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									  AUGUST 2009 • COMMUNITY HERITAGE DEVELOPMENT DIVISION • P.O. BOX 12276, AUSTIN, TX 78711 • 512.463.6092

Spotlight on
                                             There are currently three
                                             cranes operating in downtown
                                             Waxahachie! All of this activ-
Waxahachie                                   ity is the result of a successful
(population 25,454)                          partnership between Ellis
                                             County and the City of Waxa-
Fruits of Partnership                        hachie. The County, which
Can a justice center and parking garage      occupies several buildings
be an opportunity for historic preser-       around the square as well as a
vation and revitalization in downtown?       couple of satellite offices, had
                                             outgrown its facilities and
                                             wanted to consolidate them all
                                             in one place. They were con-
                                             sidering several locations —
                                             downtown being one of them.
                                             The City of Waxahachie rec-
                                             ognized the importance of
                                             keeping the county employees
                                             and facilities in the central
                                             business district, so the city       Once the new county justice center (top) and parking
                                             council offered to build a           garage (bottom) are finished near downtown, numerous
                                             three story garage to accom-         historic buildings currently occupied by county entities,
                                             modate the increased need for        will be available for commercial and retail opportuni-
                                             parking if the county would          ties — contributing to the continued revitalization of
                                             commit to building their new         downtown Waxahachie.
                                             facilities downtown. A bond
                                                                                             three types of facilities — jails, justice
                                             election was held to fund this major
                                                                                             facilities, and parking garages. All
                                             project and it passed--with the voters
                                                                                             through the process, there has been a
                                             sanctioning the decision to build the
                                                                                             multi-disciplinary team in place with
                                             new county buildings in the historic
                                                                                             representatives from each entity hav-
                                                                                             ing input. It truly has been a partner-
                                                                                             ship and the results are taking shape
                                             Since the beginning, the city and
                                                                                             for all to see.
                                             county have worked together on every
                                             aspect of the project. This has allowed
                                                                                             Two of the cranes downtown are
                                             both entities to receive better pricing
                                                                                             working on new buildings one block
                                             and contributed to the “campus” feel
                                                                                             east of the Ellis County Courthouse
                                             by designing the project together and
                                                                                             and another is south of the current jail.
Construction on the new justice center and   as part of a larger plan for the entire
                                                                                             The new county buildings include a
parking garage is progressing and hope-      site. The goal was to find a company
                                                                                             new justice/administration building
fully all will be complete by April, 2010.   that had experience in building all
and an expansion to the existing jail          through Friday, 8-5 and vacant all
facility. The new Ellis County Courts          weekend like when the county offices       For more information on America's 11
and Administration building will be on         occupied them. It will start a whole       Most Endangered Historic Places visit
the same block as the new parking              new phase in seeing the downtown 
garage the city is constructing. It will       Master plan to fruition and will com-      1-most-endangered/.
house many of the county offices such          plement the redevelopment that is
as the tax assessor/collector, county          already being spurred by this project.
