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Challenging Nature: Wax-Up Technique in Aesthetics and Functional Occlusion
Author(s)/Editors(s): Kano, Paulo

Basic Clinical Manual of Magnetic Overdenture (Book/CD-ROM set)
Author(s)/Editors(s): Mizutani, Hiroshi

Quintessence Practice Live On DVD Volume 5 – Prosthodontics – Methods and Materials Sc
Author(s)/Editors(s): Not Available

Natural Esthetics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Adolfi, Dario - Not Available

Esthetic Clinical Case Studies: Dilemmas & Solutions
Author(s)/Editors(s): Ahmad, Irfan

New Magnetic Applications in Clinical Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Ai, Minoru and Shiau, Yuh-Yuan

Quintessentials 7 – Teeth for Life for Older Adults
Author(s)/Editors(s): Allen, P. Finbar

QuintEssentials 12—Complete Dentures: From Planning to Problem Solving
Author(s)/Editors(s): Allen, P. Finbar; McCarthy, Sean
                                 Page 1

A Collection of Ceramic Works A Communication Tool for the Dental Office and Laboratory
Author(s)/Editors(s): Aoshima, Hitoshi - Not Available

Indirect Restorations
Author(s)/Editors(s): Bartlett, David and Ricketts, David

Why Replace A Missing Back Tooth? Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Berns, Joel M. - Not Available

Removable Partial Dentures on Osseointegrated Implants
Author(s)/Editors(s): Besimo, Christian - Not Available

The Osseointegration Book: From Calvarium to Calcaneus
Author(s)/Editors(s): Branemark, Per-Ingvar / Chien, Shu / Grondahl, Hans-Goran / Robinson

Craniofacial Prostheses: Anaplastology & Osseointegration
Author(s)/Editors(s): Branemark, Per-Ingvar and de Oliveira, Marcelo Ferraz

Rehabilitation of Complex Craniomaxillofacial Defects: The Challenge of Bauru
Author(s)/Editors(s): Branemark, Per-Ingvar and Higuchi, Kenji W and Ferraz de Oliveira, Ma

Advanced Removable Partial Dentures
                                Page 2
Author(s)/Editors(s): Brudvik, James S - Not Available

Critical Thinking: Understanding and Evaluating Dental Research, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Brunette, Donald Maxwell

Prosthodontics for the Elderly: Diagnosis and Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Budtz-Jørgensen, Ejvind

ITI Treatment Guide, Vol I: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone for Single-Tooth Replacem
Author(s)/Editors(s): Buser, Daniel / Belser, Urs / Wismeijer, Daniel

A Dental Treasure Chest: Tips and Tricks for Daily Practice
Author(s)/Editors(s): Bücking, Wolfram

ITI Treatment Guide, Volume 3: Implant Placement in Post-Extraction Sites—Treatment Opt
Author(s)/Editors(s): Chen, Stephen and Buser, Daniel

Esthetics of Anterior Fixed Prosthodontics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Chiche, Gerard and Pinault, Alain

Smile Design: A Guide for Clinician, Ceramist, and Patient
Author(s)/Editors(s): Chiche, Gerard J. and Aoshima, Hitoshi

                               Page 3

Fundamentals of Color: Shade Matching and Communication in Esthetic Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Chu, Stephen J, Devigus, Alessandro and Mieleszko, Adam J. - Not Ava

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning: Principles, Design, Implementation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Cohen, Michael

Atlas of Laser Applications in Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Coluzzi, Donald J. and Convissar, Robert A.

Temporomandibular Disorders: An Evidence-Based Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Daniel M. Laskin, Charles S. Greene, and William L. Hylander

Immediate Loading of Dental Implants: Theory and Clinical Practice
Author(s)/Editors(s): Davarpanah, Mithridade and Szmukler-Moncler, Serge

The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Dawson, Anthony and Chen, Stephen

Orofacial Pain: Guidelines for Asssessment, Diagnosis, and Management, Fourth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): de Leeuw, Reny

Fundamentals of Color: Shade Matching and Communication in Esthetic Dentistry, Second E
                               Page 4
Author(s)/Editors(s): Edited by Chu,Stephen J., Devigus,Alessandro , Paravina,Rade, and M

Osseointegration and Multidisciplinary Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Edited by Francischone, Carlos E.

