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					Annual Report 2012

Inspired by the
Gospel mandates to
love, serve, and teach,
Catholic Charities
provides care
a n d s e r v i c e s to
improve the lives
of Marylanders
in need
       Letter from Archbishop William E. Lori

the presence of Catholic Charities can be felt
in communities throughout the entire Archdiocese,
so great are the needs and so excellent are the
services that are provided.
       DEAR FRIENDS OF CATHOLIC CHARITIES:                            presence in the community would not be possible
                                                                      without the generosity of the many people, Catholic
       It is my great joy and privilege to greet you for the          and non-Catholic alike, who support our programs in so
       first time in this annual report which details the activities   many ways.
       of Catholic Charities.                                            It is challenging to sufficiently capture the transfor-
          On my first full day on the job following my installation    mational, Christ-inspired work of Catholic Charities in
       as Archbishop of Baltimore, I had the pleasure of visiting     a printed report. In this Year of Faith, I hope you find
       the Our Daily Bread Employment Center and Esperanza            the information and stories contained herein to be help-
       Center. Though only a snapshot of the vast reach of            ful, enlightening and inspiring, and pray your support of
       Catholic Charities, my visit offered me a glimpse into         Catholic Charities is a continual source of joy and grace
       the importance of our Church’s presence in Baltimore           for you and those you love.
       City and the diversity of the services we are providing to
       our sisters and brothers.                                      Faithfully in Christ,
          Of course, the presence of Catholic Charities can
       be felt in communities throughout the entire Archdio-
       cese, so great are the needs and so excellent are the
       services that are provided. The scope of Catholic Chari-       Most Reverend William E. Lori
       ties’ service to the people of our state is aptly captured     Archbishop of Baltimore
       by the theme of this year’s report, “Improving the lives
       of Marylanders in need.”
          Though ours is a mid-size Archdiocese, Baltimore
       Catholic Charities is the third-largest Catholic Charities
       operation in the country and the largest private provider

1      of human services in the State of Maryland. Such a
    Letter from Executive Director
    Letter to the Friends of Catholic Charities   William J. McCarthy, Jr.

    I have come to view Catholic Charities
    as a movement. Being part of the work
    of Catholic Charities changes us all.
                                                        DEAR FRIENDS,                                               Start or our Villa Maria schools, I am reminded of the
                                                                                                                    profound effect one of our full-time Project SERVE
                                                        This Annual Report is a celebration of what Catholic        volunteers had on a seventh-grade boy at one of
                                                        Charities does to improve the lives of people               our schools. The child – I’ll call him Andrew – had a
                                                        who courageously face the challenges of hunger,             history of being physically and verbally abusive, being
                                                        homelessness, aging and disability. It is also a reminder   disruptive in the classroom, and bolting. With the help
                                                        that there is more work to be done.                         of our dedicated, patient volunteer, this young man
                                                           I have come to view Catholic Charities – our vision      began to stay in class and complete his assignments,
                                                        of a Maryland in which all people have the opportunity      and his behavior improved markedly. Andrew, who had
                                                        to achieve their God-given potential and our unwavering     lived in our residential treatment program, started to
                                                        commitment to come together to help our sisters and         do well enough to be placed with a family in a foster
                                                        brothers in need – as a movement. We are a movement         home. In the words of one of our staff members: “I don’t
                                                        comprised of 2,000 incredibly talented staff members,       feel there are enough words to describe the impact this
                                                        more than 12,000 selfless volunteers and 13,000              volunteer has had on this young boy’s life. Nor are there
                                                        generous donors. Annually, we touch the lives of more       enough words to describe the transformation our staff
                                                        than 160,000 individuals and families. Our work is          witnessed. She changed Andrew’s life, she improved his
                                                        carried out in 80 programs at over 200 locations            self-esteem, and she gave him hope.”
                                                        throughout the State.                                          Although we provide shelter for more than
                                                           While these numbers may be impressive, the               1,700 older adults every year in our senior housing
                                                        individual stories behind these numbers are inspiring.      communities, I am reminded of the story one of our
                                                        The stories of lives improved truly define the Catholic      staff members told of the first time she leased a senior
                                                        Charities movement. These stories of hope keep the          apartment at Catholic Charities. She shared that during
                                                        men and women who work in our programs going; our           a walk-through of the apartment, the elderly woman who
                                                        stories fuel this movement and propel us forward.           was leasing the apartment fell to her knees, started to
                                                           Although we serve hundreds of children every year        cry and said that the apartment was the nicest place she

2                                                       through residential care, treatment foster care, Head       had ever lived in her 84 years.
                                                              gets a big “thank you” and a smile as she serves a           the life of its Clinical Services Manager.
                                                              guest bread with his meal. Ask a donor how he feels             I came to Catholic Charities to make a difference and
                                                              about his gift when he hears a woman explain how             to join this amazing movement to improve lives. I admire
                                                              she was abandoned at BWI and is now starting her life        and am awestruck by our dedicated staff, volunteers,
                                                              over in a safe place.                                        and donors. Our work would not be possible without
                                                                  I said at the beginning of this letter that our work     them! Thank you!
                                                              is not finished, and I know it may never be complete.            I am grateful to our Board, Committees, and
                                                              This painful fact is palpable to me each morning when        Leadership Team who are tireless in their focus on
                                                              I come to work. As I pass the bus stop in front of our       Catholic Charities being the most effective human
                                                              building, I am regularly greeted by the smile of a woman     services   agency,   dedicated     to   compassion   and
                                                              I have come to know well – Janet. Our case managers at       excellence. I am indebted to Kevin O’Keefe for his
                                                              My Sister’s Place Women’s Center have known and have         leadership as Board Chair through last December, and
                                                              been working with Janet for more than a decade. She          to Katie Ryan-Lekin, who became our Board Chair in
                                                              is homeless and struggles with mental illness. Although      January.
                                                              she will come to My Sister’s Place for meals, for shelter       Each of you has made a profound difference in the
       And although we provide intake, casework and           from the elements during the day and for the other           lives of our neighbors in need and is contributing to a
    emergency services to more than 8,000 people every        services the program provides, she has not successfully      healthier and stronger community. I appreciate your
    year, I am reminded of a letter I received from one       sought treatment for her mental health issues and            continued partnership and support and invite all to join
    woman. She wrote to thank me and to let me know that      chooses to remain on the streets of Baltimore every          us in our life-saving work.
    the financial assistance she received from us, along       night. I think of Janet often, especially on cold winter
    with matching funds from her parish, enabled her to pay   nights, and I know that there are hundreds of people         Peace,
    her rent and pay for an exam she had to take through      like her, struggling and in need of additional care and
    the Maryland Board of Nursing in order to get a better    services, throughout our region.
    job. She wrote to thank Catholic Charities for helping       In the following pages of this year’s annual report
    her avoid homelessness and for providing her a chance     you will see a financial snapshot, selected highlights        William J. McCarthy, Jr.
    to build a better, more secure life for her family.       and outcomes for the year, and a listing of our incredibly   Executive Director
       While these stories tell how the lives of the women,   thoughtful and generous donors and funders. This year’s
    men and children who come to Catholic Charities for       report also includes three feature stories: celebrating
    assistance are improved, they also enrich the lives of    25 years of serving homeless individuals and families at
    the staff, volunteers and donors who are also part of     Sarah’s House in Anne Arundel County; the opening of a
    the Catholic Charities story. Being part of the work      ground-breaking approach to long-term care for seniors
    of Catholic Charities changes all of us. Ask a staff      at the Green House Residences at Stadium Place with
    member who gets a call from a formerly homeless           our partner GEDCO; and how the healing, growth and

3   man who just bought a house. Ask a volunteer who          success of our students at Villa Maria School impacted
    Financial Snapshot

    FOR YEAR ENDED JUNE 30,                                         2012        2011              2012 USES OF OPERATING FUNDS
    (Unaudited, In Millions)

    Cash, Accounts Receivable and Other Assets                  $     24    $     32
    Property and Equipment, Net                                      152         158
    Investments                                                       64          64
        Total Assets                                            $   240     $   254

    Accounts Payable, Accrued Expenses and Other Liabilities    $     28    $     32
    Debt                                                            145         149
    Net Assets                                                        67          73
        Total Liabilities and Net Assets                        $    240    $    254

    Government Fees and Grants                                  $     98    $     94
    Contributions, Fundraising and Donated Goods and Services         12          12
    Program Service Fees and Other                                    16          16    ■ Direct Services to People in Need      89.0%

        Total Operating Revenue                                     126         122     ■ Administration                          8.5%
                                                                                        ■ Fundraising and Awareness               2.5%
    Salaries and Benefits                                              88          91
    Occupancy                                                        13           13
    Other                                                            26          24
        Total Operating Expenses                                    127         128

    Loss from Operations Before Depreciation                          (1)         (6)

    Depreciation                                                      (8)         (8)
    Bequests and Gifts                                                 1           1
    Investments and Other                                              2          12
        Change in Net Assets                                    $     (6)   $     (1)

