/day; Tour de France airing
     on Sunday & private showing tonight for CdM residents at 6:45 & 9 PM. For
     further information, visit their website at www.portnewport.com.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 AM

Respectfully Submitted,
Liz Torelli, Secretary

           Next Meeting: 7:30A.M., Thursday, August 16, 2012 at Oasis Center

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