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									                            Welcome to Scentsy!!
        Congrats on Starting Your New Wickless Candle Business!

       It’s exciting to have you join our team and we look forward to helping you
  achieve the success you dream of. Please read ALL of this, as it will answer MANY of
  your questions! Your Scentsy Business Kit should be delivered in 5-10 business days,
  via UPS, depending on where you live- however you can start taking orders before it

                  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your team and
  please feel free to contact your sponsor or up line with any questions you may have.
           Following is our guide to help you start your new Scentsy business!

                 Please print this guide for reference and save!

Your Guide to Launching Your Scentsy Business
Your Sponsor: ____________________ Sponsor’s Phone: _____________________
Sponsor’s Email: __________________ Sponsor’s Cell: _____________________
Your Scentsy Website: ___________________________________
Consultant Number: ________
Website Username: __________________________
Password: ___________________________
3 Month Free Website Expires:_______________ (Enroll/Renew by this Date)

The Scentsy Story…
Collette Gunnell and Kara Egan of Centerville, Utah, were busy moms looking for a safer and
healthier alternative to wick candles. They combined their efforts to create a unique product
which resulted in the formation of Scentsy in 2003.

Orville Thompson was a long-time customer of Scentsy and one of their biggest fans. He loved
the Scentsy line so much that he approached Collette and Kara about purchasing the company.
A deal was made and Orville became the new owner, moving the business to Meridian, Idaho in

With Orville’s direction and business experience, Scentsy has continued to grow, at a
phenomenal rate…breaking records and setting the pace for Scentsy to become a leader in the
candle industry.
Collette and Kara are still very much a part of the company today. Their love for the products
didn’t end with the sale of the company. You will find Collette and Kara aggressively marketing
Scentsy products to individuals, businesses and having fun demonstrating these fragrant
products in homes throughout their area.

Mission Statement:
To bring value to the world by providing an industry leading, family-friendly business
opportunity selling creative, artistic, high-quality products that warm the heart, enliven
the senses, and inspire the soul.

Section 1: Where Do I Start Guide                    (Cross each off as you complete it)
1) Download and read Scentsy Manual under “Resources” tab
2) Set a Time/Date to meet/call with your Sponsor ____________________________
3) Have daily planner, pens, and calculator ready for your business.
4) Listen to recorded Training Calls (Found on in the Scentsy Training Center)

Section 2 – How Will You Make Money
Assuming the reason you joined was to make money, you need to start thinking about
how you are going to move your business forward.
Your first goal should be to achieve to $500, in retail sales, to qualify for the
Shooting Start Enhancement Kit (Info to follow).
        1) Create your Goals and Plan of Action. Incorporate in your goals, achieving
the Shooting Star, achieving $1000 in sales to move to Certified Consultant and 25%
commission, earning our Fast Track bonuses and etc. It is
important that you set clear goals for moving your business forward. Set daily, weekly
and monthly activities/goals and stick with them. Doing so will create long term success
for your business.
        2) Create your contact list of possible host, basket parties, etc.
        3) Set a date for your Scentsy Launch Party.
        4) Start working on setting home party dates with potential Hosts.
        5) Start working on basket party dates with potential Hosts.
        6) Look for ways to market locally, such as fairs, events, expos, marketing to
local retails and retail stores.
        7) Download flyers and personalize. Hang up at local areas such as library,
grocery stores, anywhere there is a bulletin board. Be Creative!
        8) Use the Wish List to gather orders before you get your kit! Download and
print, show friends and family! Gather $150 in orders – make it a party - and be able to
offer FREE shipping to all!
       9) If you plan to market online, set aside a budget for advertising and be sure to
follow Scentsy guidelines for all advertising, both locally and online. Be creative in
marketing your business. Stick with it and success will follow.

*Shooting Star Kit Enhancement
Scentsy offers an amazing tool for new consultants called the "Shooting Star Kit Enhancement." This is a
great way to add to your kit, display table for parties or inventory.
Program Details...
• Sell $500 (or $375 in PWV-Personal Wholesale Volume) during your first 15 days, as a Consultant, to
earn the OPTION of purchasing 10 pre-selected warmers, from the current catalog.
• You pay $200 plus tax. No shipping is charged.
• Commissions are paid on the Shooting Star Kit Enhancement.
• This is a one-time purchase only and must be made within 30 days after the end of the qualification
period, or 45 days
Important: The day you order your Scentsy Starter Kit is day "1" of the countdown, not when your
Starter Kit arrives. Plan your business launch, basket parties, and etc. to help you earn this one-time
Once you have earned the Shooting Star, call the Scentsy office to let them know. Only time any
extended period would be allowed is if it takes 10 plus days to get your business kit.

