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					                                             December 2011—
                                             January 2012
                                     COMMUNITY PARTICIPANTS


APOSTLES $250,000 - $499,999
Katsenes, John and Mary
The Milton & Harriet Sioles Family

SAINTS $100,000 - $249,999
Baziotes, Dr. Nicholas P.
Kokalis, George P. and Stephanie
 and Family
Maniatis Family
Pappas, John J. and Sarah K. and Family

SERAPHIM $75,000 - $99,999
Markakis, James and Michele
Meris, Will and Sandy, Katie and Christian
Pappas, Ange
Zannis Families

CHERUBIM $60,000 - $74,999
Cartier Family

THRONES $50,000 - $59,999
Demetropoulos, John and Mary,
  William and Joanne
DeMoss, Charles and Marie
Theodore, Dr. Nicholas and
  Effie, Costa and John

DOMINIONS $40,000 - $49,999
DeBerry, IMO Anastasia Lemperis
DeMoss, Dr. Bill C.
Dresp, Mathew
Petsas, Bill and Kathy
+IMO Souvall, George W.

VIRTUES $30,000 - $39,999
Alvantides, Mary C.
Anagnopoulos Family
Cole, Scott and Magdalene
Contes, Jim and Connie
DeMoss, Dr. Christopher J.
DeMoss, John and Marjorie, Alexa and Costa
Jouflas, George
+IMO Kyriazis, Kally P.
Manelis, Jim and Donna +IMO John
   Harris Manelis and John Callaghan
VIRTUES $30,000 - $39,999 (cont.)
Speros, Charles, Lynn and Christina
 +IMO Abrahim & Zahra Yaghooti and
  John & Bessie Gust
Cole, Scott & Maggie

POWERS $25,000 - $29,999
Contes, Marion
Gardner, +IMO John J. Gardner Family
Meris, Nick and Joanne

PRINCIPALITIES $20,000 - $24,999
Bard Family
Demas, Tom and Irene,
  Peter Demas, Ellen and
  Travis Nymark and Family

ARCHANGELS $15,000 - $19,999
Anonymous (2)
DeMoss, Michael C. and Family
Holy Trinity Young Adult League

ANGELS $10,000 - $14,999
Anagnopoulos. Dina
Agnos, Christ and Christine and Family
Anonymous (2)
Balanis Family
Choukalas, Pete and Kim
Epirotic Society of Arizona
Holy Trinity Dance Group
Holy Trinity Greek School
Hotis, Bessie
Kimmell, Bill & Emily and
    Karen Kimmell, Georgana Frieh
Kretsedemas, Nick and Marina and Family
Ladas, Tassie In Memory of Charles and
    Panagiota (Pitsa) Ladas
Manos, Anna T.
Papadopoulos, Socrates and
    Stephanie and Family
Pavlakos, Paul and Demetra,
   Panagiota and Dean
Petroulakis, Chris and Jacque
Philippis, Michael and TeAnn
Pickett, Brian, Athena, Anastasia & Demetrios
St. Katherine Philoptochos
   Society of Holy Trinity Cathedral
Sgouros, George and Traci and Family
Skoubis, Elias and Phyllis J.
Skoubis, Evangelos
Speros, Olympia
Stragalas, George and Nicole
Theodoropoulos, Gus and Mary Louise
Zikos, +IMO Dimitrios
                                          LETTER OF INTENT
       Yes! I would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the One Spirit+ One Vision Capital Campaign for
       the Education and Cultural Center at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

I wish to increase my existing pledge.

Year     Amount             Date(s) by which payment will be made

2011    $ ________          _____________________________________
2012   $________            _____________________________________

2013   $________            _____________________________________

Other $________             _____________________________________


    Check Enclosed (Payable to Holy Trinity Building Fund)

Signature_____________________________________ Date_________

Signature______________________________________ Date_________

Name (please print or type)

Address ____________________________________________________

City ___________________________State __________Zip __________

Phone _____________________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________

The following is the manner in which my/our name is authorized to appear on   any official/public
recognition in conjunction with this building project:
Please type or print

OR, please list my/our gift In Honor of OR  In Memory of
Please type or print

Please do not list my name as I/we wish to remain anonymous.