    Highlights of How Catholic Charities Improved Lives in FY2012

    MEALS SERVED TO THE HUNGRY                                    370,121     MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT, CONSULTATION AND TREATMENT                      16,043
      Our Daily Bread                                             273,448       Behavioral Health Counseling/Clinics                                    11,165
      My Sister’s Place Women’s Center                             69,158       St. Vincent’s Villa Residential Programs                                   287
      Sarah’s House                                                27,515       Child and Adolescent Response System                                       526
                                                                                Head Start & School Mental Health Consultations                          2,764
    EMPLOYMENT/TRAINING                                               1,034
                                                                                Home Based and Family to Family Respite Care                                95
      Our Daily Bread Employment Center                                 543
                                                                                In-Home Intervention                                                       245
         220 job placements: Average starting wage             $10.21/hour
                                                                                Baltimore City Foster Care Assessments                                     739
      My Sister’s Place Women’s Center                                  428
                                                                                Safe Start Child Abuse Prevention                                           43
         28 job placements: Average starting wage               $9.12/ hour
                                                                                Therapeutic After School Program                                           179
      Christopher Place Employment Academy                               63
                                                                                Family Support Services                                                    617
         51 placements: Average starting wage                  $10.21/hour
      Community Housing 13 placements: Average starting wage     $8.78/hour   EDUCATION                                                                      1,438
                                                                                Head Start Programs – Baltimore City, Harford, Carroll Counties                697
    INTAKE, CASEWORK, AND EMERGENCY SERVICES                         8,025
                                                                                Villa Maria Schools in Timonium, Harford County and
       Our Daily Bread Employment Center                             3,215
                                                                                    program in Edgewood Middle School                                         357
       My Sister’s Place Women’s Center                                938
                                                                                Esperanza Center                                                              384
       Samaritan Center                                              1,064
       Sarah’s House                                                   554    ADOPTIONS/FOSTER CARE                                                           449
       Anna’s House                                                     45      International Adoptions                                                        35
       Esperanza Center                                              2,209      Pregnancy, Parenting, Adoption/Post-Adoption Services                         302
                                                                                Treatment Foster Care                                                         112
    TRANSITIONAL AND PERMANENT HOUSING                                 961
      My Sister’s Place Lodge                                           51    SENIOR COMMUNITIES                                                             1,787
      Sarah’s House                                                    554      22 Communities offering 1,611 apartments for 1,787 people
      Anna’s House                                                      45
                                                                              OTHER                                                                          5,367
      Community Housing                                                180
                                                                                Answers for the Aging                                                        3,787
      Christopher Place Employment Academy                             117
                                                                                Earned Benefits Program                                                       1,574
      Holden Hall                                                       14
                                                                                Project SERVE Volunteers                                                         6
    HEALTH CARE                                                      1971
      Caritas House Assisted Living                                     76    Catholic Charities could not fulfill its mission of improving lives without
      Esperanza Center                                               1,507    the selfless people who share their time and talent in the service of others.
      The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth‘s                             279    As they enrich the lives of others, they too are enriched.
      St. Ann Adult Day Services                                       109
      Gallagher Vocational & Supported Employment Services             163      185,564 hours of service
      Gallagher Adult Medical Day Services                              40
      Gallagher Residential Services                                   264
      Gallagher Day Habilitation Services                               34

      Sarah’s House: 25 years of Serving Homeless Families

THEY WANT YOU TO BETTER YOURSELF                                                                                               homelessness to permanent housing. Catholic Charities
                                                                                                                               has been blessed by the partnership of Anne Arundel
                                                                                                                               County and their Department of Social Services and the
AND PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTURE. WHAT                                                                                              U.S. Army at Fort Meade who have enabled this miracle
                                                                                                                               of improving lives. Many State and County Agencies,

THEY DO IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED. WE                                                                                              foundations, churches and synagogues, civic groups,
                                                                                                                               schools, families, and individuals have woven a fabric
                                                                                                                               of support for our guests that is more than anyone can
COULD NEVER CONVEY JUST HOW MUCH.                                                                                              imagine.
         It was 1987 and the homeless population was             opportunities on site. When the guests are ready                 At a 25th anniversary dinner, one of our guests
      growing quickly in Anne Arundel County, one of the         to leave after 24 months, there is a social worker to         shared her thoughts: “When I moved into Sarah’s House
      wealthiest counties in the nation. Community activist      support their transition to self sufficiency for as long       shelter, I was devastated. We have come to love and
      Tom Parlett organized a group to find a place for those     as they need and a support system of friends they have        respect the staff here. They want you to better yourself
      who had nowhere to call home. A unique partnership         developed.                                                    and prepare for your future. We have enjoyed gifts and
      of Anne Arundel County, Catholic Charities, and the              Valerie, pictured here, came to Sarah’s House in July   dinners that were made with love from caring members
      U.S. Army established a safe refuge for families to find    after losing her job and her apartment where she and          of the community. What they all do is highly appreciated.
      solace and assistance to get on with their lives.          her two little girls were living. She now works at a local    We could never really convey just how much.”
         Located on vacant property at Fort Meade, Sarah’s       Severna Park restaurant and her children are in the              Improving lives continues.
      House opened that year offering emergency shelter.         Child Care Center. Her goal is to be in law enforcement
      Today Sarah’s House offers both emergency and              and she has taken the
      transitional housing for 125 individuals, half of whom     written test, and passed!
      are children.                                              There are other hurdles
         A safe residence is just the beginning of our guests’   to achieving her dream,
      journey. Every person had a crisis that brought them       but     with    the     support
      to Sarah’s House – the loss of a job and a home,           of Sarah’s House staff,
      abandonment or death of a spouse, physical abuse,          counseling, and classes,
      severe illness, addiction, abject poverty, and other       she is getting closer to her
      tragedies.                                                 goal than ever before.
         Guests are surrounded by case management staff                Over     the     last    25
      who help identify their barriers to independence and       years,       Sarah’s      House
      put support systems in place. Families have licensed       has provided shelter for
      childcare, allowing them to obtain employment. There       13,526         women,         men,
      are also after-school programs for the children; family    and children and helped

7     counseling; transportation; and a variety of educational   2,515 families move from
      The Green House Residences at Stadium Place

When you are considered an “Elder”                                                                                           with bathrooms.
                                                                                                                                Lois, one of the Elders, sits in the hearth room (left)
                                                                                                                             and on the screened porch overlooking the baseball
you are cherished and valued for                                                                                             field (right). Nate Sweeney, Guide/Administrator, has
                                                                                                                             noticed that because of the small 12-person homes,

your knowledge and experience.                                                                                               the Elders become more social and take on roles similar
                                                                                                                             to family members, being welcoming and comfortable
      In recent generations, older people who needed medical       independently as they desire and to set their own daily   with each other. Staff feel more personally involved with
      care that could not be provided in their homes moved         routines.                                                 the Elders. Relatives have remarked that they feel relief
      into a nursing home. Today, many people are looking             With developer GEDCO, Catholic Charities celebrated    that their Elders are developing new friendships and are
      for other options for living in a comfortable skilled        Opening Day for The Green House Residences at             more independent at the Green House.
      setting – a place where the person is the focus, not their   Stadium Place on a sunny day last April. The four-story      Low- and moderate-income Elders who require
      condition.                                                   building sits on the site of the old Memorial Stadium,    long-term care as well as short-term rehabilitation
         A few years ago, Catholic Charities took a bold step      Baltimore’s own “field of dreams.” Like the Baltimore      are welcomed. All are supported by excellent nursing
      in that direction with the creation of an “Elder-centric     Orioles’ opening day, there was a ceremonial first pitch   staff and other staff who are more like family members
      life” approach at The Neighborhoods at St. Elizabeth         thrown by one of the Elders, the National Anthem and      because they cook, assist with housekeeping and
      Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. They even adopted         Take Me Out to the Ballgame, the Oriole Bird, hot dogs,   personal needs, and help fill Elders’ days with a card
      the term “Elders” to describe the people who live there.     and popcorn.                                              game or a walk outside on the beautiful grounds.
      After an evaluation of medical needs and personal               Each of the four floors is a separate home having          The Green House approach enriches the lives of
      preferences, St. Elizabeth’s remodeled much of its           a large hearth room with a living area and fireplace,      everyone associated with it. Improving lives continues.
      building, retrained staff, and completely re-ordered         an open kitchen with
      its approach. The nursing home was divided into five          access for all, and a
      smaller Neighborhoods. Meals are now prepared in each        dining room with a large
      Neighborhood dining room five times daily, with drinks        table where Elders and
      and snacks available around the clock. Daily routines        caregivers share meals
      such as sleeping and bathing are determined by the           together. A glass wall
      Elders themselves, not staffing schedules.                    looks into the sunset
         Because of our experience in creating Elder-centric       every evening. Each home
      life, Catholic Charities became the first provider in         has a large screened
      Maryland to implement a state-of-the-art model of            porch that overlooks the
      senior living known as a Green House. There are over         Cal Ripken Youth Baseball
      100 Green Houses in 27 states. The Green House model         Park and the Baltimore
      provides high quality personalized medical care and          skyline. On either side of
      support for daily living for Elders, without care becoming   the huge common area

9     the focus of their lives. Elders are encouraged to live as   are six private bedrooms
       A Surprise Visit to Villa Maria School

The good seeds we sow do take root.                                                                                          mingled in her head. It was their parting comments
                                                                                                                             that touched her the most. Both boys thanked her
                                                                                                                             repeatedly for what the team had done for them. They
Never give up trying to plant them. It                                                                                       said: “Without Villa Maria School, we’d probably be in
                                                                                                                             jail instead of college.”

