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                                        June 2005        CIC Digest                   Pg 14
                                    Jumada Al-Awwal
Eastern Canada’s Muslim Newspaper                        Wor ld on the Str eet        Pg 15
Page 2                                                                                        The Muslim Link                                                                                         June 2005

Blood on the Silk Road                                            Letters to the Editor                             When people walk naked in the streets with
                                                                                                                    impunity, such as at gay prid e parades, the
                                                                                                                                                                           Teachers Federation are amongst its
                                                                                                                                                                           "Gold" supporters.
Editorial                                                                                                           media publicize it. The unbelie vers find          •   The government ordered Churches to
                                                                  Dear Editor:                                      hope. Hijab and other reminders of God,                stay out of the gay marriage debate or
Centuries ago, Uzbekistan was part of one of the world's          Re: “ Hija b: A Si mple act of obedience to       they scorn. The prophet faced the same                 they would lose their charitable status.
most exotic trade routes – the Silk Road. East and West           God” (April 2005)                                 dilemma as we face today. He accepted the          •   "No fault" divorce makes it very easy to
were join ed together in a partnership that saw the move-                                                           job of bringing the good people toward the             break up a family.
ment of luxurio us goods like gold , silver and, of course,       Salaam alaikum,                                   light. Some people followed him but many           •   At the United Nations, the government
                                                                  Thank you for your article about hijab. This      rejected him. To oppress the light, I figure           of Canada recently promoted and voted
Eventually, the Silk Road would help bring the message            is an important issue and reminds us of the       the government promotes homosexuality.                 for recognition of gay and lesbian
of Islam to Eastern Europe. Minarets soon pointed to the          importance of modesty. Modern Western             For the past twenty years or so, whenever              marriage.
skies and Uzbek cities like Samarkand and Bukhara                 culture certainly needs ple nty of reminders.     relig ious rights have opposed homosexual
became known as jewels on a silken path.                                                                            rights, the la tter have won. Consid er the        May God turn the tid e and restore faith and
                                                                  Muslims naturally follow the prophet (SAW).       relig ious rights that we have already lo st:      goodness in the hearts of Canadians.
But the glorious history of Uzbekistan and its people is          Non-belie vers naturally oppose God and
pierced with the greed of conquerors bent on acquiring            goodness. Lacking ethics and support from •           A minute of silence has replaced prayer        Sincerely,
more land and wealth, not least of whom was Genghis               Divine Scripture, unbelie vers naturally prefer       in the House of Commons.                       Peter Bradley
Khan. The Mongol le ader and his followers would destroy          to make hijab a political issue in stead of an •      Public schools consid er and teach that
Samarkand and Bukhara, killing thousands of Muslims.              ethical issue. My impression is that the              God is irrele vant in today's world .          The Muslim Link welcomes your le tters.
Despite the destruction, survivors held on to their relig io n.   Liberal government, the Supreme Court, the •          The homosexual lobby group EGALE               Please email your letters to
The Silk Road, though, would unravel.                             media, sports organizatio ns and feminist             announced that the Elementary Teach-  (We reserve the
More recently, the Uzbeks experie nced repressive Soviet          organizations all promote disbelief.                  ers Federation of Ontario and the BC           right to edit for length and clarity).
rule that also sought to undermine their belie fs. Religious
activity was curtaile d and controlled. But Uzbeks again
remained true to their way of life – emerging even more
committed to Islam after the fall of the Soviet Union.            A Muslim Hero of                                  moment, a huge pie ce of shrapnel smashed
                                                                                                                                                 thr ough       hi s
                                                                                                                                                                       safety. Each trip consisted of locating
                                                                                                                                                                       imperiled civilians, loading no more than
Today, the people of Uzbekistan are facing another test
of faith – this ti me from one of their own. Their president,
                                                                  Rwanda                                                                         window from a
                                                                                                                                                 mortar explo-
                                                                                                                                                                       three or four of them into a jeep, and then
                                                                                                                                                                       traversin g the dozens upon dozens of
Islam Karimov, is repressing their rig hts and freedoms in        Imran Siddiqui                                                                 si on , fl yi ng      checkpoints to reach a safe area. At each
the name of combating terrorism. His real motive, though,                                                                                        throug h       the    roadblo ck, Diagne charmed his way through,
                                                                  Over eleven years ago,
is to maintain his grip on power.                                 genocide occurred in the                                                       space he had          convincin g the murderers not to kill his occu-
                                                                  Great Lakes regio n of                                                         just vacated,         pants. It is said that African soldie rs are
Karimov's ruthlessness was plain for the world to see this                                                                                       bouncing off          extremely good at talking to people and
past May when he sent his army to kill men, women and             central Africa. So me
                                                                  800,000 Rwandans were                                                          the walls and         negotiating, but it was Mbaye’s good nature
children protesting the arrest of 23 businessmen in the                                                                                          landing still red-    that won him the confidence of everyone he
city of Andijan. Esti mates are that over five-hundred            massacred by their fellow
                                                                  countrymen in the space                                                        hot near his          met. He was always smiling and jo king, even
innocent people were murdered.                                                                                                                   feet. He came         in the horrifying situatio n of the genocide.
                                                                  of one hundred days.
And while Uzbekistan is yet another symbol of an Islamic          Many of the perpetrators of this brutality                                     within a hair’s
                                                                                                                    breadth of certain death. Always dig nifie d       A mortar explo sion cut short Mbaye Di-
legacy torn to shreds, the determination of its people            have gained notoriety under indictment at
                                                                                                                    and composed, Diagne reported the dam-             agne’s life. When they heard the news, his
should give us pause to thin k. Clearly, they are fed up          the International Criminal Tribunal for
                                                                                                                    age to his win dow and then returned to his        colleagues cried because they knew a real
with injustice. Question is, are we ready to support them?        Rwanda (ICTR) in Arusha, Tanzania . Rarely,
                                                                                                                    desk to complete his tedio us but essential        hero had passed on. Diagne had ignored
Are we willing to pressure the Canadian government –              if ever, have we heard about the courageous
                                                                                                                    transcrib ing.” [p.313] When the war started,      orders not to interfere in the crisis; even
through our members of parliament - to publicly condemn           people who risked their lives to save inno-
                                                                                                                    Captain Diagne took on the role of UN liai-        while the UN was shamefully pulling out its
leaders like Karimov?                                             cent Rwandans. Captain Mbaye Diagne was
                                                                                                                    son with the government army.                      troops, he was saving people ’s lives. In the
                                                                  one of those heroes.                                                                                 process, Mbaye exemplifie d the traits of
                                                                                                                    His role gave Diagne access to the vast            courage, heroism, and humanity. “ Can you
                                                                  Diagne was a young Senegale se army
            The Muslim Link                                       officer who acted as an unarmed Military          number of inhabitants trapped behind army
                                                                                                                    lines. These civilia n men, women, and
                                                                                                                                                                       imagine the bla nket media coverage that a
                                                                                                                                                                       dead British or American peacekeeper of
                                                                  Observer for the UN peacekeeping force in
                       Editor-in-Chief                                                                              children, were being hacked to death by the        Mbaye’s bravery and stature would have
                                                                  Rwanda. He was also a devout Muslim, as
                         Lula Adam                                                                                  army and militias. Mbaye’s colleagues              received? He got almost none,” said BBC’s
                                                                  the mission head LGen Roméo Dallaire
                     Lula@muslimlin                                                                            commented that he was always moving                Mark Doyle.
                                                                  recounts in his book Shake Hands With the
                                                                                                                    about but they could not figure out what he
                                                                  Devil - The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda:                                                           To learn about the Rwandan genocid e, as
                              Editors                                                                               was doing. Later they learned that he was
                                                                  “ One evening as he sat at his desk transcrib -                                                      well as to see some footage that Diagne
                Amira Elghawaby, Noor Syed,                                                                         actually saving lives. In fact, he saved
                                                                  ing, he felt the sudden need of prayer and                                                           filmed himself, visit the PBS online docu-
               Intisar Mohamed, Kaha Osman,                                                                         hundreds of people, in cluding the Prime
                                                                  slid off his chair to his knees on his prayer                                                        mentary Ghosts of Rwanda. http://www.pbs.
                   Idil Ismail, Mustafa Farah                                                                       Minister’s children, by shuttling them across
                                                                  carpet, his head toward Mecca, as                                                                    org/wgbh/pages/frontlin e/shows/ghosts/
                                                                                     roadblo cks manned by deadly militiamen to
                                                                  required by his Islamic faith. At that exact
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Jumada Al-Awwal 1426                                                                                                                                                     Page 3

