Chapter 16_ Section 3 Final Digestion and Absorption

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					 Chapter 16, Section 3
Final Digestion and Absorption

    Thursday, March 4, 2010
       Pages 526 -- 529
• Explain the role of the small intestine in
• Explain the role of the large intestine in
           Vocabulary Words
•   Small intestine
•   Liver
•   Bile
•   Gallbladder
•   Pancreas
•   Villi
•   Large intestine
•   Rectum
•   Anus
       The Small Intestines
• Part of the digestive system where most of
  the chemical digestion takes place.
  – Starches and protein are partially broken down.
  – Fats haven’t been digested at all.
• It is about 2-3 centimeters wide.
• Food is a thick liquid once it reaches the
  small intestines.
• Almost all chemical digestion and absorption
  of nutrients takes place in the small
The Small Intestines - cont’d
                                         • Chemicals used in
                                           digestion in the
                                           small intestines
                                           come from 3
            QuickTime™ and a
  TIFF (Un compressed) decompressor
     are neede d to se e this picture.
                                           different places:
                                           – The small intestine
                                           – The liver
                                           – The pancreas
                                 The Liver
                                        • The liver is located
                                          in the upper portion
                                          of the abdomen.
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                                        • It is the largest and
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   are need ed to see this p icture .     heaviest organ
                                          inside the body.
                                        • It breaks down
                                          medicines and other
          The Liver - cont’d
• Helps eliminate nitrogen from the body.
• The liver produces bile.
  – It is a substance that breaks up large fat
    particles into smaller ones.
  – Flows from the liver into the gallbladder.
     • The gallbladder is an organ that stores bile.
                       The Pancreas
                                       • It is a triangular
                                         organ that lies
                                         between the
                                         stomach and the
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                                         first part of the small
   are neede d to se e this picture.
                                       • It produces
                                         enzymes that break
                                         down starches,
                                         proteins, and fats.
                                        • Villi lines the inner
                                          surface (lining) of the
                                          small intestines.
                                             – Finger shaped structures
                                               that absorb nutrient
         QuickTime™ and a
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   are needed to see this picture.

                                             – Blood vessels run
                                               through the middle of
                                               each villus.
                                        • Villi increases the
                                          surface area of the
                                          small intestines.
           The Large Intestine
                                       • Last section of the
                                         digestive system.
                                       • It is about one and a
                                         half meters long.
                                       • Shaped like a
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                                       • Runs up the right-hand
                                         side of the abdomen
                                         and across the upper
                                         abdomen and then
                                         down the left-hand side.
 The Large Intestines - cont’d
• Large intestine contains bacteria that feed on
  the material passing through.
  – These are good bacteria that are helpful.
  – These bacteria make vitamins including vitamin K.
• Water and undigested food such as fiber
  enter the large intestines.
  – Whatever is not absorbed is readied for
• Ends in a large tube called the rectum.
  – Waste material is compressed and eliminated
    through the anus, a muscular opening at the end
    of the rectum.
• Workbook 16.3 (3/8)
• Vocabulary quiz 16.3 (3/9)

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