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									For starters, if you are looking for a “get rich quick” guide, or a way to make money without having to
put forth any effort or time, this is not the guide for you. This short, all inclusive, guide on how to make
money with iWriter will show you how to make a little extra income while only investing 2-3 hours of
your day. I have been using this method for some time now and have been steadily bringing in $30 a day
since day one. All it takes to do the same is a little internet knowhow and about ten hours a week in
front of your computer. Here are the screenshots of my earnings from the very first day on iWriter,
about six hours after signing up and the articles I had written to achieve this amount.

What is iWriter?

For those that don’t know, iWriter is a website where you can write articles for cash that can be directly
deposited into your PayPal account. Once you sign up you will be able to view all the current requests,
made by users needing articles written for them. You may accept these articles, and following the
buyer’s guidelines, write the articles for them. When the completed article is received by buyer, they
will choose whether or not to accept it. After the article is accepted, the amount listed on the post is
then deposited into your iWriter account. It’s as simple as that; no catches, no fine print. Write based on
simple guidelines given to you by the client and get paid to do so.

Now that you know what iWriter is, we need to go over the rating system in which iWriter uses to base
the writer’s pay scale on and how to get that rating improve over time.
Rating System – iWriter uses a rating system that rates every article on a 1 to 5 scale, 5 being the best
score and 1 being the worst. Although all “earn money to write” sites rate their writers, this system
differs dramatically solely because it is based on customer reviews opposed to reviews received from
the site itself. When you first sign for iWriter, you are a 1 star writer out of a possible 3. In order to
become a 3 you need a 4.8 score or higher after 30 reviews have been received. The reviews are
received quickly and high scores are easy to obtain if you follow a few simple steps.

       1. Quality – Whether you are writing an article for $1 or $100, consistently produce high quality
          work so the customer has nothing to complain about.
       2. Quick Turnaround – The quicker the article is received after you have accepted it, the better.
          Always turnaround the article within the same sitting as when you accepted it, so the
          customer knows that you were determined to complete the promised work.
       3. Follow Instructions – Always read the “special instructions” that are attached to every post
          and make sure to follow the instructions with precision. Whether the buyer requested you
          use a keyword a certain number of times or indicated the point-of-view in which they need
          you to write, make sure to do so. The quickest way to receive a low rating is to waste a
          buyer’s time with something that they didn’t ask for in the first place.
       4. Communication – Act as if every buyer you write for is a client of your own. If their
          instructions aren’t clear, ask them for more information so that you can write the best article
          possible. Treat them with respect and make sure they know that you are glad to be helping
          them out.
Now that you understand the rating system and are prepared to write 5 star quality articles, let’s go
over a few simple steps to start making $30 per day by doing so.

       1. Search – To start with, you will only be able to write the “Standard” articles because of your
          rating, but that will change quickly allowing you to scale up and write “Premium” and “Elite”
          articles before long, increasing the amount you make for each. You will need to find an article
          that is easy to write based on both your knowledge of the subject matter, as well as the word
          count of the article. I have found that articles with lower word counts are easier to maintain
          quality throughout and quicker to turnaround. If an article is made up for 300 words I can
          write it without every using “filler” content, or repeating myself which are both ways to risk
          getting rated lower by the potential buyer. The image below shows you how the request
          board is set up and how each listing looks.

       2. Outline – No, you don’t have to physically outline each article, but at least have an idea of
          what you are going to write about before you start letting your fingers do the work. Think of
          what you are going to title the article, and in what order you are going to add the content. If
          you go in without a plan, the article is likely to look thrown together and rated poorly.
       3. Research – Always, always, ALWAYS write about subjects you are at least somewhat familiar
          with. If the buyer knows their niche, which they should, it will be easy for them to tell if you
          know what you are talking about as well. Do research on the article to fill in the spots that
          you aren’t sure about, but don’t go in blind on an article and hope you can cover everything
          that the future reader will need to know.
       4. Quality Content – After you have thought of what you are going to say and done whatever
          research is necessary, it’s time to write. Keep the format clean and write according to the
          buyer’s directions. Stay on topic throughout the article making sure not to add fluff or filler
          words. Never cut the article short on words, and be careful about going too far over as well.
          Make a checklist of everything that the buyer wanted, and be sure that each portion of the
          list is completed within the writing. You don’t want to message the buyer, telling them that
          you forgot something in the article after it’s already been submitted, as poor ratings are sure
          to follow.
       5. Edit – Go back over the article after you have deemed it ready for submission. Change any
          wording that sounds off, spell check yourself and make sure that grammar is spot on
          throughout the article.
       6. Submit – Add a catchy title, if one isn’t provided for you by the author, and submit the article
          to them within 2 hours of accepting the accepting it. Titles including the keyword, or name of
          the original post of the listing by the buyer usually work well. Don’t go too far off topic with a
          title on the off chance this affects your rating or acceptance chance.
       7. Follow Up – Now that your article has been submitted, you always want to follow up with the
          buyer for one reason, special requests. Since 95% of articles submitted to this site are either
          spun, or copy and pasted work, your article will automatically stand out even if written on a
          10th grade level or higher. This is going to catch the buyer’s attention and if you follow up,
          you may be able to set up an arrangement to receive articles directly from the buyer, instead
          of looking through the board. You receive 5% more of the commission on special requests as
          well, so they are well worth the effort of a three line follow up message. The very first article
          I wrote for someone on iWriter was a 300 word gaming article. I messaged the writer after I
          submitted the article, simply letting him know that I enjoyed writing the article and would be
          glad to work with him again. Because of this message my first twenty-two articles were all for
          this client and I still write for him occasionally today. After you gain two or three clients of
          this stature, you will have all the work you need to make $30 a day on iWriter.

In all honesty, that is all there is to it. Select articles you know something about, write them, and build
relationships with clients to guarantee 5 star ratings 99% of the time. After your first 30 reviews, your
potential earnings are as high as you want them to be, with some writers making $1000 a week on 50-60
articles. It’s all up to you after the basics are out of the way. I have shown you what you need to know to
make $30 a day or more with a simple method of spending no more than 2-3 hours a day at the
computer. I will include some tips and tricks that I have found useful as my way of thanking you for
taking time out of your day to read my guide. Now get out there and make yourself $30 in a couple of
hours, you have all the tools you need to do so.

                                              Tips & Tricks

    1. Speech to text programs like “Dragon Naturally Speaking” can become your best friend while
       writing. Talk into a microphone and have the program convert everything to text, leaving you
       only the editing work to do and speeding up your writing tenfold. I use Dragon and spend about
   3 minutes on each 100% original article by talking instead of typing. If I were to spend 30
   minutes using this method I could complete 10 articles in this period of time. As an “Elite
   Writer” each 300 word article is worth about $5. That is $50 earned in a period of half an hour
   using a couple tools that are at every writer’s disposal/
2. Getting people to add you to their favorite list is quite easy and can come in helpful at times.
   Simply tell the writer that you would love to work with them again after completing an article
   and let them know it would be okay if they added you to their list of favorite authors. This may
   not have an impact at the time, but later down the road the writer might use you again because
   of the ease of requesting work to be done by writers he/she has enjoyed in the past.
3. Get an account with to make sure your content is worth posting if you are
   unsure. It does cost a small monthly fee, but is well worth it if you are producing mass amounts
   of articles and want to make sure they are all written well enough to be reviewed with a 5 star
   rating. After paying for the subscription all you have to do is drop in your text and it will give you
   spelling, grammar, and sentence structure suggestions to make your article seem more
   professional to the client. Pair this with a speed to text program for even better speed and

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