State of Our Ummah                                           Little Voices in a Loud                           political maneuvering, there are important sex slaves, and servants for soldie rs.
                                                                                                               voices being drowned out. These are the
                                                                                                                                                                In 2003 there were 15 million children or-
Faten Salah
                                                             World                                             voices of the world’s children.
                                                                                                                                                                phaned by AIDS, 80% of them in Sub-
1.3 billion people! This is the number of Muslim broth- Idil Ismail                                            UNICEF’S report “ The State of The World’s Saharan Africa. HIV and AIDS have had a
ers and sisters we have around the world today, living                                                         Children 2005” has brought to surface the devastatin g affect on child ren in this part of
in every country imaginable. The Muslim ummah is                                                               need to look beyond surface politics and see the world. Children whose parents are sick
estimated to be 21% of the world ’s populatio n, and is                                                        what all this is doin g to the most vulnerable often have to drop out of school to take care
only second to Christians who are 33%. Though Islam                                                            members of the global socie ty. The report of them and any other sib lings they have.
comes second in population, it is the fastest growing                                                          names poverty, conflict, and HIV/AIDS as the Once parents are dead these child ren lose
relig ion in the world . This true faith of ours grows at a                                                    leading causes for childhood suffering in the their most important safety net, and live with
rate of 2.9% per year, even faster than the total world                                                        develo pin g world . The majority of these chil- the stigma and discrimination often associa ted
populatio n which has a growth rate of 2.3% annually.                                                          dren live in severe deprivation, no access to with orphans.
                                                                                                               clean water and sufficient food, sickness due
Imagine that I, a girl in Canada, am a sister of a girl in                                                     to malnutrition and disease, and lack of What is your sharpest childhood memory?
Malaysia. What brin gs us together? What is our sole                                                           schoolin g.                                      Does it involve being safe and happy? Play-
connection? The message of Islam; the universal                                                                                                                 ing under the care and security of your par-
calling to worship none but our Lord Allah the way our                                                         When conflict strikes it is often child ren and ents? Days spent running around with friends
Prophet (SAW) worshipped Him. Islam breaks down                                                                other defenseless members of a society that and only coming home for a quick drin k or a
all barrie rs such as wealth and race, allowing us to                                                          are hit hardest. Think of the all the conflicts mandatory meal? As you can see from the
work together as one body to struggle for one cause.                                                           going on in different parts of the world right summary above, this reality does not exist for
This phenomenon of millions of people all around the                                                           now. Thousands of child ren are disabled, the majority of the world’s children. What can
world prostratin g to the one and only God is most ap-                                                         killed, and orphaned by war. Rape is a fre- you take away from this lesson? Perhaps this
parent at hajj (pilgrimage), where millions each year                                                          quent weapon of war and it is used against is yet another opportunity to count your bless-
from every conceivable country gather at the best                                                              men, women, and children alike. When civil ings and show support to those who need it
place on earth, Mecca, the centre of the Islamic world .                                                       society breaks down, the safety nets that keep most, and receive it least often.
                                                                                                               children secure under normal circumstances
This rich diversity of ours can be seen in our own           Tuning into global news any day of the week       are destroyed. Some are abducted and For more information on the state of the
masjids as well. Arabs can be seen praying side-by-          one is confronted with the chaotic state hu-      forced to serve in militia operatio ns. The num- world’s children visit:
side with African-Americans, South Asians prayin g           manity is in. Warring natio ns and resource       ber of children serving as soldiers is some- http://ww c05/english/index.
with Europeans, Afghans praying with Indonesia ns.           grubbin g parties are so much at each other’s     where between 150000 and 200000. They html
And as Islam spreads through the human race, the             throats that it is a wonder the planet does not   are not always combatants; some are used as
number of masjids grows to accommodate. Looking at           explode from all this friction. Amidst all the
United States, up to the 1960s, only 20 masjids stood
for the people to congregate in. Now, thousands of
masjids are availa ble to worship in, not includin g
                                                                                                         Thank You
temporary prayer spaces offered to Muslims such as
on university campuses and in the workplace.                       Volunteers                            W. Mohamed
However, although we grow in number, our influ ence
in this world is limited to our ability to stick together.
                                                                    Wanted!                              Many of us would find it very difficult to not say “ thank
                                                                                                         you” to a kind stranger that held open a door for us
Do you not remember the tale of the sticks? One stick
can easily be broken, while several sticks put together,
                                                                                ~                        while we carrie d grocerie s; or to someone on the bus
                                                                                                         that helped us gather our belo ngings after we’ve acci-
it is difficult to break them. This age-old anecdote
shows the importance and benefits of unifying
                                                                      Ottawa                             dentally dropped them. How rude, in our perception,
                                                                                                         is a person who says nothin g when someone helps
ourselves. Islam teaches to love for your brother as
you love for yourselves, so let us be acceptin g of one
                                                                      Toronto                            them out of a bind? How despicable is one, who not
                                                                                                         only refuses to acknowle dge an act of kindness, but
another, and lo ving towards one another. As we do
this, surely the result will be a stronger bond between               Montreal                           also responds in malice?
                                                                                                         If these are our manners with the creatio n then how
the Muslims, matters not where they live. Unity in                              ~                        should our manners be with the Creator? The One
diversity is our strength as a Muslim ummah. Let us
embrace it.                                                                  who is more merciful to us than our own mothers. The
                                                                                                         One who blessed us with sight and hearin g while oth-
                                                                                                         ers are impaired. The One who granted us security
                                                                                                         and sustenance while others are hungry and afraid.
                                                                                                         Every breath one takes is by His permission and
                                                                                                         grace. It is He ( SWT) who made clear for us the
                                                                                                         straight path and made us among those who submit.
                                                                                                         Out of His immense bounty, He (SWT) sent us the
                                                                                                         Prophet (SAW) as a warner, a bringer of glad tidin gs
                                                                                                         and a mercy to mankin d. One cannot begin to count
                                                                                                         the blessin gs of Allah (SAW), let alone do justice to
                                                                                                         giving Him due thanks and praise. “ But if you count
                                                                                                         the favors of Allah, never will you be able to number
                                                                                                         them. Verily, man is given up to injustice and in grati-
                                                                                                         tude." [Qur'an 14:34]
                                                                                                         Allah (SWT) also says in the Qur’an (interpretation of
                                                                                                         the meaning): “ And remember! your Lord caused to Take control, call me today!
                                                                                                         be declared (publicly): "If ye are grateful, I will add
                                                                                                         more (favours) unto you; But if ye show ingratitude,
                                                                                                                                                                      Ghassan Luqman
                                                                                                         truly My punishment is terrible indeed." [Qur’an 14:7]
                                                             2005 Ottawa Business Pages                                                                          T: 613.828.2818/263.1997
                                                                                                         ‘O Allah, help us to remember You, to thank You, and F: 613.726.7874
                                                              Advertising Space is Limited.
                                                                                                         to worship You in the best of manners’.                 250B Greenbank Rd
                                                                Reserve yoursToday!!!                                                                            Ottawa
                                                                     613. 261.5225
Page 4                                                                                      The Muslim Link                                                                                         June 2005

Awarding the Spirit of Giving                                  The World’s Greatest                               consuming, especia lly during their early
                                                                                                                  years, but as they grow up they become
                                                                                                                                                                    of your life, so that you benefit all around. If
                                                                                                                                                                    raising a child makes you patient, you’ll be
Shahrukh Alavi
                                                               Project                                            good companions who ward off lonelin ess.
                                                                                                                  Often, people who decid e not to have kids to
                                                                                                                                                                    able to be more patie nt at work, with you
                                                                                                                                                                    parents and even with members of the
Several weeks ago,                                             S. Khan                                            avoid the hassle, live to regret it. They later   community.
the city of Ottawa held
its 4th annual Civic                                           It can lead to months of sleepless nig hts, find themselves all alo ne in life without any-          Finally, we all have issues with the world
Apprecia tion Awards                                           less freedom, twice as much work and the one to share their accomplishments or pass                  around us. We compla in about the la ck of
ceremony. The mayor                                            most horrific carpet stains. Not to mention on the fruits of their years of labour to.               manners, so many Muslims going astray and
and several council-                                           hours of annoyin g songs and a sharp In fact, children can be a great motivation for                 disunity. Children are, therefore, our oppor-
lors gathered at City                                          increase in baggage- even if you’re just people through the difficult times and they                 tunity from Allah to do something about all of
Hall to recognize the                                          going to the corner store. According to the even keep their parents from falling apart.              this. If it weren’t for parents, most people
many volunteers at                                             American government, it comes with a total The tragedy of September 11th le ft behind                would n’t even know how to go to the wash-
work in our communi-         Mayor Chiarelli and Dr. Khan      price tag of $160,000. Yet at least 80% of quite a few wid ows who have done count-                  room or communicate properly, so you can
ties. This year’s recipients in cluded Dr. and Mrs. Emdad      the people in the world choose to make “ it” a less intervie ws about their will to carry on         raise your child ren with the good manners,
Khan for their tireless efforts in help ing build our commu-   part of their lives. Are they nuts you wonder? because of their children. They had to put on         love of Islam and respect for their fellow
nity. Sr. Asma was given a community activism certificate      Not really, because if you take into consid- a brave face, pick up the pieces and keep                       Muslims that is missing from the
while Dr. Emdad was awarded the Distin guished Civic           eration the numerous rewards and unparal- their lives goin g. Even in other hardships                            world. You’re no longer just sitting
Award in the field of Educatio n.                              leled joys that parentin g a child brin gs, you’ll like the loss of a job or marital difficul-                   on the sidelines complaining,
                                                               see that it’s well worth the effort.               ties, some people would n’t get out of                        you’re making a difference.
Upon their arrival in Barrhaven, they found that while
there was a large Muslim popula tion, any formal organi-       Children are one of the greatest sources of bed for weeks and work on their                                Anyone who decid es to become a
zation was lackin g. Instead of waiting for others to act,     happiness around. All it takes is a look, a problems if it weren’t for their kids!                          parent has to be prepared for
they took the initiative to start a Muslim co mmunity. In   smile or a simple gesture from an innocent           Through children we beco me                                 hard work, sacrifice and perse-
1999, Dr. Emdad secured the use of a local community        child and even the grouchiest of people melt         extremely accomplished bein gs.                               verance. It is life’s most
centre for daily prayers. Prayers contin ue to be offered   and smile back. When you have a child, you           As you raise a child you develo p                              demanding and on-going
there seven days a week includin g Taraweeh durin g the     don’t need Prozac, tele vision or even your          so many skills like patience, the                              proje ct. However, because
month of Ramadan.                                           friends for amusement, you have the most             ability to entertain and be creative,                          of it, many people have and
                                                            entertainin g show right in your own living          mediation, budgeting, good fashion                        will enjo y many blessings from
Today, Dr. Emdad is the founding president of Muslim room!                                                       taste, first aid etc. Then you can take                  Allah and their child ren may even
Multicultural Community Services of Ottawa ( MCSO),                                                              those new skills and use them in other areas be their ticket into Paradise.
which is dedicated to the betterment of the society Children can be very demandin g and time
through community service. While hosting many yearly
activities such as Bazaars, Eid Parties and community

