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					Lulu Liang

1st Committee


Cyber Warfare

Singapore is a quaint country located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Today, Singapore is
recognized as a world power through its finance (economy), gambling market, trading ports, and oil.

With such a powerful nation, Singapore often faces problems with cyber warfare. Technology is a strong
part of Singapore because the country is advance in such a vast amount of areas. The people of
Singapore often face problems with hacking and cyber espionage. Singapore is a country of honor and
will not tolerate any cyber sabotage conducted on the country.

The people of Singapore are working to incapacitate the vulnerabilities of its cyber network. Singapore
urges citizens and emerging students to take interest in its technology field. The Nanyang Technological
University, one of the largest universities in Singapore, promotes its Infocomm Cluster which focuses
specifically on technology and internet security.

The Republic of Singapore recognizes the destructiveness and urges countries to take action against
cyber warfare. The country of Singapore is aware of the vulnerabilities of powerful nations around the
world with a weak security. In the United States, the power grid transmission is heavily liable to cyber
attacks. Cyber warfare is now being acknowledged as a national threat to not only Singapore, but
countries all around the world.

Singapore condones advance education in the field of cyber security and technology as well as general
education on the cyber network to the general public. Singapore sees the growing dominance in
technology as well as the possible downfalls. In regard to the future, Singapore hopes to see
development in better security to eliminate damage created by cyber warfare. Singapore would like to
see the United Nations to establish a committee in educating countries on cyber warfare and cyber

Although Singapore urges member countries of the United Nations to fight against cyber attacks,
Singapore would like to stress the importance of cooperation. Cooperation will not only help one nation
but many nations all together. With cooperation, Singapore hopes to eliminate cyber warfare. Cyber
warfare is not something a country needs in order to succeed. Not only will Singapore support member
nations to take part against cyber sabotage but Singapore will also help aide any nation complete this

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