makes all the difference in the world!                                                                                          Mari Pat remembers thinking: “Years ago we had
                                                                                                                             given David and Thomas hope and helped them to
       Improving lives is not for the faint of heart. Those who        That afternoon, staff was meeting to discuss an       believe in themselves when they needed it most. Their
       choose the work of helping others to achieve their           unusually large number of disruptions and frustrations   surprise visit restored our hope when we needed it to
       God-given potential are not in it for the accolades. Our     that some of the older students had that day. As Mari    continue our work. That’s the real blessing.”
       reward is in the successes of those individuals whose        Pat left her office, there were two young men standing       After David and Thomas left, she couldn’t stop
       lives we improve. The roads we walk with our clients         outside her door. Drained and longing to go home, she    smiling. She called her boss on the way home to share
       are winding because their needs are complex. There is        put on a smile and asked if she could help them.         the news. Mari Pat will tell you that the boys’ gratitude
       no guarantee that the destination will be reached. In           One of them shouted: “Miss Mari Pat, don’t you        convinced her that “The good seeds we sow do take
       fact, sometime it’s the journey itself that matters most.    remember us? It’s David and Thomas!” Immediately, her    root. Never give up trying to plant them. It makes all the
       Based upon our belief that through our services to our       memory shot back to the 14 year olds she remembered      difference in the world!”
       brothers and sisters we are Cherishing the Divine within     when she had worked directly with them. She                 David is now serving on a committee that is designing
       all, our clients, staff, volunteers, and donors’ lives are   remembered their challenges – and their parents who      an In-School option for children who are suspended.
       all improved.                                                had been such advocates for their education. They were   Improving lives continues.
          Through the work of Catholic Charities, we are likely     neatly dressed and seemed to beam with confidence.
       to be a part of many small miracles. This year Mari Pat         The boys said they
       McGuire, Clinical Manager of the Villa Maria Schools,        wanted to come back to
       experienced one of the most profound miracles of her         tell her how they were
       career. It occurred at the end of what she termed an         doing. David exclaimed
       “emotionally draining day.”                                  that he was in college,
          Students in the Villa Maria Special Education Schools     saying:     “I’m    studying
       come with a variety of issues that make learning more        psychology and I’m really
       difficult. In addition to their educational needs, some       good at it!” Thomas, a
       also have emotional and mental health issues, making it      once shy middle-schooler,
       a challenge to focus on learning. The staff is actually a    claimed, “I’m studying
       multi-disciplinary team of therapists, special education     theatre and Iove it!” Mari
       teachers, psychiatrists, clinical supervisors, nurses,       Pat’s head was spinning
       and occupational therapists. The goal is to surround the     throughout the visit, as
       students and their families with services they need to       the present conversation

11     return to their regular schools.                             and       past     memories

                                                                                                                                     Mr. Donald W. Bisant                       Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Radmer
Gifts to Catholic Charities offer opportunities to those                                                                             Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.                  Ravens Roost No. 50
                                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Bowie                   Reznick Group
seeking to improve their lives. On behalf of the Board of                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Bradley, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Brian C. Rogers
                                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Bramble, Sr.           Mr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Schuster
                                                                                                                                     Brooks Financial Group                     Miss Margaret M. Sellmayer
Trustees, clients, volunteers, and staff, we thank those                                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Kevin G. Byrnes                 Ms. Abigail Smith & Mr. John Shettle
                                                                                                                                     Clayton Fund, Inc. of Texas                St. Agnes HealthCare
individuals, corporations, and foundations that made                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. George J. Collins               Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Stansky
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for the period July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012. We extend                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. George C. Creel                 The Cole Foundation
                                                                                                                                     DAP Products, Inc.                         The Johns Hopkins Medicine
our gratitude to all who give generously throughout                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. James C. Davis
                                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Carmen F. Deyesu
                                                                                                                                                                                The Johns Hopkins University
                                                                                                                                                                                  Neighborhood Fund
                                                                                                                                     Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP               Tommy Z9 Foundation, Inc.
the year. Please know that each contribution is valued,                                                                              Edaptive Systems                           Trinity Quality Homes, Inc.
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                                                      Citi Financial Management Corporation   Mr. & Mrs. William J. Baird, III       Mountain Christian Church                  Cathedral of Mary Our Queen
             ST. IGNATIUS LOYOLA SOCIETY              Combined Charity Campaign               Baltimore Women’s Giving Circle Fund   Judith Needham, Esquire & Warren Kilmer    CIGNA HealthCare
             Bunting Family Foundation Fund           Mr. & Mrs. James D. Hardesty            Bank of America                        Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. O’Keefe                Community Foundation of
             Mr. and Mrs.Philip W. Gibbs              Reverend & Mrs. E. Gerard Huesman       Basilica of the Assumption             Our Lady of the Fields Church                Anne Arundel County
             Harkins Builders, Inc.                   Mr. & Mrs. William J. McCarthy, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Batza, Jr.       Penguin Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.   Mrs. Jane W. Daniels

12           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. O’Neil, Jr.
             The Abell Foundation
                                                      McCormick & Company, Inc.
                                                      Gertrude A. McQuaid, Ph.D.*
                                                                                              Mr. Charles L. Bauermann &
                                                                                                The Bauermann Family
                                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen G. Peroutka
                                                                                                                                     PHH Arval
                                                                                                                                                                                DavCo Restaurants, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Mathias J. DeVito
     Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Emerson, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Lee Saltzberg                                                                                                                       Gallagher Services
     Enterprise Community Investment, Inc.      Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Schroeder
     Ernst & Young LLP                          The Honorable Steven R. Schuh
     Evergreen Capital, LLC                     Mr. & Mrs. James B. Sellinger
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Falcone                 Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Smith
     Fidelity Engineering                       Sparrow Consulting, Inc.
     First Potomac Realty Investment, LP        St. Isaac Jogues Catholic Church
     France-Merrick Foundation, Inc.            St. John the Evangelist Church, Hydes
     Franey Family Foundation                   St. John the Evangelist RC
     Mr. James Gabriel & Mrs. Ellen               Church of Columbia, MD Inc.
       Rosenthal                                St. Joseph Medical Center
     Mr. & Mrs. C. Godfrey Garvey               Stephen James Associates
     Geico Philanthropic Foundation             Mr. Malcolm Norman Stewart
     Mr. & Mrs. Gino J. Gemignani, Jr.          Matt Stover Foundation, Inc.
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Gitlin               Mr. & Mrs. Leonard A. Strom               Mr. Robert Buczkowski                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Grossi            Maryland Academy of Pediatric
     Golfers’ Charitable Association, Inc.      Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Taylor              Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Cahill              Ms. Gen R. Haines                         Dentistry
     Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP        The Active Network, Inc.                  Calvert Investment Counsel               Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Hankin            Dr. Faith Mauro-Huse &
     Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. Hall                   The Helen P. Denit Charitable Trust       Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. Cascio              Mr. & Mrs. Martin C. Hauf                 Mr. Dennis Mauro-Huse
     Mr. & Mrs. John W. Harbaugh                The Herbert N. Gundersheimer              Mr. & Mrs. James T. Cavanaugh, III       Mr. & Mrs. John C. Heisler              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mcallister
     Edward B. Hemler                             Foundation, Inc.                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Cawley              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Henggeler            Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. McBride
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hodges                The Judy Family Foundation                Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Cestello             Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Herbst             Ms. Sarah McCafferty &
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hohman                The Joseph E. & Catherine A. Liberatore   Chesapeake Corporate Advisors LLC        Dr. & Mrs. James P. Higgins               Mr. Andrew Lapayowker
     Howard Bank                                  Fund                                    Chesapeake Network Installations, Inc.   Timothy A. Hodge, Esquire               Mrs. Marie C. McCarthy
     Mrs. & Mrs. Charlton Hughes                The Safeway Foundation                    Christian Lives Foundation, Inc.         Mr. & Mrs. Gerard E. Holthaus           Mr. & Mrs. James P. McDonagh
     IGH Charitable Foundation, Inc.            The Shelter Group                         Church of the Holy Apostles              Holy Family Roman Catholic              Mr. & Mrs. Mark G. McGlone
     Insurance Buyers’ Council, Inc.            Type Supply LLC                           Comcast                                    Congregation, Inc.                    Ms. M. Natalie McSherry
     Mr. Robert A. Jelen                        Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Veilleux             CTC, Inc.                                Mr. & Mrs. Mark P. Huston               Mr. Ronald E. Metenyi
     Mr. & Mrs. Larry Kahoe                     Mr. & Mrs. John F. Wakeman                Mr. Brian B. Daily                       Mr. John Igoe                           Michael’s Café
     Mr. Francis A. Kasper                      Web Ad.Vantage, Inc.                      Mr. & Mrs. William H. Daley,III          IMRE, LLC                               Miles & Stockbridge P.C.
     Ms. Frances Ann Kelleher                   Mr. & Mrs. James R Wetzel                 Delaplaine Foundation                    Invotex Group                           Minority Office of Technical Assistance
     Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc.   Mr. Carl A. J. Wright                     Mr. & Mrs. George B. Delaplaine          IWIF Workers Compensation               Mr. & Mrs. Marc Munafo
     Kelly Drye & Warren                                                                  Dr. Pablo Dibos & Dr. Esther Dibos         Insurance                             Mr. & Mrs. David J. Norman
     Mr. & Mrs. Francis X. Kelly, III           THE ANITA ROSE WILLIAMS SOCIETY           DLA Piper                                Mr. Michael C. Janus                    Number Ten Foundation, Inc.
     Mr. & Mrs. George J. Kilroy                Anonymous (5)                             Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Dunn, III           Mr. & Mrs. Russell E. Jones             NuStar Foundation
     Kiwanis Foundation of Crofton              Mr. Bruce C. Arensmeier                   Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Dunn               Mr. & Mrs. Leon M. Kaplan               Obrycki’s
       Maryland, Inc.                           ARINC Incorporated                        C. Eby, Jr. & M. Eby Charitable          Mr. & Mrs. James Kearney                Deacon Harry St. A O’Neill
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Kunisch, Jr.          Mr. Clifford M. Athey                       Foundation                             Ms. Mary Margaret Keenan                Mrs. Margaret B. Otenasek
     Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos             Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Baird               Dr. Sonia Estruch                        Ms. Karen Kennedy                       Our Lady of the Angels Church
     MacKenzie Capital, LLC                     Robert W. Baird and Co. Incorporated      Mr. & Mrs. Patrick E. Fogarty            Robert R. Kern, Jr., Esquire            Our Lady of Victory Church
     Mr. John McCauley & Ms. Nina Jones         Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Baldwin              Mr. & Mrs. Eugene P. Foley, Jr.          Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Kiernan            Mr. Stephen F. Page
     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Mechlinski            Baltimore Equitable Insurance             Mr. & Mrs. David E. Franasiak            Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kinkopf             Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Palmer
     Mercy Medical Center                        Foundation, Inc.                         Mr. & Mrs. David C. Franchak             Ms. Marie Kronman*                      Mr. Joseph L. Patanella
     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Mills                Baltimore Ravens                          Mr. & Mrs. William S. Franey, Jr.        Mr. & Mrs. Constantine H. Lanzi         Praxis Engineering Technologies
     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Moag                 Mr. & Mrs. David I. Bavar                 Frank Family Foundation                  Mr. & Mrs. James L. Lekin               PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
     Mr. & Mrs. James G. Morgan                 Mr. Scott W. Becker                       Mr. & Mrs. George H. French, III         Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Lindstrom, Esq.   Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Puglia
     Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church         Mr. J. Paul Bolduc                        Mr. Mark Fulchino & Ms. Aimee O’Neill    Mr. Barry Linkner                       Mr. Ramon F. Roig
     Notre Dame of Maryland University          Mr. John Bovaird & Ms. Ellen Warnock      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Gabrielle           Mr. Walter G. Lohr, Jr.                 Rome Technologies, Inc.
     Ms. Mary Anne O’Donnell                    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Bozzuto              Dr. & Mrs. Ivan H. Garcia, Jr.           Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Lynagh             RSM McGladrey, Inc.
     Ms. Jane O’Leary &                         Mr. & Mrs. John F. Brennan                Lyn Stacie Getz Foundation, Inc.         Madison Mechanical, Inc.                Mr. Michael Rudolph
       Mr. Jonathan Ruckdeschel                 Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Bronfein            Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Gibb             Dr. & Mrs. Kevin J. Manning             Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
     Dr. & Mrs. Kerry C. Prewitt                Mr. & Mrs. Andrew M. Brooks               Good Samaritan Hospital                  Mr. & Mrs. Louis V. Manzo               Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Santangelo

