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  January 2013
                                EVENTSEVENTS CALENDAR
 Volume 20 Issue 9

                                         Monday, January 7th
                                 Monday, January 7th

                                        CHAMBER BEFORE
                              CHAMBER BEFORE HOURS HOURS
                                         Wednesday, January 9th
                                Wednesday, January 9th
                              Sponsored by Hardage-Giddens Funeral
                      Sponsored by Heritage-Giddens Funeral Home Home

                           CHAMBER - Honoring our Ambassadors
                                       Thursday, January 10th
                               Thursday, January 10th
                                   POWER LUNCH LUNCH
Sandy Kavanaugh                          January January 15th
                                Tuesday, Tuesday,15th
Executive Director
                                 CHAMBER AT NOONAT NOON
 Melissa Landoll
Membership Sales &                     Wednesday, January 16th
                               Wednesday, January 16th
 Service Manager                      Sponsored by Florida Bank
                              Sponsored by Florida Bank
                                     Speaker Michele McManamon
   Lucia Miller
    Chamber &
Visitor Coordinator           CHAMBER BUSINESS TOOLS WORKSHOP
                                     Wednesday, January 23rd
                             Wednesday, January 23rd
 Adam Robinson                            Maria
                                 Maria Coppola Coppola

 Bryan Goode III                        CHAMBER AFTER
                               CHAMBER AFTER HOURS HOURS
 Counsel Record                         Wednesday, January 23rd
                               Wednesday, January 23rd
                                 Sponsored by Arthur Rutenburg
                         Sponsored by Arthur Rutenburg Homes Homes
 Maria Coppolla
 Public Relations
   Consultant                  GRAND OPENING OF EXIT 1 STOP
                                       Thursday, January 31st
                               Thursday, January 31st
C h a m b e r C h a tt
        ber Cha                                        Volume 20 Issue 9                            Page 2
          Volume 20 Issue 9

                                                   THE PLAYERS
                                Exclusive Chamber Benefactor Tickets Now On Sale!

                                                   May 6 – 12, 2013
                                     Celebrating the 40th PLAYERS Championship

                                                  The Double Eagle
                                                   $600 Per Ticket
                                    Includes VIP Lot 5 parking (Monday – Sunday)
                                        Only 4 Double Eagle Tickets Available

                                                      The Eagle
                                                   $580 Per Ticket
                                  Includes Preferred Lot 9 parking (Monday-Sunday)
                                            Only 4 Eagle Tickets Available

                                                      The Birdie
                                                   $465 Per Ticket
                                     Includes Lot 11 parking (Thursday-Sunday)
                                           Only 24 Birdie Tickets Available

                                                    The Par
                                              $100 Per Pass Packet
                                    Weeklong Grounds Ticket (Monday – Sunday)
                                               No Parking Included
                                          Only 10 Par Packets Available

                         ALL tickets (excluding “The Par”) must be purchased in groups of TWO!
           ALL tickets (excluding “The Par”) provide access to The Benefactor Tent, TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse,
                                                  The Turn and Grounds

 For more information, please call the office at 285-2004 or email info@pontevedrachamber.org
C h a m b e r C h a tt
        ber Cha                                  Volume 20 Issue 9                         Page 3
          Volume 20 Issue 9

The Ponte Vedra Beach Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the St. Johns County TDC is calling
all Ponte Vedra businesses to support the 26.2 with Donna National Breast Cancer Marathon by joining
the Ponte Vedra in Pink campaign!

Why: The official race start of the 6th Annual 26.2 with Donna is now 200 ATP Tour Blvd. in Ponte
Vedra Beach. The official race finish will remain at Mayo Clinic. The new course will guide runners and
walkers through our beautiful beachside community.

Ponte Vedra hotels and clubs are offering four-day weekend packages for race participants. As a local
business you have the opportunity to support the race, its cause and generate new business.

When: The 2013 26.2 with Donna will take place on Sunday, February 17, 2013

How to Get Involved:
   Decorate your business storefront in Pink!
   Partner with other businesses, if you are located in a shopping strip, and together decorate your
entire strip in Pink!
Add a retail component offering to race entrants such as dining discounts, premium offerings for shop-
ping or dining, purchase discounts, etc.
Once you have decided on your promotion, send a brief description of the promotion (350 char-
acters or less, your logo or image in jpg format sized to 74x74 to info@pontevedrachamber.org.
We reserve the right to edit if necessary.

