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									Jewelry such as pendants, rings and bracelets are
always a treat for anyone to receive on his or her
birthday. Birthstone jewelry especially, holds
more meaning to their wearers, as each birthstone
has its own associated symbolism.

Different cultures have their own lists of stones
for different times of the year, such as the
mystical birthstone list of Tibetan origin, or the
Ayurvedic birthstone list drawn from ancient
Indian medicine and philosophy. There is a list of
modern birthstones, though, that reflect
traditionally known birthstones in the Gregorian
calendar. For those born in the month of May, the
associated birthstone is the emerald. If he is not into all this history, spiritual stuff and your budget is
quite high you can choose a random watch made with gemstones.

In a poem "of an unknown author" published in 1870 by Tiffany & Co., the emerald is worn by one
born in spring-the "flower month of May." Those who wear it as their jewelry than would become
"loved and loving." The emerald is also the sacred stone for Venus, the Roman goddess of love. A true
stone for love, it is used to keep loved ones faithful and is said to change color if ever that person lost
his faithfulness.

                                                          But aside from being associated with love,
                                                          emeralds are also believed to have healing
                                                          properties. The Roman emperor Nero soothed his
                                                          eyes with them while watching gladiator fights,
                                                          while Pliny the Elder attributed the emerald's
                                                          healing qualities to its soothing green hue which
                                                          reflects the color of nature in springtime.

                                                          Gifting your May-born loved ones with emerald
                                                          birthstone watch jewelry gives them a symbol of
                                                          constant love and health.

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