*Scentsational Start Awards – Your First 60 Days
Below are several great incentives to move your business forward!
Qualifications & Awards – You can qualify with your own PRSV (Personal Retail Sales Volume) or with a
combination of PRSV and active recruits.
Each level includes the following awards:
         • A lapel pin.
         • Certificate of achievement.
         • Recognition in national newsletter.
         • Merchandise credit in the amounts listed below.
         • Level 3 Consultants will also have their name listed on the Scentsy Wall of Fame.
Level 1
         $1250 in PRSV or 3 Recruits and $0 in PRSV = $50 Merchandise Credit
Level 2
         $2500 in PRSV or 3 Recruits and $1250 in PRSV = $125 Merchandise Credit
Level 3
         $5000 in PRSV or 6 Recruits and $2500 in PRSV = $200 Merchandise Credit
Accomplish any of the above in your first 60 days and your own your way to earning great merchandise
and inventory for resale. Scentsy provides tracking forms to track your 60 day start. Download them in
the business builders section of your back office. Look at appendix A for other helpful business
building worksheets.

Section 3: Your Scentsy Website & Back Office Work Station
      1) Get familiar with Scentsy products & your Scentsy back office Work
Station, (training video available)
       2) Your Work Station login is your Consultant ID Number and the password
you created when joining Scentsy.
       3) Personalize your website by creating and updating your profile. You can do
this by logging in and clicking on the Profile Tab at the top.. Scroll to the bottom and
click personalize. This section is also where you can update your address, phone, email
and etc.
               • The Profile shows your shipping information, mailing information, login
       & personal information, as well as your website information. This is where you
       will set up your home page. First verify all the information showing is correct
       then, under “Your Website Information,” click on “Personalize.” It will take you to
       a page to set up your website home page.
               • Name to Show – This is your name – for example Susan Smith.
               • My Website Name – The name you choose for your website. For
       example, yumm. So your website would be (If available).
       You can choose whatever you want it to be. Keep it short. There will two ways to
       access your website: With your Consultant ID or for
       example: .
               • Upload your Photo by going back to Profile and selecting Upload
       4) Downloads – This page has various tools to assist you in building your
business. Here is where you can download the Scentsy handbook, fliers, read
announcements, etc.
       5) Commissions – This shows the commissions you have earned. You can check
reports for each month available.
       6) Order History – This automatically shows all orders within a 1 month period.
       7) Events – Enter events, parties, open houses, etc. that you have scheduled. In
our training area, we have a guide for entering events. Be sure to download it!
       8) Help – Takes you to a page where you can email Scentsy Support.
Make time to get familiar with all aspects of your Scentsy Work Station. Doing so will
make it easier on you and for training new team members.

Section 4: Understanding Your Down Line Reports
There are various ways to check your down line.
      1) Level – The level they are on with your team. You should be displayed as “0”.
Any of your personal enrollees should be “1.” If they have personal recruits, they will
show as “2” under their name and etc.
      2) ID – Their Consultant ID number.
      3) Name – Their name.
       4) Email – Their Email address. You can email them directly from here or set up a
mailing list in your primary email account that you use for business.
       5) View their Information –You get their Enroller and Sponsor name and ID,
their personal information (mailing address, phone number, email, etc), Rank, PV for the
current month, date they enrolled, and date their last order was submitted.
       6) Rank - Their rank with Scentsy, i.e. Essential Consultant.
       7) Entry Date – The date they joined Scentsy.
       8) St/Prov – Where they reside.
       9) # of New Signups – Number of new Consultants they have enrolled for the
current month.
       10) PV – Their Personal Volume for the current month.

Section 5: Enter a Test Party              (training video available)
First, download our guide to Entering a Party Show and the Product’s Code Cheat
Sheet in our training area, there is also a video to walk you through this.
Create a test party so that you can become familiar with entering shows online. Use
our guide to help you setup and complete a test party. Don’t enter actual payment
info and do not finish the process by submitting the show. You
can do a test up to those steps then delete the test party. Complete as many test
parties as you like. Each can be deleted and will serve as training and preparation for a
real party order. If you have questions or unclear on whether you are doing this right,
setup a time with your sponsor to walk through entering a test party together.

