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Statute of the Christian Community Friends Forever

Entity and its finalities: 1st Art. - The Christian Community Friends Forever, established in partnership with Transformational Journeys, is a philanthropic entity, with beneficent assistancial finalities, constituted as a civil society, with juridical personality of private right, with seat at 21, João Tude de Melo Street - Casa Forte, in Recife, capital of the state of Pernambuco, in order to create and maintain influent Christian social work, existing for indeterminate period. 2nd Art. - The Entity, which is autonomous in its decisions, will be ruled by this statute being able to get contributions of all evangelical denominations, as well as monetary aid from the federal, state and municipal sphere and from physical or juridical person, from Brazil or from abroad. 3rd Art. - In order to accomplish it(s) finality (ies), the Institution will be organizer in as many assistance unities as necessary, which will be ruled by what in this statute arranged is. 4th Art. - The Entity’s specific finalities will be the following: to assist preferably destitute children and teenagers without any kind of discrimination, not even with race, skin color, gender or religion, in the religious education area, reinforcement to primary and high school instruction, as well as job teaching, health assistance, leisure and recreation. § Unique - In its activities, through all departments, the Institutions will have as common aim the dissemination of the eternal teachings of the Sacred Writ.

About the Administration: 5th Art. - The institution will be ruled by an administrative council composed by five members that will make decisions in group, being accepted the resolutions with at least 80% of participants. § First - The counselors will hold their mandates for two years, being able to be reelected, or to resign. § Second - Verifying the vacancy, the council will meet for the introduction and voting of a new Counselor. § Third - Will be able to be elected for the Administrative Council, only members in communion with any Evangelical Church.

6th Art. - The Administrative Council will elect among its five members a direction composed by: a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer, 1st Secretary and 2nd Secretary. 7th Art. - The Administrative Council will meet at least once every two months, being able to discharge since 80% of the direction members are present.

§ Unique - The convocation of the Administrative Council will be made by the President’s initiative or by requirement of at least two members with minimum antecedence of eight days. 8th Art. - Will be considered as renouncement, independent of any formality, the unjustified absence to three successive meetings of the Administrative Council, such a justification may be written. 9th Art. - The institution will adopt necessary and adequate practices of administrative conduct, to restrain the obtainment, in an individual or collective way, of benefits and particular advantages, in occurrences of participation in the processes of decision. (Law 9.790/99, incise II of the 4rh Article).

About the Administrative Council: 10th Art. - It’s a due of the Administrative Council: a) To know and to approve the general plans of the institutions, including the annual activity plan;

b) To organize and make the activities adequate, according to the annual budget;

c) To prepare the annual budget; to transfer consignation inside the approved amounts; to rule the keeping of money; to settle the quantity that may be able to be kept by the Treasurer; to evaluate the annual budget;

d) To allow expenses not foreseen by the budget;

e) To solicit for donations, collaborations and loans to physical or juridical person, or even to religious or lay entities, inside and abroad the Country.

f) To summon a lawyer to serve as juridical assessor of the Council, with a seat reserved for him, with no right for vote;

g) Exoneration;

h) The council may increase the number of members according to its own decision.

11th Art. - The members of the Direction or any volunteer that is about to develop educational activities in the institution will not have any employment entail. On the other hand, will be able to contract Service Performers respecting the Practiced Values on market or region.

12th Art. - It’s a due of the President: a) To summon and preside all the meetings of the Direction and Administrative Council;

b) To summon for fulfillment of vacancies that occur at the Council;

c) To solicit from the Council authorization for the extraordinary expenses;

d) To take all the administrative procedures of urgent character, bringing afterwards to knowledge of the Administrative Council;

e) To articulate with the Treasurer, about the opportunity of payment to the authorized expenses; f) To provide the rubric, in registry, of the institution’s books;

g) To represent the Institution, in trial or not, being able to nominee procurators;

h) To assign the mail and certificates given by the Institution, and take a look at the balance-sheet of the Treasury;

13th Art. - It’s a due of the Vice-President:

a) To substitute the President, during his impediments, until ninety days. 14th Art. - It’s a due of the Treasurer:

a) To provide the levy of all the income;

b) To make the payments of all the authorizes by the President;

c) To show to the Council, monthly, the balance-sheet of the Institution;

d) To show to the Council until March 31st, the annual balance-sheet of the Institution, relating to the foregoing exercise;

e) To take the money of the Institution to the bank establishment designated by the Council.

15th Art. - It’s a due of the 1st Secretary:

a) To draw up the records of the Direction and of the Administrative Council;

b) To write and send every official mail of the Institution;

c) To assign, with the President, the certificates dispatched by the Institution;

d) To organize and keep up-to-date the registration of the patrimonial goods of the Institution. 16th Art. – It’s a due of the 2nd Secretary: a) To substitute the 1st Secretary, during his impediments.

General Arrangements:

17th Art. – The Administrative Council only answers with the institution’s own goods, never subsidiary, for the obligations in its name contained, but the directors may come to answer with its private goods in case of bad administration, or acts practiced with fraud or culpa. 18th Art. – In case of dissolution of the institution because of lack of people or money, the executive direction will meet in Extraordinary General Assembly and its social patrimony will be reverted on benefit of a congener Institution (Evangelical denomination) that must be properly registered at the National Council of Social Service. 19th Art. - This Statute is registered in accordance with the law in force, will only be able to be reformed in an Extraordinary General Assembly and will be valid on the date of its registration at Registry. 20th Art. – According to the 1st Art. The Society will exist for indeterminate period and will be chosen the forum of the City of Recife to solve any question derived from this institution.

Executive Direction of the Group FRIENDS FOREVER


MOAB SILVA Brazilian Married Occupation: Salesperson Id.: 5790546 SSP/PE CPF 029.265.124-49 Resident at Rua Leonardo Bezerra Cavalcante 119 Parnamirim, Recife-PE.



ZULEIDE CÉSAR DE OLIVEIRA Brazilian Divorced Occupation: Psychologist Id.: 927042 SSP/PE CPF 783.482.774-04 Resident at Rua Desembargador Góes Cavalcanti 369 Parnamirim, Recife-PE


TREASURER: ENÉAS PINHEIRO DE SOUSA Brazilian Married Occupation: Teacher Id.: 2999820 SSP/PE CPF 665.607.054-04 Resident at Rua Carlos Paulino 391, Bloco 7, Apt.° 01 Jardim Atlântico, Olinda-PE


1st Secretary

MIRIAM MARIA DA SILVA Brazilian Married Occupation: Teacher Id.: 2341276 SSP/PE CPF 328.105.124-34 Resident at Rua Leonardo Bezerra Cavalcante, 119

__________________________________________ 2nd SECRETARY CELMA MARIA ROCHA FERREIRA Brazilian Married Occupation: Public Functionary Id.: 2716768 SSP/PE CPF 400.512.004-06 Resident at Rua Amélia, 651, Apt.° 404 Graças, Recife-PE


Recife, Setembro 28th 2001

______________________________ President

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