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									My Family History

    Erin Porter
     EDC 326
                           The Porter Family
 Miles Porter = Margaret Lovell                 Noel James Wayne = Mary Josephine Joros

                       Miles Gordon Porter = Mary Elizabeth Wayne

Kathleen    Patrick Wayne         William Whitcomb      Paul            Noel Ann
(1944-)     (1945-)                    (1951-)        (1958-1958)       (1962-

             Erin Porter
                   Noel James Wayne
Noel James Wayne was born on April 13, 1895
   in Chateaugay, Franklin County, New
   York. During WWI he worked in the
   maintenance department for the Army. He
   was stationed in France for most of the
   war. He was also a member of the Knights
   of Columbus. When he returned home he
   married Mary Josephine Joros and they
   had two daughters Mary Elizabeth Wayne
   and Margaret Mary Wayne. He worked at
   Northern States Power Co. for 33 years.
   At the time of his death he was head
   switch board operator at the High Bridge
   Power Plant in St. Paul, Minnesota. He
   died at age 60 of a heart attack.
Mary Josephine Jaros
          •   Mary Josephine Jaros was born on
              December 20, 1898 in Minneapolis,
              Hennepin County, Minnesota. She was
              married to Noel James Wayne and had
              two daughters Mary Elizabeth and
              Margaret Mary. During the great
              depression she worked as a seamstress
              to make extra money. She died in St.
              Louis Park, Hennepin County,
              Minnesota on January 9, 1965 at age
              67. She is buried in Fort Snelling
              National Cemetery next to her husband

          •   She is holding my father here outside
              1101 Churchill Street.
        Miles Porter
•   Miles Porter was born on December 7, 1873
    in Ceresco Township, Blue Earth County,
    Minnesota. He married Margaret Lovell and
    they had 6 children: Charles Francis (Died as
    Infant) (1911-1911), Stella Margaret (1906-
    1976), Mary Joyce (1909-1994), Barbara
    Ellen (1913-1988), Patricia Jean (1917-), and
    Miles Gordon (1919-2003). He ran for
    county attorney and did not win.

•   One day the Porters took a boating trip in a
    Lake in Minnesota. One of his daughters
    Joyce fell in the water and he jumped in the
    lake to save her. Joyce survived but Miles did
    not and he ended up drowning to death. As
    result my Grandfather Miles Gordon never
    knew his father. He died on July 19, 1919 at
    age 46.
Margaret Lovell
•   Margaret Lovell was born in September
    1884 in Vernon Center, Blue Earth
    County, Minnesota. She had six
    children one who died at birth. She was
    forced to raise her children on her own
    when her husband Miles Porter died in
    a boating accident. She died in
    Minneapolis, Hennepin County,
    Minnesota, on June 19, 1937; she was
    52 years old.

•   Here she is holding my Grandfather in
    August 1920.
Auntie and Uncle Frank
        •   This is Stella Margaret Porter Clague and her
            husband Frank Clague. Frank Clague was a
            U.S. representative for the state of Minnesota
            from January 1, 1903, to January 1, 1907. He
            served in the Minnesota Senate from January
            1, 1907 to December 31, 1915 and was a judge
            of the ninth judicial district of Minnesota from
            January 1, 1919, to March 1, 1920. Frank and
            Stella became quite wealthy and decided to
            have no children so they financially aided her
            mother and sisters and brother (my
            grandfather) during the great depression. They
            lived on an estate in Redwood Falls,
            Minnesota. Her mother Ellen Porter lived with
            them at their estate until her death on January 9,
            1925. Stella died in 1958 and Frank died in 1952.
            Both Frank and Stella provided a lot of support to
            our family.
Miles Gordon
• This is my grandfather
  and he was born on
  November 26, 1919 in
  Hennepin County,
• He never met his
  father who died in a
  boating accident
  saving his sister. Here
  he is with his four
  sisters, his mother, and
  Auntie holding him.
• Miles went to Central
  High School in St.
  Paul, Minnesota.
• When he graduated he
  went to the University
  of Minnesota to study
Mary Elizabeth Wayne Porter