                             FIVE YEAR GIVING SCENARIO
TOTAL GIFT         DAILY           WEEKLY         MONTHLY         ANNUALLY
$ 1,000            $ 0.55          $ 3.85         $ 16.67         $ 200
$ 2,500            $ 1.37          $ 9.62         $ 41.67         $ 500
$ 5,000            $ 2.74          $ 19.23        $ 83.33         $ 1,000
$ 7,500            $ 4.11          $ 28.85        $ 125.00        $ 1,500
$ 10,000           $ 5.48          $ 38.46        $ 166.67        $ 2,000
                             “REMEMBER THE CHURCH IN YOUR WILL”

                                Please return this form to:

          Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral
          Education and Cultural Center Building Fund
          ATTN: Charles C. DeMoss
          1973 East Maryland Avenue
          Phoenix, Arizona 85016

                                              For more information, please contact:
                                                 Charles DeMoss 602-943-4470

                                                THANK YOU
                                              GOD BLESS YOU!

                                    GIVING MADE EASY!
                              You may include a weekly contribution towards your pledge
                                     to the One Spirit+One Vision campaign with
                               your weekly Stewardship gift. Please note on the envelope
                             how much is designated for Stewardship and how much should
                                  be directed towards the Building Fund. Thank you!
NOBLES $1,000 - $2,499 (cont.)
Holy Trinity Sunday School
Janas, Dr. John and Christine
Janetakis, Joan
Kalivas, James and Linda
Kapetanakis, †IMO James and Catherine
Kyriazi, Dr. Nicholas & Aspasia & Family
Ladas, Mary
Lizanich, Gregory
Makridis, †IMO Petros
Makris, John, Margarita,
Faith and Demetra
Maniatis, Bette
Marinakos, Bill & Rina, †IMO
   Rev. Christos, Maria,
   Georgios & Chrysanthi
Mastorakos, Leonard and Mary Lou
Miller, Bill, Jean, Peter and Carrie & Paul
Mitchell, Philip and Helen
   and Andrew
Nickalew, Evelyn
Oxley, Jeremy and Anastasia
Palmer, Peter G. and Elizabeth
Pandi, Alex and Toni
Papadeas, Dr. Gregory
Papaspyrou Family
Pikulas, Mary Ann †IMO Dena Pikulas
Poulos, Louis & Georgia
Sakkas, Lois
Sarantes, George and Catherine
Scobas, George and Mary and Family
Sgouros, John and Jean
Spanos, Angelo and Marie
Sprintz, Emil and Mary
Stavrou, Kalliope and Evonne
Stragalas, George andNicole, In Honor of
   Dr.’s Jim and Karen Wasserman
Syregelas, Theodoros and Angela
The Steffens Family
Tropea, Thad and Kathy
Tsakiris, Theodora
Tsantilas, Stella and Constantine
Venetis, Adam and Leah
Veremis, Chris G. and Dorothy
Zafirakis, George and Niki
Zaman, Anthony and Karen

