Postcode Lottery "Winners" - The truth behind their promotional material

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					This is another Postcode Lottery studio shot fake video showing a "winner" receiving a prize on her doorstep. This one
is much easier to make out than some of the others, but you will notice post-editing being highlighted in enhanced
frame grabs below. The first half of the video is a shambles in graphical terms while the second looks real enough but
is shot partly in a studio and not subject to as much editing as you can see evidence of post editing in places. The
difference is quite clear. That said, both halves of the video are as equally fake as each other!

The Postcode Lottery's official Youtube channel hosts the video here:
F3tc and is titled Street Prize - UB4 9UL - Hayes - 12 January 2013

The Postcode Lottery are showing YOU the general public, that people are winning in the Postcode Lottery.

Or are they?

As yourself this.

Would you go to the trouble of recreating a prize win in a studio using actors instead of real people?

Would you employ professional graphics and video professionals and have them create events and obscure/manipulate
people's identities and use this as promotional material as if it were the real thing. We don't know who these people
are, where they live, or whether they really won anything or not.

All we have to validate this are dozens, probably hundreds of green-screened, studio shot videos.

I wonder what the charities commission, Inland Revenue and the gambling license authorities think about this. Oh, and
the Advertising Standards Authority .. the list goes on.

In a time of economic crisis, how can anyone in their right mind condone a business that operates in this manner?

And we haven't even got on to the Postcode Lotteries charities yet either ..

Description: Postcode Lottery "Winners" - The truth behind their promotional material