              • Mary Elizabeth was
                born on May 10 1922
                in Saint Paul, Ramsey
                County, Minnesota.
                Her parents were
                Mary Josephine and
                Noel James Wayne.
• Growing up as a child of
  the great depression she
  learned to live with what
  she had even though she
  was fortunate enough to
  have a father with a job.
  She would put cardboard
  in her shoes to make them
  last longer and window
  shop with her father for
  beautiful china.
And then they met…
       • When attending the University of
         Minnesota his sister Barbara rented a floor
         of a house and my Grandfather decided to
         live with her in college. The house
         happened to be owned by my
         Grandmother’s parents who rented one
         floor of their two story house in Como Park
         to make extra money. The story goes that
         my Grandfather would always sit up and
         wait for my Grandmother to come home
         from her dates and then he would see if she
         ever kissed them. He had his eye on her
         from the start and with much determination
         he finally won my Grandmother over.
Wedding Bells
   September 10,
• After college my
  Grandfather joined the
  navy where he was a pilot.
  He received a lot of
  training but the most he
  ever did in the war was fly
  up and down the east coast
  looking for submarines.
  My Grandmother kept
  busy taking the role of
  Rosie the Riveter. She
  worked at an ammunition
During the
war, my
was stationed
all over the
country. It was
when he was
last stationed in
Atlantic City
that Miles and
Mary started
their family
first with
Kathleen and
then with
Patrick my
               After the war…
• Mary and Miles settled in
  Jackson, Minnesota which
  is located in the southern
  region of the state. There
  my Grandfather was an
  attorney and followed in
  his father’s footsteps by
  running for county
  attorney. Just like his
  father he lost. On
  September12, 1951
  William Whitcomb Porter
  was born. Here he is with
  my father Patrick.
Mary, Miles, Kate, Pat, and
  Bill all moved back to
  Minneapolis, Minnesota
  where he received a job
  with the Minnesota State
  Legislature writing laws
  that aided to the
  unemployed. He mediated
  cases for those who
  thought that they had been
  fired from their jobs. He
  worked here until he
  retired. In April 24, 1962
  they had their final
  daughter Noel who was
  named after her
           • Politics were always of
Politics     interest in the Porter family.
             My Grandmother Mary, her
             sister Margaret, and Kate all
             helped campaign for John F.
             Kennedy. My Grandfather
             would never say who he
             voted for even though you
             could figure it out by
             listening to him at the dinner
             table. My Grandmother
             however was never quiet and
             one night wrote a 12 page
             letter to President Nixon
             telling him how furious she
             was and sent it off to the
             White House
           •   Source
                 Death of an Era
• My Grandmother died on
  March 13, 1996 from a
  heart attack. On the way to
  the hospital, the diamond
  in her engagement ring
  fell out of its setting and
  into the snow. My
  Grandfather rented a
  device to melt the snow
  and sifted through every
  inch of snow until he
  found the diamond to
  repair her ring before she
  died. My Grandfather then
  died on January 9, 2003
  where he is now with his
  true love.
                     The Spencer Family
•   Benson = Van Blerken                                                     Unknown From
•                                                                            Bergum, Norway

George Albert = Lucy Benson                                     Fred Kimmel = Alice Thompson

Francis- Marion- Lillian----------------------------- George Spencer = Katherine Kay Kimmel

                         Sandra                    Susan-                                 Joanie
                         Godfrey                   1 Daughter                             I son:
                         2 Daughters:              Erin                                   Jake
                         Callie Ockerman
                         Elizabeth Prue
  My Great, Great Grandparents
From Bergum, Norway.
There were born and died there.
   They had 13 children. When
   her children came over to
   America they wanted to
   bring their mother but were
   to afraid to do. During this
   time anyone who died on a
   ship would be thrown
   overboard and her children
   felt that it was important for
   her to have a proper barial.
   So she never followed her
   children to America and died
   in Norway.
   Great Grandmother Alice
My Great Grandmother Alice came to America when she
 was 14 years old from Bergum, Norway. She was born
 in 1874 and came to America in 1888. When she came
 to America she changed her name to Thompson. Her
 original name is still unknown but is probably related to
 her home in Norway. She changed her name because of
 the large amount of Norwegians that were being
 discriminated against in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The
 first fair housing act was passed in Minneapolis,
 Minnesota in 1932 because of the discrimination that
 was taking place against Norwegian Immigrants.
         Great Grandma Alice
• Great Grandma Alice was a business woman. She
  owned a candy shop in downtown Minneapolis.
  Famous entertainers would always stop buy to eat
  her candy when they were performing in the city.
  Alice had no children until Grandma Kay at age
  39. She delivered Katherine Kay Kimmel at home
  with a midwife, cleaned up, put the baby in her
  basket, and went back to work. She was wiped
  out during the great depression and had to close
  her story because no one could afford to buy
Katherine Kay Kimmel
with her Fred and
Alice Kimmel
  • Fred Kimmel was
    born in Germany in
    1879. He was five
    years younger than his
    wife Alice. He died
    from surgery
    complications from
    gall bladder surgery.
Baby Katherine Kay Kimmel
• Here is Great
  Grandma Alice
  with Grandma
  Katherine Kay
Grandma Kay’s High School
             The Spencer's
• George Albert Spencer was born in 1848 in
  Boston, Massachusetts. He was one of two
  boys. When he was two years old his
  parents and brother moved to Augusta,
  Main where his father owned a lumber
  business. When he was a teen his parents
  sent him to Canada to avoid sending him off
  to the civil war because so many people had
  been killed in Gettysburg.
                                     George Albert
• Once in Canada,
  George logged
  his way as a
  lumberjack to
  the Isle Royale
  located in Lake