WINGS Up to $999
Andreas, Veliota Tiana
Anonymous (5)
Arends, Marilyn †IMO Theadora Blake
Athens, Laura In Memory of
  Thomas A and Aris T. Athens.
Behrakis, George & Margo †IMO
  Christopher Pergakis
Boukias, Billie
Contes, Mary
Daniolos, Stefanos and Tiffany
†IMO Fontini Dekavelas
Delianides, Phil and Dorothy †IMO Niki Joubert
Delos, Michael and Kathy
Duvall, George
Francis, Veronica and Robert
Goodman, Jacqueline †IMO Niki Joubert
Grevas, Gail
Hadjipentchev, Petar and Aida Matei
Kidd, Virginia and Ronald
Lobb, Randall and Kristina
Macrodimitris, Aristotle & Evelyn
Mallas, Alexandra
Mallas, Andrea
Mallas, Mark
Mallas, Vasily
New, Toula
Papadimitriou, Konstantin and Mary & Family
  †IMO Niki Joubert
Pappas, Dr. & Mrs. Harry Pappas
Pastis, Tom
Peck, Deborah and Fr. John
Pergakis, George and Susan †IMO
  Christopher Pergakis
Petsas, Christina
Petsas, Nicholas
†IMO Gus Poulos
Riley, Elaine
Russom, Bereket & Nardos Yohannes
Sedor, Stephen and Stephanie
Sofranac Family
Sprintz, Carol
Strategos, Bessie
Tavlarides, Angela Tavlarides
Tavlarides, Dean and Nickolette
Tesfaye, Loule B.
Thanos, †IMO Rev. George by the Bruskas Family
Theotocatos, Chris and Paula
Triantafilou, Dr. Gregory
Tzavellas, Christina
Valonis, Teresa
Vordos, Lee and Dorothy
+IMO George Zoukis
Zwarcyz, Michael and Esther

                                                 Thank you
                                                 for your support!
HOSTS $5,000 - $9,999
Alvantides, IMO Georgia A.
Anagnostopoulos, Dr. Petros and Ilektra
Annos, John and Sandy and Family
Anonymous (3)
Bichekas, Dan and Vicki and Family
Peter Bilitsis Family
Bruskas Family
Charnas, Laurel
Chotras, Harriet
+IMO Vasiliki and Pete Chotras
Coin, Stanley H. and Kay B.
Dedakis, James, Michelle and Katie
+IMO Katherine Dedakis
Economopoulos, Christos and Dena
Fourlis, Athanase and Georgia
Gavriilidis Family
Ginakes, John and Polly
Grevas, George and Nita
Holy Trinity Academy
Hotis, Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J.
Katsenes, Paul and Lori
Katsenes, Tom and Yvette
Kenrick, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Konomos, George
Kyprianou, Dr. Andreas and Cindy
Lambrou, John, Evangelia and Anastasia
Mallas, George and Catherine
Nicholas, John and Maria
Pappas, Harry and Fannie
Pappas, John A.
Paris, Rev. James T. and
  Presvytera Eleni and Family
Pritsos Family +IMO Constantinos and
  Kathryn Pritsos
Sampson, James and Dimitra and Family
Skintzis, George and Evi
Speros, James and Christina
Stamatis, Christine and Andrew
Stehling, Dr. Linda
Tzavaras, Koko and Costa
Vasilarakos, Basil and Kristen and Sons
Vaughn, Scott and Terri
Wilson, Anne and Bill
Wrasman, Mr. and Mrs. Brent and Family
Zorbas, Peter W.
MYRIADS $2,500 - $4,999
Anonymous (3)
Cope, Barbara J.
Christ, Will and Tracy
Dellas, Hercules
Dellas, Margaret
Fakonas, Maria
Foster, Linda E. and Nicolai M.
Francis, Chris and Celeste
Giannopoulos, John
Glitsos, Helen Stamatis
Glitsos, Stella +IMO Paul John
MYRIADS $2,500 - $4,999 cont.
Haidos, Mary †IMO James Haidos
Holy Trinity Cathedral Choir
Holy Trinity Veteran’s Group
Johnson, Charlie +†IMO Millie Johnson
Kantaros, Nick and Dena
Karegeannes, Peter & Virginia
Katsalis-Walsh, Kathy
Katsenes, Andrea
Klapakis, George and Dimitra
Machas, Jim, Stephanie, Michael & Melina
Paul, Vincent and Amy and Family
Poulakidas, Dr. Andreas and Mary
Prato, Paul and Barbara
Psarros Children, †IMO James & Betty
   Psarros & Agnes Andropoulos
Quinn, Bertha
Rabbitt, Lyda
Siavelis, John
Charles Speros Family, †IMO Jamie
   Lynn Wiersum
Tavlarides, James and Rachel
Tavlarides, William and Rebecca
Thrasher, John and Mary
Thomas, Jim G., Gus Thomas
   and Georgianna Thomas
Tripsas, Trifon and Georgia
Unks, Dee and Ray
Vlasis, †IMO Steven C. Vlasis by
   Angeline Vlasis
Wallerich, Catherine