picnics, the main focus has become tutoring and Quranic                                                          The group is modeled after the Ottawa Free-        one has that particular item, rather than go
lessons. Relyin g on the strength of our educated commu-                                                         cycle, an online list in which members             out and buy it,” she says.
nity, MC SO operates four tutoring centres around the city,                                                      exchange items at no charge. The Ottawa
                                                                                                                                                                 Another positive element of the group is its
giving students part time jobs, while helpin g youth with
their school work. The program also gives the youth a          Muslim Style!
chance to interact with some very positive role models. Ottawa sis ters click, connect and share
                                                                                                                 Islamic Community Closet, however, is open
                                                                                                                 only to Muslim sisters.                         ability to connect Muslim sisters from across
                                                                                                                                                                 the regio n, says Limame. She says she
                                                                                                                 “ The group caters to Muslim women who hopes that new Muslim sisters will benefit,
Dr. Emdad would like to see the tutoring project expand
                                                            Muslim Lin k Staff                                   reside in the Ottawa/Gatineau region,” too.
to benefit as many youth as possib le.
                                                                                                                 explains Limame. “ Any Muslimah from the
Together, Dr. Emdad and Sr. Asma, continue to build the A group of Ottawa Muslim women are using                 community can ask for assistance on behalf “ I think about the new Muslimah that needs
community through various social events. They also try the Internet to share items they no longer                of her family, herself or for a friend. She can assistance in jump starting her new Islamic
to reach out to the greater Ottawa community by making need.                                                     give on behalf of her family, herself, or even wardrobe . . . Here she can get help at no
all their events as welcoming as possib le. Leaders from     And while the “ Ottawa Isla mic Community           a friend as well, insha Allah. . .We are cost to her, insha Allah. It is an even
other communities such as the Lions Club and City coun-      Closet” exists only in cyberspace, it has           indeed a non-mixing group though, and the exchange, from one person to another,“ says
cillors are invited to attend these events to gain a better  already provid ed Muslim families with all          purpose of that is in order to preserve our Limame, herself a convert. “ She might need
understandin g of our community.                             sorts of goods ranging from an air condi-           purity of heart and of our in tentio ns for the a copy of the Holy Qur'an, or a transla tion, or
                                                                                                                 sake of Allah (swt).”                           even ju st a place to find encouragement from
Their dedication is an inspiratio n for all of us. The Civic tioner to kitchenware to children's clothin g –                                                     others in the community for her newfound
Apprecia tion awards are awarded to people nominated by all absolutely free.                                     So far, the group, operating since January of life. I would like the assistance be not only on
the general public. If you know anyone whose volunteer The goal is to eventually reach as many                   this year, inclu des 27 members. Rania a material le vel but even on a more mental/
efforts should be recognized at next year’s ceremony, Muslim fa milies as possible , says one of the             Waseef join ed the group in March. She gave spiritual level as well, insha Allah.”
please visit the city of Ottawa website for more details group's moderators.                                     away head scarves to one sister and
                                                                                                                 received a bread maker from another.            Limame says she would lo ve to see the
                                                             “ I truly believe that there is a genuine                                                           group eventually expand beyond the Internet
                                                             demand out there that is not bein g met,”           “ Everyone is eager to give,” says Waseef. and in to the real world – perhaps establish-
                                                             says Noor Limame. “ So many people out              “ And there is a fast response (to requests).”  ing a center for the Muslim community where
                                                             there have to knock on non-Muslim's doors                                                           people could exchange and share food,
         We would like to hear from you!                                                                         Christine Tisi, also a group member, adds clothing and furniture.
                                                             to receive assistance, for clothin g, household     that not only is the group a great way to
        Send us your articles, comments,                     items, books, etc. It is ti me that the commu-      share but it also helps members save For now, sisters who would like to find out
   suggestions, and if you would like to get                 nity gives back to the community for the sake       money. “ . . .When we need something in more can visit
           involved, please email us at:                      of Allah (swt).”                                   particular, why not make a post to see if any- group/TheOttawaIslamicCommunityCloset/
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Jumada Al-Awwal 1426                                                                              Ottawa                                                                                              Page 5

Choice of Event                            think that events this big and this
                                           popular would have at least been
Leaves Youth at Sea                        placed on different days."

Huda Amareh                                Although individuals organizing both
Ottawa Islamic School                      events claim to have tried to prevent
                                           the same day issue, they contend
                                           that it was impossib le to avoid , since
                                           speakers for both events were
                                           booked to come long distances and
                                           late rescheduling was simply not
                                           possible . As well, Generatio n M
                                           organizers booked the Nepean
                                           Sportsplex before they came to learn
                                           about the same day issue with the
                                           Somali Youth Conference, but unfor-
                                                                                   MCSO Honors its                      this year and this is due to the
                                                                                                                        help of the tutors, coordinators      Gen M
Attendees at the Somali Youth Conference
                                           tunately the deposit fee to pay for the volunteers                           and administrators. To further
                                                                                                                        show their support for the educa-
                                                                                                                                                              Aisha Aghliw
                                           venue was non-refundable and no Danie lle Bela nger                                                                Saturday May
enjoying lunch.                                                                                                         tion of the youth in the commu-
                                           other date was available in the arena.                                                                             7 th saw the
                                                                                                                        nity, 3 students were awarded
May 7th was an eventful, fun filled        Generation M as an event targeted Muslim Multicultural Community             scholarship s for post-secondary      seventh an-
day for Muslim adolescents. Two            Muslim youth to inform them about Services of Ottawa (MC SO) hon-            studies. Tutors and students          nual Generation M. Over 700 youth from the
                                           their duty in Islam, and the hardship s ored their volu nteers on May 7                                            Ottawa area headed to the Nepean Sportsplex
inspiring Islamic conferences, the                                                                                      were elig ible for the scholarships
Somali Youth Conference (held at           and temptation of living and growing w i th a won der ful aw ar d            and the recip ients were;             for a dose of inspiratio n and good company for
R idge mon t Hig h Schoo l) an d           up in a non-Muslim society.              ceremony and receptio n. The        • Ayan Karod (student) $500           the Muslim Youth of Ottawa’s yearly conference.
Generation M (held at the Nepean                                                    MC SO operates a tu toring          • Hajra Khan (tutor) $400             This year’s Generation M has set the new stan-
Sportsplex) were both held on this         "I liked the fact that speakers here service in 4 centers throughout         • Sahir Sheikh (tutor) $300.          dard in amazing speeches and hig h quality en-
date.     Although appealin g, well        are in tune with what young people the city and a weekly Qur’an and                                                tertainment. Two of our in spirin g        Ottawa
researched and youth-orie nted both        like myself have to go through," says Isla mi c Stud ie s cla ss i n                                               youth, Mohamoud Adam and Asad Choudhary,
                                                                                                                        Selected students from each
made the serious error of bein g held      Sara Jule hi. "Most of the thin gs that Barrhaven for children and                                                 were complimented by two of the most dynamic
                                                                                                                        centre were also honored durin g
on the same day, inevitably leaving        were talked about I could really iden- youth. In additio n, they also or-                                          youth speakers in North America, Imam Khalid
                                                                                                                        the ceremony for their academic
youth in a pick-and-choose situatio n.     tify with, like how it’s important to ganize other community events                                                Griggs and Br. Altaf Husain. With catchy lecture
                                                                                                                        improvement and commitment.
                                           remember Allah even though He's throughout the year. Over a                                                        titles such as Bow Down and Play Satan 2, their
The Somali Youth Conference and                                                                                         Apprecia tion was also extended
                                           not really mentioned by anyone in hundred volunteers were in-                                                      lectures touched upon everything from kindness
Generation M were both impressive                                                                                       to the all the Minto staff on site,
                                           North American socie ty."                volved with the MCSO in the last                                          to parents to the evils of the seemingly innocent
                                                                                                                        as they joined the group for
in that they presented Islami c                                                     2 years and this event was                                                video games that many of our youth waste their
                                           The So ma li You th Con ference meant to show appreciatio n for              refreshments. Minto graciously
knowledge in an in teractive, yet                                                                                                                             time on.
                                           emphasized the importance of Islam all their dedication and hard             offers the Bayshore venue at no
entertainin g manner, but both also
                                           as a way of life in conjunction with work.                                   cost. As this event closes, the
made the faux pas of causin g youth                                                           Each volunteer was                                              The entertain ment at this year’s Generation M
to opt one event over another. A           heritage and cultural roots in western presented with a gift and certifi-    MCSO is in preparation for their
                                                                                                                        upcoming Qur’an and Islamic           helped showcase the vast artistic talent that lay
situation which was stressful and          society.                                 cate of appreciation. The major-
                                                                                                                        studies end of the year cele bra-     hidden in our Muslim community such as, anash-
unnecessary since events this popu-        As unfortunate as the same day ity of volunteers at the ceremony                                                   eed, poetry, and professio nally edited vid eos by
lar should have been scheduled on                                                                                       tion, as well as a community
                                           scheduling was, both events were a were tutors who dedicate on av-           picnic later this summer. For         Islamified Entertainment Productio ns. “ First we
alternate days.                            success. But as Prophet Muhammad erage 2 to 4 hours of their time                                                  wanted to please Allah,” said Shezara Ali, one
                                                                                                                        more information on their events
"I think it was extremely inconvenient     (peace be upon him) said, "A Musli m every week. Over a hundred              and services, visit their website     the event’s organizers. "We hoped to do so by
that I had to choose one event over        does not fall in to the same hole students have used the tutorin g           at                           getting the youth in the audience to take home
the other because I would have liked       twi ce ."     Hope ful ly, nex t year service at one time or another                                               the message they heard and strive to make posi-
to attend both," says Ahmad Abdi, a        organizers of both Generation M and                                                                                tive changes in their lives – that was our goal."
disgruntled 16-year-old high school        The Somali Youth Conference will                                                                                   In the end it is i mportant to remember and thank
student. "I mean, the people who are       schedule their events on alternate                                                                                 all the volu nteers who have made this event pos-
organizin g these events need to           days to prevent youth from havin g to           Your Online Resource for the                                       sible in its seventh year. We hope to see you all
                                           stress over which one to attend.                                                                                   at Generation Min spring 2006.
consider the concerns and dilemma it
puts the general public in to. You'd
                                                                                            Ottawa Muslim Community.