Section 6: Frequently Asked Questions
We know you have questions, so we are providing answers to our Frequently Asked
Questions for your convenience.
Q. How long will our Candle Bars last?
A. They will last a minimum of 50 - 80 hours. However some have lasted longer. It
depends on the strength of the fragrance. (Each cube is approx 10 hrs)
Q. What kind of wax is used when making Scentsy Candle Bars?
A. Many customers have asked about the wax we use and why. Here is the scoop. We
use a food-grade petroleum based wax. We chose this wax because of its superior scent
loading ability, melt point and firmness. We looked into vegetable based waxes, and we
just couldn't get a quality candle bar. The type of wax we use is a non-issue, with regard
to the chemicals released while burning. We only warm the scent out of the wax - the
wax remains in the warmer, thus there is no danger of chemicals being released into the
Q. Do I use a whole candle bar at a time?
A. Candle Bars come in six, break-a-part sections. Choose your favorite candle bar scent,
break off one or two sections and place in our warmer. Next turn on your warmer...relax
and enjoy. The only thing warming out is the fragrance.
Q. How hot does the wax get when warmed?
A. The wax will get to just above body temperature, so it won't burn or harm anyone.
Q. How do I clean the wax out of the warmer?
A. While the wax is warmed and melted pour into a disposable container and wipe the
warmer with some paper towels or napkins, or place warmer lid in the freezer for 5-10
minimum and the wax should slide out. Then just pop in your favorite scent.
Q. What wattage of light bulb does the warmer use?
A. A standard 25 watt, small based light bulb. Each new warmer comes with its own light
Q. How much is shipping?
A. Shipping is always free for home, basket and book parties with $150 or more in total
retail sales. Direct ship orders to individual customers add 10%. Shipping to Hawaii or
Alaska is 10% with a 20% shipping charge for direct ship orders in those states.
Q. How long until delivery?
A. Approximately 5 to 12 days from when the party closes or an order is placed.
Q. Can I sell online?
A. Yes. Independent Consultants can sell Scentsy products online. All online advertising
must first be approved by the home office.
Q. Can I sell on eBay?
A. No. To maintain the quality and integrity of Scentsy products, Independent
Consultants are prohibited from selling on eBay or any other auction type website or
Q. Can I make my own personal website?
A. Yes! Independent Consultants can make their own website, however all independent
websites must be approved by the home office. The use of Scentsy images or the
Scentsy name is strictly prohibited on personal websites.
Q. Can I sell at fairs and events?
A. Yes! Independent Consultants are allowed to sell at local events and expos. You can
elect to purchase inventory to resale at the events or take orders only. The choice is
Q. Are there any monthly or quarterly sales requirements?
A. To remain an active Scentsy Independent Consultant, Consultants are required to sell
minimum of $150 per quarter ($150 must be earned in one month, in a 3 month
period). You can accomplish this easily with one home show, online sales or a book
Q. Are there any requirements to earn commissions on my team?
A. To earn commissions on your team, you must be a Lead Consultant and sell a
minimum of $500, per month, in personal retail volume to qualify. A Lead Consultant
is a person who has $500 in monthly personal retail sales, $1000 in Group Wholesale
Volume in a month and one active frontline Scentsy Consultant.
Q. Are we required to pay for any of the Host Rewards?
A. No unless you don’t use your host rewards, then there’s a $5 Host Rewards Fee
Q. How much is a Scentsy Starter Kit?
A. Scentsy Starter Kits are $99 plus shipping and handling. Each kit contains all 80 plus
scent samples, 1 warmer and everything else you need to start your successful
Scentsy business.
Q. How long does it take to get my Scentsy Starter Kit?
A. Scentsy generally ships starter kits within 72 hours of receiving your application.
Starter Kits are shipped via UPS.
Q. Is the company website free?
A. All Consultants receive a Scentsy website FREE, for the first 90 days. To continue, you
must enroll in the website subscription program, found in your Scentsy back office/work
station. The website fee is $10 per month. It’s a valuable tool for your business and
something you won’t want to be without.
Q. How often does Scentsy come out with a new catalog?
A. Twice a year…one in the spring and one in the fall. The cost is $20 for 50, or $30 for
100 catalogs.

What is a Basket Party?
It’s basically a mobile party. A lot of people want the free hostess goodies you earn when you
host a party, but sometimes people DON’T want to buy wine, food, clean up their house, or
even have people over. Instead, they take a basket that is stocked with a warmer, a couple of
candle bars to burn, a car candle, a room spray, order forms, catalogs, pens, and basket
testers. Basket testers are smaller testers (you buy separately) than the large party testers you
get in your Starter Kit. This is SUCH an easy way to get people exposed to Scentsy. It’s the
new way to do parties and it’s so effortless. People just take the basket to their office and
burn one of the candle bars in the basket. All of a sudden, coworkers and anyone who smells
Scentsy starts asking about it and want to know how they can get one too!! Many
consultants are using basket parties these days since people can tote them around anywhere
they go (girls night out, family gatherings, cook outs, etc.). You lose that person to person
contact with your customers, but the trade off is it’s a really easy way to make sales with
hardly any work on your part.

If you have additional questions, please get with your sponsor or up line for answers.
We are here to support you as you build and grow your business.
This ends our Quick Start Guide.
We hope you find it useful and will put it to good use in your

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