Business Benefits:
   To be a contributor to this nationally recognized race where 100% of race proceeds are donated to
breast cancer research and care.
   By offering a retail promotion to entrants, your company logo will be posted on the visitponte-
vedra.com website with a link to your site for advertising your promotion, take reservations, etc.
   12,000 (+ or -) runners will be in our area for you to capture new customers during the four-day
event weekend.
Your company promotion will have a presence in the participant’s race packet!

Participants in this marathon are very passionate about the cause – “to eliminate Breast Cancer”. They
support businesses who share the passion. We hope all Ponte Vedra businesses will join the Ponte
Vedra in Pink campaign!
Chamber Chat                                                    Volume 20 Issue 9                               Page 4

                   President’s Message
                                                                                                     Board of Directors

Dear Members,                     Drum roll please..here they     9) Don’t make do; get a new Christine Adams
Happy New Year!                   are!                            one.                        ~ Rogers Tower, P.A.

The beginning of a New Year        1) Learn how to delegate and 10) Drop what’s not working ~ 473-1400
is the perfect time to reflect    do more of it.                for you and move on.
                                                                                              Darby Brower
on your business’s progress       2) Promote your business      Achieving a healthy work-life ~Brower Financial Group
over the past year and plan       regularly and consistently.   balance is like maintaining a ~ 280-1669
how you want your business        3) Make business planning a good relationship; you have
to develop in the New Year.       weekly event.                 to keep working on it!        Felicia Cox
Do you want increased suc-                                      No matter what your New       ~ Florida Bank
                                  4) Learn something new.                                     ~ 543-7055
cess in 2013 or the chance to                                   Years resolutions maybe, I
enjoy the success you’ve          5) Join a new business or-    wish you Good Luck, Good
achieved more? I suggest          ganization or networking      Fortune and I hope everyone Dan Danzieisen
these top 10 New Year’s reso-     group.                        has a rewarding 2013!         ~ Clean Getaway Car Wash
lutions which are designed to                                                                 ~ 247-1011
                                  6) Give something back to
help you strike a better work-    your community.
life balance, so you can                                                                      Dr. Erika Hamer
achieve a truly satisfying suc-   7) Put time for you on your                                 ~Ponte Vedra Wellness Center

cess in the New Year.             calendar.                                                   ~ 273-2691
                                  8) Set realistic goals.
                                                                                                Bill Hughes
                                                                                                ~ TPC Sawgrass
              THANK YOU TO OUR CHAMBER RENEWALS                                                 ~ 273-7689
                     (as of January 2, 2012)
                                                                                                Frances King
    DRS Lanier & Bowman PA                              Beaches Chapel by Hardage-Giddens       ~ King & Associates
                                                                                                Insurance Agency
    Sawgrass Country Club                               Funeral Home                            ~ 273-9839
    Atlantic Eye Institute, PA                          The Ferber Company, Inc.
    TPC Sawgrass                                        Healthy Eye Family Vision Center        Barry McDonald
    Morgan Stanley                                                                              ~ Sawgrass Country Club
                                                        Robert Baer                             ~ 273-3710
    Krista Fracke Jacksonville Real Estate              Youthful Medical Spa
    Eric W. Tibbetts - retired                                                                  Dan Monk
                                                        The Bolles School at Ponte Vedra
    Malcolm Anthony, P.A.                                                                       ~ Pusser’s Bar & Grille
                                                        Beach                                   ~ 280-7766
    Aurora Custom Remodeling
                                                        Precision Turf, Inc
    Garcia Aesthetic and Welness Center                                                         Michele Smith
                                                        Hampton Inn
    Del Mar Designs                                                                             ~ RE/MAX Coastal Real Estate
    Corporate Investments International                 HM Workplace Resource C FL              ~ 285-5640
    Savelberg Cleaners                                  Hilton Garden Inn
                                                                                                Jared Rice
    The Parc Group                                      Brower Financial Group
                                                                                                ~ The PLAYERS Championship
    Harbor Chase Of Jacksonville                        CNL Bank                                ~280-3409
    Re/Max Unlimited                                    Queen’s Harbour Real Estate
    Santeiro Custom Homes, Inc                          Company, LLC
    Underwood Jewelers Corp.                            Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
    UPS Store                                           Village Jeweler of Ponte Vedra, Inc.
Chamber Chat                                 Volume 20 Issue 9                             Page 5

