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					                                                                            NOVEMBER 2009

                                                                               ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL

                                   Message from the Principal
                                   Dear Parents, Students and               If you have any questions or
      Mission Statement
                                   Friends:                                 concerns regarding the Parent
  Our mission is to provide a                                               Portal, or require additional
                                   Abington High School will pilot
   learning environment that                                                information, please e-mail parent-
   promotes the intellectual,      the opening of an online Parent/
    artistic, physical, cultural   Student Portal program. This pilot
 and emotional development                                                  We ask that you not call the high
                                   program will give you and your
    of our students. We seek                                                school office or technology center
    to create an educational       student twenty-four hour a day
                                                                            with your questions. You will
    experience based upon a        access to your child’s academic
    curriculum reflecting the                                               receive a reply in a timely manner.
                                   information as posted by teachers.
    standards set forth in the
  Massachusetts Curriculum
                                   To access this information, please       Hopefully, the parent portal will
    frameworks. Recognizing        use the “Parent/Student Portal           provide parents and students with
      and serving individual       Login” link at the bottom left of        an additional tool to support their
   differences, interests and      the Abington High School home            efforts in overseeing student           WWW.ABINGTON.K12.MA.US
    abilities, our educational
  community aims to prepare        page (www.abingtonps.org).               progress.
students to become informed,       You will be asked to provide the                                               Main Office       781-982-2160
                                                                            Sincerely,                            Guidance Office   781-982-2165
skilled and responsible citizens   username and password that has                                                 Athletic Office   781-982-0070
                                   been provided to you in a separate
                                   letter mailed to you as well as
                                   provide a new unique password            Teresa Sullivan,
                                   for your future use.                     Principal

Inside this issue:
John and Abigail           2       I would also like to bring your      the images can automatically        I strongly encourage you to
Adams Scholarship                  attention to what appears to         be defined by law to constitute     talk to your child about the
Things Your Kids           2       be an escalating frequency of        child pornography. As a result,     possible legal and social
Probably Know……..                  “Sexting” among young teens.         the taking, sending, receiving,     consequences of sending
Parent Conferences         3       In its various forms, Sexting        or distribution of such images      these types of pictures. It
                                   is the transmission of               can, under the letter of the law,   is important for parents to
Sophomore Class            3
                                   suggestive material via text         constitute varying degrees of       address the very real possibil-
Fundraiser                         messages. When images taken          child pornography offenses that     ity, and even likelihood that
                                   on a cell phone involve teens        may be charged with a criminal      any embarrassing pictures
Junior Class Auction       4
                                   or their friends, and the images     offense.                            could also end up posted on
                                   involve some form of nudity,                                             the Internet.
An Evening of Short        4
Guidance News              5
Thirty seven Abington High School seniors have qualified for             (3) have a combined MCAS score on these
the prestigious John and Abigail Adams Scholarship. The          assessments that ranks in the top 25% in their school district.
Adams Scholarship provides a tuition waiver for four years
of undergraduate education at Massachusetts state colleges       AHS students recognized as potential scholarship recipients are
and universities for students who are accepted. Massachusetts    Evan Baxter, Abigail Beatson, Meredith Bouchard, Meredith
public high school students automatically qualify for the        Brown, William Caseley, Ryan Chambers, Robert Chiodi, Erin
scholarship when they:                                           Connors, Robert Cornish, Carolyn Creighton, Gregory Cronin,
                                                                 Taylor Darmetko, Nicole D’Attilio, Jaryd Delehanty, Matthew
          (1) score in the Advanced category in either the       DiCarli, Melissa Donaher, Amanda Dutcher, Jennifer Esau,
Mathematics or the English language arts section                 Robert Gentile, Brenda Gleason, Elizabeth Griffin, Allison
of the grade 10 MCAS test;                                       Griggs, Christine Harvey, Erin Hollander, Sean Lawton, Kyle
          (2) score in the Proficient or Advanced category       Linehan, Nicholas Malafronte, Kelly Mitchell, Deanna Moore,
on the second subject (Mathematics or English language           Jennifer Ngo, Erin O’Brien, Cory Pickering, James Polito,
arts); and                                                       Joseph Polito, James Rota, Livia Silva and Emily Welch.

