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                               SAMPLE FEDERAL RESUME
                                         Joseph Ryan Smith
                                           123 Maple Street
                                   Virginia Beach, Virginia 12345
                       Telephone: Day (123) 456-7890 / Evening (000) 222-5555
                                          SSN: 123-45-6789

      Counter Intelligence Special Agent, GS-XXX-XX, DD Form XXXX

          6+ years of experience in the Military Counter Intelligence field.
          Over 2,000 interviews and interrogations performed.
          Experienced in creating multifaceted Threat and Vulnerability Reports.
          Expert knowledge of Arabic culture and tribalism.
          Experienced with foreign contact procedures.
          Thorough understanding of counterintelligence doctrine, procedure, and functions.
          Excellent interpersonal skills.
          Excellent verbal and writing skills.

      Country of Citizenship: United States of America
      Veteran Status: 10 Point Veteran (see attached documents)
      Reinstatement Status: Not eligible
      Civil Service Status: No prior civil service appointment

 Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Analyst, Counter Intelligence (CI) Specialist, September 2005-Present
 United States Army
 123 Military Way
 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 12345
 $50,000 per year / 40 hours per week
 Major Andrew Johnson (333) 456-7890
       Assistant Lead Interviewer of facility detainees.
       Oversaw daily Force Protection security measures and checks.
       Supervised a team of 15 analysts and interviewers.
       Screened, interviewed, fingerprinted, and enrolled new detainees into BATs.
       Performed daily interviews with detainees.
       Created thorough, in-depth reports of worldwide threats and vulnerabilities.
       Briefed and debriefed intelligence agencies in weekly Intelligence Summary.
       Briefed and debriefed National leaders in monthly Security Updates.
       Analyzed and fused data from multiple sources into classified reports and briefs for the National
           Security Council.
       Developed training materials and aided in updating interview and interrogation techniques.
       Created daily Terror Threat Assessment by utilizing intelligence from multiple sources.
       Led meetings with intelligence agencies and defense agencies to ensure continuity.
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                                        Joseph Ryan Smith
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Intelligence Analyst / CI Specialist, November 2003 – August 2005
United States Army
RC (Regional Command) East Headquarters
Khost Province, Afghanistan
$48,000 per year / 40+ hours per week
Captain Andrew Brown (987) 654-3210
       Planned and conducted a vast range of counterintelligence operations, investigations, and surveys to
          protect Department of Defense facilities, employees, and technologies from espionage, illegal
          technology transfer, sabotage, and terrorism.
       Instructed Subversion and Espionage briefings for Commanders, security managers, foreign liaisons,
          and program managers.
       Developed and briefed threat assessments, foreign intelligence gatherings, Force Protection
          Summaries, and Threats and Vulnerabilities Summaries.
       Produced Intelligence Information Reports in support of RC East’s Collection Plan.
       Developed thorough and effective foreign contact procedures for personnel conducting foreign travel
          and foreign visitors.
       Provided CI support to anti-terrorism operations including processing CI evidence, file and database
          maintenance, daily Force Protection inspections, and daily interviews.
       Developed strong liaison connections with other military, federal, and intelligence agencies.
       Interviewed and processed detained personnel and suspects.

Intelligence Analyst, January 2000 – October 2003
United States Army
555 Machine Gun Trail
Fort Irwin, California 12345
$36,000 per year / 40 hours per week
Lieutenant Mary White (012) 345-6789
       Created and delivered country threat briefs for personnel leaving the CONUS (Continental United
       Performed clearance checks and certifications for Army personnel.
       Fused information from multiple sources into thorough reports and disseminated intelligence
          appropriately and efficiently.
       Served as the Battalion Security Manager.
       Provided accurate and timely intelligence to staff and officers.
       Provided analysis on current events in the weekly Battalion World Update Brief.
       Provided analysis for and aided in the creation of weekly Threat Assessment Briefs.

Support Counselor, February 1995 – September 1999
ABC Foster Care
8899 Caregiver Way
Turlock, CA 12345
$29,000 per year / 40 hours per week
Michelle Black (999) 888-7777
      Worked with social workers in order to develop Behavior Intervention Plans for clients.
      Tracked, evaluated, modified, and advised clients and their foster parents’ growth.
      Instructed and trained caregivers, parents, client children, and social workers on the Behavior
          Intervention Plan.
      Wrote in-depth weekly reports on clients and their welfare.
      Developed very strong interpersonal skills to deal with tough situations in a fast paced environment.
                                                                                         Militran, LLC

                                      Joseph Ryan Smith
                                                page 3

     B.A., Psychology – State University, San Diego, CA 19XX

     Counterintelligence Course
     CI/HUMINT Operations Management Course, 19XX
     Basic Interrogation Course
     Defense Language Course (Pashtu)
     Basic Signals Intelligence Course
     Tactical Briefing and Debriefing Course
     Biometric Access Toolset (BATs) Training

     Fluent in Pashtu
     Proficient with MS Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, WordPerfect, and many others
     Excellent report writing skills

     Army Achievement Medal, 20XX
     Army Commendation Medal, 20XX
     Meritorious Service Medal, 20XX

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