           Monday, January 7th                          Ponte Vedra Fitness carries an extremely wide range
              ~5:30 PM~                                of cardiovascular and resistance training equipment in
                                                        their 10,000 sq. ft. facility. The classes are designed to
                                                       decompress and release accumulated mental stress and
               Ponte Vedra Fitness                                          physical stiffness.
                ~ 830 A1A North ~
                                                             To RSVP please call 285-2004 or email us at
         FREE for members & guests                                 info@pontevedrachamber.org

                                           CHAMBER BEFORE HOURS
         Wednesday, January 9th                               ~ $8 for members, $10 for Guests ~

           ~ 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM ~
                                                       Beaches Chapel by Hardage-Giddens provides a high
                  Player’s Cafe                         standard of service to families in Jacksonville Beach,
                 ~262 Solana Rd~                        Florida. A Dignity Memorial provider, we uphold our
                                                            heritage and commitment to the community.
                    Sponsored by

                                                           To RSVP, pre-payment & registration, please call
                                                       285-2004 or visit www.pontevedrachamber.org/events/

                        CHAMBER SOCIAL—Honoring our Ambassadors
          Thursday, January 10th
               ~ 5:30 PM ~                                 Come out and enjoy the evening of
                                                         comradery and honor our ambassadors !
                 Mulligan’s Pub
               ~ 45 PGA Tour Blvd. ~

           FREE to all Ambassadors                         To RSVP, pre-payment & registration, please call
              $10 for members                          285-2004 or visit www.pontevedrachamber.org/events/

                                            POWER LUNCH
          Tuesday, January 15th
                                                            In this small group setting, you will have the
          ~ 11:30 AM-1:00 PM ~                          opportunity to connect, exchange contacts, trade busi-
               Pusser’s Caribbean Grille                 ness ideas and build strong relationships with other
                 ~ 816 A1A North ~                                            members.

       Please plan to pay for your own lunch                 To RSVP please call 285-2004 or email us at
         ~ LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE ~                               info@pontevedrachamber.org
Chamber Chat                                      Volume 20 Issue 9                             Page 6

                                     CHAMBER AT NOON
         Wednesday, January 16th                                         Guest Speaker
               ~11:30 AM -1:00 PM~                                    Michele McManamon
                                                          Co-Owner and Operator of Sandler Training
            Sawgrass Country Club                      Vice Chair (Blue Coat) of THE PLAYERS since 2010
             ~ 10034 Golf Club Drive ~
                                                               Don’t Miss This Special
                  Sponsored by                         2013 PLAYERS Championship presentation

                                                        To RSVP, pre-payment & registration, please call
       ~ $25 for Members ,$30 for Guests ~           285-2004 or visit www.pontevedrachamber.org/events/

         Wednesday, January 23rd
            ~ 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ~                       ~ Free for Members ~ Limited to 15 people ~

                 Chamber Office                          Maria Coppola, APR, owner of Coppola Public
                 ~50 A1A North ~                      Relations in Jacksonville Beach, will share her tips for
                                                       small businesses concerned about their reputation.
           Bring a Brown Bag Lunch
      Dessert & Beverages will be provided                    To RSVP, please call 285-2004 or visit

                                   CHAMBER AFTER HOURS
         Wednesday, January 23rd                     Custom Home builder Arthur Rutenberg Homes
               ~ 5:30 PM-8:30 PM~                    customizes and remodels quality homes and prod-
                                                     ucts in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North
                 Sponsored By                          Carolina. It starts as our design, but it becomes
                                                                           your home.

    ~130 Senora Court, St. Augustine FL 32095.~
                                                              To RSVP, please call 285-2004 or visit
          FREE for members & guests                              www.pontevedrachamber.org

                         GRAND OPENING OF EXIT 1 STOP REALTY
          Thursday, January 31st                      Exit 1 Stop Realty is an independent member broker
                  ~5:30 PM~                          and one of over 1,300 nationwide offices of Exit Realty
                                                     Corporation, the fastest growing real estate company in
               Exit 1 Stop Realty
          ~ 166 A1A North, Suite 101 ~
                                                              To RSVP, please call 285-2004 or visit
          FREE for members & guests                              www.pontevedrachamber.org
Chamber Chat                             Volume 20 Issue 9   Page 7

       ~ Wednesday, December 5th ~
     Sponsor : Florida Power and Light

                OPEN HOUSE AT
           ~ Thursday, December 6th ~

         Chamber At Noon
      ~ Wednesday, December 12th
               Sponsor: Aflac
        Speakers: Donna Deegan
               & Glenn Hastings

  Open House & Holiday Party
Hosted by JOI Beaches & Baptist Beaches
        ~ Wednesday, December 19th ~
Chamber Chat                Volume 20 Issue 9    Page 8

Chamber Chat                            Volume 20 Issue 9                        Page 9

                               New Member Spotlight!

