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									On Monday, 30 April 2012, Phase 1 of the West Gate renovation will begin.
This will last at least 90 days.

Traffic will be re-routed via the attached slides, but will follow the road
behind the golf course.

ID checks will occur near the intersection by the fitness center.

SFS will post 3 Defenders to check IDs and enforce AT/FP standards. Adding
more will not speed up the line due to normal driver hesitations and traffic

We will not open "South Gate" as the local neighborhood is not designed for
heavy traffic volume.

Please use GREAT caution as people adjust driving habits.

Please expect delays and consider these alternatives:
1) Stagger work schedules
2) Use alternate gates
3) Plan ahead

Please follow the direction of Security Forces performing traffic control
duties throughout the duration of the construction.

**Note to running/walking trail users along Twining Drive--please expect
limited access to the trail from the gym during peak traffic hours.

**Note to fitness testers the "Down and Back" running track will be closed
throughout the construction to runners and walkers.

Pardon our Progress!

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