clerk, district clerk, and county engi-                                                   AROUND THE STATE
neer. It will also contain four state of                                                  Grapevine
                                               Thanks to Anita Williamson, manager of
the art courtrooms and have the ca-                                                       The Palace Theatre in Grapevine’s
                                               the Waxahachie Main Street Program for
pacity for two more which may be                                                          historic downtown welcomed back
                                               providing this article.
built out in the future. The jail expan-
                                                                                          Edith’s Follies for its third year! The
sion will add another 288 beds to the
                                                                                          event showcases up and coming talent
existing jail.
                                               NEWS                                       from the Grapevine area and is in
The parking garage will be three sto-                                                     honor of Grapevine’s Dr. Edith Pe-
                                               Galveston Architecture
ries and have the capacity to hold 317                                                    witt, a prominent figure in the com-
vehicles. It has been designed so an-          Named to America's 11                      munity. Dr. Pewitt has been commit-
other story can be added in the future,        Most Endangered Historic                   ted to the arts and culture in Grape-
which could accommodate another                Places                                     vine as well as the beautification of the
106 vehicles. The garage will also con-        The National Trust for Historic            community through the garden club
tain an elevator and cutting edge secu-        Preservation has recently named the        and the Botanical Gardens. The event
rity features like lights, cameras and         11 Most Endangered Historic Places         drew 300 people to the Palace Theatre
911 phones scattered through each              in America and the Cast-Iron Archi-        and was a great success!
floor of the garage. Another feature           tecture in Galveston, Texas is on the
will be a concealed corridor linked to         list.
the existing jail facility, in which pris-                                                The Grapevine Convention and Visi-
oners can be transported to the new            The late 19th century Greek Revival        tors Bureau, which houses the Main
justice center without being exposed           and Italianate-style buildings with        Street program, is kicking off Summer
to the public. This limits liability for       elaborate cast-iron storefronts in Gal-    Blast in Grapevine! There are fire-
the county in attempting to transport          veston's 12-block Strand/Mechanic          works every Friday from May to Sep-
prisoners by vehicle or foot and allows        National Historic Landmark District        tember and all over the town, there are
for more security and control in get-          constitute one of the largest collec-      fun things for families! In this time
ting them to the courts. It is another         tions of historic commercial buildings     where saving money is crucial, Grape-
aspect of the project that serves as a         in the country. More than 44% of the       vine is promoting “stay-cations”. Ac-
great example of the city and county           buildings in the district have cast iron
working together to meet the needs of                                                     tivities are planned at the Gaylord
                                               storefronts, and these storefronts have
each other and the community.                  been in jeopardy ever since Hurricane      Texan Resort, Great Wolf Lodge, the
                                               Ike hit in 2008. At that time, the         Palace Theatre and the Grapevine
Estimated completion dates for these           downtown commercial district was           Vintage Railroad, just to name a few.
new facilities are: parking garage Janu-       flooded with 10 –13 feet of a noxious
ary 2010, jail expansion February 2010,        mix of salt water, oil and debris. Once    The Grapevine Historic Township
and Justice and Administration Center          the water receded, the full impact of      kicked off its first Porch Party of the
April 2010.                                    the devastation could be seen to Gal-      season. This is a summer-long tradi-
                                               veston's trademark decorative cast-        tion, held every fourth Friday of the
When the new county buildings are              iron embellishments.                       month from June thru September.
finished and the workers move into
them, several buildings around the                                                        Residents of the Township as well as
                                               As of June 2009, the Galveston City
beautiful Ellis County Courthouse will         Council has included $775K in non-         members of the Grapevine Heritage
be vacant and ripe for development.            Housing Community Development              Foundation meet at a host porch to
This will be a great opportunity for us        Block Grant Disaster Funding in            enjoy wine, food and great company.
to revitalize our downtown even more           round one of its application process to    Located just off Grapevine’s historic
by getting businesses in those build-          help fund the restoration of the city's    Main Street, the township is truly a
ings that are not just open Monday             Cast Iron Architecture.                    gem in Grapevine’s crown.