Eugene Brin P. A.                          Business Networking
Phone: (904) 285-6077                      International
Email: epvlawfl@reagan.com                 BNI is the largest business networking organiza-
                                           tion in the world. They offer members the opportu-
Publix - Sawgrass                          nity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly,
                                           business referrals.
Phone: 904-285-5767
600 Sawgrass Village Dr.                   Contact: John Gewitz
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
                                           CG Solutions of Jax
Publix - Nocatee                           Accomplishing Enterprise Risk
Phone: 904-825-1913                        Management goals can seem impossible if you
120 Marketside Ave.                        don't have the right partner.
                                           CGSolutions is that partner!
Nocatee, FL 32082
                                           Contact : Kathy Garland
Publix - Marsh Landing                     Phone: 863-370-3542
Phone: 904-273-7600
670 Marsh Landing Parkway
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32082

Bank of America
Contact: Dan Henessy
Phone: 904-654-3023
Chamber Chat                                    Volume 20 Issue 9                             Page 10

                                                          Kristin Pirris ~ Pirris Insurance & Financial Serv.
                                                             Ed Mercel ~ Queen's Harbor Real Estate Co.
                                                                           ~ 904-221-2605
                                                               Lori Adams ~ Ind. Fashion Consultant
        Our sincere thanks go out to Kristin Pirris                  Bob Baer ~ Robert Baer Co.
           for her steadfast dedication as our                             ~ 904-386-1484
             2012 Ambassador Chairperson.                              Brian Crooke ~ BB & T
                                                                           ~ 904-280-9390
                                                                Joe Flask ~ Brightlink Technology
                                                                           ~ 904-616-1966
                                                                Dana Merrill ~ John Merrill Realty
                                                                           ~ 904-383-5582
                                                              Heather Senterfitt ~ First Coast Focus
                                                                           ~ 904-610-3074
                                                                        Kari Zerrahn ~ Aflac
                                                                           ~ 518-524-5864
                                                                     April Biller ~ Hampton Inn
                                                                           ~ 904-373-3111
                                                                   Mike Hardy ~ Action News Jax
                                                                           ~ 904-996-0482
                                                              Margaret Miele ~ BBVA Compass Bank
                                                                           ~ 904-564-8730
                                                                 Jill Ketron ~The Bayat Foundation
                                                                Amanda Jones ~First Citizens Bank
                                                                           ~ 904-543-2685
                                                              Hamilton Horne ~ First Citizens Bank
                                                               Jennifer Ovedia ~ Keith Johnson CPA
                                                              Keith Johnson ~ Keith Johnson ,CPA PA
                                                                Patti Atwill ~ Watson Realty Corp.
                                                                          ~ (904) 864 -2200
C h a m b e r C h a tt
        ber Cha                                                Volume 20 Issue 9                                Page 11
          Volume 20 Issue 9
Chamber Clips ~ A Chamber Clip is a brief announcement about your business; an employee
highlight; a current event; or other special feature about your company. Chamber Clips is not meant to be an advertisement
for your business, rather a short commentary on what is happening at your place of business.
                                     Guidelines for Chamber Clips submissions:
                                 No brochures                                Include logos