13   Mr. & Mrs. David F. Punshon-Smith
     Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Ripienski
                                                Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Brooks
                                                Mr. & Mrs. James Lee Brun
                                                                                          Mr. Michael T. Goode
                                                                                          Mr. & Mrs. W. Kyle Gore
                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Peter Marcin
                                                                                                                                   Marks, Thomas Architects
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Fredric W. Schultz, IV
                                                                                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Matthew L. Seward
     Donors (continued)

     Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. Sheahan                 Associated Italian American                Ms. Theresa M. Brandt                      Honorable & Mrs. Thomas J.                 Mr. & Mrs. Lee W. Fitzsimmons
     St. Bernadette Parish                         Charities of MD                          Bray & Scarff                                D’Alesandro, III                         Floors Etc.
     St. Casimir Church                          Atlantic Data & Records Management         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Brennan, Jr.          Mr. Robert Michael Daly                    Forman, Inc.
     St. Ignatius, Hickory                       Ms. Sharon J. Augustiny                    Dr. Nannette V. Brenner                    Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Dann                    Fort Meade Chaplain Fund
     St. John Evangelist Roman Catholic          Ms. Beth D. Awalt                          Mr. & Mrs. Jennings Brinsfield              DaVita                                     Mr. & Mrs. George Frank
       Congregation Inc.                         Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Awalt                Deacon & Mrs. Ray H. Britt                 Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Dell                 Mr. J. A. Franzoni
     St. Joseph Catholic Community               Mr. Brett D. Ayotte                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Brown, III           Mr. Leon T. Delorme                        Mr. & Mrs. Benedict J. Frederick, Jr.
     St. Joseph’s, Texas, Roman Catholic         BB&T                                       Ms. Dorothy T. Brown                       Kerrie Burch-DeLuca & Frank DeLuca         Mr. & Mrs. Sidney S. Friedman
       Congregation                              Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Bair                  Mr. & Mrs. Martin P. Brunk                 Design House Kitchens & Appliances, LLC    Ms. Catherine A. Fritz
     St. Stephen Church                          Mr. & Mrs. William J. Baird, Jr.           Bryn Mawr School                           Mr. Patrick B. Dever                       Ms. Noreen A. Frost
     Steele Foundations, Inc.                    Mr. Joseph G. Baldwin                      Mrs. Ellen M. Burger                       Mr. & Mrs. Donn P. Dietrich                Mr. Stephen Fruin & Ms. Susan Griisser
     Summit Solutions, LLC                       Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I. Baldwin               Mr. & Mrs. Franklin L. Burgess, Sr.        Mr. & Mrs. Donald B. Dillport, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Fuggi
     The Carmax Foundation                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Balhoff              Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Burke                Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Dinoto, Jr.           Mrs. Anna Fuller
     The Marion I. & Henry J. Knott              Mr. John Ballenger                         Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Burke, III              Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Dion                 Ms. Joanne V. Furley
       Foundation                                Baltimore Football Club, Inc.              Mr. Brian Burlace                          Ms. Sharon Dissinger                       Fusco Financial Associates, Inc.
     The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund                Mr. & Mrs. James M. Bannantine             Ms. Ann Callan                             Mr. & Mrs. Leo C. Dobry                    Mr. William H. Fusting, Jr.
     Tom White & Associates, LLC                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Barker                  Mr. David Carberry                         Ms. Susan Doherty                          FutureCare
     Unitarian Universalist Church of            Ms. Cynthia J. Barnes                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Carney, Jr.           Domino Sugar Corporation                   Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Gabor
       Annapolis                                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Barnett              Mr. & Mrs. Kent E. Carr                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey H. Donahue              Mr. Daniel L. Gahagan
     Dr. & Mrs. Henry N. Wagner, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Nasir Bashirelahi               Mrs. Rena D. Carr                          Mr. & Mrs. James V. Donnelly               Mr. Louis P. Galambos
     Dr. & Mrs. Patrick C. Walsh                 Bay Area Community Church, Inc.            Carroll Independent Fuel Company           Mr. Robert Doory & Honorable Ann           Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Gallo CFA
     Mr. Robert J. Wieder                        Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Bayham           Ms. Janette L. Carson                        Marie Doory                              Mr. & Mrs. Gary J. Garofalo
     Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Wiese                  Mr. & Mrs. Philip K. Beauchamp             Mr. & Mrs. Neil J. Cashen                  A.E. Dott & Associates                     Mr. William L Gaudreau
     Mr. Thomas E. Wilcox                        Ms. Eileen M. Beck                         Mrs. Susan T. Cashman                      Mr. James Michael Doty                     Mr. George Gayno
     Mr. & Mrs. J. Scott Wilfong                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Behan II              Catholic Community of St. Francis Xavier   Mr. & Mrs. Ellen E. Draper                 Mr. & Mrs. Jerome G. Geraghty
     Ms. Maria C. Williams                       Mr. & Mrs. William E. Behrens              Chesapeake Professional Women’s            Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Duffy                Mr. Fereidoon Ghorashi &
     Mr. Scott Wilson                            Ms. Haile Bell                               Network, Inc.                            Mr. & Mrs. James M. Dugan                    Ms. Jila Kianni
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Wist                     Mr. Ted Bemb                               Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Chew                    Dunbar Armored                             Mr. & Mrs. R. Michael Gill
     Yaffe & Company Incorporated                Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Benicewicz              Church of the Nativity                     Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Dunn, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gillich
     Dr. Ellen Yankellow & Mr. William Chapman   Bethel Presbyterian Church                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Cinquegrana           Mr. Pierce B. Dunn & Ms. Barbara L. Hoyt   Ms. Susan E. Gilmore
     Mr. Lawrence G. Young                       Mr. Christopher Bever &                    Cirdan Group, Inc.                         Eagle Alliance                             Mr. & Mrs. Saul E. Gilstein
     Zeta Associates                               Ms. Patricia Thomas                      Mr. Paul L. Cirincione                     Mr. & Mrs. Martin J. Eby                   Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Gladden, Jr.
                                                 BGE Home Products and Services             Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Clancy               Miss Anna M. Eckenrode*                    Mr. & Mrs. Peter V. Glynn
     LOAVES & FISHES SOCIETY                     Mr. Mark Biegel                            Mr. Dennis Clark & Ms. Nancy Scaggs        Ms. Stephanie Angelos Eckhart              Mr. & Mrs. Samuel G. Gorn
     Anonymous (14)                              Mr. & Mrs. James Y. Blanchard              Mr. John R. Cochran                        Ms. Mary C. Edelson                        Mr. Matthew F. Gorra
     1st Choice Realty, Inc.                     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Blinka                Mr. & Mrs. Elbert L. Cole, Jr.             Mr. Timothy Edwards                        Mr. Barry P. Gossett
     Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Able, III             Bob’s Discount Furniture                   College of William and Mary                Christopher Eggen-Mona                     Ms. Janie A. Gould
     Absolute Investigative Services, Inc.       Mr. & Mrs. Carroll A. Bodie                Mr. & Mrs. Jerome W. Collier               Mr. & Mrs. James K. Eichelberger           Mr. & Mrs. E. Matthew Goyette, II
     Academy of Country Music                    Mrs. Anita Boer                            Colonial Players Inc.                      Mr. & Mrs. Dennis P. Eichenlaub            Mr. Joseph Sebastian Grabenstein
     Acadia Builders, LLC                        Mr. & Mrs. Stephen W. Boesel               Colts Corral                               Ms. Mary A. Eisel                          Mr. & Mrs. Shirl C. Grable
     Adalman-Goodwin Foundation, Inc.            Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Bogue, Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Comiskey                  Mr. & Mrs. Fuad El-Hibri                   Mr. Grant I. Grasmick
     Dr. George W. Adams &                       Mr. & Mrs. Guilfred O. Boisvert            John S. Connor, Inc.                       Ellin & Tucker, Chartered                  Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Greenberg
       Dr. Deborah Adams                         Sylvester J. Bollinger*                    Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Conrad               Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Endres, Jr.           Mr. Michael T. Grinder
     Ms. Augustine Adedeji                       Bon Secours Baltimore Health System        Mr. Stephen J. Considine                   Mr. & Mrs. James Evans                     Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin H. Griswold, IV
     Ms. Linda A. Adlum                          Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Boos, II           Mr. & Mrs. Michael Constantine             Mr. & Mrs. Steven B. Fader                 Mr. Peter Guattery & Ms. Su Yun Chang
     Alban Company                               Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Booth                 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Cooke                  Mr. & Mrs. William F. Farmer               Mr. & Mrs. Donald Gutermuth
     Mr. & Mrs. Tedd M. Alexander, III           Mr. & Mrs. John T. Botek                   Mr. & Mrs. Philip A. Cooke                 Mr. & Mrs. John F. Feezer, Jr.             Mrs. Anita Gutschick
     AMERIGROUP Corporation                      Mr. & Mrs. Lambert G. Boyce, Jr.           Cornell Technical Services, LLC            Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Fenwick, Sr.         Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan L. Hackbarth
     Ms. Concetta R. Anaclerio                   Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Boyle            Mrs. Winifred L. Coughlin                  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Fields                Ms. Barbara Haeckler
     Mr. Christopher S. Anderson                 Mr. Clarence C. & Mrs. Patricia A. Boyle   Mr. Edward W. Countess, Jr.                Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Fiery, III             Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. Hall
     Mr. & Mrs. David W. Anderson                Bozzuto Construction Company               Mr. & Mrs. John Crank                      Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Finigan               Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hallman