Osseointegration: On Continuing Synergies in Surgery, Prosthodontics, and Biomaterials
Author(s)/Editors(s): Edited by Zarb, George A. / Albrektsson, Tomas / Baker, Gerald / Ecker

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2009: Vol 32
Author(s)/Editors(s): Editor: Duarte, Sillas, Jr

Implant Overdentures: The Standard of Care for Edentulous Patients
Author(s)/Editors(s): Feine, Jocelyne S.; Carlsson, Gunnar E. - Not Available

Esthetics and Prosthetics: An Interdisciplinary Consideration of the State of the Art
Author(s)/Editors(s): Fischer, Jens

Esthetic Rehabilitation in Fixed Prosthodontics, Volume 2—Prosthetic Treatment: A Systema
Author(s)/Editors(s): Fradeani, Mauro and Barducci, Giancarlo

Metal-Free Esthetic Restorations: Procera Concept
Author(s)/Editors(s): Francischone, Carlos Eduardo; Vasconcelos, Laércio Wonhrath

                                Page 5

Osseointegration and Esthetics in Single Tooth Rehabilitation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Francischone, Carlos Eduardo; Vasconcelos, Laércio Wonhrath; and Br

Fiber-Reinforced Composites in Clinical Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Freilich, Martin A and Meiers, Jonathan C and Duncan, Jacqueline P an

The Science and Art of Porcelain Laminate Veneers
Author(s)/Editors(s): Gurel, Galip

Principles and Practices of Complete Dentures
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hayakawa, Iwao

A Diary Through the Lens
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hayashi, Naoki

Creative Ceramic Color: A Practical System
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hegenbarth, Ernst A - Not Available

Osseointegration and Occlusal Rehabilitation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hobo, Sumiya and Ichida, Eiji and Garcia, Lily T

Dental Ceramics: Essential Aspects for Clinical Practice
                               Page 6
Author(s)/Editors(s): Hämmerle, Christoph / Sailer, Irena / Thoma, Andrea / Hälg, Gianni / Su

Precision Attachments: A Link to Successful Restorative Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jenkins, Gareth and Gidden, John

QuintEssentials 18: Removable Partial Dentures
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jepson, Nicholas J. A.

Implant Supported Prostheses Occlusion, Clinical Cases, and Laboratory Procedures
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jimenez-Lopez, Vicente

Immediate Loading in Implant Dentistry: Surgical, Prosthetic, Occlusal, and Laboratory Aspe
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jimenez-Lopez, Vicente

Oral Rehabilitation with Implant-Supported Prostheses
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jimenez-Lopez, Vicente - Not Available

Occlusion: Principles and Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Jose dos Santos, Jr

Nature's Morphology
Author(s)/Editors(s): Kataoka, Shigeo, and Nishimura, Yoshimi

                               Page 7

Inspiration: Truly Natural Tooth Restoration
Author(s)/Editors(s): Korson, David

Problems and Solutions in Complete Denture Fabrication
Author(s)/Editors(s): Lamb, David J - Not Available

Wax-Up for Functional Occlusion
Author(s)/Editors(s): Lang, Niklaus P and Gripp, Alfred and Grendelmeier, Alex

Treatment of the Edentulous Patient
Author(s)/Editors(s): Lucia, Victor O - Not Available

The Complete Denture: A Clinical Pathway
Author(s)/Editors(s): MacEntee, Michael I - Not Available

Implant Dentistry with New Generation Magnetic Attachments
Author(s)/Editors(s): Maeda, Yoshinobu ; Walmsley, Damien A.

Bonded Porcelain Restorations in the Anterior Dentition: A Biomimetic Approach
Author(s)/Editors(s): Magne, Pascal; Belser, Urs

Precision in Dental Esthetics: Clinical and Laboratory Procedures
Author(s)/Editors(s): Massironi, Domenico and Pascetta, Romeo and Romeo, Giuseppe

                                Page 8

Dental Ceramics Proceedings Of the First International Symposium on Ceramics
Author(s)/Editors(s): McLean, John W

The Science and Art of Dental Ceramics Volume II Bridge Design & Lab Procedures in Dent
Author(s)/Editors(s): McLean, John W - Not Available

Realities of Dental Therapy: A Detailed Review of Periodontal Prosthetic Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Moloff, Ronald L and Stein, Stephan D

State of the Art of CAD/CAM Restorations: 20 Years of CEREC
Author(s)/Editors(s): Mormann, Werner H. - Not Available

