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									                     What is the Impact of Outdoor Winter Parking?

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Parking your car outside during the winter is something that most drivers do not look
forward to. This is often reflected in the fact that we see people driving all the time with
snow and ice covering their vehicle. There is nothing worse than waking up on a cold
winter morning, only to look out the window and see that you have to spend 10 minutes
of your morning in the cold scraping off your car.

But, the truth is that most people have no other option. They don’t have a covered area
to park in or they would.

Options to protect your vehicle while parking in the winter

Even though parking outside is part of life, it can have a negative impact on your car. So,
if possible you may want to try some of these temporary solutions to protect your car
from the winter weather:

        A car cover: Throwing a car cover over your vehicle each night will protect it
         from the snow, sleet, and ice. Plus, you won’t have to brush off the car in the
         morning. All you will have to do is pull the cover off and you are good to go.
        Car tent: For a little more money you could invest in a car tent, which is a made
         of a durable fabric and is sturdy enough to withstand the winter weather.
        Car port: A final option outside of building a garage, is adding a car port to add
         some extra protection for your car.
Things to consider when parking in the winter

When parking during the winter, there are a number of things that could impact your
vehicle. Outside of exposure to your car to frigid temperatures - you also have to think
about other things. For example, if you park on the street you need to be conscious of
snow plowing laws. If you don’t park correctly, you could face a fine or risk having your
car blocked in by snow.

A second impact of parking outside is that your vehicle may be difficult to start in the
morning, especially if you have an older car. You may need to jump start your car. To
prevent this from occurring you need to be prepared for the weather. Outside of taking
your car in to get winterized before the cold weather hits, you may also need to invest
in an automatic car starter or a battery charger. Plugging your car battery into a charger
overnight will prevent its amperage from going down.
From a car exterior perspective, putting a good coat of wax on your car will help to
protect your paint and exterior from things like ice and snow. Also, try to avoid parking
near areas where snow or ice could fall from a higher place and cause damage to your

Overall, taking care of your vehicle properly will go a long way to giving it the protection
it needs during the winter months. So, take it in for regular maintenance and have it
winterized before the season and your car will be okay.

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