14   Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Angerer
     Arborvitae Fund
                                                 Ms. Lauren A. Bradley
                                                 Mr. & Mrs. James T. Brady
                                                                                            Mr. John Drew Cullen
                                                                                            D & H Trucking, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Dr. Daniel Finkelstein
                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Fiore
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Hancock
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mr. Mark J. Hannon
     Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Harrigan               Mr. Patrick J. Lawler                                                                                                                       Sarah’s House
     Mr. & Mrs. James R. Hartman               Ms. Tracie T. Lefevre
     Mr. Kenneth Hayden                        Mr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Leonard
     Ms. Margaret Hayes                        Ben Lewis Plumbing
     Haymaker Technologies, Inc.               Dr. Frederick T. Lewis, Jr.
     Heartlands Catholic Community             Mr. Joseph Lewis
     Mr. Eugene D. Heiss                       Mr. & Mrs. Keith W. Lewis
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hellauer, Jr.        Ms. Kelly A. Lieske
     Mr. & Mrs. William L. Henn, Jr.           Dr. & Mrs. Michael P. Lilly
     Hickory Elementary School                 Linmarck, Inc.
     Mr. James J. Hillmann                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Logue
     Holy Family Catholic Community            Mr. & Mrs. John P. Lombardo
     Holy Trinity Church                       Long Island Pipe Supply, Inc.
     Hotelpro Staffing, LLC                     Mr. & Mrs. R. Noel Longuemare, Jr.
     Harley W. Howell Charitable Foundation    Lost in the 50’s Custom Car Club, Inc.        Mr. Alan R. Mercer                    Mr. James N. O’Donnell              Mr. & Mrs. David J. Queen
     Mr. & Mrs. Frederick M. Hudson            Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Lovelace, Sr.            Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Meredith        Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. O’Keefe        Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence R. Rachuba
     Rev. John E. Hurley, C.S.P.               Loyola University Maryland                    Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. Merriken, III     Old Town Hospitality Inc.           George W. Radebaugh & Sons, Inc.
     Ms. Layne F. Huttenberger                 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Ludwig                  Ms. Peggy A. Meyer                    Omni Eye Specialists                Mr. Bijan Rafiekian
     Mr. David M. Imre                         Ms. Marianne Lynch                            Mr. Jack C. Miglioretti, II           Order Minor Conventuals, Inc.       CDR & Mrs. Armando Ramirez
     Dr. & Mrs. Peter C. Innis                 Mr. & Mrs. Morton J. Macks                    Dr. & Mrs. Arthur V. Milholland       Mr. Feliberto Ortiz                 Mrs. Mary Kennedy Rasin
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Iorizzo              Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Madden                  Mr. & Mrs. Eric B. Miller             Mr. Emmanuel C. Osuji               RCM&D & The RCM&D Foundation, Inc.
     J. D. Carpets, Inc.                       Mr. Joseph E. Maley                           Mr. Robert L. Miller, Jr.             Donald A. Otenasek                  Realtors Community Service Committee
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Jacapraro            Mr. Gerald V. Maltagliati                     Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Miller           Overlea Caterers, Inc               Mr. & Mrs. James L. Redifer
     Mr. & Mrs. Stuart S. Janney, III          Mrs. Mary Mangione                            Ms. Linda Mital                       Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Owen          Charles B. Reeves, Jr., Esquire
     Jesuit Community of Loyola University     Brian Marks                                   Mr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Mohler             Chris A. Owens, Esquire             Mr. & Mrs. Regis F. Reft
       Maryland                                Martin and Phillips Design Associates, Inc.   Mr. Gary Moore                        Ms. Teresa K. Paffenback            Mr. Louis M. Rehak, Jr.
     Dr. Harry Johnson & Dr. Mary Jo Johnson   Ms. Cynthia Martin                            Morabito Consultants, Inc.            Mr. Gerald Page                     Mr. Raymond C. Reinmann
     Frank S. Jones, Jr.                       Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Martin                  Mr. David H. Morrow                   Mr. & Mrs. Harry G. Pappas, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Rekart
     Mr. Thomas M. Jones                       Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Martineau               Mr. Charles J. Morton, Jr. &          Ms. Catherine H. Parks              Renegade Productions, Inc.
     Mrs. Susanne P. Katrinic                  Mr. & Mrs. Jerry J. Marty                      Ms. Padraic McSherry-Morton          Mr. & Mrs. James B. Parsons         Mr. Eugene J. Riddle
     Peter E. Keith, Esquire                   Maryland Healthcare HR Association            Mount Hebron Presbyterian Church      PCF Management, Inc.                Ms. Lucy B. Robins & Mr. Kevin M. Larrowe
     Ms. Annette H. Kellermann                 Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Maskell                 Mrs. Janet M. Mrowca                  Mr. Thomas G. Peters                Mr. & Mrs. Brooks C. Robinson
     Honorable & Mrs. Francis X. Kelly, Jr.    Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Matarozza                Mrs. Floraine K. Muffoletto           Mr. & Mrs. James O. Pilotte         Mr. George A. Roche
     Ken Lee and Beechwood, LLC                Mr. Milbert L. Mays*                          Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Muldowney       Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Pinkard, Jr.   Mr. John E. Rock, III
     Mr. Charles P. H. Kernan                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Maze                        Multi Management, Inc.                Mr. Matthew L. Pirnot, Esquire      Mr. & Mrs. Theo C. Rodgers
     Mr. & Ms. Gary L. Kerns                   Mr. John P. Mazz                              Municipal Employees Credit Union of   Ms. Ann E. Pittman                  Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred J. Roesler
     Mr. Jesse Kincaid                         Mr. & Mrs. James V. McAveney                   Baltimore, Inc.                      Mr. & Mrs. David L. Plaut           Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Roman
     Mr. & Mrs. Timothy King                   Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. McBryan                    Ms. Wilhelmena Murphy                 Mr. & Mrs. Paul P. Plevyak          Edwin A. Rommel
     Ms. Marianne P. Kinkopf                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCabe                      Mr. Christopher J. Murray             Point Breeze Credit Union           Dr. Ellen Anne Rorke, Ph.D.
     Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kirk                 Mrs. Helen McCarthy                           Mr. & Mrs. James K. Murray            Mr. & Mrs. Alexander D. Politis     Mr. Thomas P. Rosato
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank V. Klein                 Ms. Mary Ann C. McCloskey                     Mr. William F. Myrons                 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Pollock             Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department
     Mrs. Joyce A. Kleintank                   Mr. & Mrs. William D. McCloskey               Mr. Bjorn Mysen                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles Porter           Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Rosenwald
     Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Knudsen, III        Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. McDermott                 Mrs. Karen Nash-Goetz                 Mrs. Rebecca J. Potis               Ms. Rebecca Rothey
     Mr. Nicholas J. Koas                      Mr. James J. McDermott                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Newton          Mrs. M. Cathleen Poward             Mr. Stephen Ruane
     Mr. Alexander Kondracki                   Ms. Kathleen McDermott                        Ms. Michelle Nichols                  Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Powell         Mr. & Mrs. David M. Rust
     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. Kraemer, Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. James M. McDonald                  Mr. & Mrs. Russell D. Niller, III     Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Preacher           Mr. & Mrs. Howard E. Rutherford
     Henrietta Lacks Memorial Fund             Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey P. McEvoy                  Mr. & Mrs. John E. Nolan              Mr. R. David Prengaman              Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Ryan
     Mr. William L. LaMay                      Mr. Dennis McGough                            Mr. & Mrs. Carroll D. Nordhoff        Mr. & Mrs. James V. Prenger         Ms. Ann C. Sabatino
     Mr. Milton R. Lang, Jr.                   Mr. Hugh D. McGuirk                           Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Norman            Mr. & Mrs. Greg P. Prestel          Sacred Heart School
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laurencell             Mr. Gerald L. McKenna                         Mr. James E. Norris                   Ms. Margaret L. Proctor             Mr. Randy Safier
     Mrs. Patricia A. Lavenstein               Mr. & Mrs. John I. McKenna                    Oak Contracting                       Propeller Club of Baltimore         Mrs. Liubov Safko