Texas Main Street Program Main Street Matters, August 2009                                                                  Page 2
                                               out, not only the community, but from
Kerrville                                      areas across the states. Museum Board       Germans have a special word –
Kerrville just announced five new              member, Sharon Chamblee, devoted            Gemütlichkeit – suggesting a warm
businesses in the downtown historic            years to encouraging the directors to       atmosphere of open and generous
district: Two Sisters Boutique, Isa-           help gather historic facts, memorabilia,    hospitality. That’s how we will wel-
bella’s Expressions Salon and Bou-             and artifacts to fill the 14 different      come residents and friends of McKin-
tique, Grape Juice Wine Shop, Hill             scenes. Chamblee also traced down           ney, as well as thousands of guests
Country Music and Adriatic Greek               California artist, Bernard Zakheim,         from our sister cities including many
and Mediterranean Restaurant and               whose father painted an original mural      who have not yet come to know the
Bar. How’s that for a new variety and          in 1938 titled, the Horse and Buggy         great things to be offered by our dy-
kick for downtown!                             Give Way to Modern Methods of Mail          namic community. As they wander
                                               Transportation. The mural was ex-           our over 161-year-old downtown
                                               posed to water damage and deterio-          streets enjoying the attractions during
EVENTS                                         rated and could not be used, the son        the fest, they will experience our di-
                                               and grandson of Mr. Zakheim recre-          verse array of vibrant specialty shops
Please remember if you want one of
                                               ated the original, delivered it to          and restaurants for them to experience
your Main Street events posted here,
                                               Mineola and attended a special cere-        on return visits throughout the year.
email at
                                               mony as the mural was hung in the           Event will take place from 10 a.m. til
least three weeks ahead of the month
                                               future museum. This is an exciting          11 p.m. in historic downtown. For
in which you want the posting.                 event to host and a great tourist attrac-   more information please visit
                                               tion. The event will be from 1-5 p.m. or
Aug. 15, Amarillo                              Texas Downtown Association/Texas            contact McKinney Main Street at
Come to the Polk Street Block Party            Main Street Conference attendees in         972.547.2660.
4 p.m. to midnight — the city’s big-           November will have the opportunity
gest block party offers four stages with       of visiting this treasure.                  Oct. 10, Mineola
25 live bands. More than 15,000 peo-                                                       Mineola will celebrate its 20th Anni-
ple are expected to enjoy the celebra-                                                     versary of Main Street on Saturday in
                                               Sept. 12, Rockwall
tion. Call 806.372.6744 or visit                                                           historic downtown. Walking tours of
                                               Rockwall Rib Rub and Run will be                                                         historic downtown and nature pre-
                                               held Sept. 12th from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
                                               downtown. A barbecue competition            serve tours will be available at 2 p.m.
Sept. 4–6, Freeport                            (Rib Rub!), live music, fun run, chil-      The Museum of Transportation and
Cool blues to end a hot summer at the          dren’s activities and a Poker Stroll        History and the Railroad Depot Mu-
Summertime Blues Festival. This fam-           through the Old Town Shoppes on             seum will be open for public tours. To
ily-oriented event features live music,        the Square are on tap for the all day       continue the celebration, the Main
biker games, biker run, triathlon, kids        event. For more information visit           Street Board of Directors will host an
area, stunt shows, great food, vendors, and click on the           evening event beginning at 6:30 p.m.
artwork, fireworks and more. Come              “Happening Now” tab or call Bethany         The program will include the “1st An-
enjoy Freeport’s small-town hospital-          Golden at 972.772.6400.                     nual Mineola Main Street Idol” com-
ity. Call 979.233.3526 or visit                                                            petition. A disc jockey with an open                                                         mic for the public will spin crowd-
                                               Sept. 26, McKinney
ertimeblues.aspx.                                                                          pleasing dance favorites following the
                                               McKinney meets Bavaria on Sept. 26,
                                               2009 for Oktoberfest. Drawing on the        Idol contest. Mineola has seen many
Sept. 12, Mineola                              colorful tradition that began in Mu-        Main Street successes in 20 years and
A ten-year dream will come to fruition         nich, Germany in 1810, the McKinney         this will be a time to reflect and cele-
with the grand opening of the Mineola          Oktoberfest will represent many             brate its achievements.
Museum of Transportation and His-              things to many people. We will cele-
tory. From the time the city purchased         brate our diversity with a cultural         Bootstrap Bucks Header
the 1937 depression-era postal facility        event that reflects the many contribu-      CONFERENCES/
in 1998, ideas, dreams, fundraisers and        tions of German immigrants who set-
hard work have been put forth to                                                           WORKSHOPS
                                               tled in Texas. We will enjoy a fun,
achieve the goal to make this building         family-friendly event that will offer       TTIA Regional Tourism
a historic museum. The results are a           authentic German music, food &              Workshops
variety of scenes that display the             drink, traditional costumes, dancing,       The Texas Travel Industry Associa-
memorabilia donated from through-              children’s activities, and much more.       tion is offering regional workshops to