 Ottawa Muslim Association invites all to their 1st annual BBQ
          Where: Vincent Massey Park                                                          Ottawa Muslim Association
            Date: Sunday, June 19,2005                                                    
                                                                                              251 Northwestern Ave. K1Y OM1
       Time: 11am - 5pm (Rain Or Shine!)                                                               613-722-8763
      Details: or 722-8763

                                            The Muslim Link
                                Eastern Canada’s Muslim Newspaper
                     Toronto ~ Ottawa ~ Toronto ~ & Surrounding Areas
     Email: to add you to our circulation list!
Page 6                                                                                           Montreal                                                                                           June 2005

Second Annual Highschool Grad
Dinner Not to Be Missed!
On Wednesday, June 22 nd, the Musli m youth
of the West Island will be hosting their sec-
ond annual Muslim Grad Dinner for high school
students. Last year’s grad din ner was fairly success-
ful and attended by over 60 people, but this year, the
group is hopin g that students from all over Montreal, alo ng
with their friends and families, will buy tickets and make this
dinner the highlig ht of the grad year.
Tickets cost only $12 and in clude an Indian buffet din ner
with a dish for vegetarians and dessert. An entertain ment
                                                                   Hijab Discrimination: What Can                                             Commission will use arbitratio n to settle the dispute, there is no
                                                                                                                                              trial or testimony and they can also take action again st any
program including stand-up comedy is in the works and
prizes will be awarded, as well as certificates for the grads.
                                                                   You Do?                                                                    employer who tries to harass an employee for making a complaint.
                                                                                                                                              Another option is to email CAIR-CAN and expla in your situatio n.
                                                                   S.Khan                                                                     They can send you a form to fill out and deal with the employer on
The dinner provid es the perfect alternative to the prom and
                                                                   If you’ve been a victim of hija b discriminatio n,                         your behalf. They have had success with some of the bigger
Insha’Allah this will be one annual event that will be around
                                                                   it’s vitally important that you take the ti me to file                     companies.
for many years to come!
                                                                   a complain t. Many sisters choose not to because
Fo r mo r e i n fo r ma ti o n ,      yo u    ca n    e ma i l :                                                                              There is no doubt that it takes courage and strength to file and
                                                                   they feel uncomfortable pursuin g the matter, and
graddin                                                                                                               follow through with a complaint, but if our community does not
                                                                   would rather just forget about it altogether or feel that it’s pointless
                                                                                                                                              have a few brave pioneers then matters will only get worse and
                                                                   because they wouldn’t want a discriminating employer to be forced
Five Reasons Why Muslims Love to Graduate                                                                                                     hijab discriminatio n will grow.
                                                                   to hire them. However, they forget that it’s not just about them;
1)    The caps and gowns are as close to hija bs, jilbabs and      their sile nce also affects the next sister who comes alo ng and is  If you plan to file a complain t or are unsure if you have grounds for
      kufis as we can get, so for once we finally fit in           faced with the same unfair, or perhaps even worse, treatment and     one, you don’t have to do it alone. There is a group of sisters you
2)    Since we don’t put up posters of celebrities, we have        it affects future generation of hijab -wearin g sisters who may suffer
                                                                                                                                        can contact at , who will be happy
      tons of wall space for our dip lomas                         because nothing was done about this type of discriminatio n.         to give you support. There are also a few organizatio ns such as
3)    A high school degree allows us to move up from a fast-       In order to file a compla int, a sister can contact the Quebec the Canadian Muslim Women Committee that stand again st this
      food job to factory work                                     Human Rights Commission by phone, fax, mail or in person. A kind of inju stice and are there to help educate us about our rights.
4)    You can pick all of your own cla sses in cegep. It’s so      complaint cannot be made by email or for an in cident over two The follo wing is the contact information for the Quebec Commis-
      cool to get academic credit for pottery and tennis.          years old . The important thing is that any complaint must detail as sion of Human Rig hts:
5)    This is the perfect time to get money and gifts. The         many facts as possible such as the date, name of the employer or
      next time could be as far-off as your wedding.               individ uals involved, exact words used or the actio ns that demon- 360, street Saint-Jacques 2 nd floor. Montreal, Quebec. H2Y 1P5
Five Reasons Why You Have to Attend the Muslim                     strated discrimination. The complain t is then transferred to an 1-800-361-6477 or 514 873-5146. Fax (514) 873-2648
Grad!                                                              investigator who will send you a complaint form if he/she feels that CAIR CAN’s website
                                                                   your complain t falls under the jurisdiction of discrimination. The CMWC website
1)    The only dates there will be Tunisia n and the only beer
      served will be root
2)    The music is not too loud. A duff player can only hit so

      hard and Dawud Wharnsby is not the screaming type
      The Muslim Grad dinner is way cheaper than the prom          “Where shall we dine tonight?”                                             pleasing to the pala te. The beef curry was also simple but tasty
                                                                                                                                              with generous cubes of tender beef. The mutton korma had a
      and you don’t need to rent a limo. You’ll be rich and        Taj Palace: Well worth a Try                                               rich, creamy sauce and was filled with meat chunks as well. The
      pious!                                                                                                                                  highlights of the menu are the biryani and the naan. The naan
4)    If you don’t know how to dance, the pressure’s off                                                                                      was hot and flu ffy with a grilled taste to it. The vegetable biryani
      because it’s not like anyone is going to ask you to.         If you’re lo okin g for simple, whole some                                 was delicio us without being too spicy; the grain s of rice were per-
5)    If you don’t show up, the grad committee will go             food that doesn’t cost a lot, Taj Palace is                                fectly cooked- neither mushy nor hard. The big chunks of vegeta-
      bankrupt!                                                    the restaurant for you. Located in a humble                                bles were fork tender and fla vourful.
                                                                   lookin g strip mall in the West Island, this                               One disappoin tment however, was the chicken tikka. It was bland
                                                                   Pakistani restaurant has a modest, clean                                   and totally lackin g in fla vour. The only spice on it seemed to be
                                                                   décor and efficient, fast service.                                         orange food colo uring.
                               Serving                             The menu offers numerous choices of tandoori dishes, curries On the whole , this restaurant would be a good outin g for anyone
                                                                   and rice dishes, most for under $9 and with fairly good portio n who likes a good home-cooked meal. Taj Palace is open from
                           Montreal’s Muslim                       sizes, Taj Palace provides a good deal!                              11:30 am to 10 pm, seven days a week, they have a $6 lunch
                             Community                             The butter chicken consisted of cubes of chicken breast in a thick special. They are located at 4872 St.Charle s Blvd and for take-
                                                                   tomato sauce. At first it reminded me of Chef Boyardee sauce or out, you can call (514) 620-0620.
                                Online                             a similar type of spaghetti sauce, but after a few bites, it becomes

                                                                              MUSLIMGEAR SUMMER 2005 LAUNCH                                         such as "The Openin g, 1:1", referrin g to the first verse of
     UMSA Graduation Dinner                                                                                                                         Surah Al-Fatih a, the opening chapter of the Quran. The
     14068 Gouin Boule vard, Pie rrefonds, West Island                        Montreal - MuslimGear ( is ple ased to slogans are desig ned to promote Islamic identity in a positive
                                                                              announce the launch of its Summer 2005 Collection, a new and stylish manner.
          Saturday June 11, 2005. 6:30pm                                      line of clothing to diversify its existin g lin e and offer customers
                                                                                                                                                    The new products will be availa ble for
              $13 Graduating Stude nts /                                      a wider selection of products.
                                                                                                                                                    purchase world wid e, on the easy to use
        $19 Non Grads / $69 Fam ily of Four                                   The new lin e will feature various new designs of T-shirts, MuslimGear E-Commerce website www.
  Awards, Live Ente rtainment, Spee ches, and Dinne r                         shorts, hats and a new sisters line. The designs include fresh Products will also be
                                                                              styles and colours, as well as new slogans. Some of the new sold in vario us locations in Montreal, Ot-
                  Register Online:
                                                                              slogans in the summer line of T-shirts help increase aware- tawa and Toronto throughout the sum-                                  ness and understanding about some basic teachings of Islam, mer.
Page 8                                                          Kids World                                                                                          June 2005

                                   Eggshell or Egg Carton                                                                       Hidden Message
                                                                                                                                 Word Search
                                   Tulips                                                                               Find the words below in the word search and
                                   Make a bouquet of delicate eggshell tulips us-                                       cross them out. Once you are finished, a hidden
                                   ing eggshells (or foam egg cartons sections)                                         message will be revealed! You can write it be-
                                                                                                                        low where space is provided. Answer below.
                                   and pipe cleaners. Younger children will find it
                                                                                                                         DHIKR, DUA, EMAN, H AJJ, ISLAM, JANNAH ,
                                   easier to use the egg carton sections.                                                 KABAH, MU SLIM, QURAN , SALAT, SAW M,
                                   Taken from                                                        SHAHADD AH, WUDU, ZAKAT
   Find your way out of the box!
                                   Supplies Needed:                                                                     I   N   T   H   M   I   L   S   U   M   T   H   E   N   A
                                                                                                                        M   E   O   A   F   A   S   J   K   A   L   L   A   H   M
                                   • Eggshells (or foam egg cartons sections)
                                                                                                                        O   S   T   N   G   R   J   L   K   A   D   U   A   A   C
                                   • Green pipe cleaners                                                                I   O   U   N   S   A   M   A   A   O   B   S   T   M   E
                                   • Tempera paint and markers                                                          R   C   I   A   H   F   Z   U   S   M   L   A   V   G   R
                                   • Hot glue or white glue                                                             V   V   I   J   D   R   N   A   Y   U   A   N   H   Y   U
                                                                                                                        I   T   X   H   G   Y   L   E   J   F   H   H   M   Q   Q
                                                                                                                        U   P   I   R   M   A   E   M   A   N   P   N   H   W   C
                                                               Clean eggshell halves and dry them gently.
                                                                                                                        G   K   J   W   T   Q   H   Q   E   U   C   R   S   E   C
                Start                                          Or, for an easier craft with more durable flow-          R   K   V   L   T   Q   U   R   A   N   J   K   J   A   V
                                                               ers, use foam egg carton sections. Cut the               H   A   D   D   A   H   A   H   S   W   O   J   W   U   E
                                                               cartons sections to look like a tulip.                   F   M   K   F   D   Z   S   T   U   J   E   N   J   Q   I
                                                               Using tempera paint, decorate the shells to              R   W   Q   A   N   Z   A   D   E   O   P   G   L   Z   D
                                                               look like tulips. Let the paint dry overnight.           N   A   J   P   N   D   U   O   D   S   E   Q   I   Z   Z
                                                                                                                        O   S   Z   G   W   Z   L   S   J   H   J   R   L   I   Q
                                                               When the paint is completely dry, add details
                                                               to the tulips using markers.                    __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                                               Twirl one end of a green pipe cleaner into a
              Finish                                           spiral shape (this will be glued onto the       __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                                               base of the tulip).                             __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
                                                                Glue the spiral to the tulip (if using white
   Send us your games,                                          glue, let it set for a few hours).
    stories and ideas to
                                         Answer to Hidden Message: In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Merciful


                                                                             Read us online at:
Page 10                                                                                             CAIR-CAN                                                                                        June 2005
                                                                                                                                                                                   This page is paid for by the CAIR CAN

                                                                                                                                                                  YOUR VOICE
                                                                                                                                                                 YOUR FUTURE
                                                                                                                                                                       June News Flash