•   Source:http://www.minsocam.or
        George Albert Spencer
• Because of the cold winter ahead he knew that he
  could not stay there during the winter so he
  traveled across Lake Superior until he reached the
  mainland of Minnesota. They attempted to reach
  the shore in a canoe but it capsized and all the men
  were washed ashore. The men were rescued by
  Native Americans and rescued back to health.
  George Albert ended up finally settling in
  Waterville, Minnesota.
     When living in Waterville, the
     townspeople heard rumors that
     Jessie James and his gang were
     going to rob a bank in
     Northfield, Minnesota which is
     the town next to Waterville.
     All the men of the town got
     together and were going to
     attempt to ambush the gang.
     George Albert hid above the
     road and when they saw the
     gang coming the rode on and
     notified the townsman that they
     were coming. Because of the
     warning the townspeople were
     able to stop the robbery. In the
     ambush Jessie James brother
     died as well as a jail guard.
Aunt Francis and Aunt Lilly

              • Aunt Francis and Aunt
                Lilly were my
                Grandfather’s sisters.
                They were teachers in
                the South Dakota
                Prairie and rode a
                wagon to work every
                       The Benson’s
• The Benson’s were
  Lucy Benson’s
  parents who was
  my Grandfather’s
  mother. We know
  that Mr. Benson
  was from Norway
  and that Mrs.
  Benson who’s
  maiden name is is
  Van Blerken and is
  most likely from
• This is a picture of Lucy Van Blercken who was my
  Grandfather George’s mother. We can assume that
  she is Dutch by the pronunciation of her name.
George Tillman Spencer

           • George Tillman
             Spencer was born in
             1900. Here he is with
             his brother Marion at
             age 10.
• My Grandfather lived to be
  97 years old. He dropped
  out of school in the eighth
  grade to help support his
  family. He self educated
  himself and ended up
  teaching electronics at
  Dunwoody Institute in
  Minneapolis. He was an
  electrician for Northern
  States Power Company for
  45 years.
George Tillman Spencer
married Katherine Kay
Kimmel August 16, 1941
in Minneapolis,
Minnesota. They had a
long courtship of eight
years before they finally
got married. Every night
they would walk around
Lake of the Isles in
Minneapolis and then
when they would rest he
would sit on one end of
the bench and she would
sit on the other.
• George and Katherine
  had three children
  Sandra in 1943, Susan
  in 1945 (my mother),
  and Joanie 1948.

• Here is my mother as
  a baby.
Susan Spencer
Susan Alice Spencer was
born April 28, 1945 in
Minneapolis, Minnesota. She
was born the month and they
year that WWI ended. At 4
months old, my mother came
down with the whopping
cough and my Grandmother
was told to plan her funeral.
Luckily she survived. She
also got the scarlet fever at
age three which is how old
she is in this picture.
Because there were no
antibiotics, she was
quarantined to her crib for
three weeks.
Susan Spencer
      • Susan went to Washburn
        High School and
        graduated in 1963. After
        high school, she got
        married and raised two
        children Benjamin and
        Danny. She went back to
        college in her mid 30s to
        become a nurse. She got
        divorced in 1971. She was
        neighbors with my father
        on Grand Avenue and met
        him at a disco dancing
        class. They were married
        in October 8, 1982.
Patrick Wayne Porter

          • Patrick was born on
            August 7, 1945 in
            Atlantic City, New
            Jersey. My father also
            became ill as a child
            and had the German
            Measles. He spent ten
            days in the hospital
            and almost died as
Patrick Wayne Porter
          • My father graduated from
            southwest high school in
            1963. He went to the
            University of Minnesota
            and graduated with a
            political science and
            history degree. But he
            decided this was not for
            him so he moved to
            Florida and became an
            apprentice to become a
            blacksmith. He moved to
            Kentucky to start his own
            business and this is where
            he married my mother and
            had me!
After college my father
got drafted in the Vietnam
War. He was in the Army
in the infantry as a radio
transmitter. His job was to
carry the radio which was
the most dangerous job
because the antenna on the
radio had to be up and that
is who the enemy wanted
to kill because they
provided communication.
After the war he
decided to follow
his dream and
become a
blacksmith. He
moved to Florida
and became an
apprentice to
become a
blacksmith. He
moved to Kentucky
to start his own
business and this is
where he married
my mother and had
I am Erin Wayne Porter
           • I was born here in
             Kentucky on December
             10, 1984. Throughout
             childhood my dream was
             to become a ballerina/
             school teacher. I am now
             perusing my dream of
             teaching as an education
             major at the University of

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