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					 Information for employers: What Springboard graduates offer growing
                     enterprise sectors in Ireland

An employer considering Springboard to source dynamic, experienced new employees may
wish to note the following:

      All Springboard graduates have previous experience in the workplace and they will
       bring this valuable practical knowledge and workforce skills into a new job (it is a
       requirement that all Springboard participants have a previous history of

      Springboard graduates have also just completed a qualification designed specifically
       to match identified skills needs. These include the biopharma-pharmachem sector;
       medical devices; ICT; the green economy; the food and beverage sector;
       international financial services; and cross-enterprise skills such as Six Sigma, lean
       and quality systems; business start-up). Courses have been developed in
       consultation with employers to ensure that are relevant, up-to-date, and are focused
       on ensuring participants are job-ready.

      Many Springboard courses include a work placement in a relevant skills area.

      The majority of Springboard graduates lost their job through no fault of their own.
       Entire industry sectors have been affected by the downturn in Ireland in the past four
       years, leading to job losses for many thousands of people who have always worked
       who want more than anything to get back into sustainable employment and to
       contribute in full again to their workplace, their family, and to society.

      By taking up a Springboard course, graduates have demonstrated their motivation
       and initiative, and their willingness to be proactive and to take radical steps
       (sometimes a 90 degree turn in their career) to cross-skill or up-skill back into a job.

      Springboard graduates really want the opportunity to demonstrate the valuable
       contribution they can make to a new employer and in a re-started career. Growing
       businesses in Ireland will benefit from this calibre of new employee.

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