                        THINGS YOUR KIDS PROBABLY KNOW
                           BUT DON’T TELL YOU……………….
                          Music Parents Meeting on November 10th in AHS Faculty Room @ 7:00 pm

                                         No School on November 11th - Veteran’s Day

                 Parent Teacher Organization Meeting on November 12th in the AHS Faculty Room @ 7:00 pm

                                 Term 1 Report Cards issued on November 13th during Advisory

                  Cheerleading South Sectional Regionals on Sunday, November 15th @ Taunton High School

                               Early Release on November 18th @ 10:45 am (Parent Conferences)

                               Early Release on November 25th @ 10:45 am (Thanksgiving Break)

                 2010 Yearbook payment ($95.00) is due to Ms. Chiasson no later than Monday, November 30th
                                   Payment may also be made online at www.ybpay.com

                   Athletic User Fee of $250.00 for winter sports is due no later than Monday, November 30th

                     School Committee Meeting on December 1st in Cotter Room at Town Hall @ 7:00 pm

                     Abington Greenwave Boosters Meeting on December 1st in AHS Cafeteria @ 7:00 pm

    Page 2
                                                    SOVEREIGN BANK

The Abington High School branch of Sovereign Bank will close its doors on December 18th. Sovereign will send a letter to branch
customers within the next few weeks. Our relationship with Sovereign and, prior to that, Abington Savings Bank was a mutually
beneficial educational and vocational program for our students. We appreciate the positive experience for Abington High School
since May 1986.

                                              PARENT CONFERENCES
Parent Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm and Thursday, November 19th from 7:00 pm
to 9:00 pm. Parents will wait in line outside a teacher’s door to speak to the teacher. There will be a 10:45 am dismissal on November 18th.
Because the dismissal is for high school students only, buses will run at the usual time. Students who choose to ride the bus home on
November 18th should wait in the cafeteria until 1:57 pm.

    ABINGTON GREENWAVE BOOSTERS                                                                         HOMECOMING
The Abington Greenwave Boosters                Abington, MA.                                   Congratulations to members of the Class of 2010
conducted their annual Door-to-Door Drive                                                      Carolyn Creighton, Jennifer Esau, Emily Lyons,
                                               The Boosters have provided extensive aid
on October 18th. We would like to thank                                                        Lauren Marella, Deanna Moore, Ian Campbell,
                                               to the athletic programs at the high school
our adult drivers, students and coaches for                                                    Andrew Crosta, Corey Donlan, Kristian LaPointe
                                               by providing athletic equipment and fields,
their participation.                                                                           and Nick Malafraonte. These students were
                                               as well as funding award jackets to varsity
                                                                                               chosen by members of the senior class as best
Unfortunately, we were unable to visit         athletes. This year the Boosters are
every residence and apologize if you had       funding junior varsity sports as well as        exemplifying the qualities of leadership,
a donation ready. If you would like to help    attempting to raise funds for freshmen          school spirit and character.
continue Abington’s athletic tradition,        sports. We also provide promotional
                                                                                               Nicholas Marella was voted Homecoming
please send your contribution to Abington      events such as homecoming festivities and
                                                                                               King and Carolyn Creighton was voted Home-
Greenwave Boosters, Post Office Box 2140,      “Pack the Place”.
                                                                                               coming Queen at the Homecoming Dance.

Would you like to attend a fundraiser where you make money? The Class of 2012 will be hosting
a “Cash For Gold Party” on Thursday, November 19th in room E103 from 6:00—9:00 pm.

What should you bring — any gold, silver or platinum jewelry that you no longer wear, an earring
that you lost the match to 5 years ago, a necklace that is tied in so many knots that you will never
get it untangled. It doesn’t have to be jewelry. You could bring sterling silverware or silver bowls.

How does this work? The sophomore class will have a team of jewelers on hand (check them out
at www.RJCgoldparties.com) and they will determine if you jewelry is real gold, silver or platinum;
they will weigh it and you will receive a fair price for it.

Please come and support the sophomore class and make some money for yourself while you are at
it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karin Daisy at karindaisy@abingtonps.org.

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  SCHOOL COUNCIL                                  EDUCATION WEEK                             CAP & GOWN
Elections for a parent representative           This year’s American Education         Members of the Class of
to the School Council were held on              Week theme, “Great Public              2010 will be measured for
October 7th. Congratulations to                 Schools: A Basic Right and Our         their graduation cap and
Beth Golden.                                    Responsibility”, highlights the
                                                                                       gown on Friday, December
                                                importance of bringing together
Elections for student representatives                                                  10th in the cafeteria during
                                                educators, school staff, parents,
from the Class of 2011 to the School                                                   both lunches. The cost of
                                                students, and communities in a
Council were held on October 16th.                                                     the cap and gown is Twenty
                                                unified effort to build great public                                             Class of 2010
Congratulations to Jessica Golden,
                                                schools. The theme also reflects       ($20.00) Dollars. Payments                 Graduation
Jennifer Manning and Megan
                                                NEA’s vision of calling upon           should be made to Mrs.                      Saturday,
                                                America to provide students with       Kelliher in the main office               June 5, 2010
The next meeting of the School                  quality public schools so that they                                                 4:00 pm
                                                                                       during the first week of
Council will be held on December                can grow, prosper, and achieve in      December.
2nd at 2:30 pm in the Abington High             the 21st Century.                                                               TERM 1
School Library.
                                                Parents are invited to visit the                                             REPORT CARDS
                                                high school during school hours                                                 ISSUED
                                                on November 17tth.                                                          NOVEMBER 13TH

