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					                     Tour de Papua, Indonesia

Tour de Papua in Indonesia

There is a water attractions is a paradise for divers in the world. This place is known as Raja
Ampat. Raja ampat itself is managed by an American citizen of Germany – Netherlands named
Max Ammer. He was was the first to see the potential of the island with a population of 27,000
inhabitants. Eight years ago he decided to make the website of Raja Ampat Islands as one of the
notable sights of the sea of Indonesia. But why Yes, many attractions in Indonesia in governance
by foreigners?

Raja ampat area itself is often touted as the best coral reefs in the world. The beauty of its biota
can easily Captivate tourists. Raja Ampat, Sorong Regency fractional is since 2003. The County
has 610 Island (only 35 inhabited islands) with a total area of about 46,000 km2, but only 6,000
km2 is land, 40,000 km2 more ocean. In these waters there are many uninhabited islands that
could lure tourists. New Diving Resort owned by Max Ammer every day an average of 600
people arriving tourists. Those who stop there usually spend 2 weeks. Some tourists said that
they wanted a longer in there, but because the waiting list is very long Papua Diving Resort,
forced their time is limited.

Other attractions in the region of the easternmost Indonesia it is primitive life. There one can find
people who are still alive. They are still wearing the koteka, sleep in the clothes with honai
potluck. They still retain their sublime culture until now, except for those parts of the city and
those areas that have already dragged down modernization. Other than that, the population is
still primitive remain to this day. Is the uniqueness of their own if we tap into the culture and their

Culture and melodious singing talent and Papuans also could be a commodity. It's one of the
greatness of Papuans. The sound was indeed they were given birth naturally beautiful.
Remember with Michael Jakarimilena Herman, one of the jebolannya of Indonesian Idol? Well,
she came from the country's easternmost Indonesia lho. Just like the Africans, Papua was born
with rythme in her. Their talent can be developed rapidly.

The Jayawijaya mountain with one of the highest peak Carstensz Pyramide is one natural
attraction exerted by New Guinea. This peak is one of the Seven Summit his world. Snow cover
is at its peak to make not only climbers from Indonesia who wanted her set foot here, but also
climbers from overseas who wish to feel beautiful Carstensz Pyramide. Unfortunately, the
presence of snow in some of the top of Jayawijaya, he believes will fade away as experienced of
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The loss of the only snow is owned by mountain range in
Indonesia was caused by global climate changes that occur in the tropics.

But the obstacles to snitch guts on Mount this is the trouble with licensing and fees. It is also a lot
of climbers make undo his intention to mencapat the roof is Indonesia. To climb the mountain
alone require a special licence from the Government. The reason is because of the fear with
kidnappings like that ever happened in 1995-1996. Mountain climbing permit, especially to
Carstensz-Pyramide in Irian Jaya are complicated and unclear. There is not a single piece of
legitimate licence such as ascent in Nepal where climbers are given some kind of passport is a
piece of complete with photos and description for the permission to climb the peak height of the
number in which areas. To climb this mountain must have a recommendation from the Office
Affairs, Assistant, BIA – contemporary Indonesia, Menhutbun/PKA, PT Freeport Indonesia

In addition to licensing, the constraints are very important also is the transportation. The difficulty
of building a network of transportation because of the nature of Papua that is so heavy. There is
almost no tanah rata. All of the mountain and the mountain level of its very sharp. So make trans
New Guinea is hard to built. Transportation there expensive, everywhere kudu pake plane. Tau
dong, aircraft cost how much?

In addition to the above, there are enough places to have the feel of history, ancient and full of
challenges, namely the city of fakfak. The city is beautiful because it is located in the rock cliffs.
Molokai airport is located just above the rock in roll out, so kalo ngga clever pilot aka emang less
expert, ...kalo leanding aircraft can go straight into the sea, next → ... goodbye to aja deh. A trip
to the city of Fakfak 2 can be reached by sea and air, which passes through Maluku or Slide up a
ship, while the reply Board a plane, the reply from the slide will transit in Kaimana first recently
proceeded to the Fakfak.

If we are lucky to get there fit the duren, besides it's cheap and there are also local species which
are quite legit and tasty. For snacks

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