Texas Main Street Program Main Street Matters, August 2009                                                                  Page 3
help you rein in the power of tourism          TTIA Summit                                  Questions? Contact Jon Schallert at
in your communities. Each workshop             The Texas Travel Industry Association        303.774.6522, by fax at 866.653.1336,
will be an intense day with industry           Summit 2009 will be held in Arlington        by email at .
experts offering stimulating and in-           Sept. 27–30 with four value-packed
formation-packed presentations, in-            days of education, inspiration, net-
cluding the latest information and             working, business opportunities and          AWARD NOMINATIONS
innovative tools and strategies to             more. See
help Texas communities build and     
sustain local tourism success.                 ?id=31015.                                   First Lady’s Texas Treas-
Workshop information:                                                                       ures Award Nominations
Aug. 5, Nacogdoches                                                                         Many communities realize significant
                                               Destination Business                         social and economic benefits from
Aug. 26, San Angelo
Oct. 15, Seguin                                Seminar by Jon Schallert in                  actively preserving structures, land-
Nov. 4, Rockport                               Nacogdoches                                  scapes and heritage. Consider nomi-
                                               Business owners in Nacogdoches and           nating your authentic Texas place for
See                                            surrounding areas have the opportu-          the prestigious second annual First            nity to hear nationally known business       Lady’s Texas Treasures Award. First
                                               consultant Jon Schallert when he             Lady Anita Perry, acting as honorary
Texas Plains Trail Tourism                     comes to Nacogdoches, Texas on               chair in partnership with the THC, is
                                               Oct. 6. Schallert will present his ac-       highlighting communities that show a
and Preservation Regional
                                               claimed business improvement ses-            high level of creativity and ingenuity in
Round-Up                                       sion, “Increasing Your Profits to Be-        utilizing THC tools and programs to
The Texas Plains Trail in partnership          come a Destination Business.” As             preserve their Texas sense of place.
with the City of Plainview Main                part of his visit to the area, Schallert
Street/CVB Program, the Texas De-              will also conduct a marketing roundta-       Each year, up to five Texas communi-
partment of Agriculture, and Preserva-         ble with seminar attendees to discuss        ties will be presented with an award
tion Texas present Tourism and Pres-           pertinent business issues.                   based on received nominations. The
ervation Regional Round-Up on Au-                                                           program recognizes historic preserva-
gust 11 in Plainview. This will be a           Schallert’s sessions teach independent       tion initiatives and projects that com-
one-day event packed with relevant             business owners how to turn their            bine several resources offered by the
information on marketing, promoting            businesses into consumer “Destina-           THC and other preservation organiza-
your community, social media hints,            tions” that attract customers from           tions or state agencies, helping to tell
preserving your historic sites and shar-       many miles away, past other competi-         the real story of Texas by showcasing
ing of best-practice tourism ideas. This       tive outlets. Schallert’s consulting firm,   those communities that value and pro-
will be a great opportunity for net-           The Schallert Group, Inc., is noted for      tect their heritage.
working with other community and               providing competitive tools to inde-
business leaders within the Texas              pendent business owners that are typi-       Be inspired by the inaugural winners
Plains Trail Region who recognize the          cally used exclusively by large corpo-       Castroville, Georgetown and Mount
economic importance of tourism for             rate chains to dominate a marketplace.       Vernon in video clips found on the
rural Texas. You will leave with re-           Those wanting to learn more about            THC web site as well as download a
newed excitement for your county and           Schallert prior to his visit are encour-     2010 application at
region. Event will be held at the Plain-       aged to visit his company website at         (click on First Lady’s Texas Treasures
view Civic Center at 2902 West 4th                           Award). The nomination deadline is
Street from 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Cost is                                                      Aug. 31. For more information, con-
$25 by Aug. 7, $30 after. See                  Business owners interested in attend-        tact April Garner with the THC Heri-             ing may call the Nacogdoches CVB at          tage Tourism Program at
x.asp?page=1088                                936.564.7351 or visit               or call
                                      for more            512.463.2630.
For more information you can contact           information. Registration is $125 for
Eric Turner at 806.296.1119 or                 non-Nacogdoches residents, and $50           Preservation Texas 2010                     for local residents.                         Honor Awards
                                                                                            This annual honor awards program
                                                                                            recognizes accomplishments in his-

Texas Main Street Program Main Street Matters, August 2009                                                                    Page 4
toric preservation across the state that
inspire us all and encourage us in our
efforts to protect the historic re-
sources of Texas. It is our desire to
give local communities the opportu-
nity to honor their preservationists
and share their accomplishments with
others. Applications must be post-
marked Sept. 30, 2009.

For more information, please visit

Texas Main Street Program Main Street Matters, August 2009   Page 5
2009 Calendar of Events

 August 4, Beeville
  Texas Capital Fund Application workshop

 August 5, Beeville
  Interim Training for new managers who have not attended January New Manager Training

 August 5–7, Beeville/Goliad
  Texas Main Street Summer Workshop

 November 3–6, Tyler
  Texas Downtown Association/Texas Main Street Annual Conference

2010 Calendar of Events

 May 2–5, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  National Main Streets Conference

Texas Main Street Program Main Street Matters, August 2009                               Page 6
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