Immediate Function and Esthetics in Implant Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Moy, Peter K., Palacci, Patrick, Ericsson, Ingvar

Esthetic Restorations Improved Dentist-Laboratory Communication
Author(s)/Editors(s): Muia, Paul J

Esthetic Approach to Metal Ceramic Restoration For the Mandibular Anterior Region
Author(s)/Editors(s): Mutherthies, Klaus - Not Available

Replication of Anterior Teeth in the Four Seasons of Life
Author(s)/Editors(s): Mutherthies, Klaus - Not Available
                                Page 9

Introduction to Metal-Ceramic Technology, Second Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Naylor, W. Patrick

Introduction to Metal Ceramic Technology
Author(s)/Editors(s): Naylor, W. Patrick - Not Available

Fixed Prosthodontics in Dental Practice
Author(s)/Editors(s): O’Sullivan, Michael

Stewart’s Clinical Removable Partial Prosthodontics, Fourth Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Phoenix, Rodney / Cagna, David R. / DeFreest, Charles F.

Stewart’s Clinical Removable Partial Prosthodontics, Third Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Phoenix, Rodney D.; Cagna, David R.; and DeFreest, Charles F.

Clinical Success in Immediate Complete Dentures: An Alternative Approach
Author(s)/Editors(s): Pompignoli, Michel, Postaire ,Michel, and Raux, Didier

Overdentures Made Easy
Author(s)/Editors(s): Preiskel, Harold W

                               Page 10
Perspectives in Dental Ceramics; Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Ce
Author(s)/Editors(s): Preston, Jack D

Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Preti, Giulio

Removable Partial Dentures
Author(s)/Editors(s): Renner, Robert P and Boucher, Louis J

Risk Factors in Implant Dentistry: Simplified Clinical Analysis for Predictable Treatment, Seco
Author(s)/Editors(s): Renouard, Franck, DDS / Rangert, Bo , PhD

The Polychromatic Layering Technique: A Practical Manual For Ceramic & Acrylic Resins
Author(s)/Editors(s): Rinn, Ludwig A

The Art of the Smile: Integrating Prosthodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dental Technolo
Author(s)/Editors(s): Romano, Rafi

Periodontal and Prosthetic Management for Advanced Cases
Author(s)/Editors(s): Rosenberg, Marvin M and Kay, Howard B and Keough, Bernard E and H

Adhesion: The Silent Revolution
Author(s)/Editors(s): Roulet, Jean-Francois and DeGrange, Michel - Not Available

                                 Page 11

Statements: Diagnostics and Therapy in Dental Medicine Today and in the Future
Author(s)/Editors(s): Roulet, Jean-François and Kappert, Heinrich F.

QDT 2000
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

QDT 2001
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

QDT 2002
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2003
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2004, Vol 27
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2005: Vol 28
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

                              Page 12
Quintessence of Dental Technology 2006: Vol 29
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2007: Special 30th-Anniversary Issue
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai - Not Available

Quintessence of Dental Technology 2008: Vol 31
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sadan, Avishai, DMD

Implantology in General Dental Practice
Author(s)/Editors(s): Searson, Lloyd J.; Gough, Martin; Hemmings, Ken

Practical Implant Dentistry: Diagnostic, Surgical, Restorative and Technical Aspects of Aesth
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sethi, Ashok & Kaus, Thomas

Atlas of Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Seto, Kan-ichi

Attachments for Prosthetic Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sherring-Lucas, Michael and Martin, Paul - Not Available

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics Third Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Shillingburg, Herbert T and Hobo, Sumiya and Whitsett, Lowell D and B

                                Page 13

Fundamentals of Tooth Preparations for Cast Metal and Porcelain Restorations
Author(s)/Editors(s): Shillingburg, Herbert T and Jacobi, Richard and Brackett, Susan E

Guide to Occlusal Waxing, Third Edition
Author(s)/Editors(s): Shillingburg, Herbert T and Wilson, Edwin L and Morrison, Jack T

Voyage: Visions in Color and Form
Author(s)/Editors(s): Sieber, Claude - Not Available

Occlusal Correction Principles and Practice
Author(s)/Editors(s): Solnit, Albert and Curnutte, Donald C - Not Available

An Atlas of Removable Partial Denture Design
Author(s)/Editors(s): Stratton, Russel J and Wiebelt, Frank J

Gnathologic Tooth Preparation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Stuart, Charles E - Not Available

The Art of Computer-Guided Implantology
Author(s)/Editors(s): Tardieu, Philippe and Rosenfeld Alan

Clinical Maxillofacial Prosthetics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Taylor, Thomas D

                               Page 14

Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Author(s)/Editors(s): Thomas, Keith

Comprehensive Dentistry
Author(s)/Editors(s): Tsutsui, Masahide and Tsutsui, Teruko

Atlas of Tooth- and Implant-Supported Prosthodontics
Author(s)/Editors(s): Weinberg, Lawrence A.