15   Ms. Mary Jane Lavin
     Law Office of Michael Burgoyne
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Matthew J. McKenna
                                               Ms. Rita Mendl & Mr. David Ward
                                                                                             Edwin Cardinal O’Brien
                                                                                             Ms. Debra S. O’Connell
                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. James J. Prosser
                                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Reginald L. Przybylski
                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Satterfield, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                       Fr. Mitchell Sawicki
     Donors (continued)

     SC & H Group, Inc.                   Stonebridge Life Insurance Company                                                                                                       The Neighborhoods
     Dr. & Mrs. James F. Schauble         Ms. Katherine Strakes                                                                                                                    at St. Elizabeth
     Mrs. Beverly A. Scheel               Strategic Wealth Management                                                                                                              Chapel
     Mr. & Mrs. Mark V. Schmidt             Group, LLC
     Mr. & Mrs. James Scully              Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Stromberg
     Nita L. Schultz, Esq.                Mr. Benjamin Strutt
     Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. Schulz            Sullivan Integrated Services, LLC
     Mr. Charles E. Schwabe               Dr. Michael Sylva
     Mr. & Mrs. H. Jack Schwartz          Rev. Warren V. Tanghe
     Mr. John Schwendeman                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Tarola
     Scottrade                            Mr. Richard Tayag
     Mr. Richard T. Sebrosky              Mr. Larry Taylor
     Mr. Daniel L. Seitz                  Mr. Mark P. Teeters
     Mr. Joel D. Seledee                  Mr. & Mrs. M. David Testa
     Mr. Michael Senseney                 The Arena Club/Harford Health &       Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Wallace        Good Samaritan Society                    Mr. & Mrs. John J. Duffy
     Mr. Juan R. Serrano                    Fitness Club, Inc.                  Walmart Stores, Inc.                 Catholic Charities recognizes as          Ms. Lorraine Emond
     Mr. Sanford M. Shapiro               The Cambridge Group, Inc.             Ms. Mary Judith Walsh                Catholic Charities recognizes as          Ms. Catherine Ellen Etchison
     Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Sheaffer   The Geaton & Joann Decesaris          Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Walter         members of its Good Samaritan Society     Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Evans, III
     Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Shepard           Family Foundation Inc.              Mr. George J. Walters                individuals who have made provisions      Mr. Frank J. Faimann
     Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Sheppard        The Dresher Foundation, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Michael Walton            for our work through their wills, life    Mrs. Marianne M. Falustich
     Sherwood Forest Boys & Girls         The Empowerment Temple, Inc.          Mr. & Mrs. Leonard A. Wanex, Jr.     income gifts, beneficiary designations,   Mrs. Jean Fenzel
       Summer Camp                        The Greystone Consulting              Mr. J. Peter Ward                    or trusts. Catholic Charities deeply      Ms. Denise R. Fitzgerald
     Ms. Jane F. Shock-Osborn               Group, Inc.                         Ms. Deborah A. Warder                appreciates the forethought and           Dr. Robert S. Fitzgerald
     Mr. Martin A. Sikora                 The David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn   Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Watson          generosity that have made these           Mr. Ethan C. Flint
     SI-TEC Consulting                      Foundation                          Webb/Mason, Inc.                     donors lasting partners in our work.      Mr. James Gabriel &
     Mr. John A Slike                     The Hoffberger Foundation, Inc.       Ms. Jennifer Weber                                                              Mrs. Ellen Rosenthal
     Mr. Alexius D. Smith                 The Washington Savings Bank           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Weidefeld            Anonymous (36)                            Mr. Philip J. Gallagher
     Ms. Claire M. Smith                  Mr. Matthew S. Thompson               Mr. & Mrs. H. Charles Weigand        Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Angerer             Mr. John W. Gardner
     Mr. & Mrs. John K. Smith             Mr. & Mrs. Gregory K. Thoreson        Mr. Michael H. Weinman               Reverend Monsignor John J. Auer           Ms. Mildred George
     Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J. Snyder        Mr. George S. Thornton                Mr. John Wellschlager                Ms. Elizabeth D. Bastio                   Ghislaine Godenne. M.D.
     Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Somerville       Tower Federal Credit Union            Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Welsh            Mrs. Joan A. Bennetts                     Mr. Don M. Goeller
     Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Sproat          Mr. Michael J. Tracey                 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Wendel         Mr. & Mrs. David E. Brainerd              Reverend Stephen D. Gosnell
     St. Andrew by the Bay Church         Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Trawinski       Mr. Francis L. Werner                Mr. Allan Breller                         Mr. Joseph Sebastian Grabenstein
     St. Andrews Christian Community      Mr. Mark Treanor                      Mr. & Mrs. David J. West             Mr. Walter Budko                          Mrs. A. Margaretta Gregory
       Church, Inc.                       Mr. Raymond Truitt &                  Ms. Magda Westerhout                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bullinger            Mr. John Hartman
     St. Francis of Assisi Parish           Ms. Mary Tilghman                   Dr. & Mrs. Moody D. Wharam, Jr.      Mr. Denis Callaghan &                     Mrs. Margaret Smyth Hatfield
     St. Ignatius Roman Catholic          Mr. & Mrs. James B. Tucker            Mr. James P. Whitcome                 Ms. Catherine Bray                       Mr. Frank Stuart Heideck
       Congregation, Inc.                 Mrs. Elizabeth B. Turnbaugh           Mr. & Mrs. W. Daniel White           Mr. Paul C. Campbell                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hellauer, Jr.
     Ms. Kathleen M. St. John             Mr. & Mrs. Frank K. Turner, Jr.       Mr. Steven Whitesell                 Reverend Patrick Carrion                  Mr. John D. Hicks
     St. John The Evangelist Church       Mrs. Valerie H. Twanmoh               Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Widmer          Colonel & Mrs. George F. Carter           Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Hodges
     St. Joseph Church, Cockeysville      Mr. Stephen R. Valancius              Mr. & Mrs. Wendell E. Williams       Mr. Samuel W. Chairs, Jr.                 Ms. Mary A. Holland
     St. Margaret Church                  Mr. Dominick M. Valencia              Ms. Kathy Wilmot                     Ms. Rosemary Ciaudelli-Grace              Mrs. Eleanor C. Horak
     St. Mary Student Parish              Rev. Msgr. Arthur F. Valenzano        Dr. Mary Wilson & Dr. Randy Kimble   Mr. Theodore W. Clark                     Reverend E. Gerard Huesman
     St. Michael’s College                Ms. Marie Van Deusen                  Winning Souls Evangelistic Church    Mr. Wesley Todd Clark                     Mrs. Dorothy Imhoff
     St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic         Mr. & Mrs. James E. Van Dyke          Mr. Timothy F. Witham                Ms. Geraldine B. Coleman                  Mrs. Phyllis Jicha
       Church                             Ms. Kelly J. Vermace                  Dr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Wittstadt      Mr. Gregory D. Conderacci                 Mr. Leonard Jones
     St. Peter the Apostle Church         Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #219    Wolf Fire Protection, Inc.           Ms. Emily Conner                          Mr. & Mrs. James J. Jordan, III
     St. Pius X Church                    Mr. & Mrs. William L. Via             Mrs. Susan A. Wolman                 Reverend Monsignor Paul G. Cook           Dr. & Mrs. Juan M. Juanteguy
     Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.         Mr. & Mrs. Acie Vickers               Women’s Club of Towson               Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Deaver             Mrs. Francis J. Kaisler
     State Farm Mutual Automobile         Mr. Mark Viviano                      Woods Memorial Presbyterian          Mr. & Mrs. Andrew R. Del Collo            Mr. & Mrs. Stephen P. Kazlo
       Insurance Company                  Dr. Ralph John Volino                  Church                              Ms. Reneira B. DeSilva                    Mr. Charles W. Keidel

