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									Oracle Exadata Database Machine - an Optimal Solution for your Business Needs

To handle the increase in the amount of data generated every day, organizations need robust database
management systems to manipulate and integrate these large and multiple data sources. The Oracle
Exadata Database Machine provides an optimal solution for all database workloads; combine storage
and database applications which support both transaction and analytical processing. These machines
merge large memory banks and inexpensive disks that improve data processing and reduce the cost of
on your systems.

The task of migrating existing data to Oracle Exadata Database machines can be a challenging and
demanding process. The knowledge and talents of Exadata professionals can be beneficial to reduce the
risks of inaccurate implementation. An Exadata Implementation specialist can help plan the best
procedure to efficiently implement and upgrade the Exadata machines in your system. Exadata Service
consultants will collaborate with your IT team to determine the best methodology to enhance
performance of your database system.

Why an Exadata Services is important to your organization:

       Solution architects arrive upon the most suitable procedure to optimize data warehousing and
        transaction processing.
       Consultants carry out an in-depth study of your existing database system before preparing for
        the upgrade or implementation of Exadata machines.
       Comes with consultants who have years of experience working on Oracle technology and data
       Documents will be prepared to help identify and resolve potential implementation issues.
       Professionals carry out a smooth migration without downtime in your business operation, and
        they will complete the process in the least amount of time.
       All procedures will be discussed and planned according to client requirements, keeping client
        priorities in focus.
       Post-implementation, an Exadata consultant will provide training in the application functions
        and management procedures.
       Support will be provided should implementation, performance or management issues arise.

Engaging with a qualified Exadata service specialist will help with avoiding complications that may arise
during the daunting task of migrating and monitoring massive data sets.

Utilizing the proven methodologies designed by the Exadata Services architect will enable you to take
maximum advantage of all the features and capabilities of the Oracle Exadata Database Machines. The
task of the consultants does not end at implementation of the Oracle Exadata machine. Proactive
monitoring of the servers, hardware and applications will be done, ensuring that security issues are
detected and resolved early. All backups and disaster recovery is carried out using their tested

Hence hiring experienced professionals, who conduct technical reviews and provide data management
services to upgrade your systems and meet the growing needs of the evolving business systems can
prove highly valuable, help enterprises leverage the benefits of Oracle Exadata database machine.

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