Muslims Call on Pettigrew                                                                                     We sell the Charter to                             rendition.
to Censure Israeli Official's                                                                                                                                    Yet, the security establishment may not be
                                                                                                              Muslim Countries – let’s                           the only proble m. A 2004 poll by the Centre
Islamophobic Comments                                                                                                                                            for Research and Information on Canada
                                                                                                              apply it here                                      indicates that 45 per cent of Canadia ns
Israeli Consul General says that the majo rity of                                                             Sheema Khan                                        belie ve anti-Muslim sentiment is increasin g
Muslims support extremism                                                                                                                                        among people they know. An upswin g in
                                                                                                              'Whereas Canada is founded upon principles         discrimination will follow, unle ss efforts are
The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Rela-                                                                that recognize the supremacy of God and the        made to protect the rig hts of a beleaguered
tions (CAIR-CAN) today called on Foreig n Affairs                                                             rule of law." So begins the Charter of Rights      minority. Many institutions have responded
Minister Pierre Pettigrew to censure Israeli Consul                                                           and Freedoms, signed on April 17, 1982.            admirably, with a few notable disappoint-
General Ya'a cov Brosh for his comments at the                                                                Perhaps a surprise to some, given our self-
                                                       Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew                                                                 ments.
recent Daniel Pearl Dialo gue for Muslim-Jewish                                                               image as a secula r nation.
Understanding, held at the Temple Har Zion Syna-                                                                                                                 The Quebec Human Rights Commission has
gogue in Toronto.                                                                                             We cherish the Charter deeply -- a recent          been conspicuously ambiguous about the
                                                    stand without a response from the Canadian
                                                                                                              Pollara poll shows that 86 per cent of Canadi-     right of Muslim girls to wear hijabs in private
Mr. Brosh stated that most terrorists today are government.                                                   ans believe the new Museum of Human                schools, forcing some students to choose
Muslims and that the majority of Muslims support "We are callin g on Foreig n Affairs Minister Pierre         Rights should be dedicated to the Charter.         between their veil and their school. College
extremism. Mr. Brosh noted that one of the most Pettigrew to censure Mr. Brosh and indicate to
                                                                                                              Drafted in the shadow of the War Measures          Regin a Assumpta -- a Catholic girls' school in
popular names in the Muslim world is "Osama."       him such Islamophobia will not be tole rated in
                                                                                                              Act, the Charter seeks to limit the powers of      Montreal and the alma mater of Louise
The event was organized by the Friends of Simon Canada."                                                      the government from encroachin g on the            Arbour, the United Nations High Commis-
Wiesenthal Center for Holo caust Studies.                                                                     rights of individuals. It has served as a model    sioner for Human Rights -- began the process
                                                    In December of last year, CAIR-CAN called on the
                                                                                                              for the bill of rights adopted by South Africa     in 1995 by asking a straight-A student to re-
In a statement released today, CAIR-CAN said:       Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center to publicly
                                                                                                              and New Zeala nd.                                  move her hija b or leave.
                                                    condemn Islamophobic comments made by an
"The comments made by Israeli Consul General invited keynote speaker at a conference spon-                                                                       Recently, McGill University told its Muslim
                                                                                                              In a post-9/11 era of global tensio ns, why not
Ya'acov Brosh fosters hate and bigotry against sored by the group and held at the University of                                                                  students to purchase prime downtown office
                                                                                                              envision the export of Charter principles to the
Canadian Muslims.                                   Toronto.                                                                                                     space for their prayer needs, rather than
                                                                                                              Muslim world? The Canadia n government has
                                                                                                              made human rights and good governance the          provid e on-campus space. McGill stands
"Mr. Brosh's comments, made as they were by an At that event, the speaker stated that "Islamic ter-
                                                                                                              centrepiece of its response to last year's         isolated, as more than 20 universities nation-
Israeli official in Canada, cannot be allowed to rorism is based on Islam," and that Islam was
                                                                                                              House of Commons foreig n affairs committee        wide have creatively accommodated Muslim
                                                 "immoderate" and "totalitarian."
                                                                                                              report on Explo rin g Canada's Rela tions with     prayer requirements. (As a McGill graduate, I
                                                                                                              the Countries of the Muslim World. The             remember prayin g in dank stairwells; my
Human Rights Museum to                                    Ms. Khan says she apprecia tes Ms. Asper's effort
                                                          to correct the situation.
                                                                                                              response asserts that "Islam uphold s plu ral-     Concordia friends had the lu xury of a prayer
                                                                                                                                                                 room. The stairwell la ter became untenable
                                                                                                              ism, including the liberal-democratic precepts
Include Canadian Muslim                              "It is vi tally important that Canadian Muslims have
                                                                                                              of equal rights for women and minorities." The     durin g my first pregnancy.)
                                                                                                              reality differs from country to country.
on Advisory Council                                  a voice in this museum so that our contribution to
                                                     the defence of human rights for all Canadia ns,          Historically, Muslims point to the Constitutio n
                                                                                                                                                                 Given the importance of human rights in the
                                                                                                                                                                 Islamic ethos both past and present, one
                                                     as well as the discrimination we have faced in this      of Medina, written in 622 CE, which estab-         would thin k that Muslims have much to
The Canadia n Council on American-Isla mic post-9/11 world, is not overlo oked," Ms. Khan                                                                        contribute to the new Museum of Human
                                                                                                              lished a pluralistic state based on the prin ci-
Relations (CAIR-CAN) is ple ased to announce said.                                                                                                               Rights. A community in the eye of a human-
                                                                                                              ples of equality, consensual governance and
that the Canadia n Museum for Human Rights will                                                                                                                  rights storm would also be empowered by
                                                                                                              pluralism. These ideals served as the founda-
include a Canadia n Muslim on its National Advi- "We are very ple ased that a Canadia n Muslim is                                                                becoming a bona fide partner in a project
                                                                                                              tion of Islamic rule in Spain for seven centu-
sory Council.                                        being invited to particip ate in the museum, and                                                            whose mission is to trace the evolution of
                                                                                                              ries. More recently, Indonesia -- the world 's
                                                     we hope that this inclusion will help in addressing      largest Muslim nation -- has transformed           human rights, with a focus on the Canadia n
The museum, which has received $100 million in the serious human rights issues Canadian Mus-                                                                     experience. Yet, not one sin gle Muslim or
                                                                                                              peacefully from dictatorship to multiparty
fundin g from the federal government, receives lims face today. Senator Ja ffer, who                                                                             Arab sits on the museum's advisory council.
                                                                                                              democracy. Proble ms still exist, but the prog-
support and advice from a council of 26 prominent has been a passionate advocate for human rights                                                                Suitable candidates in clude Liberal Senator
                                                                                                              nosis is hopeful. Canada has helped in this
Canadians from various ethnic, religio us and hu- i n C a n a d a a n d a b ro a d , i s th e                                                                    Mobina Jaffer, human-rig hts activist Monia
                                                                                                              transition by providin g human-rights expertise.
man rights groups. Initially, there was not a single right person to represent Canadian Muslims in                                                               Mazigh and journalist Haroon Siddiq ui.
representative from the Canadia n Muslim commu- this institution," she added.                                 Exporting Charter principle s to the Muslim        Instead, the council' s chair promises to be
nity on the committee.                                                                                        world is not only laudable but achie vable, as     "more active" with groups without representa-
                                                                                                              the essence of human dig nity is germane to        tion, saying that a "100 person" board would
However, Gail Asper, the Campaign Chair of                                                                    Islam. The language of human rig hts is a          be unwie ldy. Imagine, a human rights
Friends of the Canadia n Museum for Human                                                                     natural startin g poin t for a common under-       museum that finds human diversity unwie ldy,
Rights, has indicated to CAIR-CAN Chair Sheema                                                                standin g.                                         opting, instead, for a two-tiered system of
Khan that Senator Mobina Jaffer will be invited to                                                                                                               representation.
join the council.                                                                                             Yet these efforts may be undermined by
                                                                                                              human-rights struggles faced by Canadia n      In times of tribulatio n, Canadia n Muslims will
In a letter to Ms. Khan in response to her recent                                                             Muslims and Arabs. In the post-9/11 era,       look to the Charter for protection of their
op-ed in the Globe and Mail ("We sell the Charter                                                             racial profilin g has become a troublesome     rights. Why not invoke the Charter for
to Muslim Countries”) Ms. Asper wrote, "You have                                                              reality for the lives of many.                 disputes within? For example , a challe nge
also in deed raised a very serious poin t regarding                                                                                                          should be mounted against any Muslim
                                                                                                              Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan says organization that denies women the rig ht to
the issue of racism again st the Muslim community                                                             "RP" does not exist, on the laughable premise vote in general elections.
in Canada, especially post-9/11. It is                                                                        that the threat of dismissal is enough to keep
obviously troubling that discriminatio n can rear its                                                         security agents in check. And while Canada's The best way to honour the Charter is to
ugly head so swiftly and that our much-talked-                                                                most notorious criminals have access to a full apply it for the advancement of ju stice. What
about veneer of civility is really very thin."                                                                and open trial, five Muslim men have been better way for Muslims to assert their place in
                                                                                                              held indefinitely without charge on security Canadian society?
"As for not havin g Muslim or Arab representation                                                             certificates, prevented from seeing the
on the Museum's Advisory Council or Board                                                                     evidence against them. Finally, there's Maher (Dr. Sheema Khan is the Chair of CAIR-
(which is yet to be created) it is an oversig ht that I                                                       Arar, living testimony of Canada's murky role CAN’s Advisory Board)
belie ve can be rectified. we do want to be com-              The $300-million museum aims to be the
                                                              largest human-rights institution and educa-     in the morally repulsive U.S. policy of
pletely in clusive and transparent with the Mu-               tion centre in the world. The museum is
seum," wrote Ms. Asper.                                       being built in Winnipeg and is Scheduled to
                                                              open in 2009 or 2010.
Jumada Al-Awwal 1426                                                                                                                                                              Page 11