16   Mr. Charles C. Steele
     Mr. & Mrs. David J. Stevens
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Scott Wahlberg
                                          Mrs. Sarah J. Wall
                                                                                Woori America Bank
                                                                                Mr. Steven A. Zabicki, Jr.
                                                                                                                     Mrs. Elizabeth H. Dettor
                                                                                                                     Mrs. E. Florence Dogan
                                                                                                                                                               Ms. Nancy L. Kimmons
                                                                                                                                                               Mr. & Mrs. David W. Kinkopf
     Mrs. Isabel H. Klots                    Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Wagner               Rhonda L. Battle                Caroline & Daniel Falvey     Michele Hauer
     Mrs. Joan Kolobielski                   Mrs. Gloria M. West                        Scott W. Becker                 Biruta Feldman               Bev Hauser
     Dr. Julianna Simmons Kopec              Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. White                 John R. Bell                    Machella Ferguson            Joe & Sue Herbert
     Ms. Marie A. Lang                       Mr. & Mrs. Van R. Whiting                  Susan Bilger                    Sandra Ferguson              Janet Herilla
     Mr. Frank J. Majewski                   Mrs. M.T. Susan Wood                       Angelo & Terry Boer             Trey Fisher                  Stephanie Hill
     Mr. Grover V. Martin                    Mr. Nveong Yi                              Donna J. Bosely                 Ann Flagg                    Jim Hillmann
     Mrs. Constance H. Matousek              Mr. Lawrence G. Young                      Edith D. Bouie                  Earnest Flemming             Brenda Hines
     Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. McDermott           Mr. Steven A. Zabicki, Jr.                 Charles E. Bowman, Jr.          Dwayne B. Fletcher           Paula G. Hinton
     Mrs. Eileen McGrow                      Mrs. Carol A. Zieba                        Renee Bright                    Tina M. Flinchum             Brian S. Holloway
     Mr. Chris McGurn                                                                   Alicia Brooks                   Rita A. Fon Garoja           Frank & Rosemary Horstman
     Reverend Monsignor George B. Moeller,   LeGacy of LiGht                            John Quency Brown, Jr.          Desiree Ford                 Margaret E. Hotaling
       Retired                               These individuals have endowed             Kay F. Brown                    Carl Fornoff                 Beverly Ann Hughes
     Ms. Ana Jeanette Mollenkopf             their annual support through a gift to     Patricia A. Brown               Jennifer G. Foster           Pedro J. Irizarry
     Mrs. Mary Carbery B. Morrow             Catholic Charities Legacy of Light         Tammy S. Brown                  Nina Fox                     Kathy Iversen
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Morsberger        Fund. Through their generosity their       Ezra Buchdahl                   Kendra Franklin              Regina E. James
     Mr. John L. Mueller                     annual support of Catholic Charities       Kerrie Burch-DeLuca             Doris Franz-Poling           Ardath Johnson
     Ms. Maureen Murray                      will last forever.                         Olivia Butler                   Dawn L. Freburger            Gregory Johnson
     Dr. Theodore T. Niznik                                                             Otis T. Cadogan                 Michael & Elizabeth Garcia   Katherine Johnson
     Ms. Catherine Noppinger                 Mr. Charles L. Bauermann & Family          Aggie Callahan                  Julian C. Garcia-Londono     Latasha Johnson
     Sister Alma O’Brien                     Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Evans, III              Laura Cappucci                  Pauline Gardner-Miller       Patricia A. Johnson
     Mr. Stephen F. Page                     Mr. Philip J. Gallagher                    Patricia M. Carberry            Nakia Garris                 Renee A. Johnson
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Perry              Mr. Joseph Sebastian Grabenstein           Donna M. Carolina               Gracie George                Sandi Johnson
     Mrs. Joan M. Pickens                    Ms. Georgianna Papazian                    Rodolfo Carreno                 Lisa Giacobbe                Michael Jolley, Sr.
     Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Puglia              Mr. & Mrs. William J. Stromberg            Dennis & Ann Carroll            Gia Gibson                   Trina Jones-Brown
     Ms. Ruth Pundt                          Mrs. Elizabeth B. Turnbaugh                Janette L. Carson               Sharon Gibson                Katrina Joyner-Briscoe
     Mr. Francis H. Rasmus, Jr.              Ms. Maxine G. Verdier                      Patricia A. Carter              Samaria Giles                Maria Kachik
     Ms. Jean R. Rosenberg                   Mr. Lawrence G. Young                      Marianne A. Cernosek            Phyllis D. Gillis            Lynn Kahlenberg
     Ms. Rebecca Rothey                                                                 Deborah L. Chenoweth            Susan E. Gilmore             Johann Kaltenbadner
     Mr. T. Edgie Russell, III               empLoyee donationS                         Rita Church                     Marcy Gitt                   Christine Kay
     Ms. Catherine R. Sanders                A special thanks to the Catholic           Jose L.M. & Kathleen Clemente   Carlo Gizzi                  Anne M. Kelly
     Mr. Carl J. Schubert, Jr.               Charities employees who answer the         Derek C. Coelho                 Barbara Goldner              Shirley M. Kelly
     Mr. & Mrs. George F. Schwarzmann        call to love, serve, and teach each day.   Jill Cole                       Lakisha Goldston             Kristen C. King
     Mr. Paul Damien Schwind                 Those listed below generously share        Jason Collender                 Othelia Gomez                Laura King
     Mr. Richard T. Sebrosky                 their personal resources through the       Amy Collier                     Marcia Gonzalez              Douglas C. Knox
     Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Shatus             employee giving campaign to support        Ida Collins                     Michael L. Goodman           Kathy Koski
     Mrs. Anne D. Shelton                    those we serve.                            Andrea Commarata                Bronlyn H. Graves            Magdalen T. Kpana
     Mrs. Anna May Shimkus                                                              Chris Coudon                    Michael & Christine Green    Geraldine L. Krotee
     Mr. & Mrs. Harold A. Smith              Erika Abrams                               Julie Crawford-Guy              Mark & Teresa Greenberg      Deacon & Mrs. Joseph Krysiak
     Mr. Kirby C. Smith                      Sabree K. Akinyele                         Randy Davis                     Rodney K. Greene             Diana Landefeld
     Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Smith             Kathy Althoff                              Shirelle Davis                  Jocelyn Greger-Papa          Jacqueline Lattimore
     Mr. & Mrs. Scott R. Somerville          Kojo Amoako                                David Dean                      Francis D. Grooms            Jermin M. LaViera
     Mr. Melvin J. Sykes                     Kelly Anderson                             Lisa Dempsey                    John A. Gudavich             Mary Jane Lavin
     Dr. & Mrs. James W. Taneyhill, D.D.S.   Tamara Anderson                            Mrs. Inez Dexter                Mary M. Gunning              Theresa D. Lawler
     Mrs. Dorothy A. Thomas                  Shelly L. Anderson                         Torri Dietrich                  Shay Gurry                   Markayla Lee
     Mr. Charles P. Thompson                 Coryetha Arrington                         Krishawn Dismel                 Kathy Haerian                Tracie Lefevre
     Mr. John P. Thompson                    Laura Ather                                Marjorie Dixon                  Marsha Hagan                 Mindy E. Leifer
     Mr. & Mrs. Marshall F. Thompson         Joe & Colleen Augustyniak                  Romy Dorsey                     Gen Haines                   Edward V. Lenahan, Jr.
     Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Torr               Richard T. Azzaro                          Kimberly Douglas                Melissa L. Hamberg           Patricia Levin
     Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore P. Torrisi         Bolaji Badru                               Doretha E. Dudley               Victoria C. Hammond          Ann Lucas
     Mrs. M. Patricia Trageser               Robin Bailey                               Natascha Duvall                 Ebony Harris                 Cindy Lueckert
     Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Travieso          Renee Baker                                Patrice L. Dyson                Tahnya Harris                Cindy Lutz

17   Mrs. Elizabeth B. Turnbaugh
     Ms. Maxine G. Verdier
                                             Bonnie Baker
                                             Michael S. Barber
                                                                                        Colette Efiom
                                                                                        Rosalind Esteves
                                                                                                                        Shelley O. Harvey
                                                                                                                        Linda Hatten
                                                                                                                                                     Patricia Bennett Lynch
                                                                                                                                                     Mary MacDougall
     Donors (continued)