NOBLES $1,000 - $2,499
Ainslie, Dorothy
Anastas, Rev. Theo and Presv. Helen
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anonymous (6)
Apostle, Elaine
Asala, Sheila
Athens, Andrew A. and Louise
   †IMO Thomas A. & Aris T. Athens
Athens, Irene †IMO Thomas A. and
   Aris T. Athens
AuBuchon, Anne IHO of my grandchildren
Bambakidis, Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas
Brown, Kenneth and Elaine
Contes, Tom
Daniolos, Nick and Sharon
Dennis, Maria S.
Diamond, Michael
Ducas, Amanthis Mae
Fourlis, Ted and Andi and Family
Fraenkel, Mary and Henry
Fraenkel, Tim and Antonette
Harris, Diana †IMO Nicholas Harris
Harris, George and Pat
Herrera, Albert and Despina
Holy Trinity Orthodox Parents Assoc.
                          PLEDGED COMMEMORATIVE AREAS

John & Mary Katsenes*                        Pastor’s Study $272,000
The Milton & Harriet Sioles Family Foundation*
                            Administration Building Naming $260,000
George & Stephanie Kokalis and Family *
                                            Conference Rm. $150,000
Dr. Nicholas P. Baziotes* Courtyard, St. Nectarios Bookstore $130,000
+ IMO Diane M. & James M. Pappas
       By John & Sarah Pappas & Family* Ed. Bldg. Reception Area $130,000
Anonymous*                                                     $127,000
+IMO John Maniatis and Peter Maniatis
       By the Maniatis Family* Music Room, Kitchen             $120,000
+ IMO Marie J. DeMoss
+ IMO Christ & Chrysanthe DeMoss and
+ IMO John & Katina Krantzas by Charles & Marie DeMoss* and
       Dr. Bill C. DeMoss* Lunch/Comm. & Office Manager Rm.           $100,000
+IMO Michael & Joan Zannis by the Zannis Families* Language Lab $90,000
+IMO Rev. Kostas Poulakidas                     Priest’s Office $75,000
      By: Ange Pappas*, Bill and Kathy Petsas*, Chris and Jacque
      Petroulakis*, Christos and Dena Economopoulos*, John A. Pappas*
+IMO Stella Markakis                        Philoptochos Rm. $75,000
      By: James and Michele Markakis
Will & Sandy Meris, Katie & Christian*                 Library $75,000
Cartier Family                                      Classroom $60,000
Holy Trinity Dance Group, & Named Donors           Dance Rm. $50,000
Dr. Nick & Effie Theodore, Costa & John*            Classroom $50,000
John & Mary Demetropoulos, William & Joanne* Great Hall $50,000
+IMO Anastasia Lemperis DeBerry &
+IMO Dennis Charles DeBerry                        Youth Rm. $45,000
+IMO Ailene Dresp by Mathew W. Dresp* Assist. Priest’s Office           $40,000
+IMO George W. Souvall*                               Elevator $40,000
+IMO Kally P. Kyriazis*                        East Entryway $35,000
James & Connie Contes & Family* Youth Director’s Office $35,000
Dr. Christopher J. DeMoss *                        Classroom $30,000
John & Marjorie DeMoss, Alexa & Costa *            Classroom $30,000
+IMO Georgia & Mary C. Alvantides*                 Classroom $30,000
+IMO Charlyn Stella Speros                         Classroom $30,000
      By: Charles and Lynn Speros, and Christina*
Scott & Maggie Cole*                        Little Lambs Rm. $30,000
+IMO Abrahim & Zahra Yaghooti; +IMO John & Bessie Gust
      By: Dr. Ali and Elaine Yahgooti *           Classroom $30,000