The internet: the good, bad                              pretty much anyone can post information on the
                                                         Internet and a lo t of it is not based on facts or         May is Speech Awareness month!
and the ugly                                             valid sources. Some of it is encourages racism,
                                                         violence and poisons minds. Websence, a                    “Caring about Communication!”
Omar Khan                                                company that sells filtering software estimates a          First Words Preschool Speech and Language Program of Ottawa
“ Hi Peter” the man                                      70% increase in hate sites on the Net, which               Pinecrest-Queensway Health and Community Services
said with a big smile.                                   equals a grand total of 373,000. Even worse, kids
“ Do I know you?” Peter                                  are bein g exposed to inappropriate sites in high          The First Words Preschool Speech and
asked uncertainly.                                       numbers. A study in Australia reveale d that 84%           Language Program of Ottawa is joinin g the           Parents pla y a key role in
                                                         of boys and 60% of girls have accid entally been           Canadian Associatio n of Speech Language             helping child ren develo p
“ How could you forget, we’re going to be at the         exposed to pornographic sites. Indecent pop-up             Pathologists & Audiologists in celebrating           speech and lan-
same football camp this su mmer and I’ve been to         ads or seemingly harmless search terms like                Speech Awareness Month in order to                   guage. There are
your house before. You live on Meadowla nds              “ young boy’s clothes” and “ zoo animals” have             increase public awareness of children’s              simple techniq ues
Drive.” The man replie d.                                turned up x-rated results. Even worse, 73% of the          speech and language develo pment and early           parents can use:
                                                         boys and 11% of the girls ended up watching x-             detection of communication disorders. One in         • Get your child’s attention by getting down
He spoke to Peter as if he knew him and as he            rated videos on-lin e. There are over 347 million                                                                  to your child ’s level so you can be face to
kept moving clo ser on the bench, Peter knew                                                                        ten child ren born in Canada has, or will
                                                         pages related to sex and kid s and adults are              develo p, a speech language or hearing disor-           face.
something was just not right and he got up and           accessing them privately and easily, anytime they                                                               • Play games and talk about thin gs that
fled. That nig ht, his parents were worried                                                                         der. Communication disorders in school age
                                                         want to. This expla ins the rise in pornography            children are often misdiagnosed as learnin g            interest your child .
because the man knew so much about their son             addictio n and a possible link to deviant practices        disabilities or behavioural problems and can         • Copy the sounds and actio ns your child
and they wanted to know how. After hours of              in kids.                                                   be difficult to treat in later years, which is why      makes.
thought, Peter remembered his on-lin e frie nd
                                                         Convenience is yet another big selling point for           early diagnosis and treatment is vital!              • Children learn best by doing, so involve
Timmy from a junior football chat room. He was
supposed to be thirteen too with blo nde hair and        Internet use. Bankin g, shopping, registerin g for                                                                 them in your activities.
                                                                                                                    Every baby develops in his or her own way.           • Tell and show them what you are doin g.
blue eyes. They had exchanged descrip tions so           services and contests can all be done rig ht at            They learn a great deal in their first years of
they would recognize each other at the summer            home. But with ease, people can also become                                                                     • Use facial expressions and silly voices to
                                                                                                                    life. By the time your child is ready to go to
camp they were both coincid entally attending.           lax about taking precautions. According to the                                                                     make it more fun.
                                                                                                                    school, he or she should be able to speak and
The only problem was that Timmy was really a             Internet Crime Center’s annual report for 2004,                                                                 • When you talk to your child remember that
                                                                                                                    listen well. The follo wing are a few mile-
30-year-old man and Peter, almost the victi m of         there were 207,000 complain ts of internet fraud, a                                                                everythin g has a name.
                                                                                                                    stones that babies and children generally
an on-lin e pedophile.                                   60% increase over the previous year. These                                                                      • Use short and simple sentences.
                                                         included auction frauds where the product was                                                                   • It is good to repeat yourself a lot, however
The Internet has changed life for everyone around        nothin g like its descriptio n or it never even arrived,   By 6 months, most babie s will watch your               it is critical to give your child a chance to
the glo be. Most people say it is the one techno-        credit/debit card fraud where people’s banking             face and make sounds back when you talk,                answer.
logical innovation they could n’t live without. It has   information was used by an unknown person to               smile at you and other family members, and
so many benefits to it and it makes life easie r in      make unauthorized purchases and identity theft             make noises to get attention.                   When parents learn about speech and
so many ways. But many good things have a flip           where personal in formation like a SIN number                                                              language milestones and follo w their child’s
side and we all need to be aware of the pitfalls of      was used to take over someone’s personal affairs           By 15 months, most children will take turns develo pment, they can access services
the Internet to get the best out of it!                  and transactions. Despite consumer in surance              making sounds, say 2 or 3 words but not earlier. Some children do grow out of speech
                                                         and protectio n, it is still very bothersome and           clearly, understand “ no” and shake their head, language proble ms but waiting to see is not
Thanks to the Internet, it is so much easier to
                                                         tedious to be a victim of fraud. So me people take         reach or point to something they want while recommended. If you have concerns about
reach people all around the world . With a few
                                                         years to fix up their lives and credit following           making a sound, and understand simple your child ’s speech or language development,
keystrokes and a few minutes, people can keep
                                                         identity fraud.                                            questio ns like “ where is your nose?” .        call Ottawa Public Health at 580-6744 and
up acquain tances from back home, meet Muslims
from every country, shop and bank without even           How can you protect yourself and your family               By 21 months, most babies will point to a speak to a Public Health Nurse or check out
going outside. The only proble m is when they use        while still benefitin g from the Internet? You have        picture or sign when asked, pla y with toys and the First Words webpage at
the Internet to reach out to the wrong people .          to be willing to sacrifice a bit of time and money,        pretend to do things like feedin g a doll or firstwords/about_us.htm for more in formation
Kids especially are easy targets because they are        but beyond that it’s quite simple. Kids have to be         going in a car, say about 10 or more words about speech and language concerns and/or
trusting and innocent. According to a chief detec-       supervised and limits have to be put on the time           and follow directions such as “ drink your the date and location of our next free drop in
tive in the UK, 1 in 5 kids are approached by                                                                                                                       screening clin ic in the community.
                                                         they spend on the Net. No child needs to spend             juice” or “ sit down ple ase” .
pedophiles in chat rooms and since 30% of kids           hours on the Net and a routine check of the sites                                                               The First Words Preschool Speech and
freely give out their home addresses when asked                                                                     By two to three years, most children will use
                                                         they visit by reviewing the Internet history list has                                                           Language Program of Ottawa is a program
on-line, this makes a dangerous scenario so                                                                         short sentences, follow simple directions,
                                                         to be made by parents every week. Invest in                                                                     that focuses on the prevention, early identifi-
much more likely. Adults are also guilty of finding                                                                 have a conversatio n with family me mbers or
                                                         good filterin g software that will prevent access to                                                            cation and treatment of speech and la nguage
bad company on the net. A survey found that                                                                         other familiar people , listen to stories and
                                                         inappropriate sites and prevent in coming Spam.                                                                 problems in children from birth to eligibility for
57% flirt on-line, 31% have had affairs with an                                                                     answer simple questions, and begin to add
                                                         Beware of givin g out your private information,                                                                 Senior Kindergarten and is funded by the
Internet pal and 1/3 of divorce litigatio ns are                                                                    endin gs to works such as runnin g, toys.
                                                         even with on-line registration forms. Use the toll                                                              government of Ontario. First Words is coordi-
caused by on-line affairs.                               free customer service number instead and avoid                                                                  nated by Pinecrest-Queensway Health and
                                                                                                                    By three to fours year, most children will use
The easy access to information through the Inter-        doing too many transactions on-lin e. Finally edu-                                                              Community Services and works is partnership
                                                                                                                    sentences of four to six words, give directions
net is incredible . School reports no longer in volve    cate your family about the potentia l danger; in the                                                            with Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario ,
                                                                                                                    like “ fix this for me” , ask many questions, tell
lengthy and sometimes frustrating lib rary               same way you would talk them about playing                                                                      Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre and City
                                                                                                                    about things they have done, talk to them-
research; there are numerous Islamic websites            safely or crossing the street properly. An                                                                      of Ottawa Public Health.
                                                                                                                    selves and their toys, tell a story or sin g a
and le arning resources availa ble for every sub-        informed person is a protected one!                        song, and tell you when they are tired.
ject. But unlike books, which require credentia ls,

 Robbing Hood (part II)                                                   and $2600 in bursaries. With the changes imposed by the
                                                                          Charest government, the average student will now receive
                                                                                                                                                end up payin g double or even triple the amount they had initially
                                                                                                                                                borrowed, which is further subject to increasin g in terest rates
 Towards Creating Interest Free Student Loans                             $4700 in loans and a mere $300 in bursarie s. As a conse-             over the years. Upon graduatio n, a student who financed their
 Shama Naz                                                                quence, the average student debt at graduatio n is expected to        education through government loan is sunk in debt. This is an
                                                                          rise from $14,000 to $21,500.                                         Ironic situation for a country that sets policie s aimed at shelter-
 So me 2 0 0 ,0 00 p o st-                                                                                                                      ing the unfortunate and the disadvantaged amongst the popula -
 secondary students in Mont-                                              The government’s strategy has been to discredit these protests tion.
 real went on strike on March                                             by labelin g student actions as viole nt. Since 1996, Parti Québé-
 16. Several hig h schools in                                             cois (PQ) and Liberal provin cial governments have cut more Inspired by AlMaghrib Institutes’ Fiq h Ad-Dawah class in Mont-
 the working-class districts of                                           than $300 million from the bursary program, forcing students to real, some students are motivated to put together a system of
 Montreal had walkouts. Four                                              accept loans and mountin g debt, to abandon their studies, or try provid ing interest free student loans. While the aim of the project
 students went on a hunger                                                to combine studie s with part-time and even full-time work.           is to abide by the rule s of the Quran and Sunnah in abstainin g
 strike and one of them,                                                                                                                        from all financial dealings involvin g interest, mounting debt is an
                                                                          Students are one of the poorest and disadvantaged segments of ugly reality that affects each one of us. The project will aim to
 Sebastian Verville, said he’ll continue the strike until he’s carrie d   the society in Canada. While pursuing their studies, students are provid e 100% student financin g with no interest and will finally
 away on a stretcher. You may wonder, “Why?”                              not able to work. Those who do are putting their academic life at offer students the pie ce of mind they need to pursue their stud-
 The government’s decisio n to channel $103 Million from student          a risk. Studies show that a working students’ average grade is ies.
 grants to loans was what sparked such a backlash from the                lower than that of a non-workin g full time student. Moreover, full
 Students. The repercussions of this decision will be felt more           time or part ti me students are less likely to be employed for per- The first meeting towards creating interest free loans will take
 amongst the poorer strata of the province’s post-secondary               manent positions. Due to the financia l in stability they either rely place on Saturday June 25 th at 2pm in Concordia University.
 students. In practice, this means that lower-in come student will        on parental support to finance their studie s or take loans from Interested individuals and in stitutions can write to interest-
 be saddled with more debt when they finish their education.              the government. The former is not applicable in most cases freestudentlo
 Prior to the Charest Liberals’ cuts to the bursary program, the          hence government loan is the optio n readily availa ble at the cost You can read Part 1 of this article by visiting
 average low-income student received $2400 per year in loans              of compounded in terest. Students who take these lo ans usually and downloadin g the April Issue.
Page 12                                                                The Muslim Link                                                                                       June 2005

