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					Aims of the session:
• Learn about fertilisers and their effects on the environment. • Be able to answer exam questions on the effects. • Learn about Pesticides and their effects • Summarise the key points about pesticides

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Fertilisers and Pesticides


fe rti l i s e rs

The process of Eutrophication

sew age (l i q u i d d o m e s ti c a n d i n d u s tri a l w a s te ) m i n e ra l s e s p . p h o s p h a te s

m i n e ra l s e s p . n i tra te s

e u tro p h i c a ti o n

a lg a l b lo o m c o m p e ti ti o n fo r l i g h t c o n s u m e rs c a n ' t c o n s u m e fa s t e n o u g h

d e a d p l a n ts

d e a d a lg a e

i r al

The processo of Eutrophicationacont. c o m p e ti ti n c o n s u m e rs c n ' t
fo r l i g h t c o n s u m e fa s t e n o u g h

d e a d p l a n ts

d e a d a lg a e

d e tri tu s m o re d e c o m p o s e rs

use up oxygen b y a e ro b i c re s p i ra ti o n

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).
This measures the rate of oxygen consumption by a sample of water, and therefore gives a good indication of eutrophication. A high BOD means lots of organic material and aerobic microbes, i.e. eutrophication

The nitrate concentration falls during spring and summer and rises during autumn and winter

Less algal growth as autumn begins Possibly all plants have died


• Herbicides
• Insecticides • Fungicides • Bactericides


Persistence = Bioacculmulation + Lipid solubility


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