                    JUNIOR CLASS                                                                  AN EVENING OF
                      AUCTION                                                                     SHORT STORIES
                   ABINGTON HIGH SCHOOL                                                           Abington High School Drama
                              CLASS OF 2011                                                                      Presents

         CORDIALLY INVITES YOU TO ATTEND                                                    “An Evening of Short Plays”
                                                                                                      (a series of ten minute plays)
                    THE JR. CLASS AUCTION
                                                                                                                         th          th
                   FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4TH
                                                                                                  November 12 and 13
                                                                                                         7:00 PM
                                                                                                 Paul K. Smith Music Room
                    DOORS OPEN AT 6:30 PM
                                                                                                         Abington High School
                 BIDDING BEGINS AT 7:00 pm

                   Raffles, Door Prize, and Bake Sale
                                                                                                          $5 general admission
               Please contact Kerri Murphy @ kerrimuprhy@abingtonps.org

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                                                  GUIDANCE NEWS
                                 IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS

You may receive brochures in the mail which will lead you to believe that there is a huge quantity of money available
for financial aid. The mailing will imply that a great deal of money is yours merely for the asking. All you have to do
is complete a questionnaire and send a check for $49.99 (under $50) and such company will come up with six or so
leads which you may pursue. In reality, however, most of these companies offer what is, in many instances, free
information to those who spend the time to research the topic. When asked to provide references of students who have
actually received any financial aid/scholarships from their service, most firms are unable to furnish specific courses.
The most reliable source for financial aid is the Financial Aid Office at the college at which your child is planning to
attend. Ninety percent of all financial aid will be awarded by the college and every college has a competent department
within its organization to research and advise and make scholarship financial aid awardings. Doesn’t it make sense that
this would be the best resource to help you? Advice! If it sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is!

                                              WHAT’S WHAT WITH WHO’S WHO

Every year high school students by virtue of publicity achieved in a local, state or national activity/event are subjected to a variety
of recognition programs generally known as “Who’s Who” program.

Among the more common programs in this area are: Who’s Who Among Music Students in American High Schools, Who’s Who
in High School Athletics, Who’s Who Among American High School Students, Who’s Who in National High School Football and
The Society of Distinguished American High School Students.

Such programs publish a book or pamphlet listing all names which have been obtained and suggest that such a listing has an effect
upon a student’s admission criteria. These programs are designed to play on the vanity of parents and relatives, to sell them the
various products offered (usually the book/almanac, etc.) If students and parents receive information from a “Who’s Who” program,
they should consciously evaluate the program – what it is, what it offers, and what it asks. Did your high school really nominate
you? Questions about such programs should be directed to the your guidance counselor.

                                                           PSAT SCORES

Students will receive PSAT scores in mid-December. A package of materials will be sent home from the guidance department
which will include test scores, an individual analysis of answers, the actual test, and an informational booklet. These are provided
to students so that they can fully evaluate their performance on the different types of questions asked by the test. In the booklet,
students will find charts to compare their scores to national norms. There is no passing or failing score on the PSAT and scores
are not reported to colleges.

                                          COLLEGE BOARD TESTING FOR JUNIORS

College-bound juniors should begin making plans to take one or more of the college entrance examinations which occur this spring.
Three test dates are available on which students can take the SAT. Juniors are encouraged to discuss with their counselor a timetable
for taking these exams. The timetable is determined in part by the academic preparation and interests of the student. In general,
students who have not completed geometry and the second year of algebra might be advised to wait until the June test date to take
the SAT. Registration forms can be obtained in the Guidance Office or by using the www.collegeboard.com web site.

                              Test Date                           Deadline                    Tests Available
                            March 13, 2010                       February 4, 2010                Reasoning
                            May 1, 2010                          March 25, 2010                Reasoning/Subj.
                            June 5, 2010                         April 29 2010                Reasoning/Subj.

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  CONGRATULATIONS                                           GOLF NEWS
Congratulations to our Abington Green              Congratulations to Corey Donlan who tied
Wave Cheerleaders who earned a First Place         for 11th place out of 140 players at the
Trophy at Braintree High School’s Cheer-           MIAA Division III South Tournament.
leading Invitational on Sunday, October 18th.      Corey’s finish will send him to the state
                                                   finals this week in Great Barrington.
After an incredible display of athletic talent
and heart, the Greenwave Cheerleaders put          Another terrific year for the Green Wave
on an outstanding exhibition on November           Golfers who for the second year in a row
1st to capture the South Shore League title.       qualified for the MIAA Division III South
                                                   Tournament. Abington High School finished
                                                   eleventh out of twenty-two teams with a team
                                                   score of 348. The Green Wave scored better
                                                   than Norwell, Cohasset and Spellman, all
                                                   opponents this year.