 Cooking Corner                                                                     Recall the Days of God
                                                                               In Praise of our Beloved – (SAW)
       Walnut Pie                                                                                         -Part I- T.K
                                                        Recall those events oft above comprehensio n,                    Seven times in flight, then assistance intervened,
Crust:                                                  Days from the Days of God subtly in preparatio n.                Blessed water was manifest and the Jurhumites.
- ½ cup butter               - 1 cup flour              Set in place almost furtively, for without uncertain ty,         It was no normal day but all from God’s Might,
- 2 tbsp powdered sugar      - 2 tbsp water             Time would come for the Prophecy of the Best of Creation.        For His Beloved would be born in near site.
                                                        Lose not sight of our Beloved forthcoming,                       May Allah bless and grant peace
M ix together with spoon and spread in a pie            Like the full moon, so beautiful and gleaming.                   Our Beloved Muhammad, is by momentous birth Makki.
plate or squared pan. Bake 10 minutes in a              Its beauty out of our sig ht by the day’s happenin gs,           Recall Abraha from Yemen rising for avengement,
preheated 350 degree oven.                              Such are those Days, like reminders overshadowing.               His fate would sig nify our Beloved’s commencement.

Filling:                                                When the day has passed the brig htness is always setting,       The year was marked and distinguished for his [saw] advent,
                                                        Giving way to the moon that is in darkness illu minating.        For all would recall the conceited ones and colossal event.
- 2 eggs            - 1 ½ cups brown sugar
                                                        In amongst those Days came the Message descendin g,              Revelatio n itself relates of that Day,
- 1 cup coconut     - ¾ cup chopped walnuts             To the Prophets who spread and were yet foretelling.
                                                                                                                         ‘Have you not seen how thy Lord did with the Men of the
- ½ tsp baking powder                                   Recall the Messenger [as] conveyin g to his Natio n,             Elephant?’
                                                        For then he [saw] was mentioned by his appella tion,             ‘Did He not make their guile to go astray?’
M ix well with spoon and pour over baked crust.
Bake an additional 25 minutes. Enjoy!                   Glad tidings of a Messenger, the Praiseworthy to come…           ‘And He loosed upon them birds in flights,
                                                                                                                         ‘Hurlin g again st them stones of baked clay […]’
                                                        Nations were told and many a one were expectin g,
Submitted by: Umm Arwa                                  For the Seal of the Prophets would be impendin g.                Never forget the Year for his birth was above that incident,
                                                                                                                         It was not mere chance or only coincid ence, The illu minating
                                                        May Allah bless and grant peace
If you have any comments or have a great recipe to                                                                       Prophet was born with grand significance!
                                                        Our Beloved Muhammad, forever and endlessly.
 share, please email us at                                                                        May Allah bless and grant peace
                                                        Recall the sacred land without people in sight,                  Our Beloved Muhammad, is by noble lin eage Hashimi.
                                                        Our Lady Hagar and newborn in that plight.

                                                     Footnotes to Poem Above:                                       man of the tribe Kinana went forth to Abraha’s cathedral and
                                                                                                                    defiled it. This enraged Abraha who then swore to destroy the
                                                     And We sent Moses with Our signs -- 'Bring forth thy people Ka’ba [Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah].
                                                     from the shadows to the light and remind thou them of the Days
                                                     of God.' [Qur’an, 14:5].                                       Qur’an,105.

                                                     Jabir b. Samurah [r] rela tes, "I saw the Prophet [saw] on a     Irbad ib n Sariya [r] and Abu Umama [r] relate that the Prophet
                                                     moonlit night. He had a red cloak over his body, and I looked    [saw] said: "I am the supplication of my father Ibrahim, and the
                                                     attentively in turn towards him and the moon. Certainly, he      good tidings of my brother 'Isa. The night I was delivered my
                                                     appeared to me more beautiful than the moon itself.” [Tirmidhi]. mother saw a light that lit the castles of Damascus so that she
                                                                                                                      could see them." [Related by al-Hakim (2:616-617), Ahmad.
                                                     See Qur’an, 61:6.                                                Al-Haythami (8:221) mentioned the latter chain as fair (hasan)].
                                                                                                                      The Qur’a n [33:46] describ es the Prophet [saw] as a shinin g
                                                     Recall the account of Sayyiduna Salman al-Farisi [r] and his lamp and Sayyid una ‘Abbas [r] composed the following verses
                                                     knowledge of the impending                                       in mention of this quality of the Prophet:
                                                     Prophet [Martin Lings, Muhammad: his life based on the earlie st And the day you were born, the earth and the horizons became
                                                     sources, p.121].                                                 illuminated and glistened by your lig ht! And in that illuminatio n
                                                                                                                      and light we tread down the paths of guidance! [al-Tabarani,
                                                     See [Qur’an, 21:17-20] for the verse on Lady Hagar [a] bein g (Ibn Kathir in al-Sira al-Nabawiyya, 4:51)]
                                                     assured from the heavens at that in stance. Members of the
                                                     Jurhum tribe from Yemen first came to the barren valle y of He is the Prophet Muhammad [saw] son of ‘Abdullah, b. ‘Abdul
                                                     Makka in which the Zamzam water had flowed and in time Muttalib, b. Hashim, b. ‘Abdu Manaf, b. Qusayy, b. Kilab b.
                                                     Sayyiduna Isma’eel [a] would marry from amongst them and Murra b. Ka’b b. Khuzayma b. Mudrika b. Ilyas b. Mudar b.
                                                     learn the pure Arabic language [Bukhari, 55:584].                Nizar b. Ma’add b. ‘Adnan. From ‘Adnan the lineage goes
                                                                                                                      directly to Prophet Ismael [as] and then to our father Adam [a].
                                                     Abraha the Abysinian had seized power in the Yemen and built
                                                     a large cathedral in Sana’a and wrote to the Negus that he
                                                     intended to divert the Arabs’
                                                     pilgrimage to it. When the
                                                     Makkans heard of this, a
Page 14                                                                                        CIC DIGEST                                                                                                    June 2005
                                                                                                      This page is paid for by the Canadian Islamic Congress
                                                                                                                                                               Magazine Should Retract its
                                                                                                                                                               Retraction, Islamic Congress
                                                                                                                                                               Tel l s N ewsweek Ch i ef
                                                                                                                                                               In a letter sent today to Newsweek Chairman and Editor-in -
                                                                                                                                                               Chief , Richard M. Smith, the Canadia n Islamic Congress
                                                                                                                                                               has asked that the magazine retract its earlier retraction of
  CIC's offers Short Course for Imams and Community                                                                                                            a published news story about American military interroga-
                                                                                                                                                               tors at Guantánamo Bay flushing copies of the Qur'an
            Toronto, September 3 & 4, 2005                                                                                                                     down the toilet.

Course Details                                                                                                                                                 Under the pressure of publicized denia ls from the
This is the first ti me in Canada that a two-day intensive course coverin g Canadian history, politics, media and law, as well as Islamic fa mily              Pentagon and White House, Mr. Smith wrote in today's
law and professional family counselin g, is being designed specially for and offered to Canadia n Muslims. The purpose of this course is to                    (May 30, 2005) issue of the magazine that " .. we have
enhance the knowle dge base of Canadian Muslims in these important areas. The course is open to adult Muslims, men and women;                                  unequivocally retracted our story ... we no lo nger stand by
especia lly Imams and other Muslims serving the community. It will be taught in Toronto by qualified academics and practicing                                  our story."
professio nals.
                                                                                                                                                               But more recent reports -- among them a story in The
Instructors                                                                                                                                                    Guardia n of May 26, 2005 (cited belo w) -- support News-
Prof. Anthony Hall, University of Lethbrid ge. Canadia n History                              COURSE SCHEDULE                                                  week's origin al coverage:
Prof. Marliyn L. Pilkington, Osgood Hall Law. Canada's Political System
Prof. John Miller, School of Journalism, Ryerson Univ. Canadian Media                     Sat. Sept. 3                          Sun. Sept. 4                   "Further allegations that U.S. interrogators at Guantánamo
Ahmad Baksh, LLP. Canadian Law                                                            (8am—7pm)                             (8am—5pm)                      Bay flushed copies of the Qur'a n down a toile t emerged
Dr. Imam Gamal Solaiman. Islamic Family Law                                                                                                                    yesterday, a week after the White House denounced
Mrs. Wahida Valiante, MSW. Professional Family Counselin g                                Registratio n                         Registratio n                  reports of the incid ents.
                                                                                         and Breakfast                         and Breakfast
Where                                                                                                                                                          "Declassified FBI records showed that as early as April
Days Hotel: 1677 Wilson Avenue (Jane and Wilson)                                         Lecture 1:                             Lecture 4:                     2002 detain ees at the U.S. prison in Cuba had denounced
Toronto, Ont. M3L 1A5 (416) 249-8171                                                   Canadian History                        Canadian Law                    the tr ea tme n t o f the Qu r'an b y gua rd s.

Sponsors                                                                                                                                                       " 'Their behaviour is bad,' one detainee is quoted as sayin g
TARIC Islamic Centre, Toronto                                                                Break                                   Break                     in July 2002. 'About five months ago the guards beat the
Muslim Council of Montreal                                                                                                                                     detain ees. They flushed a Qur'a n in the toilet'. "The report,
                                                                                           Lecture 2:                                                          written by an FBI agent, continued: 'The guards dance
                                                                                                                                 Lecture 5:                    around when the detainees are tryin g to pray. The guards
Deadlines                                                                                  Canada's
                                                                                                                            Islamic Family Law                 still do these things.' The documents were released to the
Deadline for application for travel / accommodation grant July 1, 2005                  Political System
Notification for approval of travel / accommodation grant August 1, 2005                                                                                       American Civil Lib ertie s Union (ACLU) under the freedom
Registratio n and fee payments must be completed by August 15, 2005                 Lunch and Zuhr Prayer                Lunch and Zuhr Prayer                 of information act."