Glossary of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants with CD-ROM
Author(s)/Editors(s): William R. Laney

Clinical Dental Medicine 2020
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wilson, Nairn

Electroforming in Restorative Dentistry: New Dimensions in Biologically Based Prostheses
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wirz, Jakob and Hoffmann, Andreas

Failure in the Restored Dentition: Management and Treatment
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wise, Michael D - Not Available

                               Page 15
ITI Treatment Guide, Vol II: Loading Protocols in Implant Dentistry—Partially Dentate Patien
Author(s)/Editors(s): Wismeijer, Daniel / Buser, Daniel / Belser, Urs

Color Atlas Basic Technique For Metal Ceramics An Intro To Ceramic Technique
Author(s)/Editors(s): Yamamoto, Makoto - Not Available

Implant Dentistry: From Failure to Success
Author(s)/Editors(s): Zinner, Ira D.; Panno, Francis V.; Small, Stanley A.; Landa, Lloyd S.

                               Page 16

unctional Occlusion

tics – Methods and Materials Science [DVD-ROM]

Problem Solving

                                                 Page 17

e Dental Office and Laboratory

rondahl, Hans-Goran / Robinson, Kingsley

 Marcelo Ferraz

Challenge of Bauru
nji W and Ferraz de Oliveira, Marcelo

                                           Page 18

 arch, Second Edition

 one for Single-Tooth Replacements

Extraction Sites—Treatment Options

                                     Page 19

n in Esthetic Dentistry
nd Mieleszko, Adam J. - Not Available


 h to Diagnosis and Treatment
nd William L. Hylander

Moncler, Serge

Management, Fourth Edition

n in Esthetic Dentistry, Second Edition
                                          Page 20
ssandro , Paravina,Rade, and Mieleszko, Adam

 hodontics, and Biomaterials
 , Tomas / Baker, Gerald / Eckert, Steven E / Stanford, Clark / Tarnow, Dennis P. / Wennerberg Ann

. - Not Available

 of the State of the Art

Prosthetic Treatment: A Systematic Approach to Esthetic, Biologic, and Functional Integration

celos, Laércio Wonhrath

                                                      Page 21

celos, Laércio Wonhrath; and Brånemark, Per-Ingvar

C and Duncan, Jacqueline P and Goldberg, A. Jon

                                                     Page 22
oma, Andrea / Hälg, Gianni / Suter, Ana / Ramel, Christian

d Laboratory Procedures

Occlusal, and Laboratory Aspects

                                                     Page 23

Grendelmeier, Alex

 omimetic Approach

meo and Romeo, Giuseppe

                          Page 24

posium on Ceramics

esign & Lab Procedures in Dental Ceramics

al Prosthetic Treatment

ndibular Anterior Region

                                            Page 25

eFreest, Charles F.

and DeFreest, Charles F.

 ative Approach
nd Raux, Didier

                           Page 26
International Symposium on Ceramics

 for Predictable Treatment, Second Edition

For Ceramic & Acrylic Resins

s, Periodontics, Dental Technology, and Plastic Surgery in Esthetic Dental Treatment

 B and Keough, Bernard E and Holt, Robert L - Not Available

Michel - Not Available

                                                     Page 27

day and in the Future

                        Page 28

versary Issue

and Technical Aspects of Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

ul - Not Available

ya and Whitsett, Lowell D and Brackett, Susan E

                                                  Page 29

celain Restorations
 ard and Brackett, Susan E

win L and Morrison, Jack T

Not Available

                             Page 30

Biologically Based Prostheses

                                Page 31
ntistry—Partially Dentate Patients

 Ceramic Technique

 Stanley A.; Landa, Lloyd S.

                                     Page 32

Page 33

Page 34

Page 35

Page 36

Wennerberg Ann

                 Page 37

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