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August 2005

  Military Sales
The Disney Ticket Activation Solution, brought to you by
the Disney Ticket Interface, is a technologically advanced,
yet user-friendly system that allows Walt Disney World
Theme Park tickets to be sold on-demand with the help of
external sales systems.

Each Guest begins their transaction with a blank Magic
Your Way ticket shell. The Magic Your Way ticket shells
have no value until activated via the Disney Ticket
Activation Solution.

The Magic Your Way ticket shell can hold any of the Magic
Your Way product suite, including all days and options.
There is a version for Guests Ages 10 & Up and Guests
Ages 3-9.
Guests decide to purchase tickets to
Walt Disney World® Resort. At the
 time of transaction with the Travel
      Professional, the Guests
  communicate the number of days
    and type of tickets they’d like.                                                           The Travel Professional
                                                                                               then logs in to
                                           The Travel Professional                   
                                            charges the Guest for                              and visits the Disney
                                          the specific ticket-type in                          Ticket Activation Solution
                                              their point-of-sale                              website to swipe the
                                              register and takes                               shells and select the
                                                   payment.                                    options. The card swipe
                                                                                               reads track 1 & 2.

                                                                           After selecting the ticket-type, the
                    Once the confirmation
                                                                        website sends an electronic message to
                   message is received, the
                                                                        the Disney Ticket Interface (DTI), which
                   DTI communicates back
                                                                              converts that message to the
                    to the website and the
                                                                           appropriate information needed to
                   tickets are ready to go!
                                                                         activate the shells in the Disney Ticket

After selling the tickets, navigate to or
    on the Internet.
                                                 Marketing Splash Page

Link from or to activate

                        Activate Ticket Shells
                                    Disney Ticket Activation Solution

From the or Project INFINITY
                         Landing page, click on
                         ACTIVATE TICKETS.
                                                                  Login Page

Login a second time to reach the Activate Tickets site. This time, login with
                  local branch’s specific ID and password.
Swipe Tickets Page
                                                      Shell Validation Page

 Swipe the first Magic Your Way ticket shell. The general ticket-type and age-
                        type will appear on the screen.

                                                                  The system
                                                                  will allow you
                                                                  to activate up
                                                                  to eight (8)
                                                                  Magic Your
Magic Your Way                                                    Way tickets in
ticket-type and                                                   a single
age-type that will
be activated
                 Select Tickets Page

Configure all
tickets at one
e.g. number of
days and
options guest
has purchased.

All tickets of
same type
together in
white box.
                          Review Order Page

After clicking
‘Review Order’ page
will be displayed. This
page allows user to
validate that the
correct options for
each ticket swiped
were correctly
selected. Click the
EDIT button to make
adjustments to the

Enter the e-mail
address where the
confirmation needs
to be sent. This can
be the Guest’s
personal e-mail
                                  Confirmation Page

After the transaction
completes, the website will
display a printable
confirmation page. Two
versions of the confirmation
page can be printed, a
Guest Copy and an Agent

     Click the link to view the
   printable confirmation pages
Printable Confirmation Page

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