                                                                                                                                           St. Jerome’s
     Sharon P. Maddox                Kathryn E. Philliben
                                                                                                                                           Head Start
     Mabel Mendoza Maglalang         Stuart M. Poltilove
     Ashraf & Mohammad Maisami       Ellena N. Prince
     Peg Manno                       Joan D. Prodey
     Gregory S. Mathews              Jack Pumphrey
     Margaret W. Mathu               Cathy Qori
     Barbara F. Matthews             Nakeicia Quaming
     Cynthia M. Matuska              Margarita Quashie
     Sally Maxton                    Elizabeth W. Rahl
     Dale McArdle & Marilynn Duker   CDR & Mrs. Armando Ramirez
     Ian McArdle                     Shirley A. Ratliff
     Destiny McCallum                Patrice D. Ray
     Maria & Bill McCarthy           Jackie Reid
     Mary Ann McCloskey              Robin Rich
     Melisa McCraney                 Tacandra Ricks                Susan M. Sutherland           Leslie Womack
     Stevie McDonald                 Tanya Ritter                  Joyce A. Swanson              Betsy Woods
     Aubrey F. McMillan              Betty J. Rogers               Margaret Swift-Gobel          Angela Woods-Smith
     Lynda Meade                     Evelyn Rosario                Erin Tancemore                Ray Wright
     Eileen Meagher                  Coral V. Ross                 Mona Taylor                   Veronica W. Young
     Debbie L. Meehan                Patricia Ross                 Charleen Thomas-Christon      Mohammed Younus
     Cherie Melton                   Bridget Roth                  Andrea B. Thompson            Juan Zapata
     LeChadora Miles                 Rebecca Rothey                Kelvin G. Thompson            Carol A. Zieba
     Debbie Miller                   Rick Rowland                  Kevin D. Thornton             Sherry Zour
     Lisa Miller                     Nancy Royster                 Faith A. Thrasher
     Krystal N. Miller               Debra Kay Sanders             Mary B. Toler                 *Deceased
     Kathy and Stephen Mills         Tammie Sanders                Ellen Torres
     Amy Montiel                     Paula Sawka-Ferris            Anita Torress-Waugh           Every effort has been made to
     Cheryl A. Moore                 Jennifer E. Scott             Rachel Trask                  ensure the accuracy of the information.
     Josh Morcelle                   Dr. Thomas and Lisa Serfass   Jim Tucker                    In the event that we have inadvertently
     Jasmine Mulero                  Phyllis Sewell                Jovan Tull                    omitted your name or listed you
     Sandra J. Mullaney              Jean Shacklette               Sadie Turner                  incorrectly, please accept our
     Barbara Nehms                   Valerie Shaw-Jones            Rashidah Uqdah                sincere apologies and notify us at
     Patricia Newman                 Carol E. Shear                Regan & Christopher Vaughan   410-625-8442.
     Peter Przemyslaw Nicewicz       Virginia Snow Shepler-Sarai   Kelly J. Vermace
     Evelyn W. Njau                  Kathleen A. Shively           Sheila Vines
     Ann H. Ober                     Diana L. Siemer               Laurie Vozzella-Bell
     Nancy C. Oberender              Michelle R. Smalls            Jill Wagner
     Samuel A. Odedokun              Alyscia D. Smith              Teresa E. Wallace
     Mary Anne O’Donnell             La’ Mar Kamile Smith          Vanessa Washington
     Jude O’Kehie                    Rey Smith                     Dawn Watkins
     Ifeoma Angela Okolo             Winifred Smith                Malcom P. Watson
     Joseph H. O’Leary, M.D.         Awodeji A Songonuga           Valerie D. Weems
     Lauren O’Malley                 Debra B. Sorrells             Kate Wesley
     Abodunrin L. Oridedi            Isazetta A. Spikes            Jennifer Wheeler
     Lynelle Osborn                  Samantha Staub                Carmella White
     Gloria Oversmith                Becky Stein                   Shana N. Wienecke
     Margaret Owe                    Virginia L. Steuernagle       Fronzie Q. Williams
     Ben & Carol Palmer              Sr. Jean Marie Stief, OSB     Janel Williams
     Kerry Palmer                    Victoria M. Stokes            LaShawn D. Wilson
     Mary E. Parks                   C. Allison Stone              Rhonda R. Wilson
     Betty J. Pearson                Susan F. Straus, Ph.D.        Michael L. Wimbish

18   Pattie Pendleton
     Jan Pennington
                                     Eddie Streeter
                                     Myrtle Carter Summers
                                                                   Lindsay Winter
                                                                   Terri and Kevin Wise
     Board of Trustees and Leadership Team

     OFFICERS OF THE BOARD             MEMBERS OF THE BOARD               Robert T. Cawley                     David J. Norman                        LEADERSHIP TEAM
     CHAIR                             Douglas M. Able, III               President                            President and General Counsel          William J. McCarthy, Jr.
     Most Reverend William E. Lori     President                          RCM&D, Inc.                          DavCo Restaurants, Inc.                Executive Director
     Archbishop of Baltimore           Bensel and Company, LLC
     Archdiocese of Baltimore                                             Edward K. Dunn, III                  Kevin M. O’Keefe                       Scott W. Becker
                                       Tedd M. Alexander, III             Partner                              President                              Chief Financial Officer
     PRESIDENT                         Managing Partner, CIO,             Brown Advisory                       Weber Shandwick, Baltimore
     Kathleen M. Ryan Lekin            Portfolio Manager                                                       Weber Shandwick Worldwide              Angelo M. Boer
     Senior Advisor to Chancellor      Credo Capital Management           Hugh M. Evans, III                                                          Director
     University System of Maryland                                        Portfolio Manager/Vice President     Most Reverend Mitchell T. Rozanski     Development and Communications
                                       William J. Baird, III              T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.       Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore,
     VICE PRESIDENT                    Chief Financial Officer                                                  Vicar Bishop for the Seton Vicariate   Mark E. Greenberg
     Paul J. Bowie                     Archdiocese of Baltimore           Marianne Schmitt Hellauer            Archdiocese of Baltimore               Director
     Chief Financial Officer                                               Partner                                                                     Child and Family Services
     The Allegis Group                 Stephen J. Bisciotti               DLA Piper US LLP                     Mary Ann Scully
                                       Owner                                                                   President and                          Kristen S. Kinkopf
     TREASURER                         Baltimore Ravens                   Mark P. Huston                       Chief Executive Officer                 Director
     Michael L. Falcone                                                   Managing Director                    Howard Bank                            Mission Integration and Planning
     President and                     Edwin J. Bradley, Jr.              Retail Energy
     Chief Executive Officer            Managing Director                  Constellation Energy                 Joseph A. Sullivan                     Dale R. McArdle
     MuniMae                           Institutional Equity Marketing                                          Chief Executive Officer (Interim)       Director
                                       Stifel, Ncolaus & Company, Inc.    George J. Kilroy                     Legg Mason, Inc.                       Housing Services
     SECRETARY                                                            President and
     William J. McCarthy, Jr.          Patricia M. C. Brown               Chief Executive Officer               Mark T. Timbie                         Kathleen H. Mills
     Executive Director                President, Johns Hopkins           PHH Arval                            President                              Director
     Catholic Charities of Baltimore   HealthCare LLC and                                                      North American Consumer Foods          Human Resources
                                       Senior Counsel for Johns Hopkins   Cathy B. McClain                     McCormick & Company, Inc.
     ATTORNEY                          Health System                      Executive Director                                                          Mary Anne O’Donnell
     David W. Kinkopf                                                     Cherry Hill Trust, Inc.              Monsignor Arthur F. Valenzano          Director
     Partner                           Marc G. Bunting                                                         Rector                                 Community Services
     Gallagher Evelius & Jones LLP     Chief Financial Officer             Most Reverend Denis J. Madden        The National Shrine of
                                       Alpine Bagel and Brews             Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore,       the Assumption of the                  Mark J. Schulz
                                                                          Vicar Bishop for the                 Blessed Virgin Mary                    Director
                                       Martin P. Brunk                    Newman Vicariate                                                            Lifetime Services
                                       Office Managing Partner             Archdiocese of Baltimore             Michael W. Walton
                                       McGladrey                                                               Managing Principal                     James B. Tucker
                                                                          Anthony G. Moag                      Atlantic Investment Associates, LLC    Director
                                       Kevin G. Byrnes                    Executive Vice President                                                    Information Technology
                                       Chairman of the Board              Whiting-Turner Contracting Company   J. Scott Wilfong
                                       Bay Bank, FSB                                                           Chairman, President and                Regan K. Vaughan
                                                                                                               Chief Executive Officer                 Director
                                                                                                               SunTrust Bank,                         Social Concerns and
                                                                                                               Greater Washington/Maryland            Parish Social Ministry

     Catholic Charities
     320 Cathedral Street
     Baltimore, MD 21201
     (410) 547-5490

     To Donate:
     We are sustained by the generosity of our donors and
     funders who join us in living our values to love, to
     serve, to teach, and to work for justice so that all may
     live their lives to the fullest. For information, please
     contact us at (410) 625-8442 or or
     visit our website at

     To Volunteer:
     Our 12,000 volunteers are an army of selfless
     people who lend their talents and time so that
     others’ lives may be improved in a multitude of ways.
     Opportunities to improve lives are boundless. For
     information, please contact us at (410) 547-5553
     or or visit our website at

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