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									Publishing University Web Addresses Policy

 Approving authority                 Pro Vice Chancellor (Information Services)
 Approval date                       2 March 2005
 Advisor                             Manager, Web and Content Management Services | Information Services
                            | (07) 373 53839
 Next scheduled review               2012
 Document URL               University Web Addresses
 TRIM document                       2005/0010344
 Description                         This policy supports the branding and overall communication strategies
                                     within Griffith University by setting standards for publishing and otherwise
                                     referencing web addresses for web based information and services at Griffith
                                     University. The policy ensures that published web addresses are consistent
                                     with the University's branding and marketing strategies.
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 [Scope] [Policy] [Responsibilities] [Requirements] [Monitoring] [Review]

1.    SCOPE
      This policy applies to any publication produced by Griffith University containing or otherwise
      referencing a web address for a Griffith University web service or site. Publications include but are
      not limited to:
      a) Printed documents such as brochures, flyers, posters, reports, etc.
      b) All commercial/advertising items including print, outdoor (billboards), broadcast media (television,
         radio), etc.
      c) All publicity material.
      d) All promotional items such as pens, hats, mugs, etc.
      e) Griffith owned websites and other websites that include references to Griffith URLs (web
      f)       Email (content and signature) and other electronic communications.

2.    POLICY

      Only approved Griffith University web addresses are to be used in publications. The Web Services
      Naming Policy describes how an appropriate Griffith University web address is to be constructed and
      approved. In almost all situations, web addresses should include the standard Griffith web service
      domain of
      Suitable redirections and/or directories should be created following final approval as per the Web
      Services Naming Policy and should be in place prior to publication.
      All published web addresses should refer to a page that uses the Griffith University corporate web
      branding and navigation.

           1   Publishing University Web Addresses Policy
     Web addresses with access restrictions should not be published directly. They should be referred to
     within existing Griffith University pages.


     Information Services is responsible for developing and implementing a set of guidelines, standards
     and tools that support the day-to-day operations of this policy.
     External Relations Marketing Managers are responsible for reviewing and approving all external
     publications in order to ensure that references to web services comply with this policy.

     4.1    Selecting and Configuring Web Addresses
            a) All published web addresses should be checked before publication to ensure that they
               work appropriately.
            b) Published references to the University's web site should use the domain
      Special approval is required to use addresses that point directly to
               web services not contained on the corporate web server at
            c) Links should take a user to the most general relevant address.
            d) Published web addresses should not, where possible, include filenames or standard web
               port numbers. Where possible complex addresses should be replaced by appropriate
               University web redirections.
            e) Published web addresses should refer to web sites that present with the Griffith University
               corporate web look or an External Relations approved look.
            f)   Web addresses that refer to a web page that requires authentication for access should
                 clearly indicate that authentication is required alongside the web address.
     4.2    Specific Exclusions
            a) FrameIt web addresses are long and complex and are not suitable for use as a published
               web address for the University.
            b) Non-production web servers should not be referenced in a published URL.

     Staff within the Portals and Electronic Access team work with staff in External Relations to monitor
     policy compliance and develop exception reports as appropriate.

     The Pro Vice Chancellor (Information Services) reviews the relevance and effectiveness of this
     Policy at least annually.

      2    Publishing University Web Addresses Policy

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