Anagnopoulos Family                               Classroom $30,000
+IMO John Harris Manelis & Joseph John Callaghan
       by Jim & Donna Manelis *        Adm. Bldg. Hallway $30,000
George Jouflas                        Pre-School Classroom $30,000
+IMO Christ Contes by Marion Contes*         North Entryway $25,000
+IMO Stacy J. Hotis by Bessie Hotis and
+IMO Theodore & Alexandra Theodoropoulos
        by Gus & Mary Louise Theodoropoulos Kindergarten Classrm. $25,000
Nick & Joanne Meris*                 Adm. Bldg. Icon Panel $25,000
+IMO John J. Gardner by the Gardner Family                            $25,000
+IMO Thomas A. & Aris T. Athens *
        by The Bard Family            Festival Resource Rm. $20,000
Elias & Phyllis Skoubis* & Evangelos Skoubis* Playground $20,000
Tom & Irene Demas*, Peter Demas*, Ellen &
Travis Nymark* & Family            Bookstore Resource Rm. $20,000
Holy Trinity Young Adult League*                              $17,022
+IMO Catherine A. & George W. Mallas by the Mallas Family* and
+IMO James G. Konomos by George Konomos* Youth Resource Rm. $15,000
+IMO Christ & Chrysanthe DeMoss
       by Michael C. DeMoss* Holy Trinity Academy Office $15,000
Anonymous (2)                                                 $15,000
+IMO Nicholas James Manos by Anna T. Manos* Electrical Rm.            $11,000
Olympia Speros*                                               $11,000
Bill & Emil Kimmell, Karen Kimmell, Georgana Frieh*           $10,800
St. Katherine Philoptochos Society* Great Hall Fountain Area          $10,050
Nick & Marina Kretsedemas & Family*               Copy Rm. $10,000
Brian, Athena, Anastasia & Demetrios Pickett Sunday School Office $10,000     George & Traci
Sgouros & Family*             Nurse’s Office $10,000
+IMO Dimitrios Zikos*                    Class Resource Rm. $10,000
Paul & Demetra Pavlakos, Panagiota & Dean* Class Resource Rm. $10,000
Michael & TeAnn Philippis                Class Resource Rm. $10,000
Christ & Christine Agnos & Family*           Greek School Office $10,000
Dina Anagnopoulos                        Class Resource Rm. $10,000
Holy Trinity Greek School                      Electrical Rm. $10,000
+IMO Charles and Panagiota (Pitsa) Ladas by Tassie Ladas* Mechanical Rm. $10,000
Balanis Family *                         Class Resource Rm. $10,000
Anonymous (2)*                                                $10,000
Socrates & Stephanie Papadopoulos & Family* Class Resource Rm. $10,000
Epirotic Society of Arizona*           Lunch Resource Rm. $10,000
Pete & Kim Choukalas*          Great Hall Maintenance Closet $10,000
* Fulfilled Gift
+In Memory Of

 We are truly blessed to have received a new gift of $222,000 (paid) from John
& Mary Katsenes towards the One Sprit + One Vision building fund. They have
now given a total of $272,000 (paid) towards paying off our education & cultural
center. We hope that this donation will inspire others to follow with increased
pledges, or new pledges so that we can realize our goal of paying off our loans.

  To those who have not yet come forward to pledge, please try to find it in your
hearts to do so now, every dollar, large and small, will help. To those who have
already given, please consider increasing your pledge if you can. It is only with
YOUR financial gift that our loans will be paid off.

  Thanks for your support of the One Sprit + One Vision fund. We are building a
future at Holy Trinity for generations to come.

God bless you all.

  The current tax relief act allows that IRA owners over 70 ½ years old to contribute up to their required minimum
distribution in the 2011 directly from their IRA to Holy Trinity with no federal tax consequences. Please call the church
office for help with any questions.

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