Certificate of Completion                                                                                                                                      "Newsweek is read by millio ns," said CIC national presi-
                                                                                                                                Lecture 6:
Participants will receive certificate of completion.                                      Lecture 3:                                                           dent Dr. Mohamed Elmasry. " It plays a significant role in
                                                                                                                           Professional Family
                                                                                        Canadian Media                                                         forming North American public opinio n. Now we are askin g
                                                                                                                               Counselin g
Fees                                                                                                                                                           that Newsweek do the rig ht thing and stand up for the
Course fee is $100. which covers course attendance, one copy of course           Dinner Follo wed by Canadian                                                  truth."
                                                                                                                               End of Course
notes, two breakfasts, two lunches, one dinner, and four breaks.                    Muslim Strategy Forum

Accommodation and Travel Grants                                                                                                                                            tribunals in Quebec and the rest of Canada.
There are a limited number of rooms booked at the Days Hotel for course particip ants living outside             CIC Rejects Quebec's                                      "Regrettably, the passin g of this regressive
Toronto, at the special rate of $89 plu s tax for a sin gle or double room. Bookings must be done directly                                                                 motion shows how politically vulnerable
through the hotel (416) 249-8171, with reference to CIC SHORT COURSE to get the special rate. This               Condemnation of Islamic                                   Canadian Muslims have become," said CIC
special rate is applicable only for the nig hts of September 2, 3 and 4.                                                                                                   national presid ent Dr. Mohamed Elmasry.
A limited number of accommodation/travel grants are availa ble , coverin g up to 50% of particip ants'           Tribunals -- Houda-pepin                                  "Ms Houda-Pepin and the QNA have taken a
expenses. If approved, grants will be paid after the short course upon submission of orig inal receipts and                                                                racist and dangerous direction that would be
the completion of a travel expense form. Deadlin e for grant applicatio n is July 1, 2005. Notification of       Motion Called Racist,                                     rejected out of hand by any other Canadia n
grant approval is August 1, 2005                                                                                                                                           relig ious community."
                                      VISIT OUR WEB PAGE TODAY                                                                                         "Could anyone imagine such a motion coming
                                                                                                                 The Canadia n Islamic Congress is strongly
                             http://www.canadia nisla                                                                          up about Canadian Jews or Christians?" he
                                                                                                                 rejectin g a recent motion in the Quebec
                                                                                                                                                       asked. "It simply would not be tolerated.
                                                                                                                 National Assembly that could prevent
                                                                                                                                                       Other faith groups raise their voices and flex
                                                                                                                 Muslims in that provin ce from asking their
                                                                                                                                                       their political muscles when faced with
DEADLINES TO R EMEMBER (Visit for full details).                                 local spiritual leaders for help in resolvin g
                                                                                                                                                       legisla tion that is so rid iculo us and blatantly
                                                                                                                 personal and/or family disputes.
                                                                                                                                                       discriminatory and Muslims must do so too ...
July 1, 2005 -- To apply for CIC's student scholarship s in media, law, political scie nce and social work.
                                                                                                            Prompted by secular Muslim Liberal, Fatima We have the numbers. Politicians will listen
July 1, 2005 -- To nominate in divid uals and organizations for CIC's annual awards.                        Houda-Pepin , QN A me mber s vo ted and will not be allo wed to compromise our
                                                                                                            unanimously on Thursday (May 26, 2005) in charter rights as minority."
July 1, 2005 -- To apply for travel grants for CIC's short course on Canadian history, politics, media, support of a motion against having Islamic
and la w, Islamic family law and professio nal family counseling.

August 15, 2005 -- To register for CIC's short course listed above.                                         

  • Developin g natio nal da'wah projects for Muslims and non-Muslims • Educating Canadians about Islam
  and Muslims • Networking with Governments, MPs, Senators, media, academia, NGOs • Honoring Cana-
  dian Muslim Professionals • Recognizing Canadians with national peace awards and community service
  awards • Supporting research proje cts and positio n papers on Anti-Islam in the Media, Canada's Rela-
  tions with Muslim Countries, Social Justice in Canada, World Peace with Justice, and Civil Liberties •
  Educating Canadia n Muslims on their civic and religio us duties • Workin g cooperatively with ISNA and
  other Isla mic NGOs • Presenting a Canadian voice on Islam and Muslims • Workin g with ISNA and the
  Canadian Council of Churches to eliminate child poverty, homelessness, discrimination, and abuse.
Jumada Al-Awwal 1426                                                                                                                                                    Page 15

What are you                                                                   Walking in My Shoes                                                                        A. I cant really deal with it , I’ m
                                                                                                                                                                          not very knowledgeable and
                                                                              Interview wit h Omar Morsy Lead Anim ator at Ubisoft                                        most of the time they are not
most grateful for?                                                            Cinematic (Montreal)
                                                                                                                                                                          either. One thing is certain
                                                                                                                                             video games have no benefit at all.
                                                                              Q. Where do you currently work?                                Q. Is there room for your peronal ethics? If the subject
Submitting yourself completely to the                                          A. I work at Ubisoft cinematics as Lead animator.
Will of Allah (SWT). If you have Allah                                                                                                       matter is an Isla mic for e.g. scantily dressed women, can
(SWT) in your life, you'll never want                                         Q. What does your work entail?                                 you refuse to work on a project?
or need anything else.                                                        A. Making sure that the continuity of all the shots is working A. Absolutely and we have done that before, we refused to
Kherta Mohamed                                                                well. Manage all tasks related to animation such as shot work on the playboy game and a new game called campus,
                                                                              distributions, shot correctio ns and leadin g the animators. that is absolu tely awful.
Subhan Allah, we could never count all of the blessings of Allah ta'ala, as Correct and direct all animations in agreement to the direc-
He, out of His Grace and Mercy, has blessed us with so much. Alhamduli- tor’s vision. Continue to animate shots                              Q. Recently your company refused to work on a campaig n
lah, I am most grateful for the beautiful blessin g of Islam, and all that it                                                                for the US army? Can you comment on it?
embodie s.                                                                    Q. What accomplishment are you most proud of?                  A. We felt that it was a moral decision; we did not want to
Naima Sidow                                                                   A. Beco ming lead animator in the studio.                      take part with anything that has to do with the American
                                                                                                                                             army. Alhamdullillah, we work for a French company that
After being Muslim, I most grateful for my family.                            Q. What did you study?                                         dislikes American government.
Maria Akhtar                                                                  A. I studied film animation at Concordia University
                                                                                                                                             Q. What is your favorite hobby?
"I am grateful that Allah made me a Muslim and I worship only ONE God"- Q. What did you want to be growin g up?                              A. Watching a good cartoon on a Friday night.
Saeed Ahmed                                                                   A. I always wanted to be an animator; I loved cartoons to an
                                                                              almost unhealthy degree                                        Q. What was the last book you read?
Islam! No questions asked. True satisfaction, comfort, and happiness can                                                                     A. World’s ten most evil men and women in the world.
only be found in Islam.                                                       Q. Biggest challenge faced?
I. Bedda                                                                      A. I always wanted to be a 2d animator, but when I gradu- Q. What advice would you give the graduating class of
                                                                              ated , 2d animation had started to die , so in a span of 4 2005?
                                                                              months , I had to learn 3d animation ALONE in the base- A. School is not enough to land a job. U must work hard on
                                                                              ment , so that I could be hired for Canada’s first 3d film : perfectin g a demo at home before applyin g.
                                                                              Pinocchio 3000                                                 Q. What are you short term goals?
                                                                               Q. How did you overcome this obstacle ?                          A. Professionally speaking would be to do the best I can
                                                                               A. I installed XSI at home and went thro the tutorial one by     every day
                                                                               one. I made myself a small demo and presented it to Cine-        Q. Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?
                                                                               groupe, It was not enough to land me the job but it had po-      A. Definitely the Prophet. I do not try to i mitate anyone other
                                                                               tential. They made me do animation tests at work for a cou-      then the Prophet
                                                                               ple of moths ….of course unpaid . Then I was hired.
                                                                                                                                                Q. As a Musli m how could you give back to the Ummah?
  Hot Links                                                                    Q. Tell me how you feel being a visible minority in your work    A. To help any Muslim who would try to enter in the field of
                                                                               environment?                                                     animation, either by helping him or her with their demo, or
                                                                               A. I don’t let it become an issue; I a m well respected by the   by at least giving them a chance to an in tervie w.                                                       others artists and some of the best animators at work are of
                                                                               a minority group. My co-workers deal with me a very              Q. How do you balance career and family?
  Muslim heritage is a comprehensive website discussing the lives              professio nal manner.                                            A. I try not to bring my work home but it is sometimes very
  and contrib utio ns of great Muslim scholars in all field s of educa-                                                                         difficult.
  tion. Many of these scholars are known to the west by ‘western’              Q. How do you deal with people that tell you what you are
  names that were given to them. As one scientist said “ It was                doing is haram?
  durin g the period of high Muslim apogee: 8th-13th centuries that
  most decisive scientific inventions were made, and the founda-
  tions of modern civilizatio n were laid, scientists and scientific                                               Writers Wanted for The Muslim Link Newspaper!
  discoveries in their thousands, artistic creativity, great architec-          Advertising                                 Toronto ~ Ottawa ~ Montreal
  ture, huge libraries, hospitals, universitie s, mapping of the world,
  the discovery of the sky and its secrets, and much more.”                        Sales                  Email Your Submissions to:
  It is vital for our community to know where and how our schola rs
  contributed to modern civilization and to acknowle dge the fact
  that these foundations were la id by the efforts of our forefathers.
  This site is fairly new and is often updated with ‘new features’.
  The la y-out is pretty basic, and easy to get around. Their menu
  bar consists of four main subject matters: Virtual Civilization,
  Muslim scholars, Topics, Features, and Timelin e. In additio n,                        ~
  they have inclu ded a forum for visitors to discuss some of the
  themes.                                                                      Ottawa
  This website is unique, in that you won’t find many other
  websites dedicated to Muslim heritage. Yes, there are few but                Toronto
  not nearly as comprehensive as
  Tell your frie nds about, and till next
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