                                 No PDF formats                              Limit to 2 paragraphs

                                Arthur Rutenberg Homes is           The Friends of the Guana Tolomato Matanzas Na-
                                proud to host a special After       tional Estuarine Research Reserve (GTM NERR, or
                                 Hours Event for The Ponte           GTM Reserve) host a State of The Reserve presentation
                               Vedra Chamber of Commerce             highlighting the year's outstanding research, education
                              members on January 23, 2013            and stewardship efforts. This year's event features stu-
                                 at our new professionally-         dent researchers and community partners demonstrating
                                 decorated Bermuda model            how preserving healthy coastal ecosystems supports and
home in Palencia. Tour this spacious great room home over-             sustains healthy communities. Learn more! Join us:
 looking a secluded lake and nature preserve while enjoying
 evening refreshments with your fellow chamber members.                            Friday February 1, 2013
The builder will be on hand to answer questions about any of                         1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
our energy efficient designs and building in the Ponte Vedra              GTM NERR Environmental Education Center
                                                                       505 Guana River Road, Ponte Vedra Beach FL 32082
 area. Proceed through the north gate of Palencia and end at
 130 Senora Court, St. Augustine FL 32095. (904) 880-5500
                                                                    For details or to RSVP, please call GTM NERR at 904-823-
                            Ext. 1
                                                                       4500 or email Emily.Montgomery@dep.state.fl.us.
                        Clients and friends joined the associ-
                        ates of Ponte Vedra Beach Realty,
                        Inc. support the Toys-for-Tots organi-
                        zation as they celebrated the holiday
 season. Kim Davis, Broker/Owner of Ponte Vedra Beach
 Realty, and Lindsey Godfrey, Property Manager/Realtor,             On December 6, 2012, Del Mar Designs was the proud
 hosted a holiday party at Steller’s Art Gallery where they         recipient of two First Place awards from the First Coast
                                                                    Remodeler’s Council at a Red Carpet Gala event held at
 accepted donations for the Toys-for-Tots toy drive, along
                                                                    Deerwood Country Club.
 with toys being dropped off at their real estate office. Ponte
                                                                    The first award was for the " Planning and Design " of a
 Vedra Beach Realty, a full service Real Estate office, takes       Master Bath for a private residence in The Plantation; the
 an active role in helping the community and donating time,         second for " Craftsmanship and Detail of Specialty Mill-
 goods and more to local charities in the area as well as par-      work " for a condominium bar cabinet at Serenata Beach.
 ticipating in activities that lend a hand to the less fortunate.   This is the third consecutive year that Del Mar Designs
                                                                    has won First Place awards from the Council, and they
                                                                    consider it a high honor to have been recognized by such
                                                                    talented colleagues in the building industry.

                                                                    Del Mar Designs, an interior design company, has been in
                                                                    business in Ponte Vedra since 1992, and continues to pro-
                                                                    vide quality design that enhances
                                                                    people’s lives.

                    Gator Office Furniture is moving!
                    After 20 plus years at our Beach Blvd Location Gator Office Furniture is moving to our new and improved
                    location at 4827 Phillips Highway as of January 2nd. Come and Enjoy the savings!
Chamber Chat                                                  Volume 20 Issue 9                                  Page 12

Chamber Clips
               Early November, Butensky & Cohen held a seminar at the Del Webb Riverwood community for the Money and
               Investing Interest Club. The club is a newly established organization consisting of approximately 40 members
               with an interest in learning about different investment vehicles and how various environments have the poten-
tial to affect the markets.
With opening introductions given by Nina Robinson and the main topics for discussion pre-
sented by Thomas Ellis, the club was able to observe common mistakes investors tend to make
during volatile times, how the presidential election may affect existing portfolios and the role
annuities play in a senior’s investment strategies. Jan Butensky closed the evening with a town
hall format of open question and answers.
B&C is glad to have had the opportunity to present to the Riverwood community and hopes to
collaborate once again with the residents within the near future.

 Lifestyles Realty Web joined with First Coast No More Homeless
Pets to help make sure that every furry friend was fed this holiday sea-
Lifestyles hosted a holiday party and pet food drive on Tuesday, De-
 cember 18 and collected over 200 pounds of food and treats. Thank
you for all the donations! It was a great party filled with lots of holiday
To view agents, party pictures and stay up-to-date on real estate news,
 visit their Facebook page! For more information on Lifestyles Realty
Web, contact them at 904.853.6386 or visit LifestylesRealtyWeb.com!

 High School and SRVP Portfolio Manager UBS Ponte                                     FORTS
 Vedra is pleased to announce JV went 8 -0 and Varsity                       Marks Fray Shareholder, Edward L. Birk, re-
  went 9-2 and won the District Championship for the                         ceived the Jacksonville Chapter of the Federal Ba-
                second year in the row!
                                                                             rAssociation’s 2012 “Spirit of Giving” award on
                                                                             December 12. Association members and area fed-
                                                          eral judiciary recognized the civil pro bono efforts of Mr. Birk and
 recognized for excellence at the First Coast Remodel-
                                                          James H. Burke Jr. of the Federal Public Defender’s Office for his pro
 ers Awards banquet. A panel of judges awarded high
                                                          bono efforts in criminal cases.
 marks for the beachside renovation of the
                                                          Mr. Birk was recognized for his work in the Middle District of Florida
 Cook residence in Ponte Vedra. Aurora
 Custom Remodeling remains a leader in                    Jakcosnville Division Civil Pro Bono Panel in representing individu-
 home renovations, winning this prestig-                  als who lack the resources necessary to obtain
 ious award in 5 of the last 6 years.                     their own legal representation.

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