Great job by our Boys’ and Girls’ Cross                                                        The final league standings in the South
Country Teams who recently competed in                                                         Shore League were:
the 50th Catholic Memorial Invitational
at Franklin Park. Leading the way for the                                                              boys: 4-2 (3rd)
Green Wave was John McKeon, who                                                                        girls: 3-3 (4th)
captured 7th place in the varsity race out of
122 runners, followed by Mike Mulligan                                                         Top runners for the Wave this year
and Brendan Whalen. The team finished                                                          were John McKeon, Mike Mulligan,
6th overall out of 22 teams that competed.                                                     Brendan Whalen, Kevin Bunszell, Eric
Sophomore Liz Morgan was the top girls'                                                        Magnussen Ben Rangel, Liz Morgan,
varsity finisher, while Emily Atkinson was                                                     Emily Atkinson, Marissa Lalli, Julie
the top high school finisher in the freshman                                                   Bacon, Kristen Lee, and Meaghan
competition.                                                                                   Hurley.

                      SOCCER NEWS                                                 FOOTBALL NEWS
Plagued by key injuries early in the season our Boys’ and Girls’      The Green Wave Football Team continues its undefeated
Soccer teams played with a lot of heart and grit all season long.     ways as they continue with South Shore League play with
With the generous donation from Abington Youth Soccer, the            the big showdown this Friday against Cohasset.
Green Wave was able to add a Freshmen Girls’ Soccer Team.
The teams finished the season vs. Rockland in a night game on         Congratulations to Kristian LaPointe who was selected as
Monday, November 2nd at the Frolio Middle School.                     Channel 5’s “High Five” player of the week. Come out to
                                                                      show your Green Wave Pride as the Football Team seeks
                                                                      its fifth consecutive South Shore League title.

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                                           FINANCIAL AID WORKSHOP
On Thursday, December 17, in the Cotter Room of the Town Hall, the Guidance Department will offer a Financial Aid Workshop
for parents and students. A college financial aid officer will be on hand to explain the various financial aid forms and the manner in
which aid is awarded. While the workshop is targeted to the specific needs of seniors and their parents, other families are welcome
to attend. Time will be announced in school and on Constant Contact.

                                           FINANCIAL AID REMINDERS
The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Student Financial Assistance administers several major programs to help students
continue their education at the postsecondary level. These grant, loan, and work-study programs will provide nearly $40 billion to
students during the 2009-2010 school year, which amounts to approximately 70 percent of all student aid awarded for that year. To
apply for aid from these programs, students who are planning to go to college should fill out the 2010-2011 Free Application for
Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible after January 1, 2010.

This year, students are encouraged to make use of electronic information and services. The federal government has developed a
website: www.fafsa.ed.gov for FAFSA on the Web. If students/parents have Internet access, they can apply using FAFSA on the
Web at www.fafsa.ed.gov instead of filling out a paper form. Because of the help screens and checks built into FAFSA on the Web,
the student is much less likely to make an error that will delay the processing of his or her application.

Many students will also have to complete the CSS PROFILE on line. The institutions requiring the PROFILE are listed on the
college board website (www.collegeboard.com). If you do not have your income taxes finished, you should complete the financial
aid forms using estimates. Most colleges will ask for a copy of your income taxes for verification at a later date. (Always note your
user names and password when doing applications on line.)

Students who are planning to enroll in college as              The guidance Counselors would like to remind seniors about two
freshman next fall and wish to participate in                  important items:
Division I or II athletics must be certified by the
NCAA Clearinghouse. Students should begin the                  To release transcripts, recommendations, etc. to colleges a Student
                                                               Consent Form must be completed and returned to the guidance office
process by completing a NCAA Student Release
                                                               two weeks prior to a deadline date.
Form. See your counselor for details.
                                                               For those students with a December 31st or January 1st deadline
                                                               date, Consent Forms, teacher and counselor recommendations, and
                                                               college forms must be submitted to the guidance office by Friday,
                                                               December 11th.

                                                               Information on scholarships is available in guidance. Seniors should
                                                               check the scholarship folder weekly.

                                                                          STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY
                                                               Congratulations to Jennifer Ngo and James Rota on their election to
                                                               represent Abington High School in the Annual Student Government
                                                               Day held at the Massachusetts State House on April 9, 2010. Two
                                                               students from every Massachusetts high school will participate and
                                                               experience the role of the executive, legislative and judicial branches
                                                               of state government.

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