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									Law Of Success #3 – The Law Of Value
by Jean-Francois Gemme | on January 16, 2013

                 The Law of Value By Dani Johnson
The Law of Value is understanding that the more Value we bring to the marketplace… The more money we’ll

It’s understanding that the best investment we can do is in ourselves… It’s an investment that will pay us
“Dividends” over and over again…

Let’s use an exemple…

Who make the best money… A Mechanical Engineer or a Mechanical Technician? Assuming that they both
have jobs…

                                Does a white Technician makes more money then a black Engineer? Does a
                                nice, friendly and good looking Technician makes more money then a cold,
                                jerk and ugly Engineer?

                                When we increase our skill… we will increase our pay!

                                What determines our Value in the marketplace is not our personality… It is
                                not how we look… It has nothing to do with where we come from…

                                Our Value have everything to do with our SKILL

                                The Marketplace pays for Value…. and our skill determines our value…
Law Of Success #3 – The Law of Value
There are 3 main skill sets that we need to be successful:

   1. Professional Skills
   2. People Skills
   3. Personal and Leadership Development

Professional Skills

This is about knowing and mastering the basics of our profession…

How can we reach better results than another person working the same profession than us?

By increasing our Value….

And to do that we just need to learn new skills… But we will not be able to leverage that learning if we waste
our time with excuses about why we are where we are in life…

Neither will we learn new skills if we waste our time watching television or stroll on the Internet…

People Skills

Developing great people skills will change all area or our life…

If we learn to communicate with people in such a manner that they kind of “fall in love” with us, we will be less
stressed out about finding clients and will earn more money…

Communicate like that with people will have them want to work with us, listen to us, live with us and refer
other people to us…

Our level of influence can be measured by how many people follow us, listen to us and stay by our side through
hard times.

The most powerful motivations any person can have is feeling special and important. Brag about our
knowledge doesn’t impress anyone… it makes people feel inferior and unimportant.

In order to make any human being feel special and important… We just need to let them talk about
themselves and ask a lot of question… that way we also control the conversation…

Personal and Leadership Development

When we have a low level of Personal and Leadership Development we are going to give up to any feeling
we’ll have in a specific moment, such as:

I feel afraid today…

I feel worthless today…

I don’t feel like things are going to work out today…
When we want to be wealthy… We can’t afford feelings like that.

Let’s personalize that… Repeat after me       :

If I want to be wealthy, I can’t afford feelings like that…

What we can afford is to go to work and get results… Because we’re paid for results and not for time wasted
on unproductive feelings…

The Law Of Value means to work harder on ourselves than we do on other people. If we follow it, we will be
unusually successful…

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To learn more about The Law of Value: Click here


